QST was and is the foremost magazine for the ham radio fans of the US. First published in 1915 by the American Radio Relay League (A.R.R.L.); over a hundred years later, it's still being published today. Imagine the transitions from spark gap to glowing tubes to transistors to computerized communications shacks: It's all in this magazine.

The early issues are hard to find, and rarely sold; our cover image files for the early years are not the best. But enjoy them for what they are. All the issues of QST from the first to a recent one are available online for A.R.R.L. members at their website, ARRL.org. They have also sold a CD-ROM of these issues, but in black-and-white only. NOTE: Amateur radio was shut down during World War One, and QST suspended publication during that time; there were no issues published for 1917-10 through 1919-05.

Michael Ward W6INA, originator of this website, is a life member of the A.R.R.L., and proud to be one.