THE DELINEATOR (A Journal of Fashion, Culture, and Fine Arts) began in 1873 and was published until 1937, when it was merged into PICTORIAL REVIEW. We have some good cover images from all of its design phases, including the early period (when the covers were mostly or completely unchanging) and its final period (when it published some extremely striking covers). A good short history of this magazine can be found at the eNewsstand project.

We've added two issues of PICTORIAL REVIEW at the end, one from just before the merger and one from just after, to show how it changed (or didn't change). In the 1930's THE DELINEATOR had a standard style, an Art Deco sort of thing, for its covers, but in the last year or so it experimented quite a bit with cover design. This could have been an attempt to increase newsstand circulation, or to use older art in inventory (as a way of cutting costs). Or perhaps it was just that a new art director was given free reign. It must have made it hard to find the magazine on the newsstand. The period of experimentation ended with the merger, and PICTORIAL REVIEW'S covers looked pretty much the same for some time, before and after. For more about DELINEATOR see the Profile page.