Lots of cameras were offered to the public as the manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon. Here is a cross-section of ads for cameras that we do not find today in the stores. Or, for that matter, in our collective camera consciousness.
  • Adlake Cameras -1898A 974 visits Adlake Cameras -1898A
  • Baby Wizard Camera -1896A 1627 visits Baby Wizard Camera -1896A
  • Bausch and Lomb Lenses -1921A 795 visits Bausch and Lomb Lenses -1921A
  • Kozy Cameras -1898A 1224 visits Kozy Cameras -1898A
  • Oxford Cameras -1899A 1537 visits Oxford Cameras -1899A
  • Premo Cameras -1897A 369 visits Premo Cameras -1897A
  • Sunart Cameras -1898A 1303 visits Sunart Cameras -1898A