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Woman's World 1925-08

Woman_s World 1925-08.jpg Stutz Cars -1920AThumbnailsStutz Cars -1920AThumbnailsStutz Cars -1920AThumbnailsStutz Cars -1920AThumbnails

Farmer E. D. Jenkins and his wife stop right out at the mailbox to read the letter they have just received from someone, probably a grown-up child who has left the farm. Content: items by Edith Barnard Delano, Alice Garland Steele, Avery Abbott, Jewell Bothwell Tull, Mary Blake woodson, Jean Thompson, Mildred Manly Easton, and Elizabeth Faulkner.

Artist: [signed at bottom right, but illegible]

Source: eBay seller daysoffuturepast, who also sells printed materials from her personal website.

Restoration by: magscanner