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Ad for early Technicolor productions, showing Bessie Love, in "Chasing Rainbows," as she appears in color, compared with the black and white the audience is used to seeing in movies. In the sidebar are some of the other Technicolor movies you could have seen: "Bride of the Regiment," with Vivienne Segal (First National); "Bright Lights," with Dorothy Mackall (First National); "Dixiana," with Bebe Daniels (Radio Pictures); "Golden Dawn," with Walter Woolf and Vivienne Segal (Warner Bros); "Hell's Angels," with Ben Lyon (Caddo Productions); "Hit the Deck," with Jack Oakie and Polly Walker (Radio); and many more. Seen them all? Seen any of them? From the May, 1930 issue of PHOTOPLAY.

Source: Mariangela Buch

Restoration by: Mariangela Buch