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We like art. Art wants to be seen; it does no good if it can't be seen. There's a lot of art that's been hidden away for fifty or a hundred years or more—hidden away not because it's bad art, or because someone tried to suppress it, but just because it was part of something transient. Once that transient thing had its day in our living rooms, it fell from view and the art that it held was lost to us.

 Magazine cover -- text design only
Text-only cover (click to enlarge)


Magazine cover -- unchanging design
Unchanging cover design (click to enlarge)

Magazines shaped our lives. They came into our homes and showed us how to dress, how to act, what to read, which way to vote, and how to think about ourselves, literature, science, art, and the rest of the world. We've created this website because these magazine covers are difficult to find and study, even considering all the influence they had on us. We're here because we love the art and want to make it available once again. Take a look around; try one of the links in the left or right columns..


The great illustrators of the period 1870-1950 had a tremendous influence on us; they affected us both directly, and subconsciously. They painted the covers for the magazines that were published under thousands of titles, in millions and millions of copies. Today those magazines are forgotten, and the artwork that graced their covers is unknown to the general public and obscure even to specialists.

 Magazine cover -- complex drawing
Complex drawing (click to enlarge)


Magazine cover -- pulp fiction design
Pulp fiction cover (click to enlarge)

We're trying to do something about that. We're putting images of the covers up on the web, for you to look at for free. We run a few ads, and you can even donate small amounts of money using the links at the lower left; but, anyway, whatever; you don't have to pay anything to see these images. In fact, you don't have to do anything, except look at the pictures.


We have over eighteen thousand cover and advertising images on this site, in a variety of categories, linked from the contents page. More to come; always lots more to come. We also have information pages about specific magazines, publishers, editors, artists, and publishing companies. Have a look!

 Magazine cover -- middle-class dreams
Middle-class dreams (click to enlarge)


Magazine cover -- art and decoration
Art and decoration (click to enlarge)

Why is Art? Is florid decoration Art? Neo-realism, abstraction, cubism, pop and pattern? Do we know what we like? Or do we just like what we know? Who knows; who can tell. Imagine a world without art, sans decoration, minus a garnish and lacking all design. Why do that, we say. Have some art.



SPECIAL NOTE: We now display more than a thousand covers from LIFE, the Humor Magazine, and almost as many from tech stalwart SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.



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We need your help scanning or photographing, and cleaning up, cover images from vintage magazines you may own or have access to. If you can help with this, even if only for a single issue, send us e-mail.







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