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Thanks to Jay Remington for a complete (as known) list of covers by the Wireman family (Katharine, Eugenie, and Henry), incorporated here 2010-10-11.




1931-02           Frederick Blakeslee                Pilot in British biplane gestures back, while his gunner fires a machine gun at something down right



1918-08-03     Arthur Schwieder                   Bearers carrying palanquin in some Oriental country

1928-10-15     Charles Durant                       Devious Eastern gentleman about to make a fool of some silly Western guy.

1929-06-15     William Reusswig                    Surly Mountie may not be the one you were hoping for. Man of the North by James B. Hendryx.

1933-07           Hubert Rogers                        A lot of adventurers examining the globe for their next exploit. That same chin. Medieval knight, Viking, Puritan, Pirate, Conquistador, all adventure.

1933-09           Gerard C. Delano                   Great white hunter, shirtless on safari with bearer and elephant; now, THIS is adventure.

1935-06-15     Walter Baumhofer



1900-04           Carle J. Blenner                      Left profile of woman wearing headband with purple flower, against gold background framed with white lilies

1901-05           W. G. Schneider

1904-01           Henry Hutt

1904-04           Albert B. Wenzell

1906-01           Thomas Mitchell Peirce

1906-02           Henry Hutt

1906-03           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in red, with fur wrap, standing by park bench in snowy Winter scene

1906-08           John M. Burke

1907-02           Alfred James Dewey               Two women with their dogs at a dog show

1908-03           Harrison Fisher

1908-04           A. B. Wenzell

1908-10           Charlotte Weber-Ditzler

1909-03           Howard Chandler Christy

1910-11           James Montgomery Flagg       Woman, dressed as juggling clown, spinning plates with men’s faces on them, representing her juggling of various love affairs and relationships

1911-09           Henry Hutt                             Woman in white and pink, holding a flower, sitting in a green wicker chair on a green lawn

1912-11           Henry Hutt                             Woman sitting in a soft chair, reading a book, with vase of flowers at her left side

1913-09           Howard Chandler Christy        Woman in pink and green satin leans over to whisper something to man sitting near her

1913-10           Frederick Alexander Duncan   Woman in purple, wearing large black hat with plume, looks happily at herself in a mirror as she drinks her tea

1914-01           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Woman artist, wearing black beret, face framed in painter’s palette with colored oil paints

1914-03           Henry Hutt                             Woman in black, wearing furs and feathers, with her two dachshund dogs

1914-04           A. G. Learned                         Couple dancing, man in black formal wear, woman in very fringy multicolored dress

1915-06           Howard Chandler Christy        Woman in pink coat, sitting with her boxer dog

1916-03           Howard Chandler Christy        Woman in green skating figures on ice

1921-06           Ruth Eastman                        Woman golfer keeping her score

1925-11           ___ Plummer                         Flamenco dancers on blue background

1925-12           ___ Plummer                         Pierrot clown figure shyly presenting pastries to woman in vast billowing pink dress

1926-01           ___ Plummer                         Woman on skis being pulled by a horse along a road in the snow

1926-02           ___ Plummer                         Couple on iceboat traveling across frozen lake

1926-03           ___ Plummer                         Two women, one with skirts billowing in the March winds, while two rabbits watch and run

1926-05           Constance Wheeler                Woman in oriental robes stretches against a red emblem hanging on the wall

1926-06           Constance Wheeler                Woman holding huge bunch of flowers, against a draperied wall

1926-07           Constance Wheeler                Woman with large feathery fan

1926-08           Constance Wheeler                Woman with large bunch of flowers on her lap, and similar flowers on her hat

1926-09           Ruth Eastman                        Woman on sailboat, with another boat on the water in the background

1926-11           Hamilton King                        Woman with yellow scarf banded from her neck around the top of her head

1926-12           Anne Brockman                      Woman looking back at us over her nearly bare left shoulder



1944-Summer  Rudolph Belarski                    Death rides behind the pilot on his thirteenth mission



1872-04           John Filmer                            Green River

1872-05           T. Beech                                 The Building of the Ship

1872-07           A. Kappes                               King Witlaf’s Drinking Horn

1872-08           J. W. Bolles                            Courtship of Miles Standish

1872-09           Peter Moran                           Watering the Cattle

1872-10           John S. Davis                         Hollo

1874-05           John S. Davis                         The Dying Hound (hunter comforting his dog in the woods)

1873-05           ___ Monginot                        Unbidden Guests (kittens eating food left on plates for people)

1873-09           ___ Lejeune                           The Blue Bird (young woman in stone castle room, sitting by barred window, as older woman opens the door)

1873-10           Holman Hunt                          The Eve of St. Agnes

1874-06           Thomas Moran                       On the Missisquoi (fishermen on a rocky stream, with shacks on shore)

1874-08           C. Mettais                              The Village Beauty (young girl walking up a mountain path)

1874-10           John S. Davis                         Desdemona

1875-05           John S. Davis                         Cinderella in the Corner

1875-06                                                        Woman and Child

1875-07           John S. Davis                         A Basket of Babies

1875-08           John S. Davis                         A Mother of Egypt (Egyptian mother holding her child on her shoulder)

1875-10           John S. Davis                         The Christening

1875-12           A. Neumann                           The Crown of Thorns



1929-02           ___ Payzant



1906-06           Dan Sayre Groesbeck             Right profile of an Indian warrior, framed in beaded leather

1906-08           Beverly Towles                       Man and woman in a small boat at dusk

1907-04           Dan Sayre Groesbeck             Elderly black woman in white, wearing a white scarf or hat to cover her head

1907-09           Beverly Towles                       Spanish or Mexican woman playing the quitar, with mountains in the background

1908-02           Blendon Campbell                  Abraham Lincoln, drawn in black, red and white in a circular frame

1908-04           J. C. Chase

1908-08           Mary Sigsbee Kerr

1911-02           Arthur Covey

1911-07           Charles C. Curran

1911-10           F. G. Cooper                           Portrait of Wisconsin Senator Robert A. La Follette

1912-02           Blendon Campbell                  Abraham Lincoln shaking hands with young Union soldier, officer in the background; in circular frame

1912-03           ___ Schweinler

1913-03           Blendon Campbell                  Girl sitting in wooden chair, studying her “’Rithmetic” book

1913-12           Olive Rush                             Young child wrapped up for winter, sitting in front of a campfire

1914-02           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Face of woman with hair combed up in two large masses left and right, making her look like a Valentine heart; background is an array of small light blue hearts

1914-03           Olive Rush

1914-04           Mary Greene Blumenschein    Woman in red spring dress with floral top, wearing huge bonnet with flowers on it

1914-10           Mary Greene Blumenschein

1914-11           Olive Rush

1915-07           Henry J. Soulen                      Man and woman in rowboat, head and shoulders shots

1915-09           Rolf Armstrong                       Woman with long brown-black hair, looking right out at the reader; background is a red sunburst

1915-11           Leon Gordon                          Man and woman at formal party, man writing down something the girl is saying

1915-12           Leon Gordon                          Woman in Santa Claus hat, wearing red with white fur collar, and carrying packages

1916-07           Neysa McMein                        Woman’s face in the cover of a pocket watch, shown open facing the reader

1917-05           J. Knowles Hare                      Man and woman in formal dress, faces only, looking out soulfully at the reader

1917-09           J. Knowles Hare                      American soldier putting a photo of his sweetheart in his pocket, as she looks wistfully at him and holds his hand

1917-10           J. Knowles Hare                      Woman holds her hands under the right side of her chin, with dreamy look; pianist in the background

1917-11           J. Knowles Hare                      Man and woman in casual clothes, head and shoulders

1918-08           Clarence F. Underwood

1921-10           Norman Rockwell                    Young boy is holding a sandwich, and his dog excitedly looks over his shoulder at it

1922-08           Lou Meyer                              Blonde woman looking at herself in hand mirror

1922-12           Charles Anderson                   Woman in low-cut dress about to light tall orange candles; against purple background

1923-01           Frederic Stanley

1923-06           J. Knowles Hare

1924-02           Penrhyn Stanlaws

1924-05           Charles Anderson                   Woman standing next to linked hearts carved in bark of a tree, holding a bunch of posies

1925-10           Walter Beach Humphrey         Office Boy sitting at General Manager’s desk, pretending he’s a Big Shot

1925-12           Haskell Coffin                         Woman in red, with red hat and gray neck fur, carrying Christmas presents and holly

1926-08           Haskell Coffin                         Woman in red tanktop or bathing suit, head against colorful sky

1926-09           Walter Beach Humphrey         Boy tuning radio, frowning because his dog is trying to howl along with the set

1926-10           Haskell Coffin

1926-11           Walter Beach Humphrey         Girl shaking fist at boys (out of scene on the left) who tied a tin can to her dog (which she is comforting)

1926-12           Haskell Coffin

1927-07           Walter Beach Humphrey         Farmboy drinking water out of a wooden well-bucket

1927-08                                                        Child holding a smaller child up, arms around the stomach, so it can drink from a water fountain

1927-11           Haskell Coffin

1928-01           Charles Twelvetrees               New Year’s baby skates across ice toward reader, carrying book labeled “1928”

1928-03           J. Knowles Hare                      Small boy and his dog

1928-04           Edgar Franklin Wittmack

1928-06           Victor C. Anderson                 Young man walking down a country road, carrying a fishing rod

1928-09           Joseph Simont                        Young girl carrying her puppies in a wooden wheelbarrow

1928-12           David Robinson                      Boy and girl, noses pressed up against the window of a toy store at Christmas; seen from inside the window

1929-01           Nell Hott                                 Baby of the New Year holding up globe of the Earth

1929-02                                                        Young couple holding hands and looking over house blueprints, dreaming of the castle they will live in together

1929-04           Victor C. Anderson

1929-05           Walter Beach Humphrey

1929-09           Guy Hoff                                Woman wearing pink dress, seated on small grassy hillock

1929-11           Harry Stoner

1930-03           Elbert M. Jackson                   Golfer dropping a horseshoe in with his golf clubs for luck

1930-07           John E. Sheridan                    Man dressed in Revolutionary War uniform waiting for call from movie studio to go on set

1930-09           John E. Sheridan                    Naval or CG officer staring through binoculars, floating near a buoy with warning light

1931-02           John La Gatta                         Woman in blue and red sitting on snowbank, holding upright her skis and ski-poles

1931-05           John E. Sheridan                    Man with tennis rackets and balls

1931-10           Hayden Hayden                     Woman in blue strides purposefully forward toward reader; autumn leaves blow in wind

1931-11           John E. Sheridan                    Man playing accordion, seated on hassock

1931-12           C. E. Chambers                      Woman in green examining long string of pearls; man in dinner jacket behind has just given them to her

1932-03           Hayden Hayden

1932-06           Hayden Hayden                     Woman in yellow strides forward purposefully and happily to vacation, hands in the air, while her husband follows, carrying their luggage and his golf clubs

1932-07           John E. Sheridan                    Woman tennis player, sitting on a bench and holding three tennis raquets

1932-10           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Man and woman, close to each other, in left profile side by side

1932-12           John E. Sheridan                    Woman in red holding up large holly garland to look at it                 

1933-01           Eugene Iverd                         Boy marking wall calendar with counted days and holidays until the end of December

1933-02           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Woman in yellow with fur trim, seated, staring haughtily, or perhaps stoned, at reader

1933-04           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Woman casting a fishing line out

1933-05           W. T. Benda                           Woman in colorful costume headdress playing with balloons at a party

1933-06           Herbert Paus                          Woman sitting on top of a small boat (looks like over the bow) playing accordion

1933-07           J. Knowles Hare                      Woman in white shirt and pants and red vest, holding Scottie dog and cane or riding crop

1933-09           Martha Sawyers                     Woman holding up a bear cub

1933-11           Bradshaw Crandell                 Woman in closely fitting fur coat

1933-12           Martha Sawyers                     Woman in green about to light red Christmas candle

1934-02           Bradshaw Crandell                 Woman in white dress, hands in red sequined muff, smiles back over her right shoulder at the reader

1934-03           Louis Fancher                         Face of Indian Chief in full white feather headdress

1949-09           Andrew Loomis                       Blond woman in yellow sitting on a horse, looking at you

1954-06           Don Winslow

1954-08           Ward Brackett

1955-02           Walter M. Baumhoffer




1912-01           William W. Clarke

1912-06           William W. Clarke

1912-07           William W. Clarke

1913-04           William W. Clarke                   Boy cheering, full face front

1915-04           William W. Clarke                   Boy carrying stick fishing pole and large caught fish looking into store window at expensive fishing tackle

1918-08           Walt Louderback

1918-09           William W. Clarke                   Uncle Sam holds open the door as hundreds of boys and young men go to school, before “The September Draft”

1918-11           Arthur William Brown

1919-10           Dan Smith                              Indian warrior with lance and full feathered headdress

1919-11           William W. Clarke                   Boy lights candle in front of stone with AMERICAN BOY ideals cut into it

1920-01           Frank E. Schoonover              Mountain trapper with gun in the mountains

1921-04           Tony Sarg

1921-07           G. Gardner Richards              

1922-06           Harrison Cady                        Cartoon of boys all over summer camp having a great time

1922-07           W. W. Clarke                          Boy listening to radio hears ships, baseball, music, speeches

1922-08           G. Gardner Richards               Boy swimming

1922-09           Lee Willemborg (?)                 Eagle attacking deer (?)

1924-03           Lee Willenborg                       Moose in the meadow, calling

1924-06           Charles Livingston Bull           Arab boy on running camel, whipping it on

1924-08           Clyde O. Deland                     Man in eighteenth-century fancy clothes standing, gesturing widely on the rail of a ship (a pirate?)

1925-06           Anton Otto Fischer                 Boy sitting on the sandy shore, dreaming of pirates burying gold down at the water’s edge

1925-07           ___ ___ [symbol “P”]             Colonial drummer boy

1925-09           Charles Livingston Bull           Raccoon grabbing turtle by the tail

1926-04           Harold Sichel                          Two cowboys out on the open range, one singing and one playing the harmonica; and off in the distance, a wolf howls in harmony

1926-05           C. E. Peck                              “The Indian Boy” walking past some rabbits, grinning as he holds up a string of fish he has caught

1927-03           Anton Otto Fischer                 Harpooner in the front, a small whaling boat is heading off to the middle left (their ship in the background)

1927-07           Walter Beach Humphrey         Boy playing flute in front of a (radio?) microphone calls up images of the fifeboy in the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War

1928-02           Frank E. Schoonover              Man and boy confront Gypsy family (illo for serial story “Barbary Bo”)

1928-06           Lawrence N. Wilbur                 Teenage boy carrying rifle, walking in front of covered wagon to guard it as it crosses the desert

1928-09           Anton Otto Fischer                 Young man and Indian guide in a canoe, paddling through the Canadian North Woods: "Proof of the Breed"

1929-01           Anton Otto Fischer                 Ice fishing

1929-10           W. F. Soare                            French musketeer or similar, early 17th century military costume

1929-11           William Heaslip                       “Haunted Airways” by Thomas Burtis – an air mystery of 1985

1930-03           Anton Otto Fischer                 Sailors in a rowboat climbing up a rope ladder onto a larger ship

1930-04           Manning deV. Lee                  Pirates forcing a man to “walk the plank” and drown in the ocean

1930-07           W. F. Soare

1930-08           Dudley Gloyne Summers        Two farm boys unsuccessfully trying to hitchhike on farm wagons to New York City

1931-02                                                        Young Inuit (aka Eskimo) man in kayak, about to throw spear; in the background the Northern Lights are shining

1931-04           Clayton Knight                       U. S. Army flyer in aviation suit shading his face with his hand as he looks up into the sky; behind him, planes are taking off from the airfield

1931-08           Manning deV. Lee

1931-10           J. F. Kernan                            Football player is running with the ball and stiff-arming anyone in the way

1931-12           Russell Sambrook                   Two teenaged boys serenade a house with ukulele and accordion, but woman inside is not pleased

1932-01           Russell Sambrook                   Father and son at breakfast table, father holding open newspaper to show photo in sports section

1932-02           Albin Henning                        George Washington leading a charge of Revolutionary War troops

1932-03           Charles Livingston Bull           Polar bear has just killed seal, and stares off behind while seagulls congregate to wait for the spoils

1932-04           Manning deV. Lee                  Roman soldiers saluting a leader, older man near leader’s side

1932-05           Russell Sambrook                   Teenaged boy reading book while trying to iron his pants; frightening clouds of steam or smoke coming from the electric iron

1932-06           Orson Lowell                          Boy working on complex, highly detailed model of a small sailing ship

1932-08           W. F. Soare                            Sailing ship of 1600’s style on open ocean: “The Raiders”

1932-09           Lynn Bogue Hunt                   Lion, in the grass, roaring right out at the reader

1932-10           W. F. Soare                            Knight in armor holds up sword as if to lead a charge

1932-12           Russell Sambrook                   Sled-dog Canadian mountie mailman delivering Christmas mail and packages over the snow to a man in a remote cabin

1933-02           Albin Henning                        Men poling and steering old freight-haul boat on a lake

1933-04           Russell Sambrook                   College student painting a sign “Keep out, busy cramming”

1933-09           Paul Bransom                         Black panther has trapped a pheasant, holding it down with its paw; Chinese-style bamboo background

1933-11           Orson Lowell                          Marathon runners taking off in a clump

1933-12           Russell Sambrook                   Teenage boys in winter have overheating car at garage, but not the cash to get it fixed

1934-01           Orson Lowell                          Four boys on a bobsled, going downhill

1934-03           Russell Sambrook                   Boy wakes up to discover he’s left the window open and his bedquilt is covered with snow

1934-09           William F. Soare                     Viking ship plowing forward across the sea, against a yellow-orange sky

1934-12           Lowell L. Balcom                     The Westport stage arrives in a snowy New England town; boys playing with small sleds stop to wave

1935-02           Anton Otto Fischer                 Two men in a rime-covered rowboat see a huge liner about to come past them in the wintry seas

1935-10           Lee Brown

1935-12           Edgar Franklin Wittmack        Lighthouse keeper rowing Christmas tree and presents out to island lighthouse

1936-06           Edgar Franklin Wittmack        Baseball almost hits bird, high above stadium

1936-07           Manning DeV. Lee

1936-08           W. F. Soare

1936-09           Manning DeV. Lee

1937-02           Edgar Franklin Wittmack

1937-05           Manning DeV. Lee

1937-07           Lowell L. Balcom

1937-11                                                        Robot or man in spacesuit flying through space paralleling the flight of a passenger rocket in science fiction story

1938-05           Edgar Franklin Wittmack

1939-05           Orson Lowell

1939-11           Edgar Franklin Wittmack

1940-02           Charles La Salle

1940-05           Russell Sambrook

1940-06           William Heaslip



1927-09           Joseph Farrelly                       Girl just back from summer camp discovers that her suntan lines don’t work with her regular autumn clothes

1928-07                                                        Wet dog standing on top of a piling in a harbor, woman in small sailboat in background

1928-08           Edward Poucher                     Red-headed girl missing a tennis ball coming her way: “Good try, Carrots”

1928-11           Ann Brockman                        Woman reading fairy tales to a small girl

1928-12                                                        Girl walking her dog on a snow-covered sidewalk in a windy snowstorm, her scarf being blown about

1929-02           Edward Poucher                     Girl sitting on a hassock, smiling in satisfaction as she looks at all the Valentine’s cards she has received, spread out on the floor around her

1929-06           Edward Poucher                     Girl smiling sheepishly as she retrieves the arrows she has shot at the target, totally missing it

1929-09                                                        Girl heading off to the start of the school year wags her finger at her dog to tell it it can’t come any further with her

1929-12           Miriam Selss [*]                     Three girls carrying Christmas presents, holly, and a wreath, using a wheelbarrow on a snow-covered country road

1930-04           Edward Poucher                     Gardener girl holding hose, ready to water the young plants

1930-06                                                        Girl fishing, standing up in a rowboat to try to reel in, um, something, not the fish that is grinning at her on the right

1930-11                                                        Girl sitting in an easy chair, reading an adventure book, and imagining being in a caravan in some Arab desert country

1931-01           Jean Calhoun                         Girl on sled board, heading down snow-covered hill, is trying to avoid hitting the person who has fallen off her board just in front of her

1931-04           E P                                         Girl carrying a potted lily plant, in full bloom, from a row with a variety of other potted flowering plants

1931-06                                                        Girls engaged in different summer vacation activities: playing tennis, horseback riding, picnicking at the beach, fishing, cooking on a campfire, swimming

1931-09           E P                                         Girl packing to go off to boarding school stops to read some pages of a novel about what it’s like there

1931-12           Jean Calhoun                         Two girls, carrying attractively wrapped Christmas presents, passing in front of a decorated store window on a snowy day

1932-01                                                        Girl writing New Year’s resolutions with a quill pen in her diary, pauses to think after coming up with only three of them

1932-04           Revere Wistehuff                   Girl kneeling down and planting a new garden row tries to reach and catch her dog, which is running off with one of the seed packets

1932-06                                                        Bunch of girls heading off into summer with equipment for several kinds of sports: tennis, golf, canoe or kayak paddling, croquet, horseback riding, and a beach ball

1932-08                                                        Two girls sitting at an outdoor table under a huge umbrella shade, one with a drink in her hand and one with a tennis racquet

1932-09           Arnold Lorne Hicks                 Woman on horseback, dressed in clothes for riding or a foxhunt, grinning as she rides toward the right

1932-11           Jean Calhoun                         Girl walking past shelves of books, with some novels under her right arm and an impossibly tall stack of books cradled on her left arm

1933-02           S. Wendell Campbell               Sitting woman looking at herself in a hand mirror and smiling at the results, as young woman places a red ribbon into her hair and with her hat

1934-04           Ruth Carroll                            Circus clown riding two zebras by standing on their backs, one foot on each one, in a circus ring

1934-05           Ruth Carroll                            Red-breasted robin singing loudly, sitting on a branch with lots of leaves and clusters of white flowers

1934-09           Elizabeth Jones                      Squirrel has an acorn in its mouth as it sits on an oak tree branch, surrounded by leaves already turned orange

1935-01           Elizabeth Jones                      Skiing girl zooming up into the air, skis off the ground

1935-02           J. Stanley                               Young girl opening a wicker trunk to let clouds of white doves fly off into the sky, against a background of the world globe (the “International Issue”)

1935-03           Kay ___                                 Two girls in green and brown, standing on a hilltop with a fierce wind blowing away the hat of one of them

1935-04           Elizabeth Jones                      Frog sits on a mushroom top, playing a banjo in the rain, while a red beetle looks at him

1935-05           Kay ___                                 Two girls sitting under a tree, one reading a book and the other petting her dog

1935-06           Jacqueline Lee                       Two young women dressed for traveling, one holding her dog on a leash; a suitcase sits in the left foreground

1935-07           Tony Sarg                              Marionette piano player and singer in a puppet theatre, illustrating “Little People on Strings,” by the artist

1935-08           Kay ___                                 Girl in swimsuit sitting on the edge of a pier, dangling her legs over the water; white seagulls fly nearby

1935-09           Harve Stein                            Two young women tempting a squirrel with a bag of treats, one trying to feed it

1935-10           J. Stanley                               Three girl scouts, one on top of the little rise standing proud and tall, and the other two climbing up behind her

1935-11                                                        Girl riding on horseback, reaching up her right hand into the branches of tree where all the leaves have changed color to orange

1935-12           Kay ___                                 Three little angel statuettes; one with a candle and a basket of apples, one playing a snare drum, and one carrying a book; and two fir tree statuettes

1936-08           R. Bruce Horsfall                     Two white swans swimming together among reeds and grasses

1936-09                                                        Two girls practicing archery; one draws the bow fully, although the target is directly to her left

1936-11           Kay ___                                 Girl trimming the dough around the pan, preparing to make a pie; the large pumpkin on the table may be about to be sacrificed for the good of the people

1937-04           O L                                         Two black birds climbing around a descending cluster of purple, pink, and white blossoms with red berries

1937-05           S. Wendell Campbell               Shepherdess in very fancy costume blowing on panpipes, while little lambs with bows on their necks gambol in front of her

1938-03           S. Wendell Campbell               Woman talking to the songbirds that are flying around her head, with one of them eating out of her hand



1928-12           T. Benrimo                             Man and boy decorating evergreen tree in front of cottage, snow heavy on ground and trees

1929-06           Ernest Walker                        Dog sitting on front porch of white house

1929-11           L. Meynard Mayer                   View from inside a room with overstuffed chair, out onto garden in fall tree colors



1926-11           W. Emerton Heitland

1929-03           Harvey Dunn                          Wounded soldiers resting after the battle: "Walking Cases"

1930-10           Paul Brown                             Football players

1932-10           Harvey Dunn                          Man pitchforking hay in a field during “The Harvest”

1932-11           Remington Schuyler

1933-01           Herbert Morton Stoops            Men building a new dam: "Harnessing the Waters"

1933-06                                                        Sun bathers

1933-07           William Heaslip                       Woman flier sitting on tire of plane

1933-09           Leon A. Shafer                       Sailboats in the breeze

1933-10           Charles S. Chapman               Laying the new highway

1933-11           Arthur Mitchell                       Prospector panning for gold in the mountains

1933-12           Philip H. Giddens                    Chicago skyscraper

1934-03           Colcord Huerlin                      Dog team running through snow drifts

1934-04           W. Lester Stevens                  Spring comes to New England

1934-05           Frank Street                           Lumberjack poling logs down the river to the sawmill

1934-06           William Heaslip                       Aerial view of "Miami, the Magic City"

1934-07           Herbert Morton Stoops            Nineteenth century southerners waiting for the steamboat to arrive "On the Mississippi"

1934-10           Edwin Earle                            Child wearing red beret: "Young America"

1936-05           Herbert Morton Stoops            Baseball base runner sliding into home plate, while catcher is still waiting for the ball to be thrown in

1937-01           J. W. Schlaikjer                      Lighthouse beaming "All's Well"

1938-07           Forrest C. Crooks                   Regiment of plastic soldier dolls dresses in Continental Army uniforms

1938-12           W. J. Aylward                         Christmas in the eighteenth century harbor, with ships frozen into the ice, men singing, and a horse-drawn sleigh coming in

1943-05           Frank Bensing                        Legion officer selling war bonds at a Legion Bond Rally, others on stage



1921-06-10     John Held, Jr.                         Freckled kid holds up the fish he has caught

1922-02-10     W. E. Heeds

1922-02-17     Walter Whitehead

1922-02-24     S. J. Woolf

1922-03-10     Enos B. Comstock

1922-03-24     Edward A. Wilson

1922-04-07     C. LeRoy Baldridge

1922-04-14     Leslie Thrasher

1922-04-21     Edward Penfield                     Ulysses Simpson Grant, on his hundredth birthday

1922-04-28     C. LeRoy Baldridge

1922-06-16     Howard Chandler Christy        Woman in low-cut, very flouncy dress

1922-07-21     Walter Whitehead

1922-07-28     P. L. Crosby

1922-08-11     J. Norman Lynd

1922-08-18     W. B. K.

1922-08-25     Clare Briggs                           Cartoon of visitors talking to man on porch, “When a Feller Needs a Friend”

1922-10-27     ___ Illian

1922-11-03     ___ Shanks

1922-11-17     ___ Shanks

1922-11-24     Willard Fairchild

1922-12-01     Emmett Watson

1922-12-15     William Hoople

1922-12-29     Emmett Watson                     Old year in beard with hourglass and starter pistol as New Year in runner’s clothes sets ready to dash off

1925-05-08     Emmett Watson

1926-06-18     V. E. Pules



1923-07           Olga Heese                            Young girl with parasol, among flowers

1923-10           Olga Heese                            Girl raking leaves

1924-06           Earl Christy

1925-08           Katharine R. Wireman

1925-09           Olga Heese Bogart

1926-07           Olga Heese Bogart                 Girl sitting on the edge of a hammock



1915-12           C. H. Taffs                              Young woman holding some wrapped Christmas packages

1916-01           J. Knowles Hare                      Smiling young woman, dressed for winter outdoors, shaping a snowball to throw at you

1916-05                                                        Young woman wearing headband, and holding onto locket hanging on a necklace

1916-06                                                        Woman in striped blouse, holding branch covered with roses

1916-07           ___ Gassaway

1916-09                                                        Auburn-haired woman wearing large black hat with wide red ribbon around the crown

1917-01                                                        Young woman wearing red patterned scarf

1917-02           Gene Pressler

1917-12           Henry F. Wireman                  Young woman dressed as a nurse, with beams of light radiating from her head

1918-04           Robert Robinson                     Proud parents (or grandparents) nailing up a two-star banner indicating that they have two children serving overseas in the first World War

1918-08           Florence England Nosworthy  Girl holding up a jar of canned fruit, to remind us how important home canning and preservation are during wartime

1918-12           Alfred Everitt Orr                    Woman Red Cross volunteer, with her Red Cross dog sitting next to her, driving an ambulance in a snowy American scene

1919-03           Gene Pressler                         Elegant woman wearing pearls and a white fur neckpiece

1919-04           A. E. Ortlip                             Young girl holding a white rabbit

1919-07           Guy Hoff                                Gray-haired mother greets her son, a soldier returned from World War I

1919-08           Beryl Morse Greene                Modern young woman wearing dress with plunging neckline, red cap, and red shawl

1919-09                                                        Woman in almost classical dress, with flowers on her breast

1919-10           Olga F. Heese                         Two children playing with a pile of leaves, and examining nuts that have fallen to the ground

1919-11                                                        Woman, with distant expression, holding yellow dahlia              

1919-12           Olga F. Heese                         Woman, standing under the mistletoe, is prepared for action with a book of Christmas customs

1920-01           Katharine R. Wireman             Mother about to put a sock on her baby’s foot

1920-02           F. W. Read                             Woman wearing white fur neckpiece, with animal head protruding

1920-03           Frederick S. Münning             Woman in green peasant hat, wearing pansies at her breast, with rural scene in circle in background

1920-04           Olga F. Heese                         Girl running along a row of tulips, rolling a hoop

1920-05                                                        Young girl sleeping with raggedy doll

1920-06           Pearl Hill

1920-07           Olga F. Heese                         Woman carrying canoe paddle, pillow, and magazine, with tree in background

1920-08           Gene Pressler                         Pilgrim era girl (maybe a nurse? novice nun?) carrying a bouquet of lilies

1920-09           Beryl Morse Greene                Woman in red hat with red pearls and fur over shoulders

1920-10           Eugenie M. Wireman              Woman in sweater and knitted cap holding bundle of colorful Autumn leaves

1920-11           Haskell Coffin                         Woman in farm clothing holding sheaf of grain, with fields in background

1920-12           Francis Van Vreeland              Young Dutch mother sitting with very young baby in her lap; windmill seen through open window

1921-01           Olga F. Heese                         Woman in red hat looks at herself in her hand-held mirror, probably part of a compact

1921-05           G. W. Svenson                       Girl with big purple bow in her hair, holding a letter she's been writing

1921-06           Haskell Coffin

1921-08           Olga F. Heese                         Woman looks up dreamily from the book she is reading, elbows on the pillow on either side of it

1921-09           Charles A. MacLellan              Woman, who has just received a box of flowers from the florist, looks at the card to see who sent it

1921-10                                                        Boy and girl with barrel half-full of apples

1921-11                                                        Woman with red folding fan

1921-12           Haskell Coffin                         Young girl smiles out at the reader, with decorated Christmas tree in the background

1922-01                                                        Young child watches and tries to help as mother carefully places her new baby in a wicker bed

1922-02           Haskell Coffin                         Woman in snow wearing heavy coat with high collar, and warm red cap

1922-03           Katharine R. Wireman             Girl places candles on a cake she has made for her father

1922-04           Katharine R. Wireman             Girl offers a coin to pay for the small potted flower she's buying

1922-05                                                        Mother holds baby against her left shoulder

1922-06           Haskell Coffin                         Brunette woman with pink roses

1922-07                                                        Happy girl with pail and shovel at the beach

1922-08           Haskell Coffin                         Young woman with tennis racket, and identification badge hanging from a lanyard around her neck

1922-09           Frederic Stanley                     Boy carving his and his girlfriend's initials in the trunk of a tree has to endure scorn from another boy, but his girlfriend is watching approvingly

1922-10                                                        Woman holds bouquet of branches of autumn colored leaves, with the tree itself in the background

1922-12           Olga F. Heese                         Young child holds large number of toys, mostly stuffed animals, received at Christmas

1923-01           Julian Mansfield

1923-02                                                        Young woman outdoors in snowy country scene, wearing red hat and fuzzy red scarf

1923-04           C. M. Burd                              Boy and girl gardeners, with watering can and flowers in a pot




1926-Winter     Livingston Greer

1927-09           Othmar Hoffler                       Blonde woman



1926-11-06     Paul Stahr                              Cowboy at the circus, rescuing woman trapeze artist from falling by hauling her up in his lariat

1934-09-08     Robert A. Graef                      Man shrinks back in fear from ghostlike nude woman

1934-10-13     Paul Stahr                              Ball carrier in a football game struggles to stay on his feet as three tacklers try to bring him down

1934-10-20                                                   Cowboy on horse, racing through the desert to escape pursuers offstage to left; shooting at them with his revolver; with him is a Chinese guy, also riding on a horse

1935-05-11                                                   Metaphorical Satan sits on a mountaintop on a small tropical island, holding a tommy gun and watching the humans

1938-05-21                                                   Mountie in a canoe, paddling rapidly down a mountain river; his eyes grow wide as he sees the rapids he's just about to go into

1940-01-13     Rudolph Belarski                    Mountie and woman, floating on a raft down the rapids of a river, are being attacked, and the Mountie is standing up and firing his revolver at someone off to the right

1940-01-27     Rudolph Belarski                    Cavalier holding off two sword-wielding cavaliers with a table held blocking a doorway



1937-11           Kate Pitts                              



1924-06           A. M. Moree                            Biplanes in the sky, symbolic earth far below showing continent of Asia

1925-04           Frank McIntosh                      Couple being carried in a cart, one attendant holding a parasol over them

1926-05           Frank McIntosh                      Swordsman standing at ready on the prow of a low boat

1927-08           Frank McIntosh                      White peacocks on blue background, entitled “Indian Lyric”



1934-06           Herb Roth                               Jungle animals running painting shop



1932-04           Russell Patterson

1932-06           Ed Graham

1932-12           Russell Patterson

1933-03           Ed Graham                             “Bon voyage” (collage of parody travel stickers)

1933-04           Russell Patterson                    Art museum patron seems to have received black eye after getting too fresh with angry, nearly nude woman in painting

1933-09           Russell Patterson                    Woman from nudist colony, naked, trying to hitch a ride to the colony, startles driver

1933-10           Russell Patterson

1933-12           Russell Patterson

1934-02           Russell Patterson                    Mae West [Photograph] with caricature of Greta Garbo overlaid

1934-03           Russell Patterson

1934-04           Russell Patterson

1934-05           Russell Patterson

1934-06           Russell Patterson

1934-08           Russell Patterson

1934-09           Russell Patterson


1934-12           Russell Patterson

1935-01           Russell Patterson

1935-02           Russell Patterson

1935-03           Russell Patterson

1935-06           Russell Patterson

1935-07           Russell Patterson

1935-08           Russell Patterson

1935-09           Russell Patterson

1935-11           Russell Patterson

1936-01           Russell Gerard Fudge             Irate man aims a revolver at Santa Claus, who is diving out of a window, sans pants

1936-03           Russell Patterson

1936-04           Russell Patterson

1936-07           Russell Patterson

1936-09           Ed Lahane

1936-10           A. Ricoa

1936-11           James Trembath



1914-11           J. F. Kernan



1926-10           H. O. Hofman                         Regency buck with a monocle, startled women nearby

1926-11           ___ Amero

1926-12           H. O. Hofman

1927-02           H. O. Hofman

1927-03           H. O. Hofman

1927-07           H. O. Hofman

1927-10           ___ Thorndike



1924-08           Alice P. Gordon

1925-09           N. C. Munson

1925-12           Leonard A. Simonsen              Snow falling at night on a house and yard already snow-covered

1926-02           C. J. Monroe                           Girl in ante-bellum pink dress walking past fence in front of a modern house

1926-11           H. M. Gregory

1927-08           Otto W. Schulze

1927-12           Adolph Treidler

1928-02           Adolph Treidler

1928-04           Elizabeth Shippen Green Elliot       Bluebirds on yellow flowering tree branches

1928-08           ___ Hicks                               Girl in hammock, telling dog not to jump in

1928-09           Nat Little

1928-10           Edward M. Stevenson

1928-12           Lurelle Guild

1929-01           Jack Manley Rose

1929-03           Lurelle Guild

1929-04           Adolph Treidler

1929-05           Julian B. Mansfield

1929-06           Renaldo C. Epworth

1929-11           Jack Manley Rose

1930-09           Stanley Reese

1931-07           Eleanor Campbell

1931-08           Mat Little

1931-09           Adolph Treidler

1932-05           Edwin P. Couse

1932-06           Larry Stults                            Still life of croquet mallet, ball, pin, and hoops with suburban house in background

1932-07           George Kepp [Rapp?]

1932-10           L. Jansen

1932-11           Herbert Olsen

1932-12           Edwin P. Couse

1933-03           Henry Luhrs

1933-07           ___ Griffith                            Mother and boy gardening, boy gives flower

1933-11           ___ Sarra

1933-12           Walter Frame

1934-03           Walter Frame

1934-05           Lynn Bogue Hunt

1934-06           Philip Lyford

1934-08           Arthur Bade

1934-10           Seymour Snyder

1935-01           Arthur Stanley Reese

1935-02           Nat Little

1935-03           Lynn Bogue Hunt

1935-05           Nat Little

1935-06           Nat Little

1935-09           Henry Luhrs

1935-11           Margaret Masson

1935-12           Rolf Kelp

1937-05           R. R. Donnelley

1938-05           Charles Kuoni




1915-05           William Van Dresser               Woman with pink cheeks, wearing flat pink hat, facing reader

1915-10           B. Tichtman                            Woman’s head, facing half to the reader’s left; brown hair, with tan bands around it

1915-12           B. Tichtman                            Woman with brown hair, red hat, facing reader

1934-02           James C. Chenoweth              Arctic dogsledder off his sled, looking off toward middle left, while Northern Lights shine wildly in background



1902-12           Frank X. Leyendecker



1929-12           Jerome Rozen                         Scout dressing up as Santa while another scout tightens rope holding belly pillow on him

1930-04           Charles Livingston Bull           Puppy carefully approaches porcupine

1930-12           Harrison Cady                        Happy mayhem and madness in the Scout camp in winter

1931-01           Harold N. Anderson

1931-02           Norman Rockwell

1931-03           Harold N. Anderson

1931-04           William Heaslip

1931-05           J. C. White

1931-06           Harold N. Anderson

1931-07           J. C. White

1931-08           William Heaslip

1931-09           David Hutchison

1931-10           Harold N. Anderson

1931-11           Sidney H. Reisenberg

1931-12           J. C. White

1933-01           James K. Murray

1934-07           W. J. Wilwerding                    African buffalo Bogo the Great stares out at reader

1935-01           Jack Murray                           Two dogs, one a husky and the other maybe mixed, on ice near water

1935-04                                                        Five Crusader knights riding forward, lances high, to illustrate "The Heathen Horde."

1935-06           Orson Lowell

1936-02           Norman Rockwell

1936-05           Jack Murray                           Momma bear stares at the bear carving on a totem pole.

1936-09                                                        Two men, one with a spear ready to throw, standing on an ancient Roman chariot, racing forward, to illustrate "The Broken Wall."

1936-10           Sidney Riesenberg                 Young man steering small boat in rough water

1938-11           Arthur Smith

1939-02           Norman Rockwell

1940-03           Jack Murray                           Mother and baby giant pandas stare bemusedly at a ground squirrel, somewhere among the low passes in snow-covered Asian mountains



1901-12           George Granby                       Woman in low-cut, extremely wide flaring red dress bows on stage to the reader



1901-02                                                        Abstract swirling forms around title in an elaborate display typeface

1901-05                                                        Eighteenth century woman stands in open window, under wooden sign carrying the magazine's name

1901-07                                                        Two women standing on an abstract classical pediment point to the main features of this issue of the magazine

1901-08                                                        Two women standing on an abstract classical pediment point to the main features of this issue of the magazine

1901-09                                                        Woman sits on a parapet, holding open a large book which lists some of the highlights of this issue

1901-11           G. W. Picknell                         Passengers in and on top of the Springfield coach wave as they approach a farm along the road

1902-02                                                        Woman in snowstorm is kept warm by her red hooded cape and the large muff for her hands

1902-03                                                        Woman in coat and fur muff, accompanied by her dog, in the woods some distance away from a castle or large hotel

1902-06                                                        Woman in garden holding a bunch of red roses

1903-06           Howard G. Laskey                  Rear of a wedding carriage driving off, tied up in ribbons, a big chest carried on the rear axle, and dropping old shoes

1903-07           A. G. Learned                         Left profile of a woman wearing a very large hat, decorated with roses perched on the front rim

1904-03           Louise W. Jackson                  Woman standing, in long flowing dress



1936-11           Sidney Riesenberg                 Face of a man holding smoking revolver, looking off to the left, in rocky desert


BURR MCINTOSH MONTHLY:                          

1905-05           Clark Hobart                           Woman dressed in pink, carrying a potted flower in an outdoors setting

1905-07           Clark Hobart

1906-01                                                        Marguerite Clark in white fur, in front of an icy pond, in a winter background

1906-03           Clark Hobart

1908-07           Sarony, Photographer             Margaret Dale, photograph

1908-12           L. Vernon                               Red-headed woman in pink, standing in the snow flurries protected by a gauzy scarf over her head

1919-10           Charles Beecher Bunnell



1926-04           Loren Holmwood                     Boy trying to give his dog a bath

1927-11           J. F. Kernan

1928-07           L. Toney

1930-03           J. F. Kernan                            Man gardening, watched by chicken on fence

1933-04           J. F. Kernan                            Elderly woman putting her son or grandson’s dime novel into the fire of her woodburning stove

1933-05           ___ Wilkinson

1933-10           J. F. Kernan

1934-07           J. F. Kernan

1935-03           J. F Kernan

1935-05           J. F. Kernan                            Babe Ruth, the “Sultan of Swat”

1935-06           J. F. Kernan

1935-09           Russell Sambrook                   Girl football player

1935-10           J. F. Kernan

1935-12           Charles Twelvetrees

1936-02           Helen Hodge

1936-10           J. F. Kernan                            Coach and football player

1939-05           ___ Towne                             Boy and girl with fish caught, boxed

1940-09           ___ Stoott

1941-05           J. F. Kernan



1915-09           Will H. Bradley                        Two medieval heralds with long horns on graphic design



1929-05           Hazel Frazee                          Girl training white ducks (geese?) to walk around maypole

1929-12           Tom Meade                            Santa Claus and bag of toys

1930-02           Mary Anderson                       Two children singing “To You with Love”

1930-05           Hazel Frazee                          Boy and girl gardeners growing fine crop of flowers

1930-08           John Gee                               Children playing leapfrog at the beach

1930-09           Hazel Frazee                          Schoolboy and girl compare arms

1931-02           Hazel Frazee

1931-04           Ve Elizabeth Cadie                 Two rabbits in servant’s livery carrying palanquin with Easter Egg with female duck inside and flowers on top

1931-05           Hazel Frazee                          Boy walking balanced on top of pipe rail, while girl watches admiringly

1931-07           Hazel Frazee                          Boy and girl on end of pier, with doll hanging from balloon or parachute, and boy with butterfly net apparently trying to catch it

1932-01           John Gee                               Boy hiding behind snowman; his dog’s leash is wound around snowman’s arm

1932-04           John Gee                               Rabbit sitting on Easter egg under umbrella in a rainstorm, reading CHILD LIFE

1932-05           Keith Ward                            

1932-06           John Gee                               Boy pirate, with sword and treasure chest

1932-08           John Gee                               Circus theme: boy in ringmaster’s uniform helping dog balance on ball

1934-02           Clarence Biers                        Colonial boy and girl meet accidentally while putting valentines into letter slot

1934-05           Clarence Biers                        Boy pushing dog in wooden wagon fixed up with “sail” and labeled as ship “SEA DOG”

1934-06           Franz Kirn                              Boy and girl pretending to be radio stars, with “microphone” made from shovel and sprinkler

1934-07           Marie A. Lawson                     Revolutionary soldier toys: two dolls and one on hobby-horse, for “1776” theme

1935-11           Janet Laura Scott                   Old lady reads stories to four children and a dog

1936-01           Clarence Biers                        Snowman trying to fend off rabbit who wants his carrot nose

1936-02           Marie Lawson                         Two wooden toy soldiers each try to give valentine to a doll

1936-05           John Gee                               Boy plays ukulele while two dogs jump up and dance

1936-06           John Gee                               Boy selling ice-cold drinks to girl with fan and dog

1937-01           Marie A. Lawson                     Snowman melts, while squirrel couple in Puritan dress greet each other in snow

1937-06           J. Allen St. John

1937-07           J. Allen St. John                     Boy stands on his hands on a barrel end, with dog wearing clown hat, and girl sits on bench and watches the “circus”

1937-09           Robert B. Usher                      Girl holds up her doll to keep away from a gaggle of geese who want to know about it

1938-03           Clarence Biers                        Boy spins top and his dog watches it warily

1938-07           Hazel Frazee                          Girl on pony, carrying American flag, as boy helps her stay in place and little dog salutes the flag

1938-11           Edward D’Ancona                   Boy and girl reading books, girl sitting on a chair and boy on floor

1939-02           Marie A. Lawson                     Two boys, carrying identical bouquets, are suitors for Valentine girl, all in red heart frame against lace background

1939-07           Charles Ropp                          Two boys cooking frankfurters over an open fire, while dog sits up begging

1940-01           Thornton Utz                          Boy and girl skating, at end of crack-the-whip, as dog paces them excitedly

1940-02           Marie A. Lawson                     Eighteenth-century suitor offers gift box to woman against two hearts and arrow in background

1940-03           Clarence Biers                        Boy, holding model plane, tells girl about his ambitions in aviation

1940-05           Marie A. Lawson                     Girl plays at the piano while two boys play the flute

1940-06           Thornton Utz                          Kids packing car trunk for vacation, and boy has just come up with too many things to fit in

1940-08           Keith Ward                             Boy proudly holds up the tiny fish he has caught, while girl photographs it

1940-09           Thornton Utz                          Boy and girl riding bicycles at speed, forward at you and toward right of cover

1941-08           Keith Ward                             Boy amazes two girls with his dive off a board into a pond

1941-10           Thornton Utz                          Boy running with the football stuffs fingers into the face of the boy chasing after him

1941-12           Keith Ward                             Santa Claus having a bit of trouble assembling a stick-structure wooden airplane model

1942-02           Marjorie Stempel                    Boy and girl on snowshoes, carrying valentines; boy has tumbled into the snow but still smiles

1942-03           Keith Ward                             Mr. Robin (the bird, with straw hat and cane) is grumpy about the March rains falling on him as he sits on a branch

1942-04           Meg Wohlberg

1942-05           Henry C. Pitz                          Boy and girl riding horses through the woods

1942-09           Meg Wohlberg                        Boy, girl, young boy, and dog walking off to school

1942-11           Constance Moran

1942-12           Keith Ward                             Santa Claus and his sack, dropping out of the sky on a parachute, either ecstatic or crazy with fear

1943-01           Keith Ward                             Sleigh pulls up with three more to join the dozens of skaters on the pond by the farm’s barn

1943-02                                                        Baby Sandy stepping out of a red Valentine [Photograph] against Valentine lace background

1943-05           Keith Ward                             Boy with wheelbarrow full of gardening tools and seeds, about to plant his garden

1943-06           Keith Ward                             Boy grabs his sister to save her from disturbing mother skunk and three little ones, parading in front of her

1943-08           Keith Ward                             Father with boy and girl on small sailboat (printed in blue and black only)

1943-09           Keith Ward                             Dog waits expectantly outside schoolhouse, holding roller skates in his teeth

1943-11           Keith Ward                             Dad has come home from World War II, for Thanksgiving, and walks with his son and daughter

1943-12           Keith Ward                             Santa having trouble controlling the jeep he’s using this year instead of the reindeer sleigh

1944-02           Keith Ward                             Girl sitting for a silhouette artist cutting out her image; eighteenth-century dress

1944-03           Keith Ward                             Boy watches amusedly as his great Dane stands quietly, while girls little dog yaps at him

1944-04           Keith Ward                             Girl standing in tulip bed is startled as bunny rabbits dressed in country dresses run by, carrying colored eggs

1944-05           Jack Murray                           Black bear cub defends brown bear cub from dangerous turtle at water’s edge

1944-09           Flora De Muth                        Boy and girl picking apples, boy on branch and girl on ladder

1944-11           Jack Murray                           Mama raccoon watches as one of her kids bites the other’s tail as they run around the corn shocks

1945-02           Marie A. Lawson                     Two suitors watch as Valentine girl picks off petals to see if one loves her

1945-05           Keith Ward                             Boy supposedly practicing piano is reading a baseball book instead

1945-09           Keith Ward                             Schoolboy plays with dog while two schoolgirls watch in amusement

1945-10           Keith Ward                             Boy and girl bobbing for apples at a Hallowe’en party

1946-03           Katharine R. Wireman

1946-05           Katharine R. Wireman

1946-07           Keith Ward

1946-09           Katharine R. Wireman



1924-12+01    H. Meserole

1925-02+03    Helen Dryden



1925-01           Ernest Brierly



1922-Winter     R. R. Epperly

1923-Spring     R. R. Epperly

1923-Autumn   R. R. Epperly

1924-06           Robert Patterson

1925-04           Penrhyn Stanlaws

1925-11           John Held, Jr.

1926-03           James Montgomery Flagg       Man and woman, both wearing celluloid visors, stare into each other’s eyes, completely distracted from their “Studying”

1926-06           McClelland Barclay

1926-10           Rolf Armstrong

1927-02           McClelland Barclay

1927-03           Rolf Armstrong

1928-05           Rolf Armstrong

1928-12           Rolf Armstrong

1929-04           John LaGatta

1930-01           Tom Webb

1930-05           Tom Webb

1930-09           Rolf Armstrong

1930-10           Tom Webb

1930-11           Bradshaw Crandell                 Woman in train station, about to go to football game

1931-02           Charles Chambers

1931-05           R. F. Schabelitz

1931-06           Tom Webb

1931-07           Rolf Armstrong

1931-10           Rolf Armstrong

1931-11           Rolf Armstrong

1931-12           C. E. Chambers

1932-02           Rolf Armstrong

1932-06           Rolf Armstrong

1932-08           Rolf Armstrong

1932-10           Rolf Armstrong

1933-02           Rolf Armstrong

1933-04           Jefferson Machamer

1933-06           Jefferson Machamer

1933-07           Jefferson Machamer

1933-08           Jefferson Machamer

1933-09           Jefferson Machamer

1933-12           Jefferson Machamer

1934-02           James Montgomery Flagg

1936-01           Rolf Armstrong

1936-05           R. F. Schabelitz

1936-07           R. F. Schabelitz

1936-08           R. F. Schabelitz

1937-11           Bill Baird and Dudley Lee        Football player is talking to cheerleader ignoring coach, who is yelling at him

1938-02           Arthur Crouch                        Man and woman skaters kissing over the sign that warns of dangerous, thin ice, which is cracking; danger as metaphor



1898-05-28     Penrhyn Stanlaws

1899-03-18                                                   Shooting the rapids in Alaska [Photograph]

1900-               Will H. Bradley                        “Sportsmen’s Number”

1900-05-12     C. Alden Pierson

1900-07-04     Will H. Bradley                        Revolutionary soldier and cannon

1900-12-XX     Will H. Bradley                        Two 18th-century men eating a Christmas feast

1901-07-06     Edward Penfield                     Rider announcing the Declaration of Independence

1901-11-XX     Will H. Bradley                        Medieval musicians

1902-03-08     Edward Penfield                     US and European country reach agreement on naval power

1902-03-29     H. Heyer                                 Woman in Easter finery, in art nouveau flower framing

1902-04-12     Henry Hutt                             Woman sitting at a vanity, looking at herself in the mirror

1902-05-03                                                   President Theodore Roosevelt at Columbia College graduation ceremony [Photograph]

1902-05-10     Frederick Yohn

1902-06-07     Edward Penfield                     Passengers going up the gangplank onto a ship

1902-06-14                                                   Woman in white dress, against a large plot of red flowers in bloom near a lake

1902-06-21     Violet Oakley                          Four women eating a meal, toasting with glasses of milk (medieval theme)

1902-06-28                                                   President Theodore Roosevelt at West Point graduation [Photograph]

1902-07-19     Edward Penfield                     Man with luggage at train station awaiting arrival of horse-drawn taxi

1902-12-20     Frank X. Leyendecker             Regency man reading a book in front of a fireplace

1902-12-27                                                   Cipriano Castro, dictator of Venezuela [Photograph]

1903-01-10                                                   Lady Curzon, in India [Photograph]

1903-01-24     Edward Penfield

1903-02-07                                                   The German fleet in Venezuelan waters [Photographs]

1903-02-28     Frank X. Leyendecker

1903-03-07                                                   Rocky hillsides and mountains in Macedonia [Photograph]

1903-03-14     Edward Penfield                     Two sailors on shipboard, one waving a signal flag

1903-03-21     Arthur E. Becher                     Two women on coastal rocks looking out over the water

1903-04-11     Henry Hutt

1903-05-23     Ethel Franklin Betts

1903-06-27     Frank X. Leyendecker             Two men fighting with rapiers inside a room (seventeenth or eighteenth century)

1903-08-08     Edward Penfield                     Woman holding golf bag, with clubs, behind her back

1903-08-22     B. R. Campbell                        Woman and teenage girl sitting by a lake, reading a newspaper or large floppy book

1903-09-26     Frederic Dorr Steele               Sherlock Holmes in “The Adventure of the Empty House”

1903-10-17     B. R. Campbell                        Man and woman talking in front of a farm wagon, man holding something round; in the distance, farmers harvest grain

1903-10-31     Frederic Dorr Steele               Sherlock Holmes in “The Mystery of the Norwood Builder”

1903-11-07                                                   Two women, one sitting on a small horse carriage, the other feeding the horse an apple

1903-11-14     Edward Penfield                     Two well-dressed women walk past a ticket scalper, ignoring him

1903-11-21     Edward Penfield                     Woman peeling a fruit or vegetable over a bowl

1903-12-05     Frederic Dorr Steele               Sherlock Holmes in “The Adventure of the Dancing Men”

1903-12-26     Frederic Dorr Steele               Sherlock Holmes in “The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist”

1904-01-02     John Sloan

1904-01-09     Edward Penfield

1904-01-23     Edward Penfield                     Woman in fur driving an open touring car in the winter (sleigh in the background)

1904-01-30     Frederic Dorr Steele               Sherlock Holmes in “The Adventure of the priory School”

1904-02-27     Frederic Dorr Steele               Sherlock Holmes in “The Adventure of Black Peter”

1904-02-XX     Frank X. Leyendecker             Woman reading to her daughter from “The story book” for the Fiction Number

1904-03-05     J. C. Leyendecker

1904-03-19     Edward Penfield

1904-03-XX     Frank X. Leyendecker             Woman in “Pierette” costume sits sprawled in a stuffed armchair reading a letter

1904-06-18     Frank X. Leyendecker             Man and woman on deck of cruise ship, woman pointing something in the book she’s reading

1904-07-30     Jessie Willcox Smith

1904-08-06     Charles Dana Gibson

1904-09-03     Harrison Fisher                       Portrait of Admiral Togo of Japan

1904-10-01     Denman Fink

1904-10-08     F. X. Leyendecker

1904-10-22     J. C. Leyendecker


1904-11-26     Frederic Dorr Steele               Sherlock Holmes with scent-tracking dog in “The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter”

1904-12-03     Maxfield Parrish

1904-12-10     J. C. Leyendecker                   “The Reappearance of Raffles,” the amateur cracksman

1904-12-17     F. X. Leyendecker                  

1904-12-24     Edward Penfield                     Christmas dinner table set, ready for the feast

1904-12-31     Frederic Dorr Steele               Sherlock Holmes holding ropes tied around a chair in “The Adventure of the Abbey Grange”

1905-01-07     Maxfield Parrish

1905-02-04     Frederic Dorr Steele

1905-02-18     F. X. Leyendecker

1905-03-04     Maxfield Parrish                     [Photograph of TR in MP frame with large figure characters]

1905-03-11     Charles Dana Gibson

1905-07-08     Maxfield Parrish

1905-09-02     Maxfield Parrish

1905-09-09     Frank X. Leyendecker

1906-02-03     Maxfield Parrish

1906-03-03     Maxfield Parrish

1906-05-05     J. C. Leyendecker

1906-09-08     Albert Sterner                         Sketch of woman bending down to tie her shoe

1906-09-15     Sarah S. Stilwell

1906-11-10     Edward Penfield                     Woman walking her Russian wolfhound

1907-03-30     Will H. Bradley                        Dutchman in seventeenth century costume plays lute to woo woman inside house, as “Music Hath Charms”

1907-04-06     Edward Penfield                     Polar bear on ice floe, “The Lord of the North”, standing next to box decorated with native American painting

1907-04-27     J. C. Leyendecker                   Fancily dressed Cavalier bows to Indian maiden; honoring Jamestown, 1607

1907-05-18     F. X. Leyendecker                   “His Wife” is a woman in fancy dress, standing in expensive room

1907-10-12     Edward Penfield                     Automobile in the middle of traffic jam, cop giving signal – “The Lord of the Crossways”

1907-10-26-2  J. C. Leyendecker                   Woman stands up in car to use binoculars as man points to something – the Automobile Section

1907-12-21     Will H. Bradley                        Boy on a hobby-horse, imagining himself the Knight-Errant; on a tree and leaf background

1908-01-18     Edwyn Chambers

1908-02-08     John C. Clay                           Pierrot, his Valentine

1910-03-12     Frank X. Leyendecker             “Sloth” slowly wakes up from his bed on the back of a giant turtle

1910-08-29     W. Morgan                             Girl kissing her horse on the face for luck in the race

1910-11-19     L. Walter Taylor                      Clown sharpening knives to carve a Thanksgiving turkey

1911-02-25     Ernest Haskell

1911-08-12     Eugenie M. Wireman

1912-10-05     Katharine R. Wireman

1912-10-19     Sarah S. Stillwell-Weber         Woman with fruit, standing by trunk of fruit tree (very art nouveau style)

1912-11-02     Maxfield Parrish                     Old farmer, sitting on top of a rail fence, smoking a pipe – “The philosopher”

1912-11-16     Maxfield Parrish                     Marching soldiers (almost like toys)

1912-11-30                                                   Balkan soldier [Photograph]

1913-01-04     Adolph Treidler                       Clown holding up a hoop, as for the reader to jump in through

1913-01-11-1  George Wright                       Traffic cop holding up automobile to let horse-drawn carriage go by; cover mostly typographic

1913-01-11-2  George Wright                       Delivery truck, auto, and men pushing hand-trucks on the road; cover mostly typographic

1913-01-18     Sarah S. Stillwell-Weber         Woman with flowing veil, holding red-breasted bird on her hand (very art nouveau style)

1913-02-01     Frederic Remington                Cowboy on horse, “Cutting Out Pony Herds”

1913-02-08     Frederic Dorr Steele

1913-02-22     Frederic Dorr Steele               Fireman with axe looking at ashes and rubble in a burned building

1913-03-08                                                   Drawings of Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson shaking hands, with photos of their heads pasted on top

1913-03-22     Frederic Dorr Steele               Firemen directing streams of water from a firehose onto a fire

1913-03-29     Frederic Dorr Steele               Firemen rescuing a person by carrying them down a ladder

1913-04-05                                                   [Photograph of a Mexican bandit]

1913-04-12     J. C. Coll                                Woman in flowing vaguely Arabic dress, standing, facing right

1913-05-03                                                   [Typographic cover only]

1913-05-31                                                   Girl with flower pots


1913-07-26     Cushman Parker

1913-08-02     William Van Dresser               Woman in white, facing toward right, coming out of the image frame

1913-10-18     John F. Slavik                         Two steelworkers, one holding a long rivet and one holding sledge hammer ready to strike it

1913-11-01     Maxfield Parrish                     Guards carrying only scroll-pipes standing at attention

1913-11-08     Charles MacLellan                  Boy happily pointing to where his front tooth used to be

1913-11-15     Edward Penfield                     College athlete standing

1913-12-13     Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Red-headed woman framed by green wreath in background; very long necklace

1913-12-20                                                   Grinning girl with large red bow, trying on Santa mask

1913-12-27     Frank X. Leyendecker             Man with tattooed arms shoveling coal into a furnace or boiler

1914-01-03     Z. P. Nikolai                            Woman in white with green feathered hat, wearing fur neckpiece and carrying another fur

1914-01-10-1  Penrhyn Stanlaws

1914-02-21     Frank X. Leyendecker             Little girl watches street organ grinder playing, as he and his monkey hold out hand for money

1914-02-28     W. Herbert Dunton                 Rope-artist cowboy showing young boy how to hold the rope for tricks

1914-04-11     Jessie Willcox Smith

1914-06-13     Frank X. Leyendecker

1914-10-17     Frank X. Leyendecker             Two baseball players sitting on the bench

1914-10-24     Louis Fancher                         German cavalryman shooting at armored car; car’s passenger and machine gun shooting at him

1914-11-07     Edward Penfield                     Drawing of von Moltke in uniform, standing

1914-11-14     Edward Penfield                     Cavalry unit in review--Sikh troops fighting for the British

1915-01-09     Robert Wildhack                     Kid sneaks a ride nestled in the spare tires at the back of an automobile

1915-01-09-1  Edward Penfield

1915-01-16     Frederick G. Cooper

1915-01-30     Adolph Treidler

1915-03-06     Edward Penfield                     African soldiers are off their horses, and are preparing for a fight with guns at the ready

1915-05-01     “D. A.” [logo]                        Portrait of Shylfinbul (?)

1915-08-07     Frederic Dorr Steele               Mysterious figure in "The Gray Mask" looks out from behind a building corner, location suggested as the Docks by the pilings and the distant lights of the city

1915-09-04     Edward Penfield                     British artillery officer with field glasses standing by heavy guns

1915-09-11     Frank X. Leyendecker             Schoolboy dipping pigtail of girl seated in front of him into inkwell

1915-10-16     Edward Penfield                     General Joffre

1915-10-23     Edward Penfield                     Theodore Roosevelt

1916-02-12     Herbert Paus                          Russian cavalryman standing on his horse’s saddle to see in the distance

1916-03-04     Frederic Dorr Steele               Black woman pushing face and hands through curtains

1916-03-18     Herbert Paus                          American soldier blowing a bugle at camp

1916-03-25     Frederic Dorr Steele               Clown in white dancing on the grass in the middle of the night

1916-12-23     Herbert Paus                          French soldier singing and playing guitar in front of bucket holding a fire, with wine and Christmas presents

1917-05-05     Herbert Paus

1917-07-28     Herbert Paus                          American and French soldiers sharing their meals

1917-08-04     Edward Penfield                     Artillerymen cheering British plane flying over them

1917-08-18     Wallace Morgan                      American soldier standing with, and between, cheering British and French soldiers

1917-09-15                                                   Artilleryman pulling lanyard to fire huge gun

1917-09-29     J. C. Leyendecker                   Military pilot, in leather jacket, with his plane flying in the background

1917-10-06     ___ Mielzner                          Portrait of ___ Baker

1917-12-15     W. Morgan                             Soldier in a trench about to throw a hand grenade up over the lip

1918-01-26     Edward Penfield

1918-02-23     H. R.

1918-03-09     W. E. Hill                                Portrait of Mr. McAdoo, standing, with papers for a speech

1918-03-23     Herbert Paus

1918-03-30     Herbert Paus                          French anti-aircraft crew firing gun as searchlights light up Paris

1918-04-20     ___ Scott                               Wounded soldiers in trench, sheltered by trench wall from fire

1918-06-01     Franklin Booth                        French soldiers marching through a French town

1918-07-06     Herbert Paus                          Tired and depressed German Army sits on a destroyed cathedral in a European town, unaware that the A.E.F. (the Allied Expeditionary Force, America's military contribution to the war) is about to explode behind him and blow him away

1918-07-13     Franklin Booth                        French artillery unit moving a long a road, under very tall trees

1918-07-27     Charles Livinston Bull             Attacking eagle symbolizes power of American air forces, coming in to play in the First World War

1918-08-03     Herbert Paus

1918-08-17     Franklin Booth

1918-08-31     Herbert Paus

1918-11-30     Charles A. MacLellan

1919-01-25                                                   Woman skier

1919-03-01     Norman Rockwell                    Father welcoming son, who’s wearing his Army uniform; younger son wields feather duster

1919-04-19     Norman Rockwell                    Well-dressed couple, with man telling friendly dog (leash loose) to go away

1919-06-07     Charles A. Maclellan               Woman playing tennis; her dog has fetched the ball back to her

1919-07-26     Herbert Paus                          Man feeding horse from pail

1919-08-09     Edward Penfield                     Man and woman talking on the beach, man in suit, woman in swimsuit

1920-08-21     Cushman Parker

1920-09-04     Maud Towsey Fangel

1921-09-24     Adolph Treidler

1922-09-16     Frederick Duncan

1923-06-09     J. F. Kernan

1923-07-07     Charles H. Towne

1924-04-05     Alan Foster

1924-04-19     E. M. Jackson

1924-05-17     Leslie Thrasher

1924-06-28     Paul Martin

1924-07-12     Alan Foster

1924-10-04     Penrhyn Stanlaws

1924-11-29     Bradshaw Crandell

1925-02-08                                                   Portrait of beautiful blond woman, illustrating "Gone to Glory," by Robert E. Macalarney

1925-08-01     W. T. Benda                           Woman’s face

1925-08-08     K. E. J.                                   Teenaged girl with ice cream cone

1925-09-19     Paul Martin                             Schoolboy, having written a sentence a boy going fishing, daydreams that he’s off fishing, too

1925-10-31     Paul Martin                             Boy bobbing for apples has just come up with one

1925-11-21     Ann Brockman                        Happy girl holding up small dog

1926-03-20     W. T. Benda

1926-04-24     Harrison McCreary

1926-06-26     Harrison McCreary

1926-07-31     Alan Foster

1926-09-04     Sam Brown

1926-10-09     Edward Irving Valentine         Woman golfer, carrying a bagful of clubs on her back

1926-12-25     Paul Martin                             Boy holding snow shovel, shouting

1927-03-19     Phil Cook

1925-04-02     W. T. Benda

1927-06-11     Carl Van Buskirk

1927-12-31     John Bradshaw Crandell

1928-01-07     Alan Foster

1928-01-28     Walter Beach Humphrey

1928-02-04     Sam Brown

1928-02-25     R. J. Dean

1928-03-03     Frank Godwin

1928-05-05     Sam Brown

1928-07-21     T. D. Skidmore

1928-12-08     W. T. Benda

1928-12-22     Carl Van Buskirk

1929-09-28     Nell Hott                                 Young woman shooting a bow in front of a branch of colorful Fall leaves

1930-01-11     James Trembath

1930-02-01     Edmund Davenport                Young woman skater with a hockey stick has knocked down the sign that said “No Skating”

1930-02-08     Carroll M. Sexton

1930-03-01     Dick Spencer                          Woman ringmaster carrying hoop for month of March is about to make lion and lamb go through it in proper order

1930-03-08     W. T. Benda                           Woman in oriental clothes and veil, head shot; “Fu Manchu’s Daughter”

1930-03-15     John Holmgren

1930-03-29     Revere F. Wistehuff

1930-04-12     Herbert Paus

1930-05-03     Revere Wistehuff

1930-07-05     Jay Hyde Barnum

1930-09-06     H. E. Hymer

1930-09-27     Adolph Treidler

1930-11-08     C. M. Sexton

1930-11-22     C. C. Beall

1931-02-21     James Trembath

1931-02-28     H. E. Hymer

1931-03-07     John Gannam                         Cowboys and horses at hitching rack

1931-03-14     John Fulton

1931-04-11     Jay Hyde Barnum

1931-04-25     C. C. Beall

1931-05-02     George de Zayas

1931-05-09     Lawson Wood

1931-05-16     C. C. Beall

1931-05-23     Neal Bose

1931-05-30     Earl Oliver Hurst

1931-07-04     Frances Tipton Hunter

1931-07-11     Adrian Gil-Spear

1931-07-18     C. C. Beall

1931-08-22     Frank Mutz

1931-10-24     Lawson Wood

1931-10-31     C. H. Twelvetrees

1931-11-14     Earl Oliver Hurst

1931-12-26     C. C. Beall

1932-01-09     Earle Kirkbride

1932-01-16     E. M. Jackson

1932-01-23     Lawson Wood

1932-01-30     C. C. Beall

1932-02-06     John Fulton

1932-02-20     Paul Shively

1932-02-27     E. M. Jackson

1932-03-05     Scott Evans

1932-03-26     C. C. Beall

1932-04-02     Earl Oliver Hurst

1932-04-09     Lawson Wood

1932-04-16     C. C. Beall

1932-04-23     Earl Oliver Hurst

1932-04-30     James Trembath

1932-05-07     W. T. Benda                           Woman with mask “Mask of Fu Manchu”

1932-06-25     George de Zayas

1932-07-09     Lawson Wood

1932-07-16     Jay Hyde Barnum

1932-08-06     Joseph Farrelly

1932-08-13     Norman Guthrie Rudolph

1932-09-03     Jay Hyde Barnum

1932-09-17     George de Zayas

1932-10-29     George de Zayas

1932-11-05     Scott Evans

1932-11-19     Earl Oliver Hurst

1932-11-26     George de Zayas

1932-12-03     C. C. Beall                              Woman in red, followed by man hidden behind huge pile of Christmas packages he is carrying

1933-01-14     Janice Wathen

1933-01-21     George de Zayas

1933-02-04     Anthony Cucchi

1933-02-11     Paul Shively

1933-02-25     Alan Foster

1933-03-04     Scott Evans

1933-03-18     Earl Oliver Hurst

1933-03-25     Lawson Wood

1933-04-01     John Newton Howitt

?1933-04-25    C. H. Twelvetrees

1933-04-29     P. Webb

1933-05-13     Ronald McLeod

1933-05-20     Howard Butler

1933-08-05     George de Zayas

1933-08-12     Anthony Fraioli

1933-11-04     C. C. Beall

1933-11-25     Arthur Crouch

1933-12-09     George de Zayas

1934-01-06     C. H. Twelvetrees

1934-02-03     Scott Evans

1934-03-03     C. H. Twelvetrees

1934-03-10     Earl Oliver Hurst

1934-04-21     C. Eugene Klebe

1934-05-05     George de Zayas

1934-05-12     Howard Butler

1934-06-23     Arthur Crouch

1934-07-14     C. H. Twelvetrees

1934-07-21     Paul Shively

1934-08-04     Lawson Wood

1934-08-18     Arthur Crouch

1934-08-25     C. H. Twelvetrees

1934-09-08     Robert O. Reid

1935-02-16     Robert O. Reid

1935-04-06     Jay Hyde Barnum

1935-04-13     Franz Felix

1935-05-25     Clayton Knight

1935-06-01     Gaspano Ricca

1935-06-15     Arthur Crouch

1935-06-22     Robert O. Reid

1935-06-29     H. M. Stoops

1935-07-13     Arthur Crouch

1935-07-27     Howard Butler

1935-08-03     Earl Oliver Hurst

1935-08-10     George de Zayas

1935-08-17     Rodney de Sarro

1935-08-24     Lawson Wood

1935-08-31     Arthur Crouch

1935-09-07     Jay Hyde Barnum

1935-10-05     George de Zayas

1935-10-12     Arthur Crouch

1935-10-19     Dal “D. B.” Holcomb

1935-11-02     Joseph Morgan

1935-11-09     Robert O. Reid

1935-11-16     Steven Dohanos

1935-11-23     Arthur Crouch

1935-11-30     Howard Butler

1935-12-07     George de Zayas

1935-12-14     Howard Butler

1935-12-21     Barbara Schwinn

1935-12-28     Robert O. Reid

1936-01-04     Al Parker

1936-01-18     Earl Oliver Hurst

1936-01-25     George De Zayas

1936-02-01     Arthur Crouch

1936-02-08     Jay Hyde Barnum

1936-02-15     Howard Butler                        Boy at school hands valentine to girl, but another boy behind is jealous

1936-02-29     Alan Foster                             Diva sings loudly as pianist plays: “Lo, hear the gentle Lark”     

1936-03-14     Howard Butler                        Man and woman crawling on floor, looking for the lost ping-pong ball

1936-03-21     George de Zayas

1936-03-28     C. C. Beall                              Outline/drawing of man and woman in black and red top hats

1936-04-04     Howard Butler                        Grumpy, working-class taxicab driver carrying elegant rich couple

1936-04-18     Lawson Wood

1936-04-25     Howard Butler                        Sailor has a big grin as he carries a bunch of presents and flowers for his date

1936-05-02     Arthur Crouch                        Fisherman casting line has got it tangled on the “C” in “Collier’s” title

1936-05-09     ___ Herst                               Girl smiles as she plays bass viol as big as she is

1936-05-23     Mary C. Highsmith

1936-05-16     Alan Foster

1936-05-30                                                   Man and woman dressed as Punch and Judy marionettes

1936-06-06     Robert O. Reid

1936-06-13     George de Zayas

1936-06-27     Paul Clowes

1936-07-04     Harry Beckhoff

1936-07-18     Alan Foster

1936-08-01                                                   Lifeguard in rowboat is looking for the woman who lost her swimsuit, but she’s embarrassed and is hiding just at the stern of his boat

1936-08-08     Ralph E. Entwhistle

1936-08-22     Howard Butler                        Woman swimmer in big dive toward reader

1936-08-29     Alan Foster                             Painting of a statue of woman and man on their way to the beach (with equipment)

1936-09-12     Paul Shively

1936-10-10     Alan Foster

1936-10-17     Arthur Crouch                        Football player carrying the ball over a line labeled “10” being timed for running speed

1936-11-14     George de Zayas

1936-12-05     Howard Butler

1936-12-19     Earl Oliver Hurst

1936-12-26     Maxfield Parrish                     Two cooks on a large pot, one holding a bag in the pot

1937-01-02     Arthur Crouch

1937-01-16     George de Zayas

1937-01-23     Earl Oliver Hurst

1937-02-13     Earl Oliver Hurst

1937-03-06     Alan Foster                             Painting of a statue of a waitress in a skimpy costume serving a grinning old man drinks

1937-03-27     Paul Shively                           Woman sprawls on couch, evidently having been reaching into a round box for a chocolate every so often

1937-04-03     Barbara Schwinn (?)               Woman trying to choose which of three hats to wear

1937-04-10     Howard Butler

1937-04-24     Jorj Harris

1937-06-25     Robert O. Reid

1937-07-24     Howard Butler

1937-08-07     Earl Oliver Hurst

1937-09-11     Ronald McLeod                       Woman happily riding on a children’s swing

1937-09-18     Jorj Harris

1937-10-02     Lawson Wood                         Cat sings loadly to his girlfriend as they sit on a line of wood

1937-10-09     Arthur Crouch

1937-11-06     Walt Disney Studios               Donald, Mickey, and Goofy at the Auto Show

1937-11-20     Ronald McLeod

1937-12-25     William Timmins

1938-01-08     Arthur Crouch

1938-01-15     Alan Foster

1938-02-05     Eric Godal

1938-02-12     Arthur Crouch

1938-03-12     D. B. Holcomb

1938-04-09     Arthur Crouch                        Woman reading ghost stories looks suspiciously at her black cat, who grins

1938-04-30     Henry Heier

1938-05-21     Henry Heier

1938-05-28     Ralph Stein

1938-06-04     Jaro Fabry

1938-06-11     Jon Whitcomb

1938-06-25     Ralph Entwhistle

1938-07-16     Alan Foster

1938-07-23     ___ Reid                                Man and woman on bleachers at baseball game, she catches a baseball hit to them while man ducks

1938-07-30     Dal “D. B.” Holcomb                Woman with guide book strides happily, traveling symbolically through the U.S.

1938-08-06     Jay Irving

1938-08-20     Lawson Wood

1938-12-10     Jaro Fabry                              Elegant couple in evening dress bring their baby to the theater; other patrons are dismayed

1939-01-21     Ben Jorj Harris                        Woman on vacation writing postcards with rubber-stamped message to everyone

1939-01-28     Howard Butler

1939-04-01     Lawson Wood                         Two monkeys puzzled, trying to break open golf balls for nuts

1939-04-08     Paul Shively                           Woman blowing out candles on birthday cake; blowing hard, but one remains lit

1939-05-13     Ronald McLeod

1939-07-08     Lawson Wood

1939-08-12     Lawson Wood                         Monkey playing golf with pelican caddy, who keeps random (non-golf) balls in his bill

1939-09-16     Arthur Crouch

1939-11-11     Robert O. Reid

1939-12-30     E. H. Jackson                         Santa Claus races through the air, carrying a sack of toys, while below a car pulling a travel trailer startes to resume 40 mph speed on a snowy road

1940-05-25     Oliver Hurst                            Man talking and carrying books holds umbrella over woman, who seems to be ignoring him as they walk forward

1940-10-19     Lawson Wood

1940-11-02     Leslie Sherman

1941-03-29     Jaro Fabry                              Two couples at theater, four different emotional reactions to the show

1941-04-05     Alan Foster                             Game warden baits hook for beautiful woman fishing in front of “No Fishing” sign

1942-02-14     Arthur Szyk

1942-11-07     Vernon Grant                         Small pixie holding up lighted jack-o’-lantern

1942-11-21     Lawson Wood

1944-07-22     Ralph Royle

1948-01-24     Earl Oliver Hurst                     Modern Little Red Riding Hood pins her hood with jewelry in the form of a wolf

1948-05-08     Vincent Guise                         Mystery woman for “Shadow of Fu Manchu”



1929-12                                                        The Regency dancers are nearly under the mistletoe, but the woman is reluctant to make herself vulnerable

1930-08                                                        Boy and girl fishing in a small boat, are startled and thrilled when the boy catches a good-sized fish. But where are the oars? Will they be stuck out there on the lake?

1938-05           Edwin John Prittie                  Girl walking across recently planted field with a scarecrow (shades of Wizard of Oz)

1938-06           Edwin John Prittie                  Farm boy looks at tiger on a big circus billboard as a sign-poster glues it up



1905-09           ___ Krieghoff

1907-07           Franklin Booth

1908-05           J. O. Brubaker

1908-07           J. O. Brubaker

1909-02           Tony Nell                                Goddess spirit of the Moon tosses out showers of moondust or stars or sleepdust or snow

1909-09           Patricia Nelson

1910-03           Francois Flameng

1910-05           J. D. Gleason

1911-03           Harrison Fisher

1912-07           Harrison Fisher                       Shyly seductive woman in large hat with huge pink roses gives you a subtle come-hither smile

1915-07           Harrison Fisher                       Farm girl with jug, hay wagon in background, “Hey There!”

1917-02           Harrison Fisher

1918-02           Harrison Fisher

1918-07           Harrison Fisher                       Sailor embracing his sweetheart

1918-10           Harrison Fisher                       “Cynthia” -- Woman holding a bamboo fishing rod and several small fish for bait

1918-12           Harrison Fisher                       Army sergeant about to leave his sweetheart at “The parting moment”

1919-03           Harrison Fisher                       Returned soldier shows sweetheart a German helmet, “His Trophy”

1919-04           Harrison Fisher                       Nurse taking care of wounded veteran – “A ministering angel”

1919-05           Harrison Fisher                       Young woman in Salvation Army uniform – “The doughboy’s friend”

1920-07           Harrison Fisher

1920-09           Harrison Fisher                       Woman looks dreamily off into space over her teacup, but her boxer dog has nothing to say

1920-11           Harrison Fisher                       Woman in low-cut silver-white dress and gloves, looking off to her right

1921-06           Harrison Fisher

1922-07           Harrison Fisher

1922-11           Harrison Fisher

1923-03           Harrison Fisher                       Woman carrying large red umbrella

1923-04           Harrison Fisher

1923-06           Harrison Fisher

1924-01           Harrison Fisher

1924-05           Harrison Fisher

1924-10           Harrison Fisher

1925-05           Harrison Fisher

1925-07           Harrison Fisher

1925-08           Harrison Fisher

1925-09           Harrison Fisher                       Woman in bonnet with flowers falling off it, taking a cup of coffee or tea

1926-03           Harrison Fisher

1926-05           Harrison Fisher

1926-09           Harrison Fisher

1926-10           Harrison Fisher

1927-03           Harrison Fisher

1927-04           Harrison Fisher

1927-08           Harrison Fisher

1927-10           Harrison Fisher

1927-12           Harrison Fisher                       Woman holding fur neckpiece up to neck

1928-01           Harrison Fisher                       Elegant woman with domino mask pushed up over forehead, looking at herself in a hand mirror

1928-03           Harrison Fisher

1928-08           Harrison Fisher

1928-11           Harrison Fisher

1929-05           Harrison Fisher

1929-06           Harrison Fisher

1929-08           Harrison Fisher

1930-11           McClelland Barclay

1931-01           Harrison Fisher                       Woman’s head on green background

1932-11           Harrison Fisher

1933-01           Harrison Fisher                       Woman aviator, head shot facing forward

1933-06           Harrison Fisher

1933-08           Harrison Fisher

1934-12           John La Gatta

1935-08           Bradshaw Crandell

1935-10           Bradshaw Crandell

1936-03           Bradshaw Crandell

1936-04           Bradshaw Crandell

1936-05           Bradshaw Crandell

1936-07           Bradshaw Crandell

1937-01           Bradshaw Crandell

1937-08           Bradshaw Crandell

1940-05           Bradshaw Crandell                 Elegant woman with matching red patterned beret and umbrella

1944-02           Bradshaw Crandell                 Lady with red hair

1944-04           Bradshaw Crandell                 Judy Garland

1948-03           Coby Whitmore                      Woman wearing pink hat, right profile



1912-02-03     W. A. Hofstetter                     Boy watching pigs feeding at a trough made from a hollowed-out log

1912-03-02                                                   A chicken, facing right [Photograph]

1912-08-03     F. L. Fithian                            Boy eating apple just off the tree behind him

1912-08-10                                                   Cattle grazing among trees in a field; farmyard in the background

1912-09-14     F. L. Fithian                            Girl eating big blue-black grapes from a bunch

1912-11-23     F. L. Fithian                            Two boys playing leapfrog

1912-12-28     Robert Robinson                     Farmer shoveling away deep snow so that he can get access to the water pump

1913-03-01                                                   A cow looking out through a hole in a barn door [Photograph]

1913-06-07     Wilber J. Fraser

1914-02-07     C. R. Patterson                       Head of a cow

1914-03-14                                                   Two bearded geezers playing checkers

1914-06-06     Charles Livingston Bull           Two pheasants, perched on a wooden fence

1914-06-27                                                   Girl feeding lamb from a bottle

1915-12-25     Katharine R. Wireman

1916-05-27     Charles Livingston Bull           Two puppies, one watching, one crying, as turtle walks past

1916-07-01     Paul Bransom                         Dog snarls at sputtering firecracker fuse, about to get a big surprise

1916-07-22     Paul Bransom                         Redwing blackbirds in a flock, in flight; framed with grasshoppers eating leaves

1916-08-12     Charles Livingston Bull           Basset hound poking his head and paws through a door panel

1916-11-04     Charles Livingston Bull           Mama cat carries orange kitten by scruff, while rest of kittens follow

1916-11-25     Paul Bransom                         Turkey stares up at black cat, sitting on top of fencepost

1916-12-16     Katharine R. Wireman             Grandfather shows boy how to run his new model steam engine

1916-12-23     Paul Bransom                         Cat and dog sitting in front of the fireplace; Christmas stockings hung above it

1917-01-27     E. H. Fort                               Baby crying or smiling or something like that [Photograph]

1917-06-09     Katharine R. Wireman

1917-06-30     Katharine R. Wireman

1917-09-08     Norman Rockwell                    Boys swimming; city cousin Reginald (with water-wings!) carefully tests the water with his toe but is about to get splashed

1917-09-15     Katharine R. Wireman

1917-10-06     Norman Rockwell                    Boys fishing; city cousin Reginald has hooked the dog’s collar

1917-11-03     Norman Rockwell                    Boys playing pirate; city cousin Reginald elected to be the sacrifice

1917-11-10     Gerrit A. Beneker                    Tractor pulling farm machine across field against red evening sky

1917-11-17     Norman Rockwell                    Girl watches ecstatically as country boy stands on his head, ignoring city cousin Reginald’s offer of a stick of candy

1917-11-24     Clyde Forthythe                     Three farm boys in the U. S. Army run grinning for food at for mess call

1917-12-01     Norman Rockwell                    Boys watch as city cousin Reginald, tasked with killing the Thanksgiving turkey, ends up being chased by it

1918-04-06     Norman Rockwell                    Children staging a melodrama with evil villain and hero saving maiden from his clutches

1918-11-02     Katharine R. Wireman

1919-01-04     Katharine R. Wireman

1919-02-22     William Shewell Ellis               Woman on a tractor seat, driving it [Photograph]

1919-03-15     Katharine R. Wireman

1919-05-17     Katharine R. Wireman

1919-07-12     Katharine R. Wireman

1919-09-27     Harrison Cady                        Cartoon, “When a Farmer Drives a Blimp,” with signs on the blimp, milk and eggs in basket below

1919-11-15     Norman Rockwell                    Boys playing “Foller the leader” watch first boy walk top of fence rail

1920-01-17     Harold Brett

1920-11-13     Lynn Bogue Hunt                   Ducks coming in for a landing at the water’s edge

1920-12-04     J. F. Kernan                            Older woman having snappy conversation with postmaster through the post office window

1921-02-12     Walter Beach Humphrey

1921-02-19     Norman Rockwell                    Short fat old buy skates a merry circle while boys watch in stunned silence

1921-06-04     Norman Rockwell                    Big bully boy menaces smaller boy – “To be continued next week”

1921-06-11     Norman Rockwell                    Smaller boy has beaten up the big bully, who begs for relief

1921-07-02     Norman Rockwell                    Civil War veteran fires off his old musket to celebrate July 4th, with boy holding the powder horn and hiding back behind him

1921-07-16     William Hoople[?]                   Boy with a banana, a fishing rod made from a stick and a piece of string, and a can of worms for bait

1921-09-24     Charles Livingston Bull           Bear cub treed up a stump by an angry porcupine

1921-10-08     Harold Brett                           Woman cutting you a big slice of pie

1921-10-22     Norman Rockwell                    Old man sitting, happily playing fiddle, with jack-o’-lantern at his feet; must be a Halowe’en dance

1921-11-05     E. M. Jackson                         Elderly lady looks at letters and an Army helmet as she remembers her son (?) on Armistice Day

1921-12-17     Norman Rockwell                    Jolly Santa Claus reads note and finds out Tommy wants a drum; which he happens to have, right there

1922-01-14     Katharine R. Wireman

1922-03-18     Norman Rockwell                    Smiling country boy hold a puppy in each arm

1922-04-29     Norman Rockwell                    Country auctioneer trying to sell a ceramic figurine missing its head

1922-05-06     Loren C. Holmwood                Young boy, straight razor in hand, tries to figure out how to shave

1922-05-13     Charles Livingston Bull           Great Dane dog lying down with two puppies playing between her front paws

1922-05-20     Angus Mac Donall                  Boy washing clothes in machine, miserable

1922-07-01     Frederick Lowenheim              Three boys in pick-up costumes marching in a parade for the Fourth of July

1922-07-08     Herbert Brown

1922-07-29     Frederick Lowenheim

1922-08-05     Eugenie M. Wireman

1922-09-09     Katharine R. Wireman

1922-09-23     Frank Spradling                      Woman driver

1922-11-25     Frederick Lowenheim              Thanksgiving turkey chasing a boy in Indian costume, while older boy laughs

1922-12-16     Katharine R. Wireman

1922-12-23     Frederick Lowenheim              A very silly looking Santa seems to have made a hard landing down the chimney and is just lying there, stunned

1923-01-13     J. F. Kernan                            Two boys sledding down the hill, one on top of the other, with small dog running alongside

1923-02-17     J. F. Kernan

1923-02-24     Katharine R. Wireman             Little child playing with the coal bucket is covered with black spots and blames the black cat

1923-03-24     Eugenie M. Wireman              Little girl playing dress-up dolls with her bulldog (which seems somewhat abashed at it all)

1923-03-31     Frederick Lowenheim              Young girl tries on large hat (maybe an Easter Bonnet) covered with flowers

1923-05-19     Katharine R. Wireman

1923-05-26     J. F. Kernan                            Woman brushes off her Civil War veteran grandfather’s GAR uniform as he stands in it, smiling

1923-06-16     J. F. Kernan

1923-07-07     Eugenie M. Wireman

1923-08-04     Katharine R. Wireman

1923-08-18     J. F. Kernan

1923-08-25     William Hoople                        Two older boys tricking younger boy into whapping a hornet’s nest with a broomstick

1923-09-01     William Hoople                        Grinning boy holds the stick he’s just whapped a hornet’s nest with, as the hornets chase the two older boys

1923-09-08     Fred Craft                              Loud grifter with patent medicine “Panacea” offered up for sale at the traveling medicine show

1923-10-13     William Hoople                        Woman in red hat, smiling off to her right, with her right hand held just under her throat

1923-11-10     Katharine R. Wireman

1923-12-01     Angus Mac Donnall                Old man looks at a name carved into a school desk and reminisces about his childhood

1923-12-22     Frederick Lowenheim              Two kids are watching the fireplace, but Santa Claus has come in some other way behind them

1924-01-05     Katharine R. Wireman

1924-02-09     Charles Livingston Bull           Front head view of a cow

1924-03-01     Katharine R. Wireman

1924-03-08     Charles Livingston Bull           Head of a cow, turned to the left to look directly at the reader

1924-03-29     J. F. Kernan

1924-04-19     Frank B. Hoffman                   Cowgirl (cowboy?) on bucking horse

1924-05-31     Sarah S. Stillwell-Weber         Two children in a field of daisies, one putting a ring of them around the other’s head

1924-06-21     J. F. Kernan                            Two old geezers (look like brothers) pitching horseshoes directly out at the reader

1924-06-28     Katharine R. Wireman             Little child with watering can in front of a row of potted flowers

1924-07-05     George Brehm                        Two irritated boys offering ice cream treat to the same smiling girl

1924-07-19     J. Knowles Hare                      Girl with a tennis racket

1924-08-02     George Brehm                        Two boys swimming in a pond

1924-08-09     Katharine R. Wireman             Woman holds out sugar to her horse (offstage on the left, not seen) while she carries bridle to put on it

1924-08-16     William Meade Prince              Boy wearing earphones, listening to a radio he’s built out of parts

1924-08-23     Emma Troth                           Girl sitting on a chair, holding a big paddle

1924-08-30     Angus Mac Donall                  Boy leans on push lawnmower; he’s in his baseball uniform, but first he has to mow…

1924-09-06     Sam Brown                             Teacher ringing school bell from the doorway of the school

1924-09-27     Reginald Bolles                       Old man carefully painting a red head on a duck decoy; other decoys surround him

1924-10-18     Sam Brown                             Woman tries on a cape that belonged to her mother, and stands next to a painting of her mother in it

1924-10-25     J. F. Kernan

1924-11-01     J. F. Kernan

1924-11-08     Katharine R. Wireman

1924-11-29     William Meade Prince              Pilgrim father returns from hunting to find Indian playing with his boy, who is holding the tomahawk

1924-12-13     William Meade Prince              Two bums sitting in the snow, in front of a chicken cooking over an open fire, singing and playing harmonica to Christmas Carols

1924-12-27     E. M. Jackson                         Santa Claus looks uncertainly at the socks on the mantlepiece

1925-01-03     William Meade Prince              Boy has stayed up to welcome the New Year, but didn’t quite make it and fell asleep in his chair

1925-01-24     William Meade Prince

1925-02-07     J. F. Kernan

1925-03-14     Paul Bransom                         Big bear sniffing the air on a snow-covered mound above a lake or snowy meadow

1925-03-28     William Meade Prince              Boy practicing his saxophone is irritated by his dog trying to howl along with it

1925-04-25     E. M. Jackson                         Umbrella repairman putting final tweaks on small toy umbrella

1925-05-02     Sarah S. Stillwell-Weber         Little girl picking tulips carrying them in the pulled-up bottom of her shirt

1925-05-16     J. Knowles Hare                      Woman bending a tree branch to her nose to smell the flowering blossoms

1925-05-23     Angus Mac Donnall                Sore-footed boy with dog, at side of the road trying to hitch a ride

1925-05-30     William Meade Prince              Civil War vet salutes as he listens to a patriotic program on his 1925-model radio

1925-06-06     Angus Mac Donnall                Boy hands bouquet of flowers to his grandmother in hope she’ll give him some of the pies she’s just putting on the windowsill to cool

1925-06-27     J. Knowles Hare                      Woman sitting, leaning her chin on her hands on the end of her tennis racket

1925-07-04     William Meade Prince              Revolutionary war soldier and drummer boy both on alert with their guns

1925-07-25     Angus Mac Donnall                Boy wakes up early (3 a.m.!) because he’s going to the circus today

1925-08-08     William Meade Prince              Boy sits by door waiting for someone to open it and pull the tooth he’s tied to the doorknob

1925-08-15     Sarah S. Stillwell-Weber         Girl on swing, standing up to get it moving faster

1925-08-22     William Meade Prince              Farmer holds up an old plowshare; in the background, crowds are streaming toward the city

1925-11           Zack Hogg                             Hunter with shotgun and two dogs prowling through the cornfields at sunset

1926-06           McClelland Barclay                 Man and woman relaxing in a field of daisies

1926-07           N. C. Wyeth                           Fourth of July celebrating horseman firing guns into the air as his horse bucks wildly, driven mad by guns and firecrackers

1926-10           McClelland Barclay                 Football player carrying ball past an appreciative woman

1926-12           William Meade Prince              Man in old-time dress and hat on a horse, carrying packages and an evergreen tree for Christmas

1927-01           McClelland Barclay                 Man and woman skiing down a slope at high speed and way too close to each other

1927-03           N. C. Wyeth                           Men collecting maple sap from trees in snowy woods

1927-04           George Brehm

1927-07           McClelland Barclay                 Man and woman skiing down a slope; rather close together!

1927-08           McClelland Barclay                 Man and woman on small sailboat

1927-11           William Meade Prince              Farmer with axe searching for his Thansgiving turkey, who is hiding behind a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins

1928-02           McClelland Barclay                 Man and woman ice-skating

1928-03           Frank E. Schoonover

1928-04           William Meade Prince              Sheriff looking at fisherman, who has fallen asleep in the rain, leaning against sign that says “No Trespassing” and “No Fishing”

1928-05           McClelland Barclay                 Man serenading a woman, with what looks like a banjo (!)

1928-07           Anton Otto Fischer

1928-09           Haddon Sundblom                  Father watches as mother ties blue bowtie on her young boy, off to the first day of school (he doesn’t seem happy about it)

1928-10           Ray C. Strang                         Man and two women dancing traditional dance in costume at Hallowe’en party

1928-11           William Meade Prince              Boy trying to play football is forced to tell his dog that he can’t take him for a walk, and points for dog to go home

1929-01           McClelland Barclay                 Man and woman toboganning down a hill

1929-04           Ray C. Strang                         Circus clown playing with his dog’s puppies

1929-05           William Meade Prince              Man struggling to untangle the mess the fishing line has gotten into on his boy’s fishing pole

1929-08           McClelland Barclay                 Man and woman canoeing

1929-09           William Meade Prince

1930-01           William Meade Prince              Grinning boy dressed as knight in armor, on black charger rearing, boy stabbing lance down at year “1930”

1930-03           Frank E. Schoonover              Two men in a canoe going over furious rapids

1930-04           Nelson Grofe                          Garden with fabulous flowers fronts large brick house

1930-05           Haddon Sundblom                  Woman, old man, and boy with flowers, probably buying them

1930-06                                                        Dog greets boy ecstatically as he is home from school and summer vacation starts

1930-09           William Meade Prince

1931-01           McClelland Barclay

1931-05           ___ Frask

1931-06           McClelland Barclay                 June bride in full regalia with flowers

1931-03           Frederic Anderson                  Symbolic of 100 years: both wagon train and airplane heading from the plains to the western mountains [100 year anniversary of COUNTRY GENTLEMAN?]

1931-10           W. P. Snyder

1931-11           John Newton Howitt               Football player carrying ball across field, left arm out to fend off tacklers (penalty!)

1931-12           Edward O. Kraske

1932-03           Anton Otto Fischer

1932-04           Edward Kraske

1932-05           Walter Emerson Baum

1932-06           W. P. Snyder

1932-07           Frank ___

1932-08           John Newton Howitt               High divers against sky (Olympic tie-in?)

1933-02           W. P. Snyder

1933-03           Marion T. Justice

1933-05           Henry Hintermeister

1933-06           William Meade Prince

1933-11           Henry Hintermeister

1934-01           Carolyn Haywood

1934-02           Henry Hintermeister

1934-03           W. T. Benda

1934-04           C. H. Taffs

1934-05           Henry Hintermeister

1934-06           William Meade Prince

1934-09           Henry Hintermeister               Boy trying to pull reluctant dog across the beach and into the water

1934-10           Philip Lyford

1934-12           Henry Hintermeister

1935-01           William Meade Prince

1935-02           John Newton Howitt

1935-05           Charles Eugene Klebe

1935-06           Paul Strayer

1935-07           William Meade Prince              Golf caddy yawns in boredom as golfing couple talk rather than play

1935-09           William Meade Prince              Children, returning to school from summer vacation, obey sign “School Ahead Go Slow”

1936-01           William Meade Prince

1936-02           F. Sands Brunner

1936-03           Henry Hintermeister

1936-04           Frank E. Schoonover

1936-05           F. Sands Brunner

1936-07           Nelson Grofe

1936-08           William Meade Prince

1936-09           Henry Hintermeister

1936-10           Frank Lea                               Uncle Sam scratches his head, trying to make a decision at a political-economic crossroads

1936-11           J. Hennesy

1936-12           Henry Hintermeister

1937-01           R. J. Cavaliere

1937-04           Edward L. Chase

1937-09           Henry Hintermeister

1937-10           William Meade Prince
1938-02           Henry Hintermeister

1939-03           Paul Bransom                         Man plowing field behind two horses; cottony white clouds fill the sky

1939-06           Walter Emerson Baum

1939-10           Walter Emerson Baum

1939-11           Albert B. Marks                       Two men in a small boat, one pushing it along a stream with pole

1940-08           McClelland Barclay                 Woman and man water-skiing

1940-09           Gertrude A. Kay                     Men harvesting and pitching hay among rolling hills

1941-03           Lejaren Hiller                          Farmer and automobilist discuss new tractors [Photograph?]

1945-01           Amos Sewell                           Man bringing wood into the house from the winter outdoors finds two new pies cooling on the table

1947-02           William C. Griffith                   Boy reciting in front of class, seen from behind him

1948-01           Francesco Delle Donne           Farmer bringing in wood for the fireplace or stove, with boy and girl at his side

1948-04           Austin Briggs                         Two children in rain slickers standing in the rain; girl with umbrella but boy just letting it fall on him and his packages (or are they school books)

1948-10           W. C. Griffith                          Calf-riding contest at the County Fair

1948-12           George Garland                      Young boy and girl stare at angel ornament on their Christmas tree



1930-03           Frederic Stanley                     Man singing duet on “Spring Is Here” with caged bird

1930-05           Robert -                                 Woman gardener reading guidebook

1930-06           Lawrence D. Toney                 Boy and girl shaking hands over the tennis net, but “Love” heart is in the background

1930-09                                                        Chld and large white dog, with doghouse in background

1930-10           Robert Patterson                    Woman going down into the cellar looks behind her with a hand mirror and sees a scary glowing jack-o’-lantern head there

1930-11           Kurt Wiese                             Turkey is dismayed when black cat walks across his path

1930-12           Charles Twelvetrees               Young child has fallen asleep by the fireplace, waiting for Santa

1931-01           Jon Brubaker                          Old man, and baby, old and new years

1931-02           Frances Tipton Hunter            Boy with schoolwork, and dog

1931-03           H. Hymer                                Bird and birdhouse

1931-06           Alan Foster                             Puppy dog staring at a grasshopper sitting on a flower

1931-07           Jon Brubaker                          Woman’s head, with white rose

1931-09           Jerome Rozen                         Tractor-driving farmer waves his hat at planes flying overhead

1931-12           Jon Brubaker                          Three Wise Men (Christmas theme)

1932-05           Howard Butler                        Boy gardener

1932-06           Charles Twelvetrees               Very young girl wearing crown with veil (costume?) for fun

1932-12           Jon Brubaker                          Madonna, facing to reader’s right, holding Christ child

1933-01           Audobon Tyler                        Baby 1933 arrives in Dr. Time’s black bag

1933-05           Paul Shively                           Daffodils in a mirrored wall vase

1933-08           John Drew                              Three boys swimming (bet they’re skinny-dipping)

1933-11           Howard Butler                        Boy who failed to catch the Thanksgiving turkey

1933-12           Frank Larson                          Girl carrying dog and holly in dress

1934-05           C. H. Taffs                              Woman in purple with large yellow hat, in front of flowering trees

1934-07           Jack K. Murray                       Black Scotty dog on the ground among flowers

1934-08           Frank Street                           Circus clown and horse

1934-09           Frank E. Larson                      Woman in orange picking purple grapes

1935-07           Jack K. Murray                       Bear cub sitting in a field of daisies

1935-09           Carl Burger                           

1936-06           Jack K. Murray                       Black bird with red wing foreedges flying in over its nest among the reeds in the water

1936-09           Charles Hitowne                     Woman’s cake has won First Prize, and someone has taken a chunk out of it, but her son pretends innocence

1937-03           Jack Murray                           Rabbits, by RFD mailbox, in snow

1937-05           Phil Hummerstone                  Pig walking on hind legs, carrying flower basket

1938-01           J.A. Kelly                                Rooster crowing at farm covered in snow

1938-02           Alfred Parker                          Woman in red walking from snowbound car

1938-03           Tom Lovell                              Man and woman at rail of cruise ship

1938-05           Carl Mueller                            Woman in brown suit, walking in countryside

1938-06           Clark Agnew                           Woman at race track

1938-08           Warren Baumgartner              Man and woman at beach



1922-03           Frank Galsworthy

1924-08           Albert Graves

1925-01           Nelson Grofe

1925-02           William Fuller Curtis

1925-03           Lurell E. Guild

1925-06           William Fuller Curtis

1929-02           William B. E. Rankin

1929-05           Tony Sarg

1929-08           Griffith Bailey Coale

1930-07           Anthony Hanson

1930-08           J. Clinton Ellis

1930-09           L. Maynard Mayer

1930-11           Mott B. Schmitt

1931-04           Norman Kennedy

1931-05           Marguerite Kirmse

1931-06           J. Clinton Ellis

1931-07           J. Clinton Ellis

1931-10           Gertrude A. Kay

1931-11           Walter Buehr

1932-01           John Clinton Ellis

1932-03           W. Rosenthal

1932-04           J. Floyd Yewell

1932-05           Frances Burr

1932-06+07    Rutherford Boyd

1932-08+09    Walter Buehr

1932-10           Charles F. Miller

1932-11           Paul Shively

1932-12           Stephen Barr

1933-05           Harrie Wood

1933-08           W. H. Southwick

1933-09           Stephen Barr

1933-11           Paul Brown

1937-08           Currier and Ives



1904-09           J. Horace McFarland               Yellow Transparent apples

1908-02           Julian A. Dimock                     Great White Heron standing in a large body of water

1909-11           Ella M. Boult

1916-03           Earl Harrison                          Girl opening a wooden gate [Autochrome color photograph]

1916-04           Adolph Treidler

1916-06           J. M. Rose

1916-10           Norman Kennedy



1927-04           Carl Link                                Madam Laurka, in an Indian Nautch

1927-05           Carl Link                                Beryl Halley of Rufus Le Maire’s Affairs

1927-06           Carl Link                                Shari Karenyi in a Persian Fantasy

1927-11           Jean Oldham                          Maryon Vadie

1928-02           Jean Oldham                          Vanessi, a Keith Albee Dancer

1928-03           Jean Oldham                          Helen Brown

1928-04           Jean Oldham                          Trini

1928-06           Jean Oldham                          Joyce Coles

1929-01           Carl Link                                Anna Pavlowa

1929-03           Carl Link                                Helen MacFadden

1929-04           Carl Link                                Ruth St. Denis

1929-05           Carl Link                                Nitza Vernille

1929-07           Carl Link                                Vera Fokina

1929-08           Carl Link                                Tamara Geva

1929-09           Jules Cannert                         Ruby Keeler Jolson

1930-01           Carl Link                                Harald Kreutzberg and Yvonne Georgi, in Indonesian or Indian costume

1930-02           Jules Cannert                         Florence Rogge

1930-09           Rita Leach                              Chorus line of women in green fanciful or futuristic costumes

1930-10           José Manuel Acosta               

1930-11           José Manuel Acosta                Bill “Bojangles” Robinson

1930-12           José Manuel Acosta                Woman in orange dress, wearing Spanish comb, dancing in the shadow of a Spanish castle, church, tower

1931-02           José Manuel Acosta                Dancers on the floor, under spotlights, at a night club

1931-03           Franz Felix                             Nude woman en point among white roses

1931-06           Alberto Vargas                        Dancer in wide yellow dress, with Chinese lanterns

1931-07           Rita Leach                              Chorus line of women dancing around the brim of a tall silk hat

1931-08           Alberto Vargas                        Anna Pavlowa

1931-11           Alberto Vargas                        Woman dancer pulling on bow, with fleet hound (probably Diana the Huntress)




1903-11           W. C. Rice, Jr.                         Woman eating grapes offered by man

1905-06           George Gibbs                         Head of a young blond woman, against a silver-gray sky andshadow backgound

1905-07           George Gibbs

1906-02           Guernsey Moore

1906-07           Guernsey Moore                     Woman holding a batch of firecrackers, and standing in front of a string of Chinese lanterns. Presumably the firecrackers represent Fourth of July fireworks

1906-08           Guernsey Moore                     Woman holding a croquet mallet, waiting for something to happen elsewhere on the lawn. Behind here are two stylized trees in pots on a low parapet or wall

1906-09           Guernsey Moore                     Self-confident young woman, holding books, standing in front of her college in this very modern image down in a style now going out of date

1906-10           J. P.                                       Woman in red sitting on a stone or concrete garden beach, holding a card in one hand and a pencil in the other, apparently about to write a message (or thinking about what she has just written). In the background are greenswards and a lake, as might be found on a vast estate.

1906-11           J. P.                                       Woman in flowing green dress sits in state on a purple chair, looking at the reader as if to ask what she expects to find in the magazine.

1906-12           J. P.                                       Woman in white leans over to tell the reader what was in the note that an admirer included with the basket of red roses he sent her

1907-08           Henry Hutt                             Woman in white summer dress and hat, sitting in a folding wooden lawn chair

1907-10           Carl Kleinschmidt                   Woman and child in an autumn garden, with trees with leaves changing color; child is somewhat uncertainly watching squirrels crawl on the bench and try to steal his nuts

1907-12                                                        Mother holds her child under the mistletoe at a Christmas celebration.

1908-05           Carl Kleinschmidt                   Woman in classically influenced flowing gown standing by a large urn, to illustrate "The New Grecian Effects in Dress"

1909-07           J. H. Gardner Soper

1909-09           Carl Kleinschmidt

1910-01           Carl Kleinschmidt

1910-02           Charlotte Weber-Ditzler          Woman in red hat about to put a Valentine’s card into the postal box

1910-07           Frank Snapp                           Woman in white sits on birch-bark wood garden bench; in front of her is a small white parasol, and behind here a gigantic red parasol with white birds

1910-08                                                        Woman in salmon-colored dress sits in a garden gazebo and stares off into the left as she drinks her tea; at the left are a bouquet of flowers and an empty tea saucer, but we don't see who has brought the flowers and is drinking the tea

1910-09                                                        Woman stands by masonry garden wall; behind her the grape vines are full of fruit. The artist has bracketed her with two large red rectangles as if she was to be part of an unfinished triptych

1910-11           J. H. Gardner Soper                Young woman looks appraisingly at herself in a hand mirror in front of her dresser, whose mirror reflects her back.

1910-12           Hugo Ballin                            Mother, and her young baby girl, in a classical pose.

1911-01           J. H. Gardner Soper

1911-03           Carl Kleinschmidt

1911-04           E. M. Ashe

1911-06           H. M. Walcott

1911-11           Henry Salem Hubbell              Two women sit quietly in front of the fireplace; one is reading, and one is embroidering

1911-12           Eugenie M. Wireman

1912-08                                                         Woman seems undecided what to wear, while her ladies' maid and seamstress offer hold clothing and are ready to go to work

1913-07           Carl Kleinschmidt                   Woman in harlequin-like pattern, holding black parasol and with purple and black ostrich ostrich feather in her hat, stands displaying the fashions. Title: "Golden Jubilee Number: Fifty years ago Ebenezer Butterick invented the First Paper Pattern and founded the Great Fashion House which bears his name."

1914-06           Neysa McMein                        Woman in hat with green ostrich feather, wearing floral collection at her breast

1914-07           Carl Kleinschmidt                   Two women standing with parasols or umbrellas; the woman in orange and black stripes, with the black parasol, is smiling, but the one in the pink blouse with orange parasol has her back turned toward the reader

1915-04           Balfour Ker                             Boy whispering something into his mother’s ear as she has tea with a friend

1915-06           Jessie Willcox Smith               An older woman reads to her children, illustrating a scene from "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott

1915-10                                                        Young girl throws roses in front of the path of a couple being married; behind them come bridesmaids in yellow and lavender

1917-08           Lynne Bogue Hunt                 A baker’s dozen of butterflies, in all the colors of the rainbow, flutter around a flowering branch

1917-11           Carl Kleinschmidt                   Smart simplicity is the new elegance in dress; be in the mode and make your own simple clothes, as seen in this elegant red dress and simple shawl

1922-06                                                        Young man and woman standing in a garden, the woman looking thoughtful as she holds a bunch of pink roses

1922-11                                                        Still-life of a vase of bright orange flowers, and a small Japanese geisha doll

1923-12           ___ Webb                              Mother holds up her child, in front of a paned window with snow on the wood; as seen reflected in a round mirror in a heavy wood frame

1924-03           Joseph Simont

1924-05           Alice Beach Winter

1924-06           Lucius W. Hitchcock

1924-07           Stockton Mulford

1924-10           Frank H. Desch

1924-11           Albert Hencke

1925-02           C. J. Monro

1925-03           Albert Hencke

1925-04           Florence Gardiner

1925-05           Joseph Simont                        Gray-haired woman looking fondly at an old photograph of her husband

1925-06           Joseph Simont

1925-07           Clyde Deland                         First public reading of the Declaration of Independence, Philadelphia

1925-09           F. Z. Hueston

1925-10           Florence Gardiner                   Still life of red flowers in a copper vase, with small blue enameled bowl

1925-11           J. Roger Williams [?]               Early American woman handing out roasted corn to colonists and Indians at an early Thanksgiving feast

1926-02           Karl Johnson

1926-04           Susan B. Pearse                     Boy shepherd teaching girl shepherdess how to play whistle by fingering it around her neck from behind

1926-07           C. J. Monro

1926-08           Lucius W. Hitchcock

1926-10           Helen Dryden

1926-11           Helen Dryden

1927-02           Helen Dryden

1927-03           Helen Dryden

1927-06           Helen Dryden

1927-08           Helen Dryden

1927-10           Helen Dryden

1927-12           Helen Dryden                         Woman with Christmas presents, with lighted candles in the background, done in a very art deco style

1928-01           Helen Dryden                         Woman skier

1928-02           Helen Dryden                         Woman with bowl or vase of brilliantly colored flowers, done in a very stylized art deco fashion

1928-03           Helen Dryden

1928-09           Helen Dryden

1928-11           Helen Dryden

1929-01           Helen Dryden

1929-03           Helen Dryden

1929-05           Helen Dryden                         Woman in purple hat, putting on lipstick using compact mirror

1929-06           Helen Dryden                         Woman in red, profile, facing to right of cover

1929-07           Helen Dryden                         Woman at the beach, her hair blowing in the wind, and in the background an ocean liner passes; art deco style

1929-08           Helen Dryden                         Woman in yellow hat with yellow polka dot scarf

1929-09           Helen Dryden

1929-10           Helen Dryden                         Woman and her small pet dog; art deco style

1929-11           Helen Dryden                         Woman in purple and brown, with cup of tea with lemon

1929-12           Helen Dryden                         Woman surrounded by Christmas presents, holding up card listing featured items in issue

1930-01           Helen Dryden                         Woman with red hair, in low-cut dress wearing turquoise bracelets

1930-02           Helen Dryden                         Woman in red, carrying large envelope with red tape seal

1930-09           Dynevor Rhys                        Woman in black adjusting her hat in a wall mirror

1930-11                                                        Color photograph of flowers in a blue glass vase

1930-12           Dynevor Rhys                        Woman on red and pink background, wearing green star on necklace

1931-06           Dynevor Rhys                        Brunette woman wearing flowers and veil, possibly for a wedding.

1932-03           Dynevor Rhys                        Two woman fashon statements, one in yellow, and one in black with red rose in hair

1932-05           Dynevor Rhys                        Woman putting on lipstick, watching herself in a three-section fold-out mirror

1932-07           Dynevor Rhys

1933-02           Dynevor Rhys                        Woman in mustard brown about to use powder puff from compact

1933-03           Dynevor Rhys                        Woman in read, with yellow scarf, smiling out at the reader

1933-04           Dynevor Rhys                        Three lilacs: red, lavender, and blue

1933-05           Dynevor Rhys                        Woman in pink, standing or lying against green background

1933-06           Dynevor Rhys                        Woman in bridal gown, carrying flowers, with flower girl

1933-07           Dynevor Rhys                        Woman sucks straw in pink ice-cream soda

1933-08           Dynevor Rhys                        Woman with small dog, sitting on ground in garden

1933-09           Dynevor Rhys                        Woman with red hat, facing out at reader, with banded pastel multicolor frames around face

1933-10           Dynevor Rhys                        Woman wearing pink hat, and huge black fur collar, on blue background

1933-11           Dynevor Rhys                        Woman wearing huge yellow-orange neck bow, and brown and yellow hat

1933-12           Dynevor Rhys                        Woman in silver hat and top, with holly berry decoration for Christmas

1934-04           Dynevor Rhys                        Blond woman staring at reader out over a big bunch of pansies

1935-07                                                        Woman stares off dreamily while being serenaded by a Latin guitar player, but she is dreaming of housekeeping [Photograph]

1935-09                                                        Young man and woman out in a small sailboat, but she credits       DELINEATOR for her beauty [Photograph]

1936-08                                                        Woman wearing pink-white frilly dress and huge red hat, standing on a decorated iron balcony [Photograph]

1936-09                                                        Girl stands holding an apple, and leaning against a table on which is a display vessel for dried flowers. A rococo frame surrounds the picture, and it and the tied-back purple draperies in the background give a very retro feel [Photograph]

1937-01                                                        Man and woman looking out of the window of a rustic building, possibly a snow lodge [Photograph]



1899-05                                                        Woman in elaborate summer dress, with white parasol, standing in the garden and talking to her dog; in the background is a columned mansion, on a lake

1902-06                                                         Young woman swinging a badminton racquet, out in a meadow full of daisies; daisies shown on either side of her in a triptych

1905-03           Carl Kleinschmidt                   Woman in red dress, carrying a white fox fur muff, speaks to her tiny dog who is straining at the leash; a Chinese theme wallpaper is in the background

1909-06           F. Earl Christy

1910-06           Frank H. Desch                      Woman in large hat with purple irises on top

1914-01           Molly Sale Covey                    Woman in fur and a flowered hat, holding a bouquet of violets, looking out the center section between two walls

1914-02           Corinne Boyd Dillon                Woman, framed in red line heart for Valentine's Day, wearing fox fur neckpiece and wide black hat with red cap and extra-wide silk scarf bow

1914-03           C. W. Fairchild                        Stylized art nouveau woman in black form-fitting dress and wide heavy shawl, with tiny yapping dog; trees in background.

1914-04           Will Hammell                          Woman standing on a flowered shallow hill slope puts down her umbrella to catch the first raindrops in her hand; behind her, vast puffy purple clouds gather

1914-05           Lucile Patterson                      Mother and child carrying a basket and a wrapped bouquet full of flowers; woman wears old-fashioned nineteenth century clothes

1914-06           F. A.                                       Woman in reddish pink, standing in front of a rose-covered pergola lintel and columns, carrying basket of roses she has just clipped

1914-07           The Reeses                            Bucolic scene of man and woman, sitting a bit apart but talking to each other, in front of a rural cottage, large trees shade the woman as she holds up her dog, and the man as he dips his fishing rod into the water.

1914-08           M. Quinn                                Couples and woman with daughter, spending a summer day in rowboats and small sailboats on a quiet lake near a large boathouse

1914-09           C. W. Fairchild                        Two women on the beach, fully clothed in vacation fashions, both with oriental parasols; one sits, her parasol down on the ground, and the other stands near a large greyhound, her parasol up in the air

1914-10           Neysa McMein                        Two women standing, showing off the "Autumn Fashions"

1914-11           C. H. Taffs                              Woman in furs, with large fur muff, reaching into her purse to get something out

1914-12           Lucile Patterson                      Toys wait under the Christmas tree, seemingly looking at you as you check them over: blocks, ABC book, big stuffed doll, small china doll, stuffed elephant, and angular rook

1919-01           Katharine R. Wireman

1919-02           Katharine R. Wireman

1922-02           The Donaldsons

1923-01           Leonebel Jacobs                     Woman in clown neck ruff and hat spreads out streamers spelling Happy New Year 1923

1925-05           J. B. Crandell                          Woman with short black hair, in white fur wrap with white card (Dance card?)

1926-09           Bradshaw Crandell                 Woman golfer smiling as she writes in her scorecard



1940-09-21     Emmett Watson                     Politician, supposedly speaking at podium, shooting two automatics at some enemies in the audience



1930-08-05     Lejaren à Hiller                       "Death Darts"

1937-03-13     V. E. Pyles                              Bulldog Drummond



1927-09           Bela Rieger



1925-06           Paul Stahr

1925-07           J. F. Kernan

1925-08           Sam Brown

1925-09           Haskell Coffin

1925-10           Paul Stahr

1925-11           J. F. Kernan

1925-12           Sam Brown

1926-01           C. W. Anderson

1926-02           Edmund Davenport

1926-03           C. Clyde Squires

1926-04           Edgar Franklin Wittmack        Native American farmer pauses in plowing to dream of his ancestors on horseback riding free across the plains

1926-05           Charles Ryan

1928-09           J. F. Kernan                            Two geezers, a shoemaker and (possibly) his customer, arguing over politics

1931-01           Sam Brown                             Two old geezers playing pool

1931-05           Alan Foster

1934-08           ___ Sheridan



1948-03           D. McKay                               Man working on his income tax in front of fire while woman relaxes on bearskin rug



1912-12                                                        Two women in classical Greek attire, one playing the lyre; art nouveau style with floral decorations

1920-04           William S. Norten Heim

1928-04           Charles O. Golden

1928-08           Charles O. Golden

1928-09           F. S. Cooke

1928-11           Jack Hogg

1929-08           Zach Hogg

1930-09           J. W. Wilkinson

1931-10           W. E. Webster                        “Perfect Harmony”

1931-11           Jack Hogg

1931-12           F. S. Cooke

1932-03           Ruth Collings Speera

1932-07           Wilmer S. Richter                    Gondoliers and troubadors on the canals in “A Night in Venice”

1932-08           Conrad Dickel                        Gnome directs chorus of croaking frogs in Midsummer Symphony

1933-07           F. S. Cooke                            “A Garden Concert in Versailles”

1933-10           W. B. Webster

1933-12           F. S. Cooke

1947-07           B. Ledford                              Dancers in Czechoslovakian native costume



1899-09           W. Curtis                                Couple bicycling on a forest road

1899-10           L. A. Shafer [?]                       Two sailboats and a tugboat

1899-11                                                        Pilgrim couple carrying turkey

1899-12           Lester [?C. F. Lester]              Woman with large hat, facing front, in snowstorm

1900-01                                                        Couple sledding down snow-covered hill

1900-02           Beecher Bunnell [?]                Two women fishing

1900-03                                                        Face of woman, leaning to our left, but facing out, holding bunny against her right cheek

1900-04           C. Warde Traver                     Side view, woman’s face as she bends down into group of lilies

1900-05           C. Warde Traver                     Woman sitting in field of red tulips, looking slightly to our left

1900-06           C. Warde Traver                     Head of woman surrounded by blossoming pink tree flowers

1900-07           E. O. Finch  [?]                       Woman in academic gown and mortarboard setting up Chinese lanterns as for a graduation party; another helps

1900-08           C. Warde Traver [possibly]     Woman standing surrounded by sunflowers; half the cover is a Table of contents

1900-09           J. H. Adams                            Art nouveau woman (colorized photograph), right profile, against background of color mosaic tiles, circular halo around her

1900-10                                                        Couple standing at rail of cruise ship; half cover is ad for contents

1900-11           A. L. Hurlburt [?]                    Horse and rider, oncoming, front view

1900-12                                                        Gold peacock design on green background

1901-01           F. D.                                      Winter in forest at water’s edge; half width of page, centered, on blue background

1901-02                                                        Triangular graphic design of two cornucopias, on light blue background

1901-03                                                        Squarish graphic design of a ship at sea at sunset

1901-04                                                        Graphic designs of classical/art nouveau woman with flowing hair, and two torches

1901-05                                                         Graphic design of blossoming trees in centered square box

1901-06           T [?]                                      Triangular graphic design centered on quill in scroll of paper, with two men on either side carrying books

1901-07           T [?]                                      Same design as -06 but in orange

1901-08                                                        Photograph of E. Aguinaldo in blue-black halftone, with two orange palm trees superimposed on either side

1901-09           W. Curtis                                Similar design to -06 but with quill and paper replaced by drawing of General Funston; drawing of a Philippine village underlays magazine title

1901-10           L. A. Shafer                            Drawing of illuminated tower at Pan-American Exposition, night scene

1901-11           O. S. Malcolm                         Graphic design of an airship floating past a stylized Eiffel tower

1901-12           C. F. Lester                            Magi give gifts to Christ child, held by mother over left shoulder

1902-01           O. C. Malcolm [sic]                 Graphic design over entire page, very art-nouveau leaves and grapes and columns

1902-02           Walter King Stone [?]             Winter scene on country road, sleigh receding into distance, overlaid on forest trees framing scene, trees in leaf so probably summer

1902-03           J. B. G.                                   Graphic design of boy playing double flute to audience of rabbits

1902-04           Walter King Stone                  Flowering tree in a field, framed by other flowering trees

1902-05           J. B. G.                                   Panpipe player sitting in blossoming tree


1902-07           Walter King Stone




1902-11           H.




1903-03                                                        Text only: Table of Contents





1903-08           Ray Brown

1903-09           Ray Brown

1903-10           Ray Brown

1903-11                                                        Colorized photo of ears of corn





1904-04           Ray Brown

1904-05           Ray Brown


1904-07           Ray Brown


1904-09           ___ Scotson-Clark




1911-07           Katharine R. Wireman

1912-09           Gerrit A. Beneker

1917-06           Everett Shinn                         Man and woman holding onto metal cylinder holding the “Messiah of the Cylinder”

1918-08           Frederic Dorr Steele               German soldier dominating Belgian woman, holding her hair as she slumps on the ground, hands tied

1919-02           Adolph Treidler                       Three soldiers in a snowy field, one reading a letter from home

1919-03           Adolph Treidler                       Happy soldier (head and shoulders)

1919-08           Adolph Treidler                       Woman in white dress, sitting in huge folding chair on the beach, reading; three others in background, in bathing suits

1919-09           Henry J. Soulen                      Bellboy seems uncertain about holding dog on a leash

1922-12           Edward Volkman

1923-03           Remington Schuyler



1931-05           Henry E. Vallely                      Woman in white dress planting bulbs in her garden (clearly not a real gardener!)



1915-09-27     Henry Raleigh                        Woman holding curtains open to look out her window without being seen



1918-05           Norman Rockwell                    Boy going off fishing, telling his dog to stay home and not follow him

1919-06           Frederick Duncan                   Man and boy      

1919-07           Henry F. Wireman                  Young woman, facing front

1919-08           Percy Edward Anderson          Elephant with rider, surrounded by excited boys

1921-06           Frederic Stanley

1921-08           Angus MacDonnall

1921-09           Remington Schuyler               Portrait of American Indian Hollow-Horn Bear

1921-10           Angus MacDonnall

1922-06           Charles H. Towne                   Man having trouble with tight pants, or maybe just the fishhook

1922-07           Charles H. Towne                   Boy standing up in chest-deep water, yelling and pulling at shoulder of his tank-top shirt

1922-09           J. F. Kernan                            Boy lecturing girl, or promising her one of his two candy sticks; but the dog has already been licking the candy

1922-10           Frances Tipton Hunter            Boy pedaling tricycle at the reader, with girl on back holding on with her arms around his neck

1923-04           Ross Sieber                            Boy hanging upside down from a log by his legs, and contents of his pockets landing all over the ground (exciting the dog)

1923-12           Guy Hoff

1924-03           Charles H. Towne

1924-05           Guy Hoff

1924-07           Alan Foster

1924-08           Charles H. Towne

1924-11           Charles H. Towne

1925-02           Alan Foster

1925-10           Charles Livinston Bull

1926-12           Alan Foster                             Boy asleep, Xmas present dog waking him up

1928-07           Charles Henry Towne             Boy carefully one-eyeing horseshoe, planning where he’s going to throw it

1928-09           R. Barley                                Woman in red cap

1929-02           Victor C. Anderson                 Farmer carrying two pails of milk in snow, with three cats tracking him closely

1929-04           Alan Foster                             Two boys having pillow fight on a bed

1929-05           Alan Foster                             Dog examining old tomato can full of bait worms for fishing

1929-07           Maginel Wright Barney           Mother and three children, seen from behind, seated watching fireworks; Japanese lanterns in red sky

1929-10           F. S. Seliman                          Two boys riding horses as a wooden fence; one horse jumps and one shies at the fence



1920-03           J. F. Kernan

1920-04           Katharine R. Wireman

1920-05           Henry Wirgmeir or Henry F. Wireman      

1920-06           J. F. Kernan

1920-09           J. F. Kernan

1922-09           J. F. Kernan

1925-06           Eugenie M. Wireman



1916-06           Henry F. Wireman                  Woman and young child picking strawberries from a large field

1922-06           Frances Tipton Hunter

1922-07           Mabel Ballou Nestter               Children playing on the beach, holding up an American Flag pole

1925-06           Clara Miller Burd

1926-01           Marion H. Matchitt

1927-02           ___ Sheenberg                      Boy playing with boat in lake

1927-09           Haskell Coffin                         Woman in large-image floral print dress holding basket with three kittens

1928-06           Charles Twelvetrees               Boy and girl on ferris wheel, boy with arm around frightened girl and winking at the reader

1930-06           Haskell Coffin                         Woman wearing vast red and pink scarf, against blue-green background

1930-12           Haskell Coffin

1931-05           Eleanor Campbell                   Baby, wrapped up in towel, kissing a toy frog     

1931-09           Bradshaw Crandell                 Brunette woman in blue, head and shoulders on gold background

1931-11           Bradshaw Crandell                 Smart young woman in white fur neckpiece, head and shoulders

1932-01           Haskell Coffin                         Woman in red and green sledding down a hill, right at the reader

1932-09           Walter Beach Humphrey         Barefoot boy holding his left foot in pain, because he’s just stubbed it against a large rock in the path; his dog looks over his shoulder sympathetically

1933-03           Bradshaw Crandell                 Woman in red, right profile, on greenish background

1933-05           Edwin Brewer

1933-06           Jules Erbit

1933-08           Walter Beach Humphrey         Man prepares to hit carnival strength tester while his girl watches in admiration

1933-12           Mary Anderson                       Baby girl hugs doll as she sits by Christmas tree

1934-05           Charlotte Becker

1934-06           Lynn Bogue Hunt

1934-10           J. Knowles Hare                      Brunette woman in low-cut elegant dress, head and shoulders

1935-03           Gene Kube

1935-05           Charles Twelvetrees

1935-08           Elizabeth Warhenik

1935-09           Eugene Iverd                         Woman in orange dress sits pensively near trees, reading old letters

1936-05           Lynn Bogue Hunt                   Hummingbird on purple flowers, yellow/orange background

1937-02           Jules Erbit                              Young woman in blue, against Valentine heart shaded background

1937-06           Lynn Bogue Hunt                   Red-winged blackbirds

1937-08           Marius Hubert Robert              Lily pads in bloom on a pond

1937-09           Jules Erbit

1937-11           Mary C. Highsmith                  Boy and girl making wishes, about to break a wishbone

1938-06           Charles Kingham                    Boy and girl sitting on the ground in a field next to a haystack; in the background a farmer uses machinery pulled by two horses



1918-07           Robert Robinson                     Mother, daughter, and grandmother all helping mix for baking

1918-09           Robert Robinson                     Sailor in uniform making time with girl seated in a tent show, while another man doesn’t know what to do about it

1918-11           Louis Hanlon                          Man eating at table has newspaper with WW1 battlefield map spread out, pointing at a spot to his wife looking over his shoulder

1918-12           Robert Robinson                     Wife and mother making a War Cake for Christmas

1919-09           Robert Robinson                     Family sits for a photograph with an old-fashioned view camera; watch the birdie!

1919-11           Robert Robinson                     Judge about to award a prize ribbon to a farmer’s prize cow

1920-08           ___ Martin                             Dog eats the picnic lunch after a bull charges the picnickers

1921-04           Loran Holmwood

1921-09           Louis Hanlon                          Teenaged boy pumping gas into woman’s car is so entranced with looking at her that he doesn’t notice the gasoline is running over onto the ground: Completely Gassed!

1922-03           Robert Robinson                     Woman looks in on her parents or grandparents; the woman is trying to read but the man has fallen asleep in his chair and is probably snoring

1922-06           Conrad Josef Linke                 Girl in school making declamation about George Washington and the cherry tree, for Washington’s Birthday

1922-08           S. G. Phillips                           Unhappy boy forced to beat mixture in a bowl, probably missing the baseball “Game At Three”

1923-01           Conrad J. Linke                      New Year’s baby painting sign, “A good living and 10%”

1923-04           William Shewell Ellis               Woman looking at red bird sitting on branch of evergreen tree

1923-05           Agnes M. Watson                   Woman feeding her chickens, against a white building background

1923-10           Lee Willenborg                       Boy and his dog run from a skunk they have disturbed: “Common Scents”

1923-11           Florence A. Kroger                  Boy putting school book into his pants, apparently to protect his butt from a spanking because he’s late

1923-12           Conrad Joseph Linke              Santa trying to fix car engine

1924-05           Loren Holmwood                     Farm boy planting the garden has fallen asleep on the ground, and a chicken is eating the seeds

1924-08           Loren Holmwood                     “Bringing up Percy”— two boys on a horse, on blanket but no saddle; the farm boy has the reins and is grinning but the city boy is terrified

1924-09           J. M. Clifton                            Woman washing clothes imagines herself as a Hollywood movie star

1924-10           Loren Holmwood                     Boy carving initials in school desk doesn’t see teacher approaching, carrying ruler to wallop him

1924-11           S. G. Phillips                           Radio listener dancing in joy as his favored candidate leads the election voting

1924-12           W. H. Wolf

1925-01           Edgar C. MacMechen              Snow-covered forest, with snowy path among the evergreen trees

1925-05           Alan Foster                             Girl is having a fine time talking to boy as they sit together, but boy is not so sure about all this

1925-06           Perry Barlow                           Young boy trying to ride a calf, which is trying to buck him off; red sun background

1925-07                                                        The Minute Man statue in Lexington, MA [Photograph]

1925-09           Loren Holmwood                     Teenaged boy sprucing himself up for a date with a girl, as seen in his mirror

1926-02           Conrad J. Linke                      Girl announcing she has chopped a blossom-covered branch off the cherry tree

1926-04           R. Bolles                                 Woman looking at singing robin, sitting on blossoming tree branch

1926-05           C. P. Hexom                           Elephant walking down street with clown sitting on its head, many people watching

1926-09           H. S. Moskowitz                      Boy fishing from a rock, sitting on his schoolbooks: “Rival Institutions”

1926-10           Conrad J. Linke                      Rabbits, safe behind corn shock, watching farmer and his dog out hunting for them; “It All Depends on the Point of View”

1926-11           Walter Beach Humphrey         Magician shows rabbit to boy

1927-04           Bess Goe Willis                       Winged gremlin on branch, perched with birds

1927-06           James Calvert Smith               Woman gardening, confronts frog, demands to know “Whose garden IS this?”

1927-07           Jean Oldham                          Radio announcer waving American flags and speechifying into the microphone

1927-10           Otto W. Schulze                     Still life with fruits and flowers in old silver, “The Wealth of Autumn”

1927-11           James Calvert Smith               Pilgrim boy out hunting turkey with a wooden blunderbuss

1928-02           Bess Goe Willis

1928-03           Charles Towne

1928-04           Loren Holmwood                     Man working under his car doesn’t know that his chickens and geese are carrying away the bolts and nuts he’s taken off

1928-06           Haskell Coffin

1928-07           Conrad Dickel                        Woman holds up Japanese lantern with Stars and Stripes bunting pattern for July 4th

1928-09           Jean Oldham

1928-10           Reginald F. Bolles                   Woman sitting on fence rail, in bucolic setting with cow and pig

1929-01           Erma Allen                             Small portrait of baby playing with red and white ball

1929-02           George Howell                        Snow-covered fields, rural road, and stream at the edge of a wood by a farm

1929-07           James Calvert Smith               Two women driving have run into and broken off a sign that says, “Road Closed / Detour”

1929-08                                                        Mountain lake, with tall evergreens beside it, and snow-covered mountain in the distance [Photograph, colored]

1929-10           O. W. Schulze

1929-12           George Hausman                   Woman in elegant coat with white fur trim and collar, carrying Christmas presents

1930-01           Marion Oldham                       Mother reading a book of fairy tales to her young child

1930-02           F. Sands Brunner                   Woman wearing evening dress looking back over her right shoulder at the reader

1930-06           John Kabel                             Birch trees on a lakeshore

1930-11           Charles Hargens

1931-02           Janet Smalley                         Boy and girl look at dining table completely decorated for Valentine’s day

1931-03           Charles V. John                      Impressionistic cubist deco semi-abstract picture of woman under trees and amid plants, with man’s face at lower right

1931-05           Alan Foster                             Boy out fishing, eating sandwich, and the stick he’s using as a rod has just broken when the fish pulled his line

1931-06           Florence Gardiner                   Man and woman, happy, must have graduated, because they’re both carrying rolled-up diplomas

1931-07           Joseph Bolden

1931-09           Haskell Coffin                         Nicely dressed woman with pearls, low-cut dress

1931-11           Florence Gardiner                   Still life, with orange flowers in a vase, and a brass urn

1932-03                                                        “Koh-Zen,” the Chinese grain god

1933-01                                                        Snow on the bare branches of a bush in a hilly field among evergreens [Photograph]

1933-06           Florence McCurdy                  Woman, decorating elaborate cake, smilingly hands a piece of it to a man

1933-10           ___ Lynch                              Elves are painting bright colors on the autumn leaves

1933-12                                                        Family in snowy field out cutting evergreen for Christmas tree

1934-03           Florence Gardiner                   Woman planting small garden while man watches and talks with her

1934-04           ___ Bade                               Tractor going over plowed rows in the early Spring

1934-07           Alan Foster                             Girl blowing up bubble gum, covering her ears before it explodes

1934-10           ___ Lynch                              Ring-necked pheasant perched on a fence-post among autumn leaves

1935-01                                                        Snow covers the ground between tall trees, with farm off in the distance in this winter

1935-04           Annie Benson Muller               Little girl with floppy stuffed bunny rabbit, standing by a wall and drapes with yellow daffodils

1935-05           P. Hammell                             Woman in blue, bracing up small dog in her left hand against her shoulder

1936-01           Karl Godwin                          

1936-02           Edward C. Volkert                  Oxen pulling sled with filled with firewood in snowy woods

1936-09           Frederick J. Waugh                Waves coming in with surf and spray onto rocky coast

1938-10           Jessie Arms Botke                  Ducks and geese under a farmyard tree, with flowers in the background

1939-04           John Wohlsieffer                    Ducks, 3D airbrushed, dressed in formal clothing; female walks with nose in air while male sneaks a peek at her out of the side of his eye

1939-05           Grant Wood                           Boy is thoroughly wet from milk; looks like the cow he was milking kicked the bucket at him

1939-09                                                        Girl and prize bull [Photograph] overlaid on drawing of County Fair buildings and midways

1939-10           John Wohlsieffer                    Hen selling eggs by the roadside has marked them up from 35 to 42 cents per dozen (the Depression must be over!)



1926-10           ___ Hoople                            Runner in set position ready to go off to our left



1926-10           Evelyn Browne

1928-10           Evelyn Browne



1931-03           Lynn Bogue Hunt

1931-10           Lynn Bogue Hunt

1931-12           M. S. Johnson

1932-10           Art Fuller                                Pheasant hunter takes aim as the bird flies up from the brush

1935-01           Lynn Bogue Hunt

1935-08           William H. Rapp

1938-01           John Renfrew Dean                Two dogs in a meadow, pointing to something off on the right

1938-02           Lynn Bogue Hunt                  

1938-10           Lynn Bogue Hunt

1939-06           Arthur D. Fuller                      Fisherman has just netted a big trout, but he’s looking off to the right at something (a fishing warden?)

1939-07           Arthur D. Fuller                      One man stand and fishes, while another rows, not using their outboard motor

1940-02           Lynn Bogue Hunt

1940-07           Arthur D. Fuller                      Two men in small boat with outboard motor passing two other fisherman who have stopped and are fishing

1940-10           Everett S. Ward                      Bird hunter trying to get his gun ready as one takes off in the foreground

1940-12           Lynn Bogue Hunt                   Dog coming around a bush, spies pheasant

1941-02           Lynn Bogue Hunt                   A couple of dogs are out in the grass, one about to flush a covey of quail

1941-03           Everett S. Ward

1942-02           Lynn Bogue Hunt                   Deep sea fishing, with the big one right out in front

1942-04           Arthur D. Fuller                      One fisherman looking astonishedly into another fisherman’s creel

1942-09           Lynn Bogue Hunt                   Fish in forground, hooked on the line of the fisherman at the shore, running for it

1942-10           Howard L. Hastings

1943-11           Everett S. Ward                     



1923-03           Guy Hoff                                Woman has arms around seated man’s head and shoulders: “Nice Surroundings”

1935-09           Earl Moran                             View of woman wearing backless strapless dress, posing against a backdrop, “For She’s a Jolly Good Follow”

1937-10           Enoch Bolles                          “Netty But Nice”



1950-05           Sylvia Braverman                   Woman’s face superimposed upon pink rose branches



1938-08           Alex Schomburg                     Japanese planes attack a line of warships



1930-05           John O’Hara Cosgrave II         Railroad boxcar on tracks in the desert Southwest

1930-11           Charles Q. Dewey                   People in crowds in a city, seen through the steel understructure of a bridge or elevated railway

1930-12           Ronald McLeod                       Christmas shoppers on a snowy city sidewalk, open-top double-decker buses beside them

1932-01           T. M. Cleland                          Goddess of Agriculture looks out over a valley filled with smoky industry

1932-02           Paolo Garretto                        Factory smokestacks viewed from directly above

1932-05           Constantin Alajálov                Draftsman drawing a gear design

1932-06           Ernest Hamlin Baker               Men driving cattle on a farm

1932-10           A. C. Webb                             Steel beams structured for a new building

1933-01           T. M. Cleland                          Goddess of the heavens sits in her Zodiac chair and holds the Earth on her lap

1933-04           Walter Buehr                          Gardening with flowers

1933-08           Ernest Hamlin Baker               Long-distance bus, with passengers, and luggage being loaded onto the top

1933-09           Antonio Petruccelli                  Electrical generator for a dam, surrounded by symbolic horses representing its power

1934-04           Antonio Petruccelli                  Circular saw cutting a log at a sawmill

1936-01           Norman Reeves                      New Year’s Eve Party

1936-02           John A. Cook                          Planetarium Projector, with sky and New York skyline

1936-03           John O’Hara Cosgrave II         Electric Power Lines

1936-04           A. J. Grodin                            Plotting out a route on a map of Indiana

1936-05           John A. Cook                          Railroad passenger trains in a switching yard

1936-06           Antonio Petruccelli                  Political convention

1936-09           Antonio Petruccelli                  Japan and its empire marked in red on the globe

1936-10           Ernest Krunglivcus                 Camera, lens, and film

1936-11           Ernest H. Baker                      Automobiles on a transporter truck

1939-03           H. J. Barschel                         Oil for gasoline engines

1939-04           Paolo Garretto                        Weather charting

1941-10           Arthur Gerlach                       Foodstuffs and produce in baskets

1943-02           Peter Vardo                            Traffic in the Air graphic

1943-05           Allen Saalburg                        Cargo plane C-47 flies Over the Hump from India to China

1943-08           Antonio Petruccelli                  Magnifying glasses enlarge industries and war damage in “Fortress Europe” (Festung Europa)

1944-12           Loren MacIver                        Evergreen needles against a blue-black December night sky

1945-04           Ralston Crawford                    Air transport

1945-06           Antonio Petruccelli                  One war to go

1946-01           Conzett & Huber                     Glaciers

1947-02           Dong Kingman                       Two U.S. cities

1947-06           Walter Murch                         Fine chemicals

1948-06           Arthur Lidov                           Ship’s figurehead carved woman

1949-01           Arthur Lidov                           Wood to paper



1900-08           Albert Wenzell Knipe               Woman sitting on elaborate concrete garden bench



1927-06           W. Ralph Kiefer                      Legionnaire in North Africa, out of ammo, keeps fighting. [BWK]



1922-07           Eugenie M. Wireman              [Frame by W. W. Arnold]

1922-08                                                         [Frame by W. W. Arnold]

1922-09           Lillian Stannard                      [Frame by W. W. Arnold]

1922-10           W. W. Arnold                          [Frame by W. W. Arnold]

1922-11           W. W. Arnold

1923-01           Harry David

1923-03           Annie Benson Muller

1923-06           H. S.

1923-07           Albert Hencke

1923-08           H. S.

1923-09           H. S.

1923-10           Nell Witters

1923-11           M. Bream [?]

1923-12           Julian Mansfield II

1924-01           H. S.

1924-02           M. Withers Winter [?]

1924-07           Walter Haskell Hinton



1931-04           Tom Lovell                              Gang scum, one carrying a case of illicit hooch and one with gun out and ready



1916-07           G. H. L. Gebfert                      Pink/salmon “Hardy” Rhododendrons

1916-10           Stacy H. Wood                       Forest to small town, scenic vista, with dirt road from foreground; orange sunset

1916-11           J. P. Verrees                           Young girl standing in front of bush with large pink and white flowers

1917-07           J. P. Verrees                           Swan swimming in small pond at bottom of a short stair in an architected garden



1929-04           Dorothy Ferriss                      Woman in blue/black and yellow putting up umbrella as she walks through garden, watering things

1929-06           Rita Leach                              Woman in very frilly dress, swinging on a rope and wood swing



1902-12           C. Warde Traver                     Serving maid brings in giant Christmas plum pudding, while two girls carry a bundle of holly branches and a wine cup

1903-03           Louis Rhead

1904-01           James Preston

1904-04           Henry McCarter

1904-11           James Preston

1905-06           Karl Anderson                        Woman riding horseback out in the western desert: “College Girls Number”

1905-05           Karl Anderson

1905-08           Cushman Parker

1906-03           Edward Penfield

1906-05           Karl Anderson                        Woman in long dress holds watering can over pink flowers in her garden

1906-07           M. T.

1906-08           Cushman Parker

1906-09           Karl Anderson                        Girl hugs her small dog as she is about to go off to school, a stack of books tied up in a strap sitting on the ground

1907-02           Cushman Parker                     Woman sitting on park bench in winter, adjusting her ice skates

1907-07           Cushman Parker                     Young girl drinking red liquid through a straw, bottles and punchbowl nearby

1907-09           Cushman Parker                     Mother fixing big red bow in daughter’s hair

1907-10           Charlotte Weber-Ditzler          Woman in black, with yellow-white wrap, sitting on a chair

1908-07           F. Vaux Wilson                       Young woman sitting in rocking chair on porch, has fallen asleep reading GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

1907-12           Cushman Parker                     Woman in pink making up Christmas wreath and hanging decoration (mistletoe?)

1908-03           Katharine R. Wireman

1908-04           Katharine R. Wireman             Woman in white carrying two bunches of pink flowers

1908-08           John Cecil Clay                       Woman examining a glass of purple-red liquid she’s made, with others on the table (jelly or soft drink or beer)

1908-09           Maud Tousey

1908-10           Katharine R. Wireman

1909-05           Francis C. Jones                     Woman working with pots and potted plants in her garden

1909-07           C. P.

1909-08           John Cecil Clay                       Woman winding morning glory vines around vertical stakes in her garden

1909-10           R. Ford Harper                        Woman in long fur neckpiece enjoying a cup of tea

1910-05           Cushman Parker                     Baby looks uncertainly at butterfly, and butterfly looks at baby

1910-10                                                        Silver anniversary wreath, with pink rose stem wrapped in a circle, and an hourglass for the time passed

1911-04           R. Ford Harper                        Woman happily holding black umbrella up against the rain

1911-07           ___ Schweinler                      Woman sitting, stretched out on a porch swing

1911-08                                                        Woman in a garden bed of orange poppies, picking a bundle of them

1911-09           Will Grefé                               Woman playing a guitar, with sidelong glances off to her left1911-12                                         Hilda Belcher       A small child discovers Christmas, standing by the tree and staring entranced at the decorations and the presents

1911-10           Cushman Parker                     "Progress Number" illustrated by woman happily talking to someone on a telephone

1911-11           Howard Chandler Christy        Woman reading a book, looks up and over to her left

1911-12                                                        A small child discovers Christmas, standing by the tree and staring entranced at the decorations and the presents

1912-02           E. Benson Knipe                     Young girl looks shyly into her fur muff, as "Her First Sweetheart" looks to his right and enjoys seeing her. To his left, another girl is laughing about something offstage

1912-03           E. Benson Knipe                     Young man presents his beloved with an engagement ring

1912-04                                                        Woman with unhappy expression, looking slothfully over toward her right

1912-05           S                                            Portrait of Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, to illustrate "Dr. Wiley's first article on Pure Food."

1912-07           Coles Phillips                          Fadeaway cover of a woman putting a coverlet on top of a made up four-poster bed

1912-08           Coles Phillips                          Woman dressed in brown sits on a brown and white striped settee next to a brown and white striped chair, holding a gold ashtray stand, accompanied by her brown and white dog. An early "fade-away" cover, and a particular example of the style

1912-09           Coles Phillips                          Fadeaway cover of a woman placing a large flat bowl containing many small plants onto cloth runners crossing the center of a round table

1912-10           Coles Phillips                          Woman dressed in black, with a purple patterned sash, sits at a black piano in a black room; a fade-away with silver lamps the only accessories.

1912-11           Coles Phillips                          Woman dressed in pink looks through the children's clothes she has put away for the future in her Hope Chest; a fade-away cover

1913-01           Coles Phillips                          Woman dressed in white with red trim fades away against the background as she snowshoes across a snow-cover mountain

1913-02           Coles Phillips                          Woman, sitting on art nouveau carpet, is juggling hearts during this, Valentine's month

1913-03           Coles Phillips                          Woman in red, reading a book lit by the light from a semicircular window, fades away against a red wall

1913-04           Coles Phillips                          Woman in gray would fade away against a gray wall, but for this painting the artist has outlined the details of her coat so that we can make her shape out better. She carries a black umbrella and seems to be looking to see if it's going to rain

1913-05                                                        Woman in white, against a lavender background, feeding black and white birds. Looks like Coles Phillips' work, but it's not a fade-away painting

1913-06           Coles Phillips                          Woman in dark purple sits on the barrier of a ship's deck, while behind her the lights of a city glow and seem to spell out words

1913-08           Coles Phillips                          Woman kneels in front of a stylized automobile wheel, next to a pipe wrench and an oil can; she’s a fade-away against the brown background

1913-10           Coles Phillips                          Woman holding a gavel, standing in front of what looks like a storefront awning canvas with pink and white stripes

1913-11           Coles Phillips                          Woman in brown dress and white blouse, her dress fading away into the brown background, holding a pump shotgun in front of a circle of autumn leaves

1914-01           Coles Phillips                          Woman holds “My Diary” to her breast; her partly purple dress partly fades away into the purple background

1914-02           Coles Phillips                          Woman in pink sitting in a chair, writing a letter, with books of quotations and dictionaries near her on the floor

1914-03           Coles Phillips                          Woman in neo-classical dress about to go up stairs

1914-05           Coles Phillips                          Woman in blue kimono takes a plant out of a pot to put in the ground; her green pants fade away against the green background

1914-08           Coles Phillips                          Woman in maid’s uniform thinking about what to write in a report; not a fade-away design, but with similar blocks of color

1914-09           Coles Phillips                          Woman practicing her backhand tennis stroke, with two more balls in her hand; not fade-away, but rather contrast

1914-10           Coles Phillips                          Woman in black transparent veiling sitting in front of a large circular red graphic, adjusting her shoes

1914-11           Coles Phillips                          Woman in red Japanese kimono, in front of a huge Japanese fan painted with cranes, holds a shining tray with a fabulous breakfast of eggs, toast, grapefruit, coffee, and more

1915-02           Coles Phillips                          Woman in brown fades away against the brown wall; she stands, leaning on a three-sided chair, reading a book. Light coming in the window outlines her, contrasting the fade-away effect

1915-04           Coles Phillips                          Woman climbs up on ladder among branches of a flowering tree, reaching for one of the branches

1915-07           Coles Phillips [?]                     Woman in dark blue, with long auburn hair, standing in shallow water as canoeists pass by, highlighted by a the light of the setting in the water

1915-09           Coles Phillips                          Woman in brown and white, leaning over, fades away against the brown trees of the forest

1915-10           Coles Phillips                          Woman in black sitting in blue and black easy chair, reading, with large blue and yellow-green lamp for light

1915-12           Neysa McMein                        Woman shopping for Christmas toys examines a Japanese geisha doll; on the shelf are stuffed animals, a boat, a crystal ball, a jack in the box, and a blond-haired doll

1916-01           Coles Phillips                          Woman artist, wearing blue skirt and white striped blouse, sits in front of a blank canvas and prepares to draw; small fade away effect

1916-10           Coles Phillips                          Woman in dark blue, fading away against a dark blue (night?) sky, sets fire to a pile of Autumn leaves she has swept up

1916-11           Coles Phillips                          Mother, shown in fade-away silhouette against a partly open window, carefully placing her baby in its crib

1917-01           Coles Phillips                         

1917-02           Coles Phillips                          Woman in orange and white dot-patterned coat, with a black umbrella, fading away against a similar background in the rain

1917-03           Coles Phillips                          Rich woman in satins and silks stands as her ladies' maid changes her gold shoes to black ones

1917-04           Coles Phillips                          Woman in very dark purple stands undecided as to whether to bring the umbrella for the rain that threatens her right profile, or the parasol for the sun that shines on her left profile

1917-05           Coles Phillips                          We see only the head and shoulders of a woman on an ivory "May" colored background, as if the rest of her had simply faded away in the classic Phillips style

1917-11           Coles Phillips                          Woman at transit stop, wind blowing her dress out (“fadeaway” design in gray, blue, yellow)

1918-10           Jessie Willcox Smith

1919-02           Jessie Willcox Smith               Little girl Alice sits on a floral patterned chair, knitting something blue

1919-11           Jessie Willcox Smith               Little boy rolling huge pumpkin

1920-02           Jessie Willcox Smith               Small child sitting in striped floral overstuffed chair, reading "Animal Book"

1920-03           Jessie Willcox Smith               Little girl pours milk into a saucer for her cat

1920-04           Jessie Willcox Smith               Girl dressed in 19th century Sunday or Easter clothes

1921-03           Jessie Willcox Smith               Young child shoveling snow

1921-10           Jessie Willcox Smith               Woman seated on concrete bench in a garden or park, helping very young girl learn to read her ABC’s

1921-11           Jessie Willcox Smith               Two children reading a book, sitting in a floral-pattern overstuffed chair

1923-03           Jessie Willcox Smith               Alice in Wonderland

1923-09           Jessie Willcox Smith               Old man and young girl walking down a wet and muddy dirt road between fenced fields, hand in hand; overhead the sky is full of dark clouds

1924-12           Jessie Willcox Smith               Mary praying over the infant Jesus, lying in a woven crib; solid haloes glow above both

1925-02           Jessie Willcox Smith               Girl in heavy white fur coat and hat for winter, with her hands in an enormous fur muff

1925-05           Jessie Willcox smith                Little girl feeding chickens

1925-06           Jessie Willcox Smith               Mother and young daughter sitting on a wooden park bench, the mother reading to the girl

1925-09           Jessie Willcox Smith               Woman carrying young girl through a field of yellow flowers

1926-09           Jessie Willcox Smith               Mother and daughter sitting in a field of flowers, reading a book

1926-11           Jessie Willcox Smith               Very young boy and girl practicing ballroom dancing

1926-12           Jessie Willcox Smith               Young angel prays, facing left, with thin halo glowing above him; framed by circle of berries, leaves, and flowers

1927-05           Jessie Willcox Smith               Mother shows young daughter how to dig a hole for the plant the child has just taken out of the pot

1927-10           Jessie Willcox Smith               Girl reaches up with scissors onto the grape vine, to harvest a bunch of grapes

1927-12           Jessie Willcox Smith               Madonna and the Christ child, painted to look like a polychromed relief statue from a Christian church

1928-01           Jessie Willcox Smith               Mother leans over to play with baby on her knee

1928-03           Jessie Willcox Smith

1928-07           Jessie Willcox Smith               Young boy about to hit a golf ball with a cane; blue background

1928-08           Jessie Willcox Smith               Mother and young daughter wave goodbye as they sail off on a cruise ship

1928-12           Jessie Willcox Smith

1929-06           Jessie Willcox Smith               Woman is holding out her apron as boy puts their picked tomatoes into it

1929-07           Jessie Willcox Smith               Girl lies dreamily in a hammock, clutching her doll, the book she has been reading fallen down at the bottom of the hammock

1929-10           Jessie Willcox Smith               Mother, sitting on the ground, holds out her apron to catch the apples being put into it by her young son

1929-12           Jessie Willcox Smith               Mary looking at the baby Jesus, who is lying in front of a Christmas tree decorated with candles

1930-03           Jessie Willcox Smith               Mother winds yarn into a ball as her daughter holds it out to her looped between her outstretched hands

1930-06           Jessie Willcox Smith               Little girl leans over to smell beautiful violet irises in a flower bed

1930-07           Jessie Willcox Smith               Five young children and a cat sitting crosswise in a hammock

1930-12           Jessie Willcox Smith

1931-01           Jessie Willcox Smith

1931-04           Jessie Willcox Smith               Girl sitting in a beauty shop chair, having her hair worked on

1931-08           Jessie Willcox Smith

1931-12           Jessie Willcox Smith               Madonna and the Christ child, painted to look like a old framed painting from a church

1932-01           Jessie Willcox Smith              

1932-05           Jessie Willcox Smith               Boy with toy airplane looks up into the sky at the real plane whose shadow is falling on him

1932-06           Jessie Willcox Smith               Baby and puppy being bathed in same tub, puppy licking baby’s face

1932-08           Jessie Willcox Smith

1932-11           Jessie Willcox Smith

1932-12           Jessie Willcox Smith

1933-01           Jessie Willcox Smith

1933-02           Jessie Willcox Smith

1933-09           E. S. G. E.

1933-12           Vernon Thomas [Mrs.?]

1934-07           Mrs. Vernon Thomas               Boy and girl flying kites

1934-09           Mrs. Vernon Thomas

1934-12           Mrs. Vernon Thomas

1935-01           Bradshaw Crandall                 New Year’s baby with satchel, yawning as clock approaches midnight

1935-05           Vernon Thomas                      Girl in pink dress with flower pattern curtsies to the reader; Golden Anniversary issue

1935-09           Vernon Thomas                      Girl holds out dress under apple tree, waiting for apple to fall in and join others

1935-10           Mrs. Vernon Thomas               Two girls weighing their dolls

1935-12           Vernon Thomas

1936-07           Vernon Thomas

1936-09           Vernon Thomas

1937-01           Horace Gaffron

1937-02           Horace Gaffron                       Girl skating on frozen lake, has pillow strapped around her butt for protection from falls

1937-03           Horace Gaffron                       Boy launching shield kite in the wind

1937-05           Horace Gaffron

1937-08           Horace Gaffron

1937-10           Horace Gaffron

1937-11           Horace Gaffron

1937-12           Horace Gaffron                       Mary looks at the baby Jesus, just born and lying in a pile of straw in a stable, while the three wise men see a star in the East

1938-01           Horace Gaffron

1938-02           Horace Gaffron

1938-04           Horace Gaffron

1938-05           Horace Gaffron

1938-06           Horace Gaffron                       Young woman in red sun bonnet, carrying black parasol

1938-07           Horace Gaffron

1938-08           Horace Gaffron

1938-09           Horace Gaffron                       Boy and girl on large tricycle, with dog on a leash (dog pulls tricycle over)

1938-10           Horace Gaffron

1938-12           Horace Gaffron

1939-01           Horace Gaffron

1939-03           Horace Gaffron

1939-07           Horace Gaffron

1939-11           Horace Gaffron

1939-12           Horace Gaffron

1940-03           Jon Whitcomb

1940-04           Horace Gaffron

1940-06           Jon Whitcomb

1940-08           Jon Whitcomb

1940-11           Jon Whitcomb

1940-12           Jon Whitcomb

1942-03           Molly McMahon                      Very young child attempting to thread shoelace into eyelets of shoe

1942-11           Alex Ross                               Boy holding Thanksgiving turkey wishbone, and smirking

1943-10           Alex Ross                               Girl at school making Scotty dog out of modeling clay

1946-12           Alex Ross



1898-11           William E. Parker



1917-07           E. C. Caswell                          Man attacking another man with a knife

1933-10           John R. Peirce                        Mountie asking a woman a question about a piece of paper

1934-01           Helen Dyer



1912-11                                                        Jane Cowl (actress)



1910-07           C.D. Williams                          Revolutionary War musket and powder horn (labeled “‘76”)



1892-02-06     ___ Sandoz                           Woman wearing “Worth Jacket and Virot Hat” (Charles Worth, designer; milliner Madame Virot)

1892-02-13     Frank O. Small                       Women crowding around postman on a snowy day, getting cards from their sweethearts on “St. Valentine’s Morning”

1892-02-27     ___ Sandoz                           Woman modeling “Demi Season Jacket and Hat” in front of a medieval bed

1892-03-05     ___ Sandoz                           Woman modeling “Inter-Season Jacket from Worth”

1892-04-16     Frank O. Small                       Two women in a store, “Selecting an Easter Hat”

1895-02-16     ___ Sandoz                           Paris out-door toilette – velvet redingote from Worth, and Virot toque

1895-02-23                                                   Paris calling costume from Worth (as in calling on someone)

1895-12           Will H. Bradley                        Shepherds and sheep in a forest at night-time

1896-03           Will H. Bradley                        Woman reading from a scroll: Easter [very art-nouveau swirly]

1900-05-05     Leon Guipon                           [Base design with contents]

1900-08-25     Leon Guipon                           [Base design with contents]

1901-02-02                                                   Portrait of Mme. de Chateauroux, a primary character in "The House of de Mailly" -- a popular romance by Margaret Horton Potter, published in 1901

1901-07                                                        Woman buying flowers from a florist’s stand

1902-02                                                        Three women in classical dress carrying bundles of large purple flowers

1902-08           George F. Kerr                        Woman with flowers in her hair, standing in water up to her neck, with ripples and reflections of the flowers in a very “Japonisme” style

1902-09                                                        Three women sitting under an apple tree, probably Grandmother, Mother, and young girl; with Mother holding infant on her knee

1904-04           George F. Kerr

1905-08           Clara Miller Burd

1905-09           Clara Miller Burd                     Woman in medieval robe and cape, reading from a scroll

1906-06           Clara Miller Burd

1906-07           George T. Tobin

1906-08           George T. Tobin

1907-09           George T. Tobin

1908-02           Walter Tittle

1908-05           Beverly Towles

1908-06           Beverly Towles

1908-08           Beverly Towles                       Young couple sitting on a rock high above water; in the distance a sailboat heads in the direction of some land

1910-03           H. L. V. Parkhurst                   Woman golfer, trying to get her ball away from the edge of a pond

1911-10           Clark Hobart                           Woman in fashionable dress carrying bundle of autumn leaves on branches

1912-01                                                        Young girl with small fishbowl (an early “fadeaway” picture)

1912-02           George T. Tobin                      Woman in red, standing in a snowstorm

1912-12           J. Knowles Hare                      Woman reading a letter that came with a Christmas present she’s just opened

1915-12           Leon Bakst                             Two dancers in elaborate costumes, doing "Dance Guerrière Caucausienne"

1916-02           George Barbier                       Two women and a greyhound in a winter scene, with an evergreen tree branch weighed down by the snow

1916-03           George Barbier                       Woman wearing a hat somewhat like a Chinese coolie’s hat, and strange other costume, dancing on stage

1916-11                                                         Two women in a statuary park, dressed to the limit, staring at a small dog

1917-02           Gustav Michelson                   Woman wearing an elaborate coiffure under a think veil, seen in left profile against a colorful pattern of abstract circles

1917-03           Edmund Dulac                       The Chinese Princess, from the painting by Edmund Dulac.

1917-04                                                        Woman holding onto her hat as the wind blows open her voluminous skirts; birds of many abstract solid colors fly

1932-11           Leon Benigni

1932-12           Erté

1934-10           Erté                                       Tower casts a shadow like a woman dressed for the Paris fashion show Openings

1937-04           A. M. Cassandre

1939-03-01     A. M. Cassandre

1939-03-15     A. M. Cassandre

1939-04           A. M. Cassandre

1940-04           A. M. Cassandre

1940-05           A. M. Cassandre

1941-01           Marcel Vertes

1941-03           Marcel Vertes

1941-04           Marcel Vertes

1941-05           Marcel Vertes






1895-11           Will H. Bradley                        Knight jousting with a very large turkey, spearing it



1864-05-07     ___ ___                                 Union scouts in Louisiana

1868-04-18     Lawrence Duncan                   Woman with two children sailing toy boat in puddle

1868-08-15     Thomas Nast                          Woman “Reconstruction” personifying the rebuilding of the Union

1869-03-20     A. R. Waud                             Vice President Wade administering the oath to Schuyler Colfax

1871-04-29                                                   William, Emperor of Germany

1871-05-06                                                   Father Taylor, the sailor’s preacher

1875-01-02     C. S. Reinhart                         Poor shoeshine boy in snow on New Year’s Eve, “Alone with the Dying Year”

1875-01-09     Thomas Nast                          The “Ark of State” adrift in a sea of Inflation, with dead bodies floating

1875-01-16     C. S. Reinhart                         Woman teaches children in “Compulsory education, the safeguard of free institutions”

1875-01-23                                                   King Alfonso XII of Spain, and his mother, ex-Queen Isabella

1875-01-30     Thomas Nast                          General Sheridan stands by his dispatches

1875-02-13     Thomas Nast                          Mysterious influence of the New York Herald!

1875-02-27     Thomas Nast                          Fierce beast attacks civil rights in Congress: “The trouble has commenced”

1875-03-06     Thomas Nast                          Woman scolds bad boys, “Any thing but a Pacific mail”

1875-03-13     Thomas Nast                          Ex-officers of the ex-Confederate army in Congress

1875-03-20     Sir John Gilbert                      Rene Leblanc, Notary Public of Grand-Pre (from the painting)

1875-04-03                                                   Judith’s prayer, before the tent of Holofernes (from a painting)

1875-04-10     Thomas Nast                          Dog guards state treasury funds for public schools: “Eternal Vigilance is the price of liberty”

1875-06-19     Thomas Nast                          Indian Chief whispers to President Grant, “News in Washington”

1875-06-26     I. P. Pranishnikoff                   In a Russian village—Master’s Coming! (from a painting)

1880-06-05     Thomas Nast                          The Plumed Knight (Blaine) puts on a top-hat with many feather plumes

1894-01-20     T. De Thulstrup                      “Clang” – Out of the way of the cable car

1894-03-24     W. A. Rogers                          Tiger “Tammany” and hyena “Plattism” attack the public

1896-02-08     T. De Thulstrup                      Cuban insurgent cavalry

1896-07-25     W.A. Rogers                           Farmer McKinley Takes Off His Coat

1897-10-16     T. A. Butler                             Seth Low

1898-04-16     W. Louis Sonntag, Jr.             "Imported Cruisers for the United States Navy"

1900-04-14     W. A. Rogers                          France invites all world powers to leave their guns at the door (of the peace conference)

1907-07-20     W. A. Rogers                          Teddy Roosevelt wakes up to see Hughes political fortunes on the rise for 1908

1907-07-27     W. A. Rogers                          Teddy Roosevelt, shooting at some political target on the end of a long fallen tree

1908-12-12     Maxfield Parrish

1909-08-21     Edwin Megaree                      Man playing tennis, about to swat a tennis ball that is approaching him

1912-11-30     Charles MacLellan                  Boy dressed to play football, holding ball; younger boy and girl watching him

1914-03-14     ___ Tilton

1915-07-31     Everett Shinn



1922-07           ___ Wuerfel                           Woman on beach listening to radio through headphones



1913-06           ___ Helleu                             Woman in green hat, looking over her left shoulder at the reader

1913-10           Charles Dana Gibson

1914-09           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Woman in pink with blue hat, looking at the reader

1914-11           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Red-headed woman on green background

1915-02           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Face of woman lying down on a bed, looking at the reader, her left cheek on the pillow

1916-06           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Young woman dressed in gray military academy uniform

1917-01           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Woman sitting in front of her vanity mirror, applying lipstick as one of the “Finishing Touches”

1917-07           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Woman in a naval officer’s uniform, standing on the deck of a warship, and saluting with her hat off and her eyes upward

1917-10           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Woman wearing soldier’s uniform, holding up unsheathed sword, in front of hanging French tricolor flag

1920-06           Penrhyn Stanlaws

1920-10           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Woman in brown forest-ranger clothing with red bandana neckscarf

1920-12           Penrhyn Stanlaws

1922-12           W. T. Benda

1923-12           W. T. Benda

1924-01           W. T. Benda

1924-05           W. T. Benda



1920-01           Florence Nosworthy                Boy in santa hat throwing snowballs

1920-04           Florence Nosworthy                Girl looking at herself and hat in hand mirror

1921-08           Katharine R. Wireman

1925-03           Katharine R. Wireman

1927-01           Katharine R. Wireman

1927-03           F. E. Nosworthy

1927-04           F. E. Nosworthy

1927-07           F. E. Nosworthy

1927-08           F. E. Nosworthy

1927-09           F. E. Nosworthy

1927-10           F. E. Nosworthy

1927-11           F. E. Nosworthy

1928-01           F. E. Nosworthy

1928-03           F. E. Nosworthy

1928-10           F. E. Nosworthy

1928-11           F. E. Nosworthy

1928-12           F. E. Nosworthy

1929-01           F. E. Nosworthy

1929-02           F. E. Nosworthy

1929-04           F. E. Nosworthy



1908-05                                                        Woman takes off her hat to enjoy the breeze by the creek, on a beautiful Spring day; butterflies hover near the flowers

1908-08                                                        Woman lying in hammock on the porch, the fan she’s been using to cool herself resting against her; outside, clouds threaten

1908-09           ___ Mitchell                           Woman in pink dress sits on a rustic bench, writing a letter or note using a large book as a table

1909-03           E. H. Hartke                           Woman walking two collies on a windy day; the sun behind her looks gigantic

1909-06           ___ Williams                          Woman wearing large hat with four huge pink roses on it, and wearing a scarf or boa covered with more pink roses

1913-04           Coles Phillips                          Woman in blue and white, wearing white Dutch cap, working on potatoes; her clothes colors fade away against the white chair and blue background

1916-12           Philip Boileau

1920-05           M. E. Musselman                    Woman in pink gingham bonnet, carrying a large bunch of daisies and yellow flowers

1923-01           Tempest Inman                      Woman nuzzling her baby’s head

1923-06           Tempest Inman                      Woman wearing bridal veils and carrying a bouquet of white flowers, showing off her wedding ring

1926-05           Edmund Davenport                Woman in elaborate Victorian dress with many petticoats, carrying a small parasol or umbrella, tries to ignore the wind and rain as she walks past an iron fence festooned with different kinds of flowers; very much an ante-bellum or early New Orleans feel

1926-06           Edward Volkman                    Woman in a bridal veil, carrying a bunch of yellow-white roses, in front of a stained-glass church window

1929-05           John Newton Howitt               Woman horseback rider sitting on a rock, next to her horse, inviting a squirrel to come visit and shake hands     

1935-03           Laura Buchanan

1935-06           Laura Buchanan                     Rhododendrons

1935-11           Laura Buchanan

1936-07           Laura Buchanan

1936-09           Laura Buchanan                     Statuary water fountain with berry branches around it

1937-06           Harriet P. Grandstaff              La Puerta Color de Rosa; vegetable seller with cart, in front of pink Spanish/Mexican doorway

1938-08           Granville Bruce                       Music teacher oversees unhappy boy’s violin practice while bat, ball, and glove sit on floor nearby, waiting for it to be over

1938-09           Harriet P. Grandstaff

1938-10           Reveau Bassett                      Mallards in flight over a yellowed grass or reeds

1939-05                                                        Woman, seated on a soft couch or bed, holding a baby on her thigh

1940-08           W. D. Smith



1930-10                                                        Estelle Taylor

1931-06                                                        Dorothy Lee

1931-11           Edwin Bower Hesser               Lupe Velez

1933-10                                                        Myrna Loy

1934-04                                                        Alice White

1934-07                                                        Ginger Rogers

1935-06                                                        Janet Gaynor

1935-07                                                        Ann Sothern

1936-04                                                        Gloria Stuart

1936-05           Edwin Bower Hesser               Anita Louise

1937-10           ___ Kale                                Dorothy Lamour [Photograph]

1937-11                                                        Gail Patrick

1937-12                                                        Sigrid Gurie, Gary Cooper

1938-01                                                        Robert Taylor

1938-04                                                        Jeanette MacDonald

1938-05                                                        Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Disney animation)

1938-06                                                        Carole Lombard

1938-07                                                        Robert Young, Franchot Tone, and Robert Taylor

1938-08                                                        Danielle Darrieux

1938-09                                                        Dick Powell, Priscilla Lane

1938-11                                                        Loretta Young

1939-01                                                        Joan Bennett

1939-05                                                        Merle Oberon and Lawrence Olivier

1939-06                                                        Annabella

1939-11                                                        Joan Bennett

1940-03                                                        Tyrone Power

1940-05                                                        Cary Grant

1940-06                                                        Ginger Rogers

1940-08                                                        Charles Boyer

1941-07                                                        Deanna Durbin

1941-10                                                        Sonja Henie, John Payne

1941-11                                                        Dorothy Lamour

1942-01                                                        Anne Gwynne

1942-03                                                        Deanna Durbin

1942-04                                                        Penny Singleton

1942-07                                                        Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent



1935-04           Gene Pressler

1936-02           Ralph Pallen Coleman             Girl sewing a Valentine's day "card" for her mother

1936-03           Mary Sherwood Wright Jones Girl making doll clothes

1937-02           Ralph Pallen Coleman

1937-07           Mary Sherwood Wright Jones

1937-10           Mary Sherwood Wright Jones

1937-12           Marjorie P. Rowell                   Inuit (aka Eskimo) children crawl out of their igloo to see Santa Claus flying in with six reindeer, bringing them Christmas presents

1938-02           Mary Highsmith                      Young girl determinedly knits a square. Looks like she's sitting on a beanbag chair; did they have those in 1938?

1938-05           Maud Towsey Fangel

1938-06           Diana Thorne                         Two small dogs stand up, begging for the sweet pastries on the tea table

1938-07           Ralph Pallen Coleman

1938-10           Mary Sherwood Wright-Jones Map of the home arts of the United States of America. Local crafts shown, by location

1938-12           Mary Sherwood Wright-Jones Children at Christmas Then and Now (Happy and Grumpy)

1939-01           Marjorie P. Rowell                   Window decorations by "J. Frost, Inc., Designer, Window Displays a Specialty" with "Exclusive Mantle Designs / No Two Alike" as Jack Frost paints ice patterns on a window

1939-02           Ralph Pallen Coleman

1939-04           Ralph Pallen Coleman

1939-10           Marjorie P. Rowell                   Family of birds is all dressed up in formal wear to start flying south for the winter: "Southern Tours Personally Conducted"

1940-03           Charlotte Becker

1940-04           Marjorie P. Rowell



1931-08           Monte Crews                          Woman pumping up a flat tire, while another reads the instruction manual; car is loaded for camping vacation



1938-02                           Philip B. Parsons

1938-10                           Philip B. Parsons

1939-03                           Philip B. Parsons

1939-05           Philip B. Parsons



1917-09           Porter Woodruff

1918-04                                                        Stucco cottage with brown shingle roof, flowers and flowering tree greet Spring.

1919-03           L. V. Carroll

1921-03           H. Geo. Brandt                       Skinny tree trunk upholds hanging branches covered with orange flowers; in the background a thatched cottage breathes fairy tales.

1921-04           Ethel Blains [?]                      Ironwork gate in a stuccoed wall leads to a bright flower garden inside.

1921-07           H. Geo. Brandt                       Still life of flowers in a bonsai treatment; butterfly nearby seems amused.

1922-09           H. Geo. Brandt

1925-03           Joseph B. Platt                       Garden still life, with wheelbarrow filled with potted flowers, and circles of tulips planted in the ground; shovel, rake, and watering can.

1926-01           Pierre Brissaud

1926-03           Joseph B. Platt                       Multi-tier table holds many kinds of potted flowering plants, including tulips and mums. Two birds search for insects on the ground below.

1926-10           Pierre Brissaud

1927-01           Pierre Brissaud                       Wishing well in stone and cement at bottom of a hillside which has been terraced with stone walls.

1927-03           Pierre Brissaud                       Huge tree dominates the front yard of a small mansion with formal pathed lawn and driveway. In the foreground a gardener hauls a wheelbarrow load of dirt.

1928-10           Pierre Brissaud

1928-11           Kem Weber                            Room and furniture design in blue and yellow

1929-01           Bradley Walker Tomlin

1931-03           Pierre Brisaud

1938-11           Audrey Buller

1939-10           Elizabeth Hoopes



1903-02           Abram Poole, Jr.

1908-08           Fred Stearns

1908-10           Fred Stearns

1908-11           Fred Stearns

1910-07           Fred Stearns

1910-10           Fred Stearns

1917-01           Harold Sterner

1919-07           Howard Smith

1924-04           Egbert G. Jacobson

1924-06           Maurice Day

1924-07           Helen Haas

1924-09           Maurice Day

1925-01           Edna J. Field

1925-07           C. J. Monro

1925-12           Hildegard Woodward

1926-03           Mark Russell

1926-04           The Kerrs

1929-01           Jan Mayer

1929-09           Guy E. Fry

1929-11           Fred Brumblay

1929-12           Janet Smalley

1930-10           Nelson Grofe

1933-08           Marjorie Hargens




1929-05           F. A. Alltone                           Boy and girl picking wildflowers in a field



1920-12           Katharine R. Wireman

1921-03           Angus Mac Donall

1922-08           ___ Batchelor (?)                   Old man playing croquet; with girl and dog

1924-08           ___ Petty

1924-09           Andrew Loomis

1925-05           Edward Volkman

1926-09           Robert Benecke Usher

1926-11           Robert Benecke Usher            Two boys having pillow fight on top of the bed

1927-04           Charlotte Becker

1927-08           Sarah Stilwell Weber               Child on carousel horse

1929-04           Charles Twelvetrees               Baby sitting in cylindrical hatbox, wearing a woman’s hat and playing around in tissue paper

1929-05           Neil Hott [?]

1929-09           Charles Twelvetrees               Young girl carrying a dog and a bunch of yellow-orange feathery flowers, while behind a porter carries two suitcases

1929-12           Tony Sarg

1930-08           John C. Tidden

1931-01           Janet Laura Scott

1931-05           Maginel Wright Barney

1931-07           Seymour Snyder

1931-12           Maginel Wright Barney

1932-04           Robert Benecke Usher            Two children climbing on a tree that has white flowers; unusual viewpoint angle from below

1932-05           ___ Streckenbach

1932-09           David H. Overmyer

1933-01           S. Ekman                               Deco style shadow of man and woman as green shapes, skating on ice, holding hands with each other and with others outside picture

1933-09           Stark Davis

1933-12                                                        Street scene from above, in snowy late 19th century village

1934-01           Laverne Nelson Black             Three Indians mounted on horses, standing in front of an Indian village

1934-02           S. Wendell Campbell               Two girls in red, each feeding a white dove eating out of her hand

1934-10           Anthony Cucchi                      Woman on bow of oriental boat, holding basket, as dozens of seagulls fly up and around her

1934-11           Stephen Redyns

1935-11           Geraldine Birch

1935-12           Elizabeth Orton Jones

1938-11           Fidelis Harrer                          Boy eating turkey leg in front of his dog, who stares imploringly



1908-10           C. Fosmire

1909-06           C. Fosmire                              Man and woman in back of a large car or cab, with luggage and (probably wedding) presents, off on a trip



1911-10           William Von Dresser               Young woman holding a bunch of branches covered with red autumn leaves

1911-11           Harold Sichel                          Little boy carrying pumpkin and girl leading huge turkey on a rope

1911-12           Emily Hall Chamberlain           Little girl reaching way down into her Christmas stocking

1912-11           Edna Hart                              Two girls rolling a huge pumpkin which has had “Thanksgiving” carved on it

1912-12           C. M. Burd                              Woman and baby in flowing robes (middle eastern theme?) (Mary and the infant Jesus?)

1913-11           Philip Boileau

1915-03           J. Knowles Hare                      Woman wearing purple hat with huge orange feather, holding her white-gloved left hand up to her chin

1915-08           A. M. Tuyney

1916-03           Olga Hess

1916-05           A. D. Rahn                             Woman reading a letter, looking up thoughtfully, her chin on her intertwined fingers



1907-04                                                        James J. Hill [Photograph, in circular frame]



1926-08           J. Clinton Shepherd                Man picking berries is startled to look across the patch and see a bear staring at him

1930-01           Edwin Bolenbaugh                 Bear walking through the snow in an evergreen forest

1930-02           Edwin Bolenbaugh                 Mountain lion, treed by dogs

1930-05           Edwin Bolenbaugh

1930-09           Edwin Bolenbaugh                 Rabbit running from a dog chasing it

1931-01           Edwin Bolenbaugh                 Polar bear, on ice floe in the midnight sun, is startled by airplane flying overhead

1937-04           Edwin Bolenbaugh



1925-08                                                        Water birds coming in and landing at the lakeshore

1927-09           Philip B. Parsons

1928-01           Philip B. Parsons

1928-11           Philip B. Parsons

1928-12           Philip B. Parsons

1929-01           Philip B. Parsons

1929-08           Philip B. Parsons

1929-10           Philip B. Parsons

1929-11           Philip B. Parsons

1929-12           Philip B. Parsons

1930-07           Philip B. Parsons

1930-12           Philip B. Parsons

1931-01           Philip B. Parsons

1931-02           Philip B. Parsons

1931-05           Philip B. Parsons

1931-07                                                        Porcupine chewing the edge of somebody’s canoe

1931-08           Philip B. Parsons

1931-10           Philip B. Parsons                     Deer standing at the edge of a mountain lake

1932-01           Philip B. Parsons


1932-08           Philip B. Parsons

1933-01           Philip B. Parsons

1933-04           Philip B. Parsons

1934-06           Philip B. Parsons

1935-07           Philip B. Parsons

1936-07           Philip B. Parsons

1936-08           Philip B. Parsons

1939-03           M. M. H.

1939-09           G. Tyng

1939-10           Harry Livingston                     Pheasant hunting

1940-06           Gordon E. Nichols

1940-07           Philip B. Parsons

1940-08           Philip B. Parsons

1940-09           Philip B. Parsons

1940-12           Philip B. Parsons

1941-01           Walter W. Mememjoy [?]

1941-02           Philip B. Parsons                     Fox hiding from a tracking dog in snowy fields

1941-03           Gordon E. Nichols                   Fisherman holding his line taught

1941-04                                                        Man fishing in a lake, standing in the water [Color Photograph]



1894-12-08     Archie Gunn

1895-02-23     Sally Grimes

1897-04-17     Archie Gunn



1894-07           Will H. Bradley                        Two women in and by a lily pond

1894-11           Will H. Bradley                        Woman feeding three turkeys

1894-12           Will H. Bradley                        Woman holding a candle

1895-02           Will H. Bradley                        Woman playing a guitar or ukulele among trees

1895-03           Will H. Bradley                        Trees, or maybe feathers

1895-12           Will H. Bradley                        Two women, red and white, on a background of holly leaves

1896-01           Will H. Bradley                        Person in white robes, carrying an hourglass

1898-04           C. W. Traver                           Woman singing, framed in art nouveau vines and flowers

1902-11           Ralph Fletcher Seymour          Woman in white robe carrying armful of sticks in a snowy rock and forest scene



1897-06           Will H. Bradley                        Lettering, and archaic book illustration design



1888-08-11     Grant Hamilton                       “On deck” – politicians in Confederate Army uniforms ….

1888-09-15     Victor Gillam                           “The Democratic Rip van Winkle” – old man in rags being stared at by bunch of loafers

1888-09-22     Victor Gillam                           “End of the bathing season” – Uncle Sam / politician steps out of the Potomac river covered with garbage (wonder what this is all supposed to mean?)

1888-09-29     Victor Gillam                           Uncle Sam carrying America’s Surplus to John Bull’s pawn shop, results of “The Democratic ‘Trust’”

1888-10-13                                                   “Two sides to a hypocrite”

1888-10-20     Grant Hamilton                       “Is marriage a failure?”

1888-11-03     Victor Gillam                           “Ah Cleve-Land worships his joss”

1891-02-07     Grant Hamilton

1891-02-14     Victor Gillam

1891-02-21     Victor Gillam

1891-02-28     Victor Gillam

1891-03-07     Victor Gillam

1891-04-18     Victor Gillam                           “Italian monkey riding the high horse” – politico on a rocking horse

1891-05-16     Victor Gillam                           “Dar’s a lock on de Chick’n coop door” –

1891-05-23     Victor Gillam                           “That little rival show”  

1891-05-30     Victor Gillam

1891-06-06     Victor Gillam                           Members of the People’s Party are afloat in a leaky balloon, a “Party of Patches”

1891-06-13     Victor Gillam

1891-06-20     Victor Gillam                           “David’s little joke”

1891-08-22     Victor Gillam                           “Questioning the sphinx”

1891-09-26     Victor Gillam

1891-10-03     Victor Gillam                          

1892-02-06     Victor Gillam                           Woman with sausages and pet pig: “Will ‘Judge’ get that prize?”

1892-02-20     Victor Gillam                           Louisiana Lottery “Giving Up the Ghost”

1892-02-27     Victor Gillam                           Big man now shrunk to tiny, since events and surrounds make “All the difference”

1892-03-12     Victor Gillam                           One man stands tall among “The candidates for the Republican nomination”

1893-02-11     Victor Gillam                           Tammanny is a tiger-rug doormat

1893-07-22     Victor Gillam

1893-09-30     Victor Gillam                          

1893-11-25     Victor Gillam

1893-12-02     Victor Gillam

1893-12-30     Victor Gillam

1894-01-13     Victor Gillam                           Little girl operating a politician as a hand-puppet

1894-01-20     Victor Gillam

1894-03-24     Victor Gillam

1894-06-30     Victor Gillam

1894-08-22     Victor Gillam                          

1895-01-05     Victor Gillam

1895-01-12     Victor Gillam                           “Doubly snubbed”

1895-01-19     Victor Gillam                           “The two Dromios; or, the political comedy of errors”

1895-01-26     Victor Gillam                           Grover Cleveland as “Grover Crusoe and His Man Friday,” (Hill)

1895-02-02     Victor Gillam

1895-02-09     Victor Gillam

1895-03-16     Victor Gillam

1895-03-23     Victor Gillam

1895-03-30     Victor Gillam                           America as a bicyclist on a rocky, spiked road, “Only half way yet!”

1895-04-06     Victor Gillam                           Uncle Sam tweaks Spain’s ear, warning him he’s “Struck the wrong man”

1895-04-27     Victor Gillam

1895-06-15     Victor Gillam                           “Everything sound, or, Carlisle and his record”

1895-07-13     Victor Gillam                           “A slave to blue laws”

1895-08-17     Victor Gillam                           John Bull of England approaching America’s shores: “He comes across the sea”

1895-09-21     Victor Gillam                           “The rival Republican fortune-tellers”

1895-09-28     Victor Gillam                           “Can’t ‘oo talk?”

1895-10-12     Victor Gillam

1895-11-09     Victor Gillam                           “Spiking the gun”

1895-11-30     Victor Gillam                           Politicians getting ready to divide up a very scrawny political prize bird for “Thanksgiving”

1899-06-10     Grant Hamilton                       “The Filipino’s First Bath”

1899-07-08     Grant Hamilton                       Dewey Number

1899-12-23     Jan Smith                               Santa Claus operating a puppet

1900-06-30     Grant Hamilton                       William Jennings as a “Boxer” meaning political fanatic

1901-01-26     Grant Hamilton                       John D. Rockefeller as Aladdin, holding up his wonderful kerosene lamp

1905-03-18     ___ Dalrymple                       Teddy Roosevelt, as the U.S., points ship’s cannon at Great Britain, telling it “Hands Off” Santo Domingo

1905-05-06     ___ ___                                 Death’s head smoking in re “The Deadly Cigarette”

1907-06-06     Zim                                        “Big Sticks All the Rage”

1911-04-29     Jack Sears

1911-06-10     James Montgomery Flagg

1911-08-05     Ruth Eastman                        Man and woman drinking from the same glass using two straws, noting that “Straws show which way the wind blows”

1911-11-11     James Montgomery Flagg       Man and woman playing cards ignore the game and lean over to kiss, "A better game than bridge".

1911-11-25     William Van Dresser

1912-01-27     Rolf Armstrong                       Woman’s head and shoulders, “A Live Wire”

1912-02-10                                                   Old man and woman sitting by the lamp, reading the paper and knitting: B P O E = Best People On Earth, the old folks at home

1912-06-08     Charles Sarka                         "Looking Backward": Young woman touring through ancient Egyptian buildings sees a wall painting of a woman who looks amazingly like her.

1912-09-14     C. W. Fairchild

1912-10-26     James Montgomery Flagg

1912-12-28     James Montgomery Flagg

1913-07-26     James Montgomery Flagg

1913-08-23     Howard R. Cort                       Woman on the beach in then-modern swim suit (framed in six-pointed star cutout) – “Twinkle, twinkle little star”

1913-09-27     R. K. Ryland                           Woman has taken her shoe and socks off to dip toe in the pond; another woman nearby thinks it’s “Shocking!”

1913-11-29     James Montgomery Flagg       Man is trying to explain something to a woman, but the cherub of love keeps interfering with the conversation by “Butting in”

1913-12-06                                                   Christmas doll, in red with holly decoration on cap

1914-08-15     James Montgomery Flagg       Woman experiences Summer by sitting on the edge of a bathtub in swimming dress with a parasol

1914-08-22     James Montgomery Flagg

1914-09-19     W. S. Gephart

1914-10-31     Enoch Bolles

1914-11-07     Mortimer W. Loew

1915-02-06     James Montgomery Flagg

1915-10-02     C. Bertram Hartman

1916-03-11     Norman Holt

1916-03-25     Paul Stahr

1916-05-27     Enoch Bolles &E. S. Turnbull   Squirrel points to artillery shell, saying, “If that’s a shell, I’m a nut”

1916-08-12     James Montgomery Flagg       Man and woman embracing while sitting on top of a stone wall: “Wallnuts”

1917-03-24     Will Rannells                          Two small dogs wearing red headscarves, are “War Babies”

1917-06-16     Orson Lowell

1917-06-30     David Robinson

1917-08-18     Will Rannells                          Dog in an Scout or Army hat, “A Boy Scout”

1917-08-25     Mary Lane McMillan

1917-10-06     Orson Lowell                          Everybody is wearing khaki, the newest style for young and old (thanks to America’s entering WWI)

1917-11-17     Orson Lowell

1917-12-15     James Montgomery Flagg

1917-12-22     Orson Lowell

1917-12-29     James Montgomery Flagg

1918-01-05     Orson Lowell

1918-01-26     Charles Sarka

1918-02-02     Charles Sarka

1918-02-16     James Montgomery Flagg

1918-03-02     Rodney Thomson

1918-03-09     Charles Orich

1918-03-23     David Robinson

1918-04-06     David Robinson                      American soldier, back at home on leave, is “The star boarder”

1918-04-27     F. L. Fithian

1918-05-18     George Carlson

1918-06-08     James Montgomery Flagg

1918-06-15     David Robinson

1918-07-13     G. Sheperd

1918-08-03     Philip Caminoni, Jr.                 Woman sees her lover’s face as “The man in the moon”

1918-08-17     Grant Hamilton

1918-08-24     David Robinson

1918-08-31     John Frost

1918-09-07     James Montgomery Flagg

1918-09-14     F. L. Fithian                            Woman in veil, with American flag in shadow background, “A head of the times”

1918-09-28     F. T. Ihman

1918-10-05     E. I. Compton

1918-10-12     Robert Graef

1918-10-26     David Robinson

1918-11-09     John Frost                              Cowboy about to go into the Army saying “Good-bye, old pal!” to his horse

1918-11-16     John Held, Jr.

1918-11-23     Charles Sarka

1918-11-30     Walter Tittle

1918-12-21     Edna L. Crompton

1919-01-04     James Montgomery Flagg

1919-01-11     John Held, Jr.

1919-02-01     Paul Stahr                              Airmail pilot is heroic figure to three young girls romantically handing him mail to carry

1919-02-15     J. F. Kernan

1919-03-01     Rea Irvin

1919-03-22     James Montgomery Flagg

1919-04-05     Edna L. Crompton                  Man and woman holding hands romantically over tea

1919-05-03     Charles Sarka

1919-05-17     John Held, Jr.

1919-05-24     Rea Irvin

1919-06-14     Orson Lowell

1919-06-21     James Montgomery Flagg       Woman holding baby up against her right shoulder, looking off distractedly

1919-07-05     James Montgomery Flagg

1919-07-12     James Montgomery Flagg

1919-07-19     James Montgomery Flagg

1919-08-23     James Montgomery Flagg

1919-08-30     Edna L. Crompton

1919-09-20     Charles Wright

1919-09-27     Will Rannells                          Dog, in mouth carrying a piece of paper with “political” demands

1919-12-06     Guy Hoff                                Santa, wearing a bunch of pinback buttons for various organizations, “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”      

1919-11-29     James Montgomery Flagg

1920-02-07     James Montgomery Flagg

1920-02-21     Guy Hoff

1920-03-20     James Montgomery Flagg

1920-03-27     James Montgomery Flagg

1920-04-10     Orson Lowell                          Big wind blows men’s and women’s hats off, but woman holds on to hers even though the wind swirls her dress up around her legs

1920-06-06     Paul Stahr

1920-09-11     James Montgomery Flagg

1920-11-13     Edna L. Crompton

1920-11-20     Edna L. Crompton

1920-11-27     James Montgomery Flagg

1920-12-18     Eliot Keen

1920-12-25     James Montgomery Flagg

1921-01-01     Charles H. Wright                   Metaphoric world, woman, baby, money etc. in gears, as  “Love Makes the World Go ‘Round”

1921-01-29     James Montgomery Flagg       Angry wife confronts husband carrying flowers, “Now, What Have You Been Up To?”

1921-02-19     James Montgomery Flagg

1921-02-26     James Montgomery Flagg

1921-05-21     John Held, Jr.                         Two men appear to be threatening each other with weapons, but they’re just reaching for their hip flasks

1921-05-28     John B. Crandell                     Women dancers in a theater, wearing ballet clothing but with hats and umbrellas

1921-06-18     Clinton Pettee                        Boy trying to drag his dog into the water at the beach

1921-06-25     C. Clyde Squires                    Three women in bathing suits, on the beach by a big umbrella: “Summer Goods”

1921-07-16     R. B. Fuller                             Man in formal dress is astonished (top hat flies off) by sight of three mermaids at the beach

1921-07-30     Ray Thayer

1921-08-06     R. B. Fuller                             Lifeguard carrying woman out of the surf says he’s tired of saving her life

1921-08-07     C. J. Monro                             Couple playing checkers, but the woman is totally “Checker Bored”

1921-08-13     Simon Werner                        Women swimming in a pool and sitting by a pergola

1921-09-10     H. M. Bonnell

1921-09-17     Simon Werner                        Woman in bathing suit floating in water

1921-09-24     C. J. Monro

1921-10-15     Ray Thayer

1921-11-19     N. C. Wyeth

1921-11-26     James Montgomery Flagg       Man checking his son’s ears to make sure he’s cleaned them

1921-12-03     Simon Werner

1921-12-10     James Montgomery Flagg       Sitting man and woman holding each other “Too close for comfort”

1922-01-28     Rene Vincent

1922-05-27     Charles Bakerville

1922-07-01     Robert Patterson

1922-07-22     Robert Patterson                    Woman sitting under beach umbrella on the beach, showing her legs

1922-08-26     Simon Werner

1922-09-16     John Held, Jr.

1922-09-23     Orson Lowell                          Woman about to trim her poodle’s hair, while three random dogs watch

1922-09-30     Simon Werner

1922-11-18     Orson Lowell

1922-12-09     John Held, Jr.                         Santa urges along his reindeer with a whip, while a stork brings a new baby in

1922-12-16     Orson Lowell                          Adam and Eve put stocking up over fire, while all kinds of animals watch, to celebrate the “Original Christmas Eve”

1922-12-23     Angus Mac Donall                  Baby boy has knocked down Christmas tree to get candy cane

1923-01-06     John Held, Jr.

1923-01-20     Simon Werner                        Flapper women at a party, in low-cut dresses: “The Great Open Spaces”

1923-01-27     Enoch Bolles                          Woman on surfboard, “A Gulf Streamline Model”

1923-02-10     Angus Mac Donall                  Man and woman ice-skaters, standing in water in heart-shaped hole in the ice, called “His Valentine”

1923-03-02     Guy Hoff                                Man and woman about to kiss

1923-04-07     John Held, Jr.                         Woman has punched man, giving him a black eye, “Where the Blue Begins”

1923-04-14     Guy Hoff                                Woman stretching and yawning, as clock iin background says it’s “Spring Time”

1923-05-05     John Held, Jr.                         Old woman in garden, listening with ear trumpet, to “The Pipes of Pan”

1923-05-19     James Montgomery Flagg

1923-05-26     John Held, Jr.

1923-06-02     James Montgomery Flagg

1923-07-08     Simon Werner                        Woman on the beach brushes off dandy trying to make a play for her: “Yes, We Have No Dates”

1923-08-04     James Montgomery Flagg

1923-09-08     Simon Werner

1923-09-22     John Held, Jr.                         Woman listens enraptured as a satyr plays the pipes; titled “Goodbye Summer”

1923-11-10     James Montgomery Flagg

1923-12-15     James Montgomery Flagg       Woman being embraced from behind by a large bear; “Santa Claws”

1923-12-22     Ralph Barton                          Christmas! Woman is frightened by a mouse

1923-12-29     James Montgomery Flagg
1924-01-05     Norm Anthony

1924-01-12     James Montgomery Flagg

1924-01-26     James Montgomery Flagg

1924-02-09     John Holmgren                       Woman walks in front of seated Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial, smoking: “Emancipation”

1924-03-15     Sam Brown

1924-03-22     Simon Werner                        Man uses cigarette smoke to write “I Love You” in the air for his woman

1924-04-23     R. B. Fuller                             Boy dressed as policeman is “The Bully” to boy and girl in play auto

1924-05-10     Sam Brown                             Woman’s petticoats have “Fallen From Grace”

1924-05-24     John Held, Jr.

1924-07-05     John Holmgren

1924-07-19     R. B. Fuller                             Two children sledding down a giant portion of purple-pink ice cream

1924-07-26     Ralph Barton                          Woman bather at beach about to remove bathing suit, in accordance with sign “One-pieve bathing suits must not be worn”

1924-09-27     Enoch Bolles                          Bathing beautires on the beach

1924-10-25     ___ Delevant

1924-11-01     James Montgomery Flagg

1924-11-15     Enoch Bolles                          Woman on crossword puzzle, representing total mystery

1924-11-08     Percy L. Crosby

1924-12-20     Raymond Thayer                    Woman relaxing in an easy chair, stockinged her legs way up with her feet on the fireplace mantle: “The Modern Miss Hangs Up Her Stockings”

1925-01-10     Ruth Eastman                        Woman struggling with Crossword puzzles, using dictionaries etc.

1925-01-17     Ray Thayer

1925-01-31     James Montgomery Flagg

1925-02-28     John Holmgren                       Woman sitting down on bench, spreading silken vast folds of her dress

1925-03-21     Ruth Eastman                        Woman lying on a tropical beach, reading a crossword puzzle in a book and looking bemused

1925-03-28     Raymond Thayer

1925-04-11     John Holmgren

1925-04-18     Ruth Eastman

1925-04-25     Ray Thayer

1925-05-09     Jefferson Machamer

1925-05-16     Sam Brown                             Woman reading the rotogravure section of the newspaper

1925-05-23     John Holmgren

1925-05-30     Raymond Thayer

1925-06-13     John Holmgren                       “Hell’s Belles” dancing

1925-06-27     Raymond Thayer

1925-07-04     Percy L. Crosby                      Statue of Liberty, beaten up, “Just a girl that men forget” – for Slaves Number

1925-07-25     John Holmgren

1925-08-08     ___ Delevante

1925-08-22     David Robinson

1925-08-29     Paul Reilly

1925-09-05     ___ Delevante                       Frustrated horseshoe salesman Pan can’t fit Centauress who wants a smaller size shoe

1925-09-12     DeAlton Valentine

1925-10-03     David Robinson

1925-10-24     Guy Hoff

1925-10-31     Ruth Eastman                        "Witchcraft" -- an attractive young flapper, dressed in a short, sleeveless, halloween-themed dress and witch's hat, casts a hag-witch shadow.

1925-11-07     John Holmgren                       Cutout outline of nude woman entering a bath; Parisian number, “Cut Out by Censor”

1925-11-28     Don Herold

1925-12-12     David Robinson                      Switchboard operator smiling at the reader

1925-12-26     James Trembath                     Christmas scene in Victorian English street

1926-01-02     Ruth Eastman

1926-01-09     Don Herold

1926-01-16     Ruth Eastman

1926-01-23     Gardner Rea                           Couple in comic 19th century clothes for “Antique Number”

1926-01-30     Guy Hoff                                Woman looking back over her left shoulder at the reader

1926-02-06     ___ Delavante

1926-02-13     David Robinson                      “A Box-Office Attraction”

1926-02-20     Ruth Eastman                        Upside-down image of a woman in orange

1926-02-27     Don Herold                             Woman ice skater looking to her right, out at the reader, runs into man skater she doesn’t see

1926-04-17     Gardner Rea                           Woman dances floppy Charleston while man plays saxophone: “Sax Appeal”

1926-04-24     Don Herold

1926-05-01     John Holmgren

1926-05-08                                                   Tramp driving old car; SEP parody cover and issue

1926-05-15     ___ Delevante

1926-05-29     John Holmgren

1926-06-05     Guy Hoff

1926-06-19     John Holmgren

1926-06-26     Guy Hoff                                Woman swan diving out of the page: “Well, I Swan!”

1926-07-10     Robert Patterson                    Woman on surfboard, with rope reins (!) coming in atop wave, labeled “Board and Room for Right Party”

1926-07-17     Don Herold                             Man about to whip his daughter with a stick: “How to Rear a Daughter,” a Younger Set Number

1926-07-24     Ruth Eastman                        Woman in green bathing suit and bathing cap wading in water, turning back to look at reader over her left shoulder

1926-07-31     James Montgomery Flagg

1926-08-21     ___ Delevante                       Miss America sniffs at the statue of the Venus de Milo

1926-08-28     ___ Rea

1926-09-04     Ruth Eastman                        Woman applying Coty rouge for a blush; mirror of Coty ad on back cover

1926-09-11     James Trembath                     Man in street is confronted by hundreds of taxicabs – “The Yellow Peril”

1926-09-18     Robert Patterson                    Woman holding her small dog; they have identical hair styles

1926-10-02     John Holmgren                       Woman wearing gigantic colorful “Shawl There Is”

1926-10-09     Don Herold                             Woman in medieval armor protected from gangsters’ bullets, which just bounce off in the “Chicago Number”

1926-10-16     David Robinson                      Two women reading newspaper, their stocking legs showing as “Shocking Disclosures”

1926-10-23     ___ Rea                                 Stylized woman dancing with sheep in Vanity Fair parody issue

1926-12-11     John Holmgren                      

1926-12-18     ___ Rea                                 Nineteenth century couple in visible love, with hearts and cupids, in “Sentimental Number”

1926-12-25     David Robinson                      Man and woman kissing with moonlight coming in through the window: “Parlor Tricks”

1927-01-01     ___ Rea

1927-01-08     John Holmgren

1927-01-15     Ruth Eastman

1927-01-22     Gardner Rea                           College student in raccoon coat lighting cigarette in holder, “Non-Campus Mentis” for Collegian Number

1927-02-05     R. B. Fuller

1927-02-26     DeAlton Valentine                  Wet woman in red dress, having fallen into the water, says, “Thanks for the canoe ride!”

1927-03-12     ___ Forbell

1927-03-26     Rea Irvin

1927-04-09     Jefferson Machamer               Couple at a night club, the man has passed out on the floor: “Portrait of a Gentleman”

1927-06-11     ___ Grubb                             Puppy dog is wound up completely in leash

1927-06-18     R. B. Fuller

1927-07-02     Rea Irvin

1927-08-20     Gardner Rea [?]                     Woman in extremely low cut and skimpy dress attracts attention of six men

1927-09-03     James Trembath                     Multiple parody magazine cover images, on sale at all newsstands

1927-09-27     John Holmgren

1927-10-15     Patterson? Jefferson?             Fifty thousand freshmen, identical in raccoon coats, with pipes and bowlers, can’t be wrong

1927-11-12     Jefferson Machamer

1927-11-27     Percy L. Crosby                      Boy looks in window, hoping for Thanksgiving turkey

1927-12-03     John Holmgren                       Woman in elegant white dress; Christmas number; labeled “The Berries”

1927-12-17     Ruth Eastman                        Woman with extremely long list of Christmas presents stares off into space and makes a punning expletive

1927-12-31     John Holmgren                       Grandma was spinning wool; now is at wheel of a convertible

1928-01-28     Nate Collier

1928-02-11     Jefferson Machamer

1928-02-18     Ruth Eastman                        Postcard of a woman sitting on a diving board in Florida

1928-03-10     Jefferson Machamer               Man admiringly watching woman’s skirt blowing up in the wind

1928-04-07     Rea Irvin

1928-04-21     Don Herold

1928-04-28     G. Fraygon

1928-05-09     Rea Irvin

1928-07-07     [multiple artists, sections]

1928-07-14     Ed Graham

1928-07-28     R. B. Fuller                             Baby girl standing on front edge of a diving board, apparently terrified but considering jumping

1928-08-25     ___ Delevant

1928-09-01     John Holmgren

1928-09-08     R. B. Fuller

1928-09-15     Ruth Eastman

1928-09-22     John Holmgren

1928-09-29     R. B. Fuller

1928-10-06     David Robinson                      Several couples embracing in the park shrubbery, but she says “The Trouble With Me Is, I’m Different”

1928-10-13     Ruth Eastman                        Cavewoman in furs, with hatchet, bowl, and “The First Woman’s Club”

1928-10-20     Jefferson Machamer

1928-10-27     Ruth Eastman                        Housemaid, washing windows, shows plenty of “Housemaid’s Knee” as she does so

1928-11-10     Jefferson Machamer               Woman in red dress, followed by gigantic crowd of men in raccoon coats

1928-11-17     R. B. Fuller                             Boy kisses girlfriend in her house at the end of a date, as her angry father comes down the stairs to throw him out

1928-11-24     Ruth Eastman                        Woman’s very low-cut back: “La V Parisienne”

1928-12-01     John Holmgren                       Woman, “The Opposite Sex,” driving down a one-way street the wrong way

1928-12-08     Eugene Gise

1928-12-15     R. B. Fuller

1928-12-22     John Holmgren                       One woman whispering secrets to another at the “Information” desk

1928-12-29     Ruth Eastman                        Woman is writing checks to pay for Christmas presents, with the checkbook being the “Book of the Month”

1929-01-16     John Holmgren

1929-02-09     James Trembath

1929-03-30     James Trembath

1929-04-20     Rea Irvin

1929-06-22     Rea Irvin

1929-07-06     ___ Delevante

1929-07-13     Ed Graham

1929-07-20     Ruth Eastman (Rodgers)        Woman sitting on huge steamer trunk is musing over all the things she bought outside the country and will now have to declare them at incoming Customs

1929-07-27     Rea ___

1929-08-10     James Trembath

1929-08-17     Ruth Eastman (Rodgers)

1929-08-31     ___ Delevante

1929-09-28     George T. Eggleston               Man washes up on tiny desert island with beautiful woman on it

1929-10-05     ___ Delevant

1929-10-12     James Trembath                     Flapper bending into the engine compartment of her car to fix it: “Dirty Work at the Cross-roads”

1929-10-26     Jefferson Machamer

1929-11-02     Ed Graham                             Scotsman and woman sharing ice cream soda: “Scotch and soda”

1929-11-09     Russell Patterson                   

1929-11-23                                                   Parody issue: “True Story / Believe It or Not”

1929-11-30     ___ Delevant

1929-12-14     James Trembath                     Woman looks at her selection of shoes, contemplates buying new ones

1929-12-21     Ruth Eastman                        Woman examining ties at a store, choosing Christmas presents to give

1930-01-18     Ed Graham

1930-02-08     John Holmgren

1930-03-01     C. F. Howard

1930-04-12     Nate Collier

1930-05-03     F. Hanley

1930-05-17     Joseph Morgan

1930-05-24     Frank Hanley

1930-06-14     John Holmgren

1930-06-21     Joseph Morgan

1930-08-02     Leonard T. Holton                   Densely crowded Summer recreational swimmers are “The Floating Population”

1930-08-09     Frank Hanley

1930-09-14     Joseph Morgan                       Man drawing mustaches and beards on the faces of women in posters

1930-10-04     Alan D’Egville

1930-10-11     Joseph Morgan

1930-10-18     John Holmgren

1930-10-25     Ed Graham

1930-11-01     Rea ___

1930-11-08     E. Simms Campbell

1930-11-15     James Morgan

1930-11-22     Alan D’Egville

1930-11-29     Ed Graham

1930-12-13     Frank Hanley

1930-12-27     Ed Graham

1931-01-17     Leonard Holton

1931-02-14     Jefferson Machamer

1931-05-16     Ray Thayer

1931-06-13     Guy Hoff

1931-06-20     Ed Graham

1931-07-04     Ed Graham

1931-07-18     Percy L. Crosby

1931-07-25     E. Simms Campbell

1931-08-01     Jack Rose                               Baby has angular blocks, doll, rattle, and … bottle

1931-08-08     Joseph Morgan

1931-09-19     Rea                                        Hawkers selling snacks at a baseball game make it hard for a fan to see the field

1931-10-17                                                   Man in woman snuggling in convertible, see roadsign “Proceed at Your Own Risk”

1932-01-02     Ed Graham

1932-01-09     Dr. Suess

1932-01-16     Vernon Grant

1932-01-23     James Trembath                     Woman wearing leopard-spot furs

1932-02-06     Joseph Morgan

1932-02-13     Don Herold

1932-02-20     ___ Rea

1932-02-27     Vernon Grant

1932-03-13     ___ Bemelmans

1932-03-26     James Trembath

1932-04-02     Ed Graham

1932-04-23     ___ Bemelmans

1932-04-30     James Trembath

1932-05-07     C. H.

1932-05-14     ___ Bemelmans

1932-05-21     Vernon Grant

1932-05-28     ___ Bemelmans

1932-06-11     Ed Graham

1932-06-18     Reamer Keller

1932-06-25     A. S. Foster

1933-04-01     James Trembath

1933-08-01     Gilbert Bundy

1934-08           Joseph Morgan                       Man and woman diving under water, with kid (her younger brother?) following them and man yelling at him

1936-01           F. Hanley

1936-02           Joseph Morgan

1936-04           F. Hanley                              

1936-06           Colin Allen

1936-11           Guy Hoff

1936-12           F. Hanley                               Man in alpine costume posting signs announcing incorporation of the humorous tradition and features of LIFE MAGAZINE into JUDGE with this issue

1937-01           Barbara Shermund                

1937-02           Vernon Grant

1937-04           Barbara Shermund

1937-06           Gregor ___

1937-07           Gardner Rea

1937-09           Frank H. ___

1937-10           E. Simmons Campbell

1937-11           E. Simmons Campbell

1937-12           Vernon Grant



1933-07           Robb Beebe                            Children swimming




1896-04           A. W. Parry                             Woman singing from a songbook, with two cherubs holding candles up to illuminate it

1896-06                                                        Woman sitting on a fence or porch railing, back against a pole, with lots of flowers and trees around

1896-07           ___ Hooper                            Woman’s head and shoulders, pencil sketch in blue, in circle surrounded by roses

1896-08           Jessie Willcox Smith               Woman and child walking along a shore, woman holding her hat against the wind

1896-10           F. A. Carter                            Woman in cape, standing, against a background pattern of wind-blown flowers



1891-03                                                        Shepherdess, with sheep and ram, in March winds

1891-05                                                        Woman in classical Greek dress, in a field in May, holding branch of flowering tree

1892-08                                                        Blackberries by a stream running through a meadow in the summer

1892-10                                                        Women harvesting or picking flowers or fruits or other crops

1892-11           C. (or L.) H. Reed                   Pilgrim woman on field with corn stacked in shocks around Thanksgiving time

1893-02                                                        Woman trying to grasp Cupid

1893-03           Alice Barber Stephens             Woman has been feeding birds; they flock to the ground to eat

1893-04           M. L. Kirk                                Woman in classical flowing dress, amid trees, birds, and flowers

1893-06                                                        Three roses on rose branches

1893-07           Frank O. Small

1893-08                                                        Men and women picnicking in boat house

1893-10           Frank O. Small                       Woman cutting sunflowers in her garden

1893-11           J. B. Wenzell                          Winged classical women statues holding up plaque “Jubilee Number 1893”

1893-12           C. S. Reinhart                         Woman, standing in front of fireplace, offers you Christmas punch from her punchbowl

1894-01           J. B. Wenzell                          Woman looks at midnight clock on New Year’s Eve, while party goes on far away in background

1894-05           R. Ningelt                               Woman, in semi-classical dress, in field, smiling at Cupid

1894-06           Frank Small [Smith?]              Women, and one man, at an outdoor tea party

1894-07           W. T.  Smedley                       Woman in summer dress walking away from reader, looking back over her right shoulder

1894-10           J. B. Wenzell                          Three women in extremely complex and convoluted formal dresses

1894-11           J. B. Wenzell                          Woman blown along with a cherub and the leaves, by the wind, under a full moon

1894-12           W. T. Smedley                        Woman surrounded by attentive men in dinner dress, at museum, gallery, or estate hall

1895-01           Frank O. Small                       Woman walking forward, down snowy city street

1895-02           Alice Barber Stephens             Woman standing, in fancy satiny dress and robe

1895-03           Albert Lynch                           Three women, hand in hand, walking or playing crack-the-whip from a party in a house

1895-04           Charles Dana Gibson              Two women standing looking out at reader, wearing dark and light dresses

1895-05           Albert Lynch                           Woman in white standing by a railing

1895-06           Alice Barber Stephens             Woman walking down sidewalk in wealthy residential neighborhood

1895-07           W. L. Taylor                            Woman in white standing in a field, holding her hat behind her

1895-08           Albert Lynch                           Woman in white standing in a grassy field in front of trees, holding some branches

1895-09           Charles Dana Gibson              Woman standing in a field of large white flowers

1895-10           W. L. Taylor                            Woman standing by flowering tree

1895-11           W. T. Smedley                        Formally dressed men and women seated for an outdoor event (Ascot, pageant, etc.)

1896-02           Frank O. Small                       Woman in black winter coat coming out of church on a winter’s day; framed by snowy evergreen branches

1896-03                                                         Woman in field opens cage to free dozens of birds, who stream out over a row of standing rabbits

1896-04           Albert Lynch                           Young woman in white gathering Spring flowers in a wooded field; framed in a border of flowers

1896-05                                                        Woman in white dress sits at window sill, but turns and stares sadly or dreamily at reader

1896-06                                                        Woman in white gown bends down to smell tree rose in a garden

1896-07           Maxfield Parrish                     Woman in classical garb with striped cape standing in front of tree in a forest

1896-08           Albert Lynch                           Woman standing next to flowering bush in open field

1896-09           Art Granville-Smith                 Woman standing in new dress, with dog

1896-10           Albert Lynch                           Woman in light-colored dress with dark stole standing by flowers in front of a house

1896-11           R. A. Bell                                Medieval women singing and playing music in a very art-nouveau style

1896-12                                                        Archangel announces baby to be born [in 15th-century art style]

1897-01           E. A. Abbey                            Woman and children singing in church

1897-02           Alice Barber Stephens             Upper-class men and women in formal dress at an elegant tea party

1897-03           Frank V. DuMond                   Girl in forest meadow in early Spring triumphantly holds up first tulip [or crocus] she has plucked

1897-04           Will Low                                 Two women in green among lily plants, for “Easter”

1897-05           Howard Pyle                           Man and woman standing among cherry blossoms on tree
1897-06           ___ Blum                               Woman in yellow robe standing, head and shoulders surrounded by flowers

1897-08           Frank Fowler                          Woman in white, with dark hat, holding yellow flowers in a flower field

1897-09                                                        Woman and two infants, her lap overflowing with fruits, possibly representing Harvest or Autumn

1897-10           W. T. Smedley                        Woman on a ladder leaning against the arbor or trellis, handing a bunch of grapes down to another woman

1897-11           V. Oakley                               American Indian or Aztec goddess of bounty, standing in a field against pumpkins and corn shocks, offers you harvest plenty for Thanksgiving

1897-12           Reginald Birch                        Crowds of people on a city sidewalk at Chrstmas: shoppers, carolers, Santa Claus, dogs, newsboy, drovers; and angels

1898-01                                                        [Photograph of Mrs. William McKinley]

1898-02           Charles Dana Gibson              Woman holding infant, smiling at it and calling it “My Valentine”

1898-03                                                        Two women walking in snowy forest, carrying small Christmas tree and evergreen branches

1898-04           S. Werner                               Women and florist in a florist shop full of lilies

1898-05           W. L. Taylor                            Mother and daughter standing at open window; mother looks outside at flowers and trees

1898-06                                                        Mrs. Grover Cleveland, with the Cleveland home in the background [Photograph]

1898-07                                                        President William McKinley with smaller photos of Mrs. McKinley and an older woman, and a color graphic of the “President’s Standard” [Photograph]

1898-08           Frank O. Small                       Two women in a flatboat picking flowers from trees (“Noon”), with smaller roundels of their faces (“Morning” and “Night”)

1898-09           W. L. Taylor                            Woman talking to another woman and a child in a garden at the back of a brick building

1898-10           Harry Finney                          Man on horseback talking to two women at gate to a large estate

1898-11                                                        Woman standing in grain field, looking off into the distance, with four turkeys near her

1898-12           Harry Finney                          Family, parents, children, and guests dancing around a large Christmas tree in the main hall

1899-01           Alice Barber Stephens             Men and women, dressed formally, dancing in an elegant ballroom under huge chandeliers

1899-02           George C. Hipple                    Woman holding leafy branches in the woods, with three large dogs

1899-03                                                        Wedding party walking up the aisle of the church toward the altar (seen coming at the reader, bride in the front center)

1899-04           W. L. Taylor                            Five women dancing and playing around a tree covered with Spring blossoms

1899-07           Howard Chandler Christy        Women meeting Navy sailors coming ashore on a pier

1899-09           S. Werner                               Women relaxing in the garden in Summer, after tea; one reads in a hammock, one plays with the dog; a third stands in the shade of a tree, parasol folded

1899-10                                                        Woman sitting by her window, reading a book by window light

1899-11           Alice Barber Stephens             Two men holding a jack o’lantern at the back of a Hallowe’en hayride wagon full of people

1899-12           F. S. Church                           A young girl is asleep with her dolls, surrounded by a red frame of bears dancing around in a circle

1900-01           Howard Chandler Christy

1900-02           Gustav Klimt

1900-03           A. I. Keller                              Men and women playing golf together

1900-04           Howard Chandler Christy        Wedding, with preacher reading ceremony to bride and groom at altar, her father behind her; “The American Girl as a Bride”

1900-07           William Merritt Johnson

1900-08           Howard Chandler Christy        “The American Girl in Society,” at a fancy party or social event

1900-09           Albert Lynch                           “At Sunset” – two women walking arm in arm by some bushes, while a third looks into a pond in the background; the whole surrounded by art nouveau decorations of leaves and acorns

1900-11                                                        Bride in bridal dress

1900-12           Fanny Young Cory                  Santa, mother, child, and lots of other children all around a Christmas tree

1901-01           George Gibbs

1901-02           Henry Hutt                             Poor girl selling valentine trinkets to five rich, elegantly dressed women

1901-05           Anna Whelan Retts

1901-06           Maxfield Parrish

1901-08           Alice Barber Stephens             Seashore scene, Atlantic City NJ

1901-11           Thomas Mitchell Pierce           Woman in red playing golf

1901-12           Thomas Mitchell Pierce           Women putting up Christmas decorations

1902-01           Brendon R. Campbell              Puritan woman among trees; very much in the Will Bradley style

1902-02           Henry Hutt                             Two early 18th century sweethearts converse, their images framed in a red valentine heart

1902-03           W. L. Taylor                            Woman letting down a sheet from her balcony, to her lover below

1902-04           A. F.

1902-05           Albert Herter                          Two women standing among and smelling flowers among branches of a flowering tree

1902-06           Thomas Mitchell Pierce           June bride in dress, veil, and flowers

1902-07           George Gibbs                         Woman playing tennis, reaching up to return a ball

1902-08           Théobald Chartran                 Portrait of Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt

1902-11           Edwin A. Abbey                      Woman singing from a book, in front of organist; three men in background; all are in 18th century costume

1903-02           Charles Dana Gibson              “Mr. Gibson’s American Girl” from the artist’s new work

1903-05                                                        The Paul Helleu Girl

1903-08           A. G. Learned                         Woman with laurel leaves in her hair, on orange background; “The New Learned Girl”

1903-11           Harrison Fisher                       Woman in white against red background, carrying birthday cake with twenty candles alight, to celebrate twentieth anniversary of first issue of LHJ

1903-12           Corwin K. Linson                    Huge bunch of mistletoe, with white bow, labeled Christmas 1903

1904-01           John Singer Sargent               Portrait of Miss Ethel Barrymore

1904-02           C. Allan Gilbert                       Valentine outline against red background encloses man and woman kissing

1904-04           Frank S. Guild

1904-05           Jesse Willcox Smith                Young girl reading a picture book

1904-06           Gazo Foudji                            Japanese woman in traditional red kimono, cherry blossoms on trees; style of Japanese prints

1904-07           C. Allan Gilbert                       Woman wearing red hat with front peak

1904-08           Frank S. Guild

1904-12           Frank S. Guild                        Large red bell, labeled Christmas 1904, with large ribbon on rope

1905-01           Katharine N. Richardson         Baby’s face in circle, on red background

1905-02           Alice Barber Stephens             Woman in frilly pink, and wide hat with red ribbon around it

1905-03           Howard Chandler Christy

1905-06                                                        “The bride’s bouquet” is a bundle of a couple dozen cherubs

1905-07           Jessie Willcox Smith               Woman in red bathing suit, sitting on rocks as the waves crash around her
1905-08           Thomas Mitchell Pierce           Woman in long, flowing purple-pink dress sitting up in a hammock, and holding a book

1905-09           Harrison Fisher

1905-10           Harrison Fisher                       Women in academic robes carrying lighted jack-o-lanterns in a procession; some college sorority ritual?

1906-01           Orson Lowell                          “Twelfth Night” – churls lifting up “king” in his chair

1906-02           Albert Lynch                           Woman wearing red draping sash and a sort of giant beret

1906-05           George R. Barse, Jr.

1906-08           Albert Lynch

1906-10           Henry Hutt                             Bride and groom kneeling down to a large bunch of pink roses

1906-11           Arthur I. Keller

1907-02           Mary Stokes                           Girl in mediaeval gown holds hand up, startled as a young deer comes up to her in a forest

1907-05           Albert Herter                          Man and woman in ancient Rome, carrying a pink flowering tree branch and a basket of pink flowers

1907-07           Harrison Fisher

1907-08           W. L. Taylor

1907-10           Harrison Fisher                       Woman wearing large hat with red ostrich plume, tied down with wide red ribbon and bow

1907-12           W. T. Smedley

1908-06           W. T. Smedley                        Women in a garden gathering around and inspecting a young man, dressed formally in top hat and tails, and carrying a red book

1908-07           Albert Lynch                           Woman adjusting a huge bouquet of flowers in a large ceramic vase

1908-08           Edward Penfield

1909-01           Victor C. Anderson                 Little boy sitting in a narrow crescent moon, looking down

1909-06           Lilian Stannard                       A view out the door of the country house, down the garden path through vast beds of colorful flowers

1909-08           C. A. Strehlau

1909-11           Harrison Fisher                       Young woman golfer in red raises her left hand, seems about to take shout “Fore!”

1909-12           George T. Tobin                      Little baby lying on pillow, playing with knitted blue sock (with decorative fuzzy balls)

1910-01           George Hitchcock

1910-02                                                        Young woman in red, left profile, painted in a style reminiscent of fifteenth century Italy

1910-03           Harrison Fisher                       Young woman in gray and green holding up and smelling a big bunch of violets

1910-04                                                        View of a lake and meadow, with trees on the shore and birds flying out of the picture toward the reader as Spring comes

1910-05           Harrison Fisher

1910-07           Harrison Fisher

1910-08           Albert Lynch                           Young woman with long hair, wearing wide-brimmed hat with huge black bow, carrying bunch of pink and red roses

1910-09-01     Harrison Fisher                       Woman in white with blue scarf, wearing very long white gloves

1910-10-01     Harrison Fisher                       Young bride, in white bridal gown, holding prayer book

1910-11-01     Harrison Fisher                       Woman sneaks a look off to her left, with a slight impish smile

1910-11-15     Paul de Longpré                     Poinsettias on display

1910-12-15     Rose O’Neil

1911-01-15     Anna Burnham Westermann

1911-02-01     Harrison Fisher                       Man in tails and woman in pink dress dancing

1911-02-15     Coles Phillips

1911-04-01     Coles Phillips                          White birds soaring against a blue sky

1911-05-15     Harrison Fisher                       Bridal couple kneel down for the marriage ceremony, while behind them the bridesmaids are carrying flowers

1911-09           George De Forest Brush

1911-10           Harrison Fisher

1911-06           Paul de Longpré                     Branch with four beautiful yellow-orange roses and some new growth showing

1911-07           Coles Phillips                          Woman in black swimming clothes standing up on absolute prow of a rowboat

1911-10           Harrison Fisher                       Woman cuddles her new baby in its small bed, while the father looks on happily

1911-11           Coles Phillips                          Housemaid and man arranging very large yellow flowers (“fade-away” design in gray)

1911-12           Corwin Knapp Linson              Christmas scene on a snowy village street, with dozens of people moving about

1912-01                                                        Little girl in nineteenth century maids costume, in oval gilded wood frame

1912-04           Coles Phillips

1912-07           Maxfield Parrish                     Men dressed as clowns (Italian, Punchinello figures) pick roses on a stonework baluster with urns

1912-09           Emlen McConnell

1912-11           Jessie Willcox Smith               Boy and girl saying grace before eating a meal

1912-12           Maxfield Parrish

1913-01           S. B. Pearse

1913-02           Harrison Fisher

1913-05           Maxfield Parrish                     Characters in renaissance Italian garb populate a classical stone staircase under spreading rose arbors

1913-06           Harrison Fisher

1913-08           Harrison Fisher

1913-10           Harrison Fisher

1913-12           Maud Tousey Fangel              Many small pictures of mothers and babies, showing many parts of a baby’s life

1914-01           Augusta Reimer                      Woman wearing a long, narrow fur coat in a spotted leopard pattern, standing against a purple background

1914-05           Walter H. Everett

1914-07           Charles C. Curran                   Woman sitting in the garden with a basin of soapy water in her lap, as her daughters play and blow soap-bubbles

1914-08           Harrison Fisher                       Man and two women in open-top automobile; man and one woman studying map, while second woman seems bored

1914-11           Harrison Fisher                       Artist painting portrait of woman and her new baby

1915-02           Lester Ralph                           Couple on skates doing the “New Skating Dance”

1915-03           Francis Miller                          Woman in blue and pink curtsies; painting named “As You Like Her”

1915-05           Francis Miller                          Woman holding yellow bird up to her face to talk to it

1915-06           Lester Ralph

1915-07           Lester Ralph                           Woman driving a speedboat, with man be her side

1915-09           Lester Ralph

1915-10           W. L. Taylor                            Family home, settled in front of big fireplace

1915-11           W. L. Taylor                            "The Hanging of The Crane," colonial couple sitting facing fireplace

1916-01           W. J. Aylward

1916-03           Carton Moorpark                    Blue parrot and white cockatoo on the branch of a flowering tree

1916-04                                                        Pink roses strewn over a checkerboard pattern of black and white tiles

1916-05           Sir Joshua Reynolds               [Photograph of a painting by him, little girl Penelope Boothby]

1916-06           Carton Moorpark

1916-07           Orson Lowell                          Close-up of a marching band, moving right to left

1916-09           John James Audubon             Classic Audubon painting of an eagle

1916-10           [unreadable sig]                    Three colorful exotic birds with very long tail feathers

1917-03           Philip Boileau                          Woman in red shawl holding up a small child in her right arm

1917-04           ___ ___ [symbol “T”]             Chinese baby and dog look at frog in pool

1917-05           Nellie W. Brenizer                   Glacier National Park (from a photograph by Fred H. Kiser)

1917-06           Carton Moorpark                    Red Cross nurse (probably overseas on the War front) holds dog by the paws on its bandaged front legs

1917-07           George D. Sproul

1917-08           J. L. G. Ferris

1917-09           Howard Giles

1917-10           F. S. Bruner

1917-11           Harold Brett

1918-06           Harold Brett                           Two women on a swing

1918-11           Frank Godwin                         Pixies painting Fall colors on leaves and pumpkins

1918-03           F. S. Brunner

1918-04           F. S. Brunner                          "Her Souvenir," woman opens up a box containing a German helmet, shipped from the World War front

1918-05           Harold Brett                           Two women putting out their service flag, two blue stars

1918-08           W. J. Aylward                         Sailing ship "Columbia" in a painting entitled "On the Seas Once More"

1918-09           Carton Moorpark                    Decorated! Fighting dog is honored: "For services of valor and distinction, the Republic of France confers on you its Cross of War"

1918-10           Harold Brett

1918-11           Harold Brett                           Soldier in the trenches shows his buddies a picture of his mother, “His Thanksgiving”

1919-03           Gayle Porter Hoskins              Troop ship, crowded with troops returning from the war

1919-04           Howard Giles                          Returned soldier having reunion with his wife and child

1919-05           Robert L. Dickey

1919-07           W.L.Taylor                              Woman in flowing gown, symbolizing peace; painting entitled "The New Day"

1919-08           Carton Moorepark                   Blue and yellow parrot on a branch

1919-09           Harold Brett                           Couple in an open airplane taking off on “The Honeymoon Express”

1920-01           Carton Moorepark

1920-02           Charles E. Chambers              Woman looking up at bright red and blue parrot in a pet shop

1920-03           Carton Moorepark

1920-04           Edna Cooke

1920-05           Carton Moorepark

1920-06           Edna Cooke

1920-07           Frank A. Nankivell

1920-08           Edna Cooke

1920-09           Walter Briggs                         Two men vying for the attention of a lady with a parasol, who stares straight ahead

1920-10           Coles Phillips

1920-11           Samuel Nelson Abbott            Two pilgrims

1920-12           Clara Elgene Peck                  Santa walking and waving, crowded by pipers, a jester, and children

1921-01           W. T. Benda                           Women walking forward up a rocky slope, with bright sun shining in the background to represent Hope after the war

1921-02                                                        Woman in green dress looks at handful of flowers, contemplating Valentine's day; heart symbol in background

1921-06           Harry Morse Myers                 Western woman combs out her hair in the light from several Oriental lanterns.

1921-08           Thomas Webb                        Woman looks longingly or despondently at a bridal veil kept in “The Hope Chest”

1921-09           Maud Towsey Fangel

1921-10           Coles Phillips                          Woman near the top of a stepladder holding drapery material out to fit it to a window space

1922-04           Henry J. Soulen

1922-06           Henry J. Soulen                      Woman in red and yellow oriental gown offers food to white cockatoo                                          

1922-07           Maud Towsey Fangel

1922-08           Samuel Nelson Abbott            Colonial-era man and woman sitting on a fence, exchanging compliments; for some reason it’s titled “Salt Water Taffy”

1922-10           Francis Miller                          Woman in pink and white floral print dress stepping carefully along a dirt garden path

1923-01           Maud Towsey Fangel

1923-10           F. Sands Brunner

1924-05           Gertrude Kay

1924-06           H. J. Soulen

1924-09           Maud Towsey Fangel             

1924-10           J. Knowles Hare

1925-01           Maud Towsey Fangel

1925-02           J. Knowles Hare

1925-03           Marguerite Kirmse

1925-04           ___ Kay

1925-05           S. N. Abbott

1925-06           J. Knowles Hare

1925-07           J. Knowles Hare

1925-08           Maud Towsey Fangel

1925-09           Emile Aubrey

1925-10           W. E. Webster

1925-11           Stark Davis

1925-12           J. Knowles Hare

1926-01           Nell Hott

1926-02           J. Knowles Hare

1926-03           Gertrude A. Kay

1926-04           J. Knowles Hare

1926-05           Henriette Willibeek Le Mair

1926-06           W. E. Webster

1926-07           Walter Biggs

1926-08           J. Knowles Hare                      Young girl on beach with ice-cream cone and pail

1926-09           S. N. Abbott

1926-10           Joseph Simont

1926-11           W. E. Webster

1926-12           J. Knowles Hare                      Woman singing Christmas carols, outside in light snow

1927-01           W. E. Webster

1927-02           J. Knowles Hare                      Woman in blue, seated, with fan

1927-03           Maud Tousey Fangel              Woman holding baby onto shoulder

1927-04           Harold Copping

1927-05           W. E. Webster

1927-07           Guy Hoff

1927-08           J. Knowles Hare

1927-09           H. J. Soulen

1927-10           J. Knowles Hare

1927-11           J. Knowles Hare

1927-12           Rosie O’Neill

1928-01           J. Knowles Hare

1928-02           J. Knowles Hare

1928-03           J. Knowles Hare

1928-04           Norman Rockwell

1928-05           Harry Morse Meyers

1928-06           Hayden Hayden

1928-08           Thomas Webb

1928-09           Hayden Hayden                     Woman traveler surrounded by trunks and suitcases; men coming from rear to help

1928-11           Hayden Hayden

1929-02           Roy Spreter                            Man and woman in winter clothes, with her yellow scarf fluttering to the right past his neck

1929-04           Hayden Hayden                     Man and woman flirting in rainy Spring, April showers, man carrying an umbrella and about to rescue woman, who doesn't have one

1929-05           Ben Dale

1929-06           John Newton Howitt

1929-07           Harold Brett

1929-08           Hayden Hayden

1929-09           Eleanor Campbell

1929-12           H. J. Shuler

1930-01           Robert Edmund Lee

1930-04           Robert Edmund Lee

1930-09           Robert Edmund Lee

1931-01           Maxfield Parrish                     Woman skiing down a snow-covered slope

1931-02           Nickolas Murray

1931-03           May Wilson Preston                Woman in red being dragged along by her dog on a leash

1931-04           John La Gatta                         Three women lounging in long dresses, yellow, white, and green; on purple background

1931-05           Nickolas Muray

1931-06           Floyd Munson

1931-07           John LaGatta                         

1931-08           Jules Erbit                              Woman in yellow sitting on the sand at the beach, with small child hugging her

1931-10           Bradshaw Crandell

1931-11           E. M. Jackson

1931-12           Bradshaw Crandell                 Girl writing letter to Santy (Claus)

1932-01           E. M. Jackson

1932-02           E. M. Jackson

1932-04           Norman Rockwell                    Modern woman in skirt strides forward against background of her earlier counterpart in clumsy, billowing dress

1932-05           E. M. Jackson

1932-11           Guy Hoff

1933-01           George Rapp                         

1933-02           George Rapp

1933-03           John La Gatta                         Woman in white dress with large blue fan, talking to man in white tie

1933-05           Gertrude A. Ray

1933-07           Major Felten

1933-08           John La Gatta

1933-09           J. Knowles Hare

1933-10           Jon Brubaker

1933-12           Jon Brubaker

1934-02           John La Gatta

1934-03           Charles E. Chambers

1934-04           Roy Spreter

1934-05           Eugene Iverd

1934-07           Al Parker

1934-09           Eugene Iverd                         Children walking to school

1935-01           Penrhyn Stanlaws

1935-03           Penrhyn Stanlaws

1935-06           Charles F. Chambers              Woman in plaid sundress, and wide straw hat with plaid top

1935-07           Robert Bagby                         Woman in black with white flower-dot pattern, white flower fringe around neckline

1935-08                                                        Woman swimming [Photograph]

1935-09           George Rapp                          Smiling woman in red dress and hat, and brown jacket, carrying book and notebook

1935-10           Fowler Boghy                         Woman wearing red hat and dark fur coat

1935-11           John La Gatta

1935-12           Eugene Iverd                         Boy and girl in ecstasy as they look at their Christmas presents

1936-01           James M. Preston                   Old-time stagecoach at a coaching inn in winter, shoppers walking, snow on ground; small picture in simple wide gold frame

1936-02           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Woman in pink dress with flowers on back, sitting, facing right

1936-03           Malte Hasselriis                      Brunette woman in yellow blouse, facing right but turning to left, against blue background

1936-05           Vincent Van Gogh                  “Sunflowers”

1936-06           Al Parker                                Blond woman in bridal veil and headdress, facing left

1936-07                                                        Woman in yellow swimsuit diving into the water

1936-08                                                        Woman in red wearing two pink roses in her hair, on a transparent round veil

1936-09           Jane Miller                              Boy and girl sitting on Victorian sofa eating pink ice cream

1936-10           Al Parker                                Woman in exotic red hat with bird-wing decoration and trim

1936-12           John La Gatta                         Woman in white with red flower trim, writing lists, holding pen to lips and smiling as she thinks

1937-01           Malte Hasselriis                      Madonna, in large white frame painted with medieval angels and decorations

1937-02           Al Parker                                Smiling woman on white background, with Valentine heart doilies bordering all around to give a “card” effect

1937-03           Jane Miller                              Modernistic sketch of woman with flowers in hair

1937-04           V. Steichen                            Woman in blue, pink, purple dress holding up a flowing flowered boa or garland, against morning glories in background [Photograph]

1937-05           John La Gatta                         Man in blue jacket holds up the face of a woman in yellow dress as he is about to kiss her, among multicolored irises

1937-06           Malte Hasselriis                      Centerpiece decoration of flowers arranged as graphical elements on a multi-tined doily

1937-07           Al Parker                                Face of a blonde woman in blue stripes, angled bottom right up to top left, looking up

1937-09           Margaret Jervix                      View of back of boy and girl walking to school (scrap cloth and paper construction)

1937-10           V. Steichen                            Woman in tweed suit and black hat, with stalk of wheat between her lips: “Typical woman of America; what does she think?” [Photograph]

1938-03           Al Parker

1938-07           Al Parker                                Blonde woman in polka dots, looks about to be kissed by man leaning in from the left

1938-12           Zoltan FParkas                       Man and woman ballroom dancing [Photograph]

1939-01           Ski Weld

1939-06           ___ Steichen

1939-08           ___ Steichen                         [Photograph]

1939-10           Al Parker

1939-12           Al Parker

1940-12           Al Parker

1944-12           Al Parker

1945-02           Maxim Kopf

1945-12           Al Parker

1946-02           André de Dienes

1946-03           ___ Mead-Maddick

1946-05           Wilhelmina Cushman

1946-07           John Engstead                       Woman in sunbonnet decorated with pink ribbons

1946-08           Al Parker

1946-10           Robert C. Atherton

1946-12           Al Parker

1947-04           Paul Cezanne                         “Vase of Flowers”

1947-11           Gladys Rockmore Davis          Young girl with dachshund, sitting on Victorian couch

1948-12           Al Parker



1892-02                                                        [Advertisements for seeds and flowers]

1894-11                                                        [Advertisements]

1894-11                                                        [Advertisements]

1895-08                                                        [Advertisements]                   [Advertisements]

1895-10           Warren B. Davis                     Woman sitting under a tree, fallen leaves on the ground represent October

1895-11           Warren B. Davis                     Woman and girl feeding turkeys, fattening them up for Thanksgiving

1895-12           Warren B. Davis                    

1896-01           Warren B. Davis                     Two women at a frozen pond, one standing on the ice on skates helping the other one onto the ice

1896-02           Warren B. Davis                     Four women teasing Cupid, the mailman, trying to get him to give them some Valentine’s Day cards

1896-03           Warren B. Davis                     Woman standing at the edge of the sidewalk in a city park, with the wind puffing out her clothes

1896-04           Warren B. Davis

1896-05           Warren B. Davis

1896-07                                                        Women bicycling and playing outdoor games, for the Outing and Bicycling Number

1896-08           Warren B. Davis                    

1896-09           Warren B. Davis

1896-10           Warren B. Davis                     Woman sweeping fallen leaves, gathering them to burn in a bonfire; representing October

1896-11           Warren B. Davis                     Woman trying to catch an apple dangling from the ceiling on a string, while her daughter laughs

1896-12           Warren B. Davis                     Woman happily carrying a bundle of evergreen branches, with more short branches sticking out of her hat

1897-01           Warren B. Davis                     Young woman grins as she packs a snowball to throw at you. Frame: snow-covered trees and fields.

1897-02                                                        Man and woman in eighteenth-century clothes hold hands up in a formal dance pose, for the St. Valentine Number. Frame: lacework and Cupids.

1897-04           Warren B. Davis                     Woman carrying a potted Easter lily she has just bought from a woman selling them on a sidewalk. Frame: flowers.

1897-05                                                        Woman leaning into a branch of a flowering tree to smell the blossoms. Frame: blossoms.

1897-07                                                        Woman lighting a large firecracker, while her daughter holds her ears in anticipation and her son waves an American flag. Frame: flags, bunting, and fireworks.

1897-08                                                        Woman lying at ease, halfway in a hammock between two trees in a grassy area, reading a book. Frame: hiking and bicycling on vacation.

1897-09                                                        Mother walking her young daughter down a country road, off to the first day of school. Frame: boys and girls at recess activities at a schoolhouse.

1897-10                                                        Woman in elegant costume, riding sidesaddle on a horse down a country lane, meets farm boy on a burro. Frame: large flowers and branches.

1897-11           Warren B. Davis                     Young woman holding out the Thanksgiving turkey’s wishbone to you to pull. Frame: stylized flower border.

1897-12                                                        Woman standing under the Christmas mistletoe, smiling at you as she pushes open the curtains to a hidden room behind her. Frame: holly leaves and berries.

1898-01                                                        Woman standing in the snow, leaning over with her hands in her muff – or is she about to throw a snowball? Frame: thin filigree decorations.

1898-02                                                        Woman starting to smile as she listens to the Cupid hovering near her head and whispering in her ear. Frame: netting, with Cupid bursting through; and arrows.

1898-03                                                        Woman standing in the March winds, holding onto her hat as the winds blows out her boa scarf. Frame: cutwork decorations.

1898-04                                                        Woman looking up at the sky, holding one hand out to feel if it’s raining while the other holds an unopened umbrella. Frame: decorations.

1898-05                                                        Woman in a swing, apparently hanging from a tree branch. Frame: flowering tree, blossoms on a branch.

1898-10                                                        Woman examines opened sycamore ball, with picture framed in trees, branches, leaves, and balls

1898-11                                                        Young woman in apron carrying high a roasted turkey for Thanksgiving

1898-12                                                        Woman decorating Christmas tree; her picture surrounded by small versions of the women in all of the covers of the previous eleven months

1899-01                                                        Woman skating on a pond, lifting her hands up, her right hand inside a fur muff, to help her balance

1899-04                                                        Woman smiling, even though she’s having to hold an umbrella up over her back to keep out the driving rain

1899-05                                                        Woman carrying a lot of branches with flowers in her apron

1899-06                                                        Woman holding a rose in her left hand, and picking from a rose bush with her right

1899-07                                                        Woman holding her hands over her ears as loud firecrackers explode nearby

1899-09                                                        Woman playing tennis, throwing the ball up to serve it

1899-11                                                        Woman looking at a bunch of turkeys, preparing to pick one out for Thanksgiving, as a boy throws feed to them

1900-05                                                        Woman staring dreamily as she puts her head on her hands, elbows on the low-lying branch of a flowering tree

1900-06                                                        Woman picking flowers in a field, seen through a frame resembling a keyhole surrounded by dozens of black-eyed susans

1900-09                                                        Woman about to tee off on a golf course, a caddy holding her bag behind her

1901-02                                                        Woman reading a letter in a medieval-like room where the window is glazed with diamond panes

1901-04                                                        Happy woman bursting out an eggshell sitting on a bunch of Easter lilies, for the Easter number

1901-09                                                        Woman traveler, standing with her steamer trunk, a leather bag, hat box, golf bag, and tennis racquet, returning from summer vacation

1902-02                                                        Woman reading love letter and pulling a red rose out of a bunch, as Cupids prepare to fire the arrow

1903-07                                                        Allegorical woman of America sitting on a marble throne, her right foot on a marble sphere; behind her a symbolic American eagle has its feathers up and spread wide

1903-11                                                        Modern woman doing something with a potted plant, framed by harvest pumpkins and Thanksgiving turkeys

1905-07           Eliot Keen

1905-09                                                        Art nouveau woman holding swirling ropes as the wind blows billows of cloth and autumn leaves frame the logo

1906-02                                                        Cupid sitting on a plush cloth heart, getting tips from another little boy dressed as a clown, while doves fly above

1906-05                                                        Ante-bellum women flank a gentleman, holding him by his arms, in flowering time in the old South; he isn’t going to be able to escape this time

1906-08                                                        Woman fishing determinedly with straight pole, at the side of a lake

1906-09                                                        Woman in green pets her dog as they walk by the gate to a garden full of flowering hollyhocks in all colors

1907-06           George T. Tobin

1907-07           George Brehm

1909-09                                                        Young woman in white and large flat hat turns her head to her right to look straight out at you

1909-12           Charlotte Weber-Ditzler          Woman standing next to a vaguely seen sleigh, holding a muff in her right hand and a bundle of holy in her left arm

1910-01           ___ Pilsworth

1910-04                                                        Girl in white house clothes feeding one of a large bunch of small chicks

1910-06           Alice Sargent                          Mother sitting on her rocking chair, holding her daughter up on her knee and looking like she’s about to kiss her

1910-08           Mabel B. Hill

1910-11           C. M. Burd                              Man sitting by himself at a table, knife and fork held up and ready, while four men behind are bringing out Thanksgiving turkey, boar’s head, plum pudding, and soup

1911-01           George T. Tobin                      Girl with red bow, holding a fluffy white cat on her lap

1911-02           B. Cory Kilvert                        Boy and girl walking on snowy ground past a large snow mound, while another boy and very young child watch them

1911-03           Charlotte Weber-Ditzler          Woman with auburn hair, wearing black bow in front

1911-04                                                        Woman wearing purple floral Easter bonnet

1911-05           Walter Tittle                           Woman wearing a red sailor scarf or neckerchief

1911-06           Oscar Theodore Jackman        Young woman lounging on a shipboard deck chair, staring ahead musingly and wearing red coat and blue plaid blanket

1911-07           George T. Tobin                      Left profile view of a girl stretching up to smell a red rose in a bouquet in a vase, her right profile reflected in a mirror on the table

1912-01           Charlotte Weber-Ditzler          Woman wearing red hat and fur muff celebrating New Year’s Eve with horn and pennant reading “1912”

1912-03                                                        Woman in light blue with white lace, wearing a large hat with a huge light blue ostrich feather

1912-04           W. D. Stevens                        Woman in peasant dress holding an armful of flowering tree branches

1912-06           M. E. Musselman                    Woman wearing large floppy hat holding a bunch of pink roses up against her breast

1912-07           Harrison Fisher                       Woman wearing red and white striped jacket, holding a tennis racquet

1912-08           Charles Dana Gibson              “Mary,” portrait of a woman with auburn hair; illustrating the serial “What Happened to Mary”

1912-09                                                        Woman in gray suit with large mushroom-floppy hat with huge feather on top; the Fall Fashion Number

1912-11           Charles Dana Gibson              Head and shoulders portrait of a woman against a red background; probably another portrait of Mary

1912-12           Howard Chandler Christy        Woman in blue smiling as she falls back on her chair, as man in white tie presses his affections on her

1913-01           Harrison Fisher                       Woman wearing white fur neckpiece, grey gloves, and a black hat with a purple ostrich feather

1913-02           M. E. Musselman                    Woman in white and blue, with blue ostrich feather

1913-03           Harrison Fisher                       Woman smiling, even though she has to push the umbrella up against the rain and wind

1913-04           M. E. Musselman                    Woman standing among the branches of a flowering tree, pushing a branch down so you can see her

1913-05           Harrison Fisher                       Woman wearing white lace shirt, and tan hat with two large pink roses for decoration

1913-06           Charles Dana Gibson              Portrait of the “Gibson Man” explaining “Why I Am Still a Bachelor”

1913-07           Frank X. Leyendecker             Gypsy woman selling carnations

1913-08                                                        Portrait of actress Mary Fuller, in the movie serial “What Happened to Mary”

1913-10           Harrison Fisher                       Woman in off-shoulder pink satin, with long silver-white hair

1913-11           M. E. Musselman                    Pleasingly pleading woman with yellow rose at her cleavage

1913-12           Harrison Fisher                       Calculating woman in red santa hood with white fur trim, against a pine tree branch background

1914-01                                                        Photograph of actress Mary Fuller, in the movie serial “What Happened to Mary”

1914-02                                                        Woman in oval frame, wearing hair in cloth, biting her knuckles, to illustrate “Wanted: a Hero”

1914-03           M. E. Musselman                    Smiling woman with dark fur neckpiece and hat with long thin feathers

1914-05                                                        Auburn-haired woman in red brown, turning her head from left profile to look at you

1914-06           Philip Boileau                          Girl stares dreamily off into space, her chin on her hand, elbow on the table, with yellow-orange roses

1914-07                                                        Photograph of “The Thanhauser Kidlet,” claimed as “the best known baby in the world”

1914-08           Philip Boileau                          Mother holding son against her shoulder

1914-09           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in white blouse, seated in front of multicolored background

1914-10           Clarence F. Underwood          Seated woman in blue, adjusting her white gloves

1914-11           Philip Boileau                          Woman in black hat with half-veil over eyes

1914-12           Clarence f. Underwood           Woman in green, with black cape and hat, seated sideways across a wooden chair

1915-01           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in black fur, and red-feathered hat

1915-02           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in red, with ice skates, leaning over rail

1915-03           Clarence F. Underwood          Society woman sitting in a plush red seat at the theater or opera, holding opera glasses

1915-04                                                        Sepia-tone colorized photograph of Mary Pickford

1915-05           Clarence F. Underwood         

1915-06           Frank Graham Cootes             Woman in green hat with large green ribbon hanging off it: "Our Ready Made Girl"

1915-07           Philip Boileau                          Mother embracing two young sons

1915-08           Howard Chandler Christy        Woman in light blue, with pink roses

1915-09           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Woman in white/floral, with flowered hat, writing on pad

1915-10           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in brown raincoat, with umbrella

1915-11           Neysa McMein                        Man and woman in raincoats or outerwear topcoats, man with his left around woman’s shoulder, lips against her cheek

1915-12           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in turquoise dress sitting on stairs, while man leans over curved banister to talk to her

1916-03           Clarence F. Underwood

1916-11                                                        Woman in black dress and hat, and white blouse, looking defiantly off to her left. Story: “What Are the Seven Deadly Sins?”

1916-12           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in red, holding medium-sized black dog

1917-01           Clarence F. Underwood          Elegant woman dressed in black fur coat

1917-02           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman hiding behind feather fan

1917-03           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in green overcoat walking strongly through winter cold

1917-04           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in yellow raincoat opening umbrella as rain starts

1917-05           Clarence F. Underwood          Auburn-haired woman in elegant pink dress is satisfied as she examines her face in mirror

1917-06           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in white shirt with striped black collar and black hat, wearing red cravat

1917-07           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in blue dress and yellow-green coat looking at a chocolate piece from a small white box

1917-08           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in military hat and brown uniform aiming rifle directly at the reader, probably to help save America

1917-09           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in white raincoat carrying a red umbrella

1917-10           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in white nurse's uniform cutting food on a plate

1917-11           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman in black and white sitting, holding a golf club in her lap

1917-12           Clarence F. Underwood          Elegant woman in black coat and furs and scarf

1918-01           Clarence F. Underwood          Smiling woman in black, with brown and black fur neckpiece




1925-10           Charles Hargens

1925-12+01    Charles Hargens

1926-02           H. S. Moskowitz

1926-04           Enoch Bolles

1926-05           Enoch Bolles

1926-06           Enoch Bolles

1926-07           Enoch Bolles

1927-02           Enoch Bolles

1927-05           Enoch Bolles

1927-10           Enoch Bolles

1928-03           Enoch Bolles



1901-07           Warren B. Davis                     Woman, with girl lighting firecracker; columned mansion in background



1905-07           Beverly Towles                       Eddies in a stream, leading off into the distance among trees, seen through a row of

classical columns

1905-08                                                        Oriental theme drawing, with large gateway and potted citrus tree [last issue under this title]



1901-07-04     Florence Lord Boughton

1909-07-01     ___ Monahan                         Woman, in hat decorated with fireworks

1910-11-03     Ethel Pennewill Brown

1911-12-21     Arthur Crisp                           Exhausted mailman carrying huge load of Christmas packages

1912-09-26     Pearse Ennes                         Woman waving

1912-12-29     A. Tyler                                  Woman in small boat in harbor, being sold caged bird from another small boat, “Midwinter in Southern waters”

1913-01-23     C. Murphy                              Statue on tall column: “The Lee statue, New Orleans, LA”

1913-12-18     S. M. Arthurs                          Doctor examining boy at “The opening of the Grippe Season”

1914-01-08     Gordon Grant                         Woman in red throws snowballs, but the snowman whose nose she is tickling with the feather on her hat seems doubtful about it all

1914-08-13     Gordon Grant                         Woman playing tennis, swinging at a ball, has another ball in her left hand

1914-09-17     Emil Flohri                              The Kaiser and his field marshal

1914-12-17     Henry F. Wireman

1915-01-07     Beverly Towles

1915-09-09     Howard Chandler Christy        “Fate tracing new boundaries” as she takes her paintbrush to the global map of Europe

1915-11-18     H. A. Petersen                        A machine gun and crew ready and waiting “On the Italian line”

1915-12-02     Katharine R. Wireman

1916-07-06     James Montgomery Flagg       Uncle Sam asks, “What are YOU doing for preparedness?”

1916-08-03     Orson Lowell

1916-09-14     Emil Flohri                              Woman totals up the cost of the first two years of WW1 in lives and money and territory

1916-10-05     Norman Rockwell                    Doctor prescribes Schoolbooks for the boy who wants to stay home in bed, sick with “Schoolitis”

1916-11-23     Frank X. Leyendecker             Boy is ready and waiting with knife and fork, for Thanksgiving dinner to begin, while the adults are still partying in the other room

1917-01-11     Norman Rockwell                    Elderly man with black satchel, reading newspaper, while young woman looks up from her book – “Fact and fiction”

1917-02-01     Norman Rockwell                    Boy, “Helping mother” struggles to get thread into the eye of a needle

1917-02-08     Charles Sarka

1917-03-08                                                   Superdreadnaught “Pennsylvania” passing by in the East River (New York City) [Photograph]

1917-03-15     Charles Sarka                         Statue of Liberty radiating beams in all directions: “The Light That Never Fails”

1917-03-22     L. A. Shafer                            Sailors manning a deck gun during a sea battle

1917-03-29     Charles Sarka                         Soldier, sailor, and Uncle Sam standing

1917-04-12     Charles Sarka

1917-05-03     James Montgomery Flagg

1917-05-10     Charles Sarka

1917-05-24     Lynn Bogue Hunt

1917-06-14     L. A. Shafer

1917-06-21     Emil Flohri

1917-06-28     Charles Sarka

1917-07-05     Orson Lowell

1917-07-12     James Montgomery Flagg

1917-07-19     Charles Sarka

1917-08-02     James Montgomery Flagg

1917-08-23     Emil Flohri

1917-09-15     Frank X. Leyendecker

1917-10-06     Orson Lowell

1917-10-13     Orson Lowell

1917-10-20     Lynn Bogue Hunt

1917-10-27     David Robinson

1917-11-03     Clyde Forsythe

1917-11-10     Charles Sarka

1917-11-24     Lynn Bogue Hunt                   American eagle attacking a German dachshund on the ground

1917-12-01     James Montgomery Flagg       Woman in Santa red with fur trim, knitting warm clothes – “The Santa Claus of 1917”

1917-12-08     Orson Lowell

1917-12-22     Norman Rockwell

1917-12-29     James Montgomery Flagg

1918-01-12     Orson Lowell

1918-01-19     James Montgomery Flagg

1918-02-02     Orson Lowell

1918-02-09     Charles Sarka

1918-02-16     Charles LeRoy Baldridge

1918-02-23     Charles LeRoy Baldridge

1918-03-09     Charles Sarka

1918-03-30     Norman Rockwell                    American soldier carefully waters a tulip planted in war rubble, on “Easter”

1918-04-06     Charles Sarka

1918-04-13     Orson Lowell

1918-04-27     Clyde Forsythe                       An angry Uncle Sam is at bat, as a baseball with the face of the Kaiser on it is just about to get blasted out of the park

1918-05-04     James Montgomery Flagg

1918-05-18     Orson Lowell

1918-05-25     James Montgomery Flagg

1918-06-01     Charles Sarka

1918-06-08     ___ Tyng

1918-06-15     Grant Hamilton

1918-06-22     Grant Hamilton

1918-07-06     Orson Lowell

1918-07-13     Gordon Ross

1918-08-03     Charles Sarka

1918-08-17     Grant Hamilton

1918-08-31     ___ Casovant

1918-09-14     Charles Sarka

1918-10-05     Charles LeRoy Baldridge         An American WW1 doughboy is happy to get coffee and a sandwich at the YMCA, “At the sign of the Red Triangle”

1918-10-12     Grant Hamilton

1918-10-26     Charles Sarka

1918-11-16     Charles Leroy Baldridge          Town crier in small French village

1918-11-23     Orson Lowell

1918-11-30     Charles LeRoy Baldridge

1918-12-07                                                   Christmas wreath surrounding a Blue Star flag

1918-12-21     James Montgomery Flagg

1919-03-08     Haskell Coffin

1919-03-22     Norman Rockwell                    Elderly telephone eavesdropper is startled by what she overhears on “The party line”

1919-04-26     Joseph Cummings Chase

1919-10-18     Lon Megaegee                        Mexican revolutionaries on horseback

1920-01-10     ___ Calvert                            The New Year Baby carries a carpetbag and a “Dry” tag in his silk top hat

1920-02-14     Joseph Cummings Chase        Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer

1920-05-29     Charles Sarka

1920-08-07     James Montgomery Flagg

1920-10-09                                                   Rear Admiral William S. Benson [Photograph]

1921-01-29     N. Ballantyne



1924-07-12     Guy Hoff                                Woman wearing hat with yellow feather, and a fox neckpiece

1924-10-18     Haskell Coffin                         Portrait of a brunette woman

1924-11-15     Leslie Thrasher                       Woman holding reins of her horse, and carrying big bunch of red maple-leaf branches

1924-11-29     Joseph Farrelly

1925-07-25     J. F. Kernan

1925-08-01     J. H. Streibel

1925-09-05     Ruth Eastman

1926-03-20     Walter Beach Humphrey

1926-04-03     Ruth Eastman

1927-02-19     Leslie Thrasher                       Man singing loudly as he washes himself in the bathtub

1929-02-02     Leslie Thrasher

1929-04-20     Leslie Thrasher

1929-05-18     Leslie Thrasher

1929-06-01     Leslie Thrasher

1929-07-27     Leslie Thrasher

1930-12-13     Leslie Thrasher

1931-03-28     Leslie Thrasher

1932-04-23     Leslie Thrasher                       Woman in low-cut gown, head shot against broad multicolor stripes

1932-07-09     Leslie Thrasher

1932-07-16     Georgia Warren                      Farm girl holding bunch of blue flowers, some pink ones

1932-09-10     Leslie Thrasher

1932-10-01     Leslie Thrasher

1933-01-07     Leslie Thrasher

1933-03-25     B. McCowan

1933-09-16     B. McCowen                           Woman on scale; man’s dog adds his weight

1933-11-11     Baldy McCowen                      Man in dinner jacket is ironing his own pants on a makeshift ironing board

1933-12-02     ___ Paderewski                      Woman with axe being chased by Thanksgiving turkey; done in cloth pieces and photographed

1934-02-03     Revere F. Wistehuff                Woman reaching for live lobster which has crawled out of grocery basket

1934-03-10     John Newton Howitt               Cowboy plays accordion, with his arms completely surround smiling woman

1934-03-17     Leslie Thrasher

1934-06-23     The Braleys                            Wedding couple being photographed against fake Niagara background

1934-06-30     Leslie Thrasher                       Girl points and leads hike up rocks, while man puffs along behind

1934-07-14     Arthur Crouch

1934-08-04     Arthur Crouch                        Girl swimming down from the water level is not amused to see boy swimming down toward her

1934-08-25     Irene Zimerman

1934-09-01     Arthur Smith                          Woman doing high dive into pool in front of an audience

1934-09-15     Harry F. Rudd                         Schoolboy being taunted by little devils reminding him about fishing, baseball, and swimming

1934-09-29     Carl Pfeufer

1934-10-06     R. C. Kauffmann                     Woman swinging a golf club

1934-10-17     Arthur Smith                          Football player carries ball forward out of symbolic stadium image background

1934-10-20     Arthur Crouch

1934-11-03     Vernon Grant

1934-11-10     Les ___

1934-11-24     Les ___

1934-12-08     Harold Wahl                           Mountain climber reaches top of peak to find angry eagle threatening him

1935-01-05                                                   [Calendar for 1935]

1935-03-02     Anthony Fraioli                       Man and woman playing ping-pong; drawn as (or photographed from) paper cut-outs

1935-03-09     “Les”                                      Boy going to dentist is happy to discover the dentist is away when he arrives

1935-04-06     Lumen Winter                        Constructed paper clown face and ruff over cut-outs picture of circus aerialists

1935-07-06                                                   Man carrying child piggy-back through seashore surf

1935-08-03     Monte Crews                          Janitor painting large woman in maid’s uniform as a beautiful “Cleopatra”

1935-09-28     George Larkin                        Woman carrying two dogs in truck cab; driver is grinning but second man in the front seat is angry that a dog is licking him

1935-11-09     Carl Pfeufer                            Emperor Hailie Selassie of Ethiopia

1935-11-30     Walter M. Baumhofer              Desert adventurer with gun and pith helmet

1936-01-18     Victor Tchetchet                     Portrait of Dr. John A. “Jafsie” Condon and others involved in the Lindbergh kidnapping trial

1936-02-01     Victor Tchetchet                     Edward, Prince of Wales (the abdicator), in uniform

1936-03-14     George Larkin                        Man and woman struggle with Income Tax return and numerous bills

1936-03-21     George Larkin                        Woman in green dress and hat for St. Patrick’s Day --  and orange dress (!)

1936-04-04     Walter M. Baumhofer              Indian militiaman “Company of the Damned”

1936-04-25                                                   Major Bowes speaking into radio microphone; woman in the background

1936-05-09     George Larkin                        Mary Pickford, holding reins of a horse with flowers on its neck

1936-06-20     Carl Pfeufer                            Republican convention: portraits of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and a Question Mark for the 1936 candidate

1936-08-01                                                   [Photographs and drawings of various Lindbergh kidnapping case figures]

1936-08-08     George Larkin                        Woman in shorts paddling canoe on a mountain lake

1936-09-05     Edgar Franklin Wittmack        Fully equipped safari hunter tweaks his mustache, but the animals have all seen him and are running away

1936-09-12     John Newton Howitt               Two men in Arab dress fight with daggers, while two women watch in horror

1936-09-19     Stephen Grout                       John Barrymore, in costume and illustrating “The Loves of John Barrymore”

1936-09-26     Scott Evans                            Woman drum majorette leads band at college football game or in a parade

1936-10-03     Lee Brown                              Black cannibal native sitting under palm tree; 3D rendered style

1936-10-10     Cole Bradley                           Horsewoman shouting and waving cowboy hat excitedly as horse rears up

1936-10-17     Cole Bradley                           Football player has just kicked off the ball, direct front view of him in stadium

1936-10-24     Hubbell Reed                          Enthusiastic woman runner with fabulous legs is dragging along less enthusiastic nerdboy

1936-10-31     Scott Evans                            Sexy witch in Hallowe’en cover, just five minutes after one (a.m.)

1936-11-07     Scott Evans                            Uncle Sam painting an elephant/donkey weathervane, for the Elections issue of the magazine

1936-11-21     Scott Evans                            Long, low, luxurious touring car, with symbolic babe in bikini and flowing cape overall

1936-11-28     Jay McArdle

1936-12-19     John Newton Howitt               Woman examines various men’s ties (for gift?)

1937-01-02     Tom Hall

1937-02-13     Monte Crews                          Boy sewing patch onto his Scout uniform while his sister giggles at his clumsiness

1937-02-20     Tom Hall                                 Woman in magician’s cape juggles valentine hearts

1937-02-27     H. Roeg                                  Little boy triumphantly shows doorman the hatchet he used to chop down the evergreen tree at the apartment house entrance

1937-03-06     Tom Hall                                 Woman skater, en pointe, smiles at man skater who has fallen on his butt

1937-03-20     Tom Hall                                 Woman dancing Irish style in costume with shamrocks

1937-03-27     John Newton Howitt               Flower delivery boy sneaks a rose out to give to girl

1937-04-03     R. C. Kauffmann                     Woman in red looks at herself in hand mirror

1937-04-10     Scott Evans                            Woman in red robe, at dressing table

1937-04-17                                                   Gaston Means [Photographs]

1937-04-24     Revere F. Wistehuff                Woman in stained riding clothes hitchhiking, apparently after having had her horse run away

1937-05-01     Arthur Smith                          Dancing man and woman arguing over how he stepped on her foot

1937-05-08     Robert G. Harris                      Man and woman in swing

1937-05-15                                                   Edward VII and Mrs. Simpson [Photographs]

1937-05-22     John Holmgren                       Woman playing tennis

1937-05-29     Jerome Rozen                         Man saws wood while bum carves boat

1937-06-05     Ellen Segner                          June bride in white satin, with white flower bouquet

1937-06-26     Ellen Segner                          Woman in white swimsuit sitting on giant beach ball

1937-07-17     Russell Sambrook                   Unhappy policeman sitting in dentist’s chair, about to undergo it

1937-07-24     Robert C. Kauffmann              Woman sitting in the end of a small sailboat, smiling back at the reader

1937-07-31     Robert G. Harris                      Man and woman sit at table under umbrella shade; woman takes off shoes for relief

1937-08-21     Robert G. Harris                      Two women fishing, with small fish on line

1937-10-09     Harold Anderson

1937-11-20     Michael Dolas                         Boy selling flower to woman, with man with college pennant

1937-11-27     Charles Twelvetrees               Boy and girl breaking turkey wishbone

1937-12-04     Ellen B. Segner                      Woman hunter, shooting gun at flying waterfowl

1937-12-18     Robert G. Harris                      Woman looking up new parrot’s words in dictionary

1937-12-25     Harold Anderson                    Santa Claus reading note posted by fireplace; puppy and kitten in stockings

1938-01-01     Robert G. Harris                      Couple dancing in the New Year

1938-01-15     Jules Gotlieb                          Woman in green, with white wrap

1938-02-26     C. D. Batchelor                       Washington in snow at Valley Forge

1938-03-12     Diana Thorne                         Birthday present dog wakes up boy by licking on his ear

1938-04-08     Walt Disney Studios               Snow White about to kiss Dopey on the top of the head

1938-05-07     Charles Twelvetrees

1938-05-28     Russell Sambrook                   High-iron steelworker trying to get something out of the eye of a fellow worker

1938-07-02                                                   A woman in white uniform [Photograph]

1938-07-16     Emery Clark                           Woman playing tennis

1938-08-06     Howard Connolly                    Woman holding up black and brown spaniels

1938-08-27     J. Erbit                                   Woman swimmer sitting on the end of a diving board

1938-09-03     Clark Agnew                           Woman driver has just received traffic ticket

1938-09-24     ___ Floherty, Jr.

1938-12-24     Revere F. Wistehuff                Woman who has finished wrapping all her Christmas presents joyfully tears up her gift list

1939-02-11     R. James Stuart                      Boy with punching bag, being hit back

1939-02-25     ___ Crews                             Magician, with boy and girl

1939-03-04     Dan Osher

1939-03-11     Revere F. Wistehuff                Woman painting chair; her dog has just climbed up onto the wet paint

1939-04-15     Revere F. Wistehuff                Man designing a model of a house has woman swooning, but for him or for the house deponent knoweth not

1939-07-01     R. Wilson McCoy                     Woman in swimsuit sitting at the end of a diving board, putting her toe down into the water

1939-08-26     R. C. Kauffmann                     Woman playing tennis, about to hit the ball back

1939-11-04     Norm Saunders                      Woman under sheet carrying big jack-o’-lantern on a pole for Halloween

1939-12-16     ___ Skrenda                          Sailor holding caged flashy red parrot while woman cups her ear to listen to it

1939-12-23     Stephen J. Voorhees               Puzzled Santa Claus looks at world map and scratches his head

1940-02-03     F. L. Hendren                         Dentist screaming and holding his thumbin pain because a little girl has just bitten it

1940-03-16     Arthur Smith                          Boy and girl, dressed for winter weather, looking at happy robin singing from evergreen branch

1940-04-13     Arthur Smith                          Woman in the rain watches as the colors from the pink feather on her hat, and the mascara over her eyes, drip and run

1940-04-27     Jay McArdle                            Woman baseball players, the batter disputing a call with a middle-aged male umpire

1940-05-25     J. F. Kernan                            Fisherman stands in water, with one of every possible gadget on his back or in his jacket

1940-06-22                                                   Woman in two-piece swimsuit, at the beach, pulling on a rope [Photograph]

1940-06-29     J. F. Kernan                            Farm boy and mama dog watch her pups feeding at a large dish

1940-07-20     R. Wilson McCoy                     Little girl crying because her dog has taken a bit out of her chocolate bar

1940-09-14     Russell Sambrook

1940-11-09     Emery Clark

1940-12-14     Rudolph Belarski                    A woman having a certain amount of difficulty mixing ingredients into a bowl for baking suddenly hears the telephone ringing, but things are getting all over everything, and her hands are totally covered by strands of the mix

1941-02-08     Ralph Iligan                            Boy about to wash his dog in a tub, in preparation for the dog show

1941-02-15                                                   Abraham Lincoln, portrait (Lincoln’s Birthday)

1941-07-05     El Gilchrist                             Woman in sarong and lei playing a ukulele

1941-09-06     Mead Maddick Lownds           Woman looking admiringly at a star football player (looks like she’s holding onto his arm)

1942-03-14     Walt Disney Studios               Four Disney characters (Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Dumbo)

1942-04-04     ___ Ronay

1942-04-17     Ralph Iligan                            American eagle tearing up Nazi and Japanese flags

1942-12-12     Hamlin Baker                          Periscope-eye view of a Japanese ship sinking, after being hit by a U. S. submarine

1943-06-05     Emmett Watson



1887-01-06     Van [possibly this is S. W. van Schaick]

1887-01-13     Henry McVickar


1887-01-27     W. de M___

1887-02-03     Henry McVickar

1887-02-10     Albert E. Sterner

1887-02-17     Van

1887-02-24     W. de M___

1887-03-03     Henry Mortikar Rosenberg

1887-03-10     W. L. S.

1887-03-17     Van



1887-04-07     A. Brennan

1887-04-14     Charles Dana Gibson


1887-04-28     W. de M___

1887-05-05     Henry McVickar


1887-05-19     Van

1887-05-26     Charles Dana Gibson

1887-06-02     Van

1887-06-09     Van

1887-06-16     Oliver Herford

1887-06-23     Charles Dana Gibson

1887-06-30     Francis G. Attwood

1887-07-07     Charles Dana Gibson

1887-07-14     Albert E. Sterner

1887-07-21     Henry McVickar

1887-07-28     Albert E. Sterner

1887-08-04     Van

1887-08-11     Bisbee, and W. L. S.

1887-08-18     Van

1887-08-25     Van

1887-09-01     Van

1887-09-08     Van

1887-09-15     Albert E. Sterner

1887-09-22     Charles Dana Gibson

1887-09-29     Van

1887-10-06     Van

1887-10-13     Van

1887-10-20     Van

1887-10-27     Henry McVickar

1887-11-03     Van

1887-11-10     Van

1887-11-17     Henry McVickar

1887-11-24     Van

1887-12-01     Van

1887-12-08     [probably Francis G. Attwood]

1887-12-15     Henry McVickar

1887-12-22     ___ Black

1887-12-29     Henry McVickar

1889-09-26     J. A. Mitchell

1891-05-28     Charles Howard Johnson        A princess surrounded by flowers and butterflies in the “Rural Number”

1891-07-02     Charles Dana Gibson

1892-08-11     Lee Woodward                      

1893-01-26     Charles Dana Gibson              “The ungrateful husband”

1898-05-26     Albert D. Blashfield                 Woman seated on “Loch Ness” monster for Vacation issue

1899-06-22     F. G. Atwood                          Motherly type, labeled "Alma Mater," hands diploma to young man; both dressed in ancient Greek costume for "Commencement Time"

1900-01-25     W. H. Hyde

1900-04-07     Albert D. Blashfield

1900-04-19?    Wm. H. Walker

1900-04-29     B. Cory Kilvert

1900-05-17     W. H. Hyde

1900-05-31     F. S. Dixon (?)

1900-06-09     Charles Dana Gibson

1900-07-05     ___ Kemble

1900-08-16     ___ Kemble

1900-09-06     Wm. H. Walker

1900-09-27     W. H. Walker

1900-10-04     W. H. Walker

1900-11-08     Arthur E. Jameson

1901-05-01     ___ Read                               Boy says to young man who is in the house to visit the boy's sister: "Are you going to marry sister Ruth?" "Why--er--I really don't know, you know.!" "That's what I thought. Well, you are!"

1904-05-26     Bayard Jones

1905-01-05     Henry Hutt                             Woman snuggles up to snowman; New Year 1905 issue

1905-01-19     Albert Levering                       What the automobile will be like “In a Thousand Years” --but actually more like ten

1905-04-06     Henry Hutt                             Satan offers an Easter bouquet to a beautiful woman, who stretches out her hands for it

1905-05-18     Valentine Sandberg

1905-06-01     C. Allan Gilbert

1905-06-15     Henry Hutt

1905-08-03     Henry Hutt

1905-09-21     James Montgomery Flagg

1905-12-21     C. Allan Gilbert                       Man and woman in Renaissance garb, used as Xmas decoration on a Xmas tree

1905-12-28     ___ Taylor

1906-01-18     Wm. Balfour Ker

1906-03-15     J. J. Ray                                 Right profile of a woman, shoulders bare; in one brownish red color with half-toning for shadows

1906-04-05     Henry Hutt

1906-04-19     Charles Dana Gibson              Woman’s face in left profile turning toward reader

1906-04-26     Albert Dodd Blashfield

1906-05-03     E. N. Clark

1906-06-07     James Montgomery Flagg

1906-07-05     James Montgomery Flagg

1906-07-19     Charles Dana Gibson

1906-08-02     David Ericson                         Woman with blossom over her ear holds small bird on finger (very art nouveau style)

1906-12-06     Charles Dana Gibson              Woman’s face, in snow; Xmas 1906

1906-12-20     Albert Dodd Blashfield

1907-03-07     James Montgomery Flagg

1907-11-21     Henry Hutt                             Woman in riding clothes, and her horse

1907-12-05     James Montgomery Flagg

1907-12-19     James Montgomery Flagg

1908-01-02                                                   25th Anniversary Issue, showing many covers from the past

1908-01-16     Valentine Sandberg

1908-02-20     Coles Phillips

1908-02-27     Frederick G. Cooper

1908-03-19     James Montgomery Flagg

1908-03-26     Henry Hutt

1908-04-16     James Montgomery Flagg      

1908-04-30     Henry Hutt

1908-05-07     Henry Hutt

1908-05-21     Coles Phillips

1908-05-28     Coles Phillips

1908-06-04     James Montgomery Flagg

1908-06-11     Wilfrid Huggins

1908-06-25     James Montgomery Flagg

1908-07-09     Coles Phillips

1908-07-23     James Montgomery Flagg

1908-08-06     Henry Hutt

1908-09-10     ___ Clarke

1908-09-17     Coles Phillips

1908-09-24     Henry Hutt

1908-10-01     Balfour Ker                             Angel singing and playing the lute, perched on the rings of Saturn

1908-10-08     ___ Brewer

1908-10-15     Frank Bittner                          Woodpecker carving hearts and initials into tree’s bark

1908-10-22     ___ Carey                              Two rustics watch a bunch of aeroplanes flying south in a V formation, commenting that they expect a hard winter

1908-12-03     Coles Phillips                          Woman in evening dress has “Three Wise Men” in white tie hovering around her

1908-12-10                                                   Woman wearing huge hat with birds, feathers, flowers, etc.: “Delerium trimmin’s”

1908-12-17     Henry Hutt

1909-02-04     James Montgomery Flagg       Man catches Cupid with tongs

1909-02-11     Balfour Ker

1909-02-18     James Montgomery Flagg

1909-02-25     Brandon Campbell                  Caricature of Teddy Roosevelt’s glasses, moustache, and grin with American symbols

1909-04-01     Orson Lowell

1909-04-15     James Montgomery Flagg

1909-04-29     B. Cory Kilvert

1909-09-09     Henry Hutt                             Elegant couple in full formal dress, along with their family of dogs

1910-06-09     Bechry Kilmuert                      Boy and girl standing, in their good clothes, in front of a buffet

1910-06-16     James Montgomery Flagg

1910-06-23     Henry Hutt                             Woman and man in bookstore, shopping for books or perhaps each other in “The pursuit of knowledge”

1910-07-21     B. Cory Kilvert

1910-07-28     Rea Irvin

1910-08-04     B. Cory Kilvert

1910-08-11     Rea Irvin

1910-08-18     Coles Phillips

1910-08-25     Power O’Malley

1910-09-01     Coles Phillips

1910-09-15     Power O’Malley                       Female cops arresting a man carrying sign advocating votes for men

1910-09-22     Coles Phillips

1910-09-29     Orson Lowell

1910-10-06     Lejaren A. Hiller

1910-10-13     Henry Hutt

1910-10-20     Coles Phillips

1910-10-27     Sewell Collins

1910-11-03     Power O’Malley

1910-11-17     Henry Hutt

1910-11-24     James Montgomery Flagg

1910-12-08     James Montgomery Flagg

1910-12-15     Balfour Ker

1911-01-26     James Montgomery Flagg

1911-04-13     James Montgomery Flagg

1911-05-04     James Montgomery Flagg

1911-06-01     James Montgomery Flagg

1911-07-13     Walter Tittle

1911-09-14     Coles Phillips

1911-09-21     Angus Mac Donall                  Two young girls pulling a puppy on a leash out of his sleeping box, to go reluctantly on a walk “Breaking Home Ties”

1911-10-12     Coles Phillips                          Woman seems confused by instructions in a cookbook, and stares off into the distance as she holds a mixing bowl; “The Light Housekeeper”

1911-11-02     Coles Phillips

1912-02-01     James Montgomery Flagg       Cupid strings bow like dillar sign, “To My Valentine"

1912-02-29     James Montgomery Flagg

1912-03-07     Henry Hutt                             “Lilliputians”

1912-03-21     Walter Tittle                           Adventurers have reached the Pacific Coast and stare out at the ocean

1912-04-04     ___ Wildhack                         Girl putting on old-fashioned bonnet: “Easter in the Attic”

1912-04-18     Angus Mac Donall                  Pilgrims rowing ashore, seem to see the future in the glowing dome of the Massachusetts State House in Boston, “Looking Forward”

1912-05-04     John A. Coughlin

1912-05-18     ___ Wildhack                         Child lecturer shows city and people as "So Now We Come to Pittsburgh"

1912-06-20     Power O’Malley

1912-07-11     James Montgomery Flagg

1912-08-15     C. Clyde Squires                   

1912-08-22     Jim Curley                              Women “Welcome Little Stranger” Cupid, in the “Lover’s Number”

1912-08-29     A. L. S.

1912-09-26     James Montgomery Flagg

1912-11-28     F. W. Read                             Satan teaching tricks to young girl in "The New Pupil"

1913-02-06     ___ Wildhack

1913-03-27     Power O’Malley

1913-04-03     Victor C. Anderson                 Woman horseback-riding acrobat practices in an almost empty circus tent at “The rehearsal”

1913-04-10     Walter Tittle                           Woman standing defiantly, with small monkey on her right shoulder: “Evolution”

1913-07-10     Richard Culter (or Cutler)       Boy in crowd cheering at a ball game

1913-07-24     Ralph Briggs Fuller                 Prissy old lady derides boy for fishing on Sunday, but his fishing father is just around the tree

1913-08-07     Victor C. Anderson                 “Skipper and Mate” couple shadowed on sail of a small sailboat

1913-08-14     A. D. Blashfield                      Man and woman by lake, man in the water, done in the style of a nineteenth-century Sampler

1913-08-21     Walter Tittle

1913-09-04     Robert K. Ryland

1913-09-11     Power O’Malley                       Boy in school classroom looks out door, and sighs, seeing a friend, not in school, going off fishing

1913-09-25     Orson Lowell                          Cupid has just got from sitting on a park bench with a “Wet Paint” sign, leaving a heart-shaped butt print in the red paint

1913-10-02     Angus Mac Donall

1914-05-07     Victor C. Anderson

1914-06-11     Paul Stahr

1914-06-25     Paul Stahr                              Sailor on his warship gets his sailor-dressed lady to kiss him under the guns, in “Target Practice”

1914-07-16     Will Rannells

1914-07-23     Power O’Malley

1914-08-13     Henry Hutt

1914-08-27     Paul Stahr                              Young couple has gone out into the garden to make ice cream, but they’re concentrating on another kind of “Breaking the Ice”

1914-09-10     A. D. Blashfield

1914-09-17     A. D. Blashfield                      Devil and Cupid talking, “Did you have a vacation this summer?” “Not for a minute”

1914-09-24     Power O’Malley

1914-10-08     Richard Culter

1914-10-15     Paul Stahr

1914-10-22     Victor C. Anderson

1914-10-29     A. D. Blashfield                      “Good-Bye summer”

1914-11-05     Paul Stahr                              Man and woman celebrating Thanksgiving with a fabulous turkey dinner, while behind them two friends are dancing with tambourines and celebrating “The Pilgrim’s Progress”

1914-11-12     Power O’Malley                       “Indian Summer”

1914-12-03     Paul Stahr

1914-12-24     Paul Stahr                              “Ennui”

1915-01-07     Paul Stahr                              Startled father discovers his son making time with his secretary – “Learning Father’s business”

1915-01-28     Rea Irvin                                Elegant woman with dog and goose in parody of VANITY FAIR art nouveau cover style – “ain’t nature wonderful?”

1915-02-04     Will Rannels                           Dog has been in a fight, and is bruised and bandaged “The morning after”

1915-02-18     Joe Harling

1915-03-11     Simon Werner                        Boy in Indian costume has scalped doll belonging to angry girl – “Another Indian outrage”

1915-04-01     Power O’Malley                       Woman, and the Devil, “Reunited” in marriage; they dance in the street

1915-04-08     Paul Stahr                              Soldier and sweetheart about to be attacked by little pixies in gray military uniforms – “The night attack”

1915-05-06     Power O’Malley                       In the city, “The voice of spring” is a potted plant from a street-cart flower vendor

1915-06-17     Paul Stahr                              Bride in full dress, holding moneybag near tickertape – “A daughter of the profits” – meaning, ??

1915-06-24     Paul Stahr                              Woman college graduate considers a profession – or a professional

1915-09-09     ___ Emery

1915-10-14     C. Donshea                            Boy dreams he’s confronting cowboys "After The Movies"

1915-10-21     Rae Irvin                                “Indian Summer”

1915-11-18                                                   Couple, and old lady and young girl on porch are all “Dreamers”

1915-12-02     Victor C. Anderson                 Exhausted reindeer and santa come back to the North Pole at dawn on “Christmas Morning”

1915-12-30     Victor C. Anderson                 Old man stares at tall case clock by the light of a single candle, while a small child is about to startle him by sliding down a banister in “The Ghostly Hour”

1916-01-01     Norman Price

1916-01-27     Paul Stahr                              British soldier writes, while fascinated exotic foreign women hang on him: “British Possessions”

1916-03-09     Paul Stahr                              Old woman listens in to young couple on “The Party Wire”

1916-03-16     Angus Mac Donall                  Satan cackles over “Another baby born”

1916-03-23     Rea Irvin                                Men and women exchange dress, roles "When Women Do The Fighting"

1916-06-22     Rea Irvin                                German soldier sardonically salutes woman crying over tombstone, “Rest in Peace/Here Lies Uncle Sam”

1916-08-28     John LaGatta                          Boys playing baseball climb over a fence in pursuit of a small dog who has stolen their ball

1916-09-14     ___ Walker                            The Lady of Justice grabs Josephus Daniels (?) to mete out justice to him

1916-11-09     Paul Stahr                              American finds himself surrounded by the harem when he’s “Breaking the news to a Turkish friend’s widow”

1916-11-23     Victor C. Anderson

1917-02-08     Rea Irvin

1917-02-15     Paul Stahr                              Satan shows woman fancy dress as “The Tempter”

1917-03-29     Will Rannells                          “After Six” is dog in white bowtie and silk top hat

1917-04-05     Angus Mac Donall

1917-04-26     Angus Mac Donall

1917-07-12     Raymond Moreau Crosby        Liberty lady tied up in red tape, but has a sword to break free and join the war

1917-08-02     Angus Mac Donall                  Two women in nurse uniforms stand at the end of a pier waiting for a (probably hospital) ship to arrive, Ready and Waiting” to help the war casualties aboard

1917-08-09     Norman Rockwell                    Dad, in old uniform, send son off to the war

1917-08-23     Rodney Thomson

1917-08-30     J. R. Shaver                            Girl points out to boy a place where plaster has been knocked off a brick wall: “The old, old story”

1917-11-08     Norman Rockwell                    Woman gives one son to the Army and one to the Navy – “The Lord loveth a cheerful giver”

1918-01-10     Paul Stahr

1918-02-21     Paul Stahr

1918-02-28     Robert Dickey

1918-03-28     J. R. Shaver

1918-04-18     Norman Rockwell                    American soldier teaching foreign boy how to hold a baseball bat in "An American Missionary"

1918-04-20     Charles Sarka

1918-07-11     Paul Stahr

1918-09-12     Victor C. Anderson                 Boy in classroom reading a western pulp instead of his geography book; teacher nods off unknowing

1918-09-19     Angus Mac Donall                  Sailor on ship signaling to other ships with flags

1918-10-10                                                   Lady Liberty asks reader to pay up for the Liberty Loans – “Yes or no?”

1918-10-31     Tony Sarg                              Foreign rat is trapped with "American Cheese"

1918-11-07     Norman Rockwell                    Girl inspects cleanliness of ear of her big brother, home in uniform, washing up

1918-11-14     Anton Otto Fischer                 Derelict sailboat, storm or war damage, dog still alive yapping at nearby warships – “The Irish of it”

1918-11-28     Norman Rockwell                    Men in all kinds of American military uniform, smilingly saying "Are We Downhearted?” about the end of WW1

1918-12-12     Paul Stahr                              King’s skull sits on a pillow, wearing crown, scepter nearby: “Once Upon a Time”

1918-12-19     Norman Rockwell                    American soldier shows picture of his mother to his surrogate French mother

1918-12-26     Louis Fleming                         Soldier guarding snow-covered house, “Where duty is a pleasure”

1919-01-16     William Grotz                          Boy writing “LIAR” on wall of a dentist who advertises that he is Painless

1919-01-30     Power O’Malley                       Soldier in Europe on guard duty looks at destroyed buildings including the one that was “Her window”

1919-02-20     Victor C. Anderson                 Boy giving recitation in class is being ignored by other students

1919-02-27     Clyde Squires

1919-03-13     Norman Rockwell                    American soldier bids goodbye to his surrogate French mother as he leaves for home

1919-03-20     Walter de Maris

1919-03-27     Clyde Squires

1919-04-10     Norman Rockwell                    American soldier has medals for bravery, but when his sweetie wants to make smoochies he’s still “The coward”

1919-04-17     Power O’Malley                       Tailor stops cutting on dress during fitting, to salute as “His old regiment” goes marching by

1919-04-24     Clyde Squires

1919-05-08     Power O’Malley                       Girl in classical dress dances to “Spring – 1919” among flowers in the fields with derelict guns and wartime wreckage

1919-05-15     Victor C. Anderson

1919-05-22     Edward Monks

1919-05-29     Power O’Malley

1919-06-26     Clyde Squires

1919-07-03     Rea Irvin

1919-07-24     Victor C. Anderson

1919-08-07     Angus Mac Donall                  “Deported” – probably an undesirable alien

1919-08-28     Otho Cushing                         A swimmer having a “Submarine Engagement” with a mermaid

1919-09-04     J. F. Kernan

1919-09-25     Paul Stahr                              Modern woman in exaggerated suit with straw hat and riding crop, against background of earlier women in fancier dress, showing change aka progress

1919-10-02     Victor C. Anderson

1919-10-23                                                   German autocratic government, thought dead 11 November 1918, has a “Reincarnation”

1919-10-30     Raymond Moreau Crosby        Two women reading the Fashion pages of a newspaper: "The News Of The Day".

1919-11-06     ___ Calvert

1919-11-27     Raymond Moreau Crosby        Boy, Labor, says to girl, Capital, “There ain’t going to be no core” left of the apple he’s eating

1919-12-04     Paul Stahr

1920-01-01                                                   Sculptor Old Year looks at his handiwork: New Year child is “Ready”

1920-01-15     Will Rannells                          “Never Again” as tough dog in cloth cap with cigarette makes a vow

1920-01-22     Rea Irvin

1920-01-29     J. F. Kernan

1920-02-26     Clyde Squires

1920-03-04     Power O’Malley                       Biplane flying past the front of the Sphinx

1920-03-18     Rea Irvin                                Indian in orange robe reads “Life” while papoose in backpack reads magazine (probably also “Life”) – titled “Life in the far West”

1920-03-25     S. D. Runyon                          Child cutting own hair, seen from the back

1920-04-22     Victor C. Anderson                 Boy wearing only baggy shorts is in school play as a wild animal in “His First Appearance”

1920-05-27     Angus MacDonnell

1920-06-03     Victor C. Anderson                 Boys dismayed when carpenter replaces knothole board in baseball field fence

1920-07-01     Norman Rockwell                    Man, woman, and their child; former soldier now “Carrying On” as a civilian (American Legion number)

1920-07-22     Rea Irvin and Calvert

1920-08-26     B. Cory Kilvert

1920-09-02     Victor C. Anderson

1920-09-16     Angus MacDonnell

1920-09-23     Rea Irvin

1920-09-30     Victor C. Anderson

1920-10-07     Paul Stahr                              Butler at rich white house rejecting Negro baby brought by “The absent-minded stork”

1920-10-14     Coles Phillips

1920-10-21     J. R. shaver

1920-11-11     Norman Rockwell                    Barefoot boy plays flute to girl and dog – “The music master”

1920-11-18     Coles Phillips

1920-11-25     E. Stetson Crawford

1920-12-09     B. Cory Kilvert

1921-01-13                                                   Elephant carrying oriental Big Cheese in howdah confronts fat tourist in Model T, “On the Road to Mandalay”

1921-01-20     M. L. Blumenthal

1921-02-03     B. Cory Kilvert

1921-02-17     Rea Irvin

1921-03-03     Coles Phillips                          Modern woman reads first issue of LIFE, from an old trunk; 200th number

1921-03-31     J. R. Shaver

1921-04-07     Coles Phillips

1921-04-14     Rea Irvin

1921-05-12     Rea Irvin

1921-06-02     F. X. Leyendecker

1921-06-23     Victor C. Anderson                 Old man and boy losing struggle to stay awake in church on "A Sunday in June"

1921-09-15     Victor C. Anderson

1921-10-27     Rea Irvin

1921-11-03     F. X. Leyendecker

1921-12-08     F. X. Leyendecker

1921-12-22     Herbert Paus                          “The Conspirators” are putting holiday mistletoe on an overhead chandelier

1922-01-12     Franklin Booth                        Boy sits, looking at vast imaginary mystical city in the distance, Viking longboat sailing toward him on blood-red waters

1922-01-26     Victor C. Anderson                 Little old lady wearing ice skates and ready to be “The Sport”

1922-03-02     Herbert Paus                          “The Fickle Girl” is represented by a woman on a weathervane, with the legend, “The wind bloweth where it listeth”

1922-03-09     F. X. Leyendecker                   Girl commands trained bear to play drums and balance top hat on nose

1922-03-30     B. Cory Kilvert

1922-06-01     Norman Rockwell                    Clown comforts “The runaway” boy who has found his way to the circus and is crying about his home

1922-06-15     W. T. Benda                           Woman in elaborate peacock-feather hat (or warbonnet)

1922-06-29     John Held, Jr.

1922-07-06     Edward Penfield                     French and American Revolutionary War soldiers sharing a pot of coffee or tea

1922-08-24     Maxfield Parrish                     Woman, or man with page-boy bob, sitting with lute on top of wall, sighing at ‘Her Window”

1922-09-14     F. Falsiano (it looks like)         Modern woman who has been driving roadster looks into pool and sees herself in eithteenth century dress with a coach in the background (“The Mirage”)

1922-09-28     John Held, Jr.

1922-10-12     Herbert Paus

1922-11-09     Wallace Morgan                      Veterans of the Allied forces of WW1 holding their country’s flags, celebrating Armistice Day

1922-11-16     Charles Dana Gibson              Uncle Sam being told by Clemenceau that he has outgrown his clothes

1922-12-28     Edward Penfield                     Couple in early 19th century getting aboard coach labeled “A.D. 1923” with overall title, “All Aboard for 1923”

1923-02-01     James Montgomery Flagg       Ben Franklin with groceries

1923-03-15     B. Cory Kilvert                        Leprechaun playing the Irish harp

1923-07-19     Victor C. Anderson                 Fireman with bunch of flowers: “The Fire-Eater”

1923-08-23     Norman Rockwell                    Sailor playing accordion to his shipmates on an old boat – “Home, sweet home”

1923-09-13     Rea Irvin                                Attenuated couple wearing banana leaves, in mock Erte style, for the “Fall Fashions” issue

1923-10-04     F. X. Leyendecker

1923-11-22     Norman Rockwell                    “Ye Glutton” is in stocks for eating too much on Thanksgiving

1924-01-10     ___ Davis                              Scantily clad dancers trip across the snow in a modern dance: "A Greek Freeze."

1924-02-21     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.] Spirit of War in ancient greek warrior says “We want bigger and better wars!”

1924-04-17     Percy L. Crosby

1924-04-24     Monty Smith

1924-05-01     Alice Harvey

1924-05-15     Victor C. Anderson

1924-05-22     Robert L. Dickey

1924-05-29     Percy L. Crosby

1924-06-05     Charles Dana Gibson

1924-06-26                                                   Two women’s heads “are better than one”

1924-08-07     Percy L. Crosby                      Young boy lying against tree trunk, looking out at God’s “elegant scenery”

1924-08-14                                                   Old Home Week—parody of old Life cover design

1924-08-28     Coles Phillips                          Woman measuring her clothes, because “Skirts Will Be Shorter This Fall”

1924-10-23     Robert L. Dickey                     Terrier dog ignores stringed mouse toy

1924-12-19     John Held, Jr.

1925-01-01     Charles Dana Gibson             

1925-01-08     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.] Automobile Number, family with lots of kids driving car: “We got one now”

1925-01-29     John Held, Jr.                         Boobs, “A Vacant Lot” of stupid people, three by three array of them

1925-02-12     James Montgomery Flagg       Commuters number: wife sews up man’s sleeve while he wolfs down breakfast in order to make “The 8:15—or bust”

1925-02-26     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.] California number with giant sun, tourists, audio broadcast station

1925-03-12     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1925-04-02     John Held, Jr.

1925-04-09     Charles Dana Gibson

1925-04-30     John Held, Jr.

1925-05-21     Percy L. Crosby                      Boy complaining by telephone that his radio doesn’t work after he hammered it (or failed to put the kit together properly)

1925-06-11     Rae Irvin

1925-06-25     Herbert Paus (?)

1925-07-09     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.] “Main Street” now stretches all the way around the globe

1925-07-16     Robert L. Dickey                    

1925-07-23     B. Cory Kilvert

1925-07-30     Percy L. Crosby

1925-08-06     J. K. Havett

1925-08-13     Richard Vincent Culter

1925-08-20     Victor Anderson

1925-08-27     Garrett Price

1925-09-03     W. Rannells                            Dog wearing a seaman’s hat and with a pipe in mouth, upside down—“An old sea dog”

1925-09-10     John Held, Jr.

1925-09-17     C. F. Peters

1925-09-24     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1925-10-01     John Held, Jr.

1925-11-19     John Held, Jr.

1925-12-10     Don Herold                             Santa Claus modeled onto a red glass ball tree decoration

1925-12-17     John Held, Jr.

1925-12-31                                                   Father Time dancing with a flapper, “The Cut-In”

1926-01-24     John Held, Jr.

1926-02-18     John Held, Jr.

1926-03-11     F. G. Cooper                           Two Irishmen going around and around in a fistfight, seen from above

1926-03-18     John Held, Jr.

1926-04-08     John Held, Jr.

1926-05-13     Garrett Price

1926-05-27     C. H. Clykis

1926-06-24     John Held, Jr.

1926-07-01     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1926-07-08     Don Herold

1926-07-15     L. T. Holton

1926-07-22     Garrett Price

1926-07-29     John Held, Jr.

1926-08-05     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1926-08-12     L. T. Holton

1926-08-19     Garrett Price

1926-09-09     L. T. Holton

1926-09-16     ___ Bairnsfather

1926-09-23     Garrett Price

1926-09-30     John Held, Jr.

1926-10-14     Garrett Price

1926-10-21     John Held, Jr.

1926-10-28     L. T. Holton

1926-11-04     John Held, Jr.

1926-11-11     L. T. Holton

1926-11-18     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1926-11-25     John Held, Jr.

1926-12-02     Coles Phillips

1926-12-16     L. T. Holton

1926-12-23     L. T. Holton

1926-12-30     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1927-01-06     Will Rannells                          “The Poker Face” on a dog, wearing a cloth cap and smoking a cigarette

1927-01-13     John Held, Jr.

1927-01-20     Garrett Price

1927-01-27     L. T. Holton

1927-02-03     John Held, Jr.

1927-02-10     ___ Roe

1927-02-17     Garrett Price

1927-03-03     John Held, Jr.

1927-03-10     Russell Patterson

1927-03-17     C. K. O.

1927-03-24     John Held, Jr.

1927-03-31     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1927-04-07     Coles Phillips

1927-04-14     Garrett Price

1927-04-28     John Held, Jr.

1927-05-19     John Held, Jr.

1927-06-02     L. T. Holton

1927-06-09     Russell Patterson

1927-06-16     L. T. Holton

1927-07-07     John Held, Jr.

1927-07-14     Coles Phillips

1927-07-21     Garrett Price

1927-07-28     ___ Baskerville

1927-08-04     R. L.

1927-08-11     John Held, Jr.

1927-08-18     Russell Patterson

1927-08-25     Garrett Price

1927-09-08     Russell Patterson

1927-09-15     John Held, Jr.

1927-09-22     L. T. Holton                            Suave playboy type about to turn off the lights as his date sits on the couch entranced listening to his radio

1927-09-29     John Held, Jr.

1927-10-13     Garrett Price

1927-10-20     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1927-11-03     Will Rannels

1927-11-17     John Held, Jr.

1927-12-15     Garrett Price

1928-01-05     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1928-01-12     Russell Patterson

1928-01-19     ___ Massaguer and Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1928-01-26     Raymond Thayer

1928-02-02     John LaGatta

1928-02-09     Russell Patterson

Q1928-02-18   Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1928-02-23     P. Gilbert

1928-03-01     John Held, Jr.

1928-03-08     Edmund Davenport

1928-03-15     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1928-03-22     Russell Patterson

1928-03-29     Garrett Price

1928-04-26     Russell Patterson

1928-05-24     Paul Webb

1928-05-31     Adolph Triedler

1928-06-07     Miguel Covarrubias

1928-06-14     G. W.

1928-06-21     Miguel Covarrubias

1928-07-05     ___ Pancoast

1928-07-12     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1928-07-19     Miguel Covarrubias

1928-07-26     Miguel Covarrubias

1928-08-02     Russell Patterson

1928-08-09     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1928-08-23     Eldon Kelley

1928-08-30     Garrett Price

1928-09-06     Percy L. Crosby

1928-09-14     John Held, Jr.

1928-09-21     John Held, Jr.

1928-10-12     Ed Graham

1928-10-19     Percy L. Crosby

1928-10-26     Edward Monks                      

1928-11-02     Ralph Trevor

1928-11-16     Edward Monks

1928-11-23     Garrett Price

1928-11-30     John Held, Jr.

1928-12-21     Percy L. Crosby

1928-12-28     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1929-01-04     Russell Patterson

1929-01-11     John LaGatta

1929-01-18     John Holmgren

1929-01-25     John Held, Jr.

Q1929-01-24   Russell Patterson

1929-02-01     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1929-02-08     Russell Patterson

1929-02-15     James Montgomery Flagg       Cupid, “The hit and run driver,” roars along the road knocking people off their feet

1929-03-01     Frederick G. Cooper [F. G. C.]

1929-03-08     Russell Patterson

1929-03-15     James Montgomery Flagg       “Irish” man plays fiddle, little girl dances

1929-03-29     John Holmgren                       Man getting money out of wallet to buy expensive “Flowers that bloom in the Spring” for woman

1929-04-05     Russell Patterson                    Woman, with baggage, headed for Reno for “a change”

1929-04-12     Ruth Eastman

1929-04-26     Russell Patterson

1929-05-10     Frederick Strothman

1929-05-17     Paul Stahr

1929-05-24     John Holmgren

1929-05-31     Russell Patterson

1929-06-07     Raymond Thayer

1929-06-21     John Holmgren

1929-06-28     James Montgomery Flagg

1929-07-05     Raymond Thayer

1929-07-12     Russell Patterson                    Woman-hating newsstand operator surrounded by pictures of women on magazine covers

1929-07-19     Paul Starh

1929-07-26     John Holmgren

1929-08-09     Russell Patterson

1929-09-13     John Holmgren

1929-09-20     Edwina ___

1929-09-27     James Montgomery Flagg

1929-10-04     Russell Patterson

1929-10-18     Russell Patterson

1929-10-25     Ruth Eastman (Rodgers)

1929-11-01     John LaGatta                          Woman in a blue dress (almost a fashion drawing)

1929-11-08     Russell Patterson

1929-11-22     John Holmgren

1929-11-29     Russell Patterson

1929-12-27     Rea Irvin                                Customs inspector at border finds plenty of illegal alcohol in woman’s car, but “She didn’t know it was loaded”

1930-01-03     Russell Patterson

1930-01-10     Edwina ___

1930-01-17     Ed Graham                             Dude asks formally dressed man in Information booth, “Lo, Fred, what’ya know?”

1930-01-24     Russell Patterson

1930-01-31     ___ Odforen

1930-02-07     Joseph Morgan                       The sky is full of airships, except for a single automobilist, “The last man on Earth”

1930-02-14     W. T. Benda

1930-02-21     Haskell Coffin

1930-02-28     James Montgomery Flagg

1930-03-07     Bradshaw Crandell

1930-03-14     John Holmgren

1930-03-21     Barry Meyers

1930-03-28     Hayden Hayden

1930-04-04     Howard Chandler Christy

1930-04-11     Guy Hoff

1930-04-18     Rolf Armstrong

1930-05-09     John LaGatta

1930-05-16     David Robinson

1930-05-23                                                   Cubist image of a woman: “Do you know a girl who looks like this?”

1930-05-30     Edwina ___                            Dog, with bone, happily asleep on owner’s bed, muddy pawprints all over the quilt and pillow

1930-06-06     Ed Graham

1930-06-13     Orson Lowell                          Golfer is tickled pink to have found a four-leaf clover in the grass, but a golf ball is about to hit him from behind

1930-06-20     Rea

1930-06-27     Ed Graham

1930-07-04     Ed Graham                             Vaudeville couple “The Happy Nelsons” none too happy about waiting in a station for the 6:30 am train

1930-07-11     R. B. Fuller

1930-07-25     Rea

1830-08-08     Herb Breneman

1930-08-29     Ed Graham

1930-09-12     Leonard Holton

1930-09-19     Tony Sarg and ___ ___

1930-12-05     Edwina ___                            Dog stares happily through butcher shop window (seen from inside) to celebrate the Christmas Number    

1930-12-26                                                   New Year baby asked for card to enter speakeasy

1931-01-16     Ed Graham                             Chinese laundryman on phone to numbers written on the lapels of someone’s formal shirt

1931-03-13     C. W. Anderson

1931-04-03     C. W. Anderson

1931-04-24     Nell Hott

1931-05-01     Mr. Cooper

1931-05-08     Ed Graham

1931-05-15     Neal Hatt [?]

1931-05-29     Ed Graham

1931-06-05     ___ Heier

1931-06-12     Garrett Price

1931-06-19     Ed Graham

1931-07-24     Gilbert Bundy

1931-08-21     Revere F. Wistehuff

1931-09-04     Ed Gahan

1931-09-18     C. W. Anderson

1931-10-09     A. K.                                       Migrating ducks carrying suitcases

1931-10-16     P. Barlow

1931-11-06     C. W. Anderson

1931-11-13     Nell Hott

1931-11-20     ___ Heier

1931-12           Heier                                      Santa Claus dressed like a Scotsman, riding one reindeer and carrying a shrunken bag of gifts

1932-02           Frederick G. Cooper

1932-05           ___ Haen                               Politician caricatures dancing around the Maypole in preparation for the 1932 elections

1932-06           Charles Dunn

1932-11           ___ Llyaba                             Uncle Sam playing the piano, “Of thee I sing” to smiling Miss Liberty lying on top of it

1933-02           ___ Llyaba                             Woman in a particular costume standing on piles of coins, but she says, “I can’t give you anything but love”

1934-03           Dorothy McKay

1934-04           Robt. Day

1934-05           Dr. Suess

1934-06           Richard Decker                       Girl turns down swain, though all the other animals in the flowery field have paired off

1934-07           Dorothy McKay

1934-09           Dorothy McKay

1934-10           Abner Dean

1934-11           Richard Decker

1934-12           Abner Dean

1935-02           ___ Shellhorse (?)

1935-04           Richard Decker

1935-06           Dorothy McKay

1935-08           Richard Decker

1935-10           Ned Hilton

1936-01           P. Barlow                                Young boy lies in front of fire, reading travel brochures for cruises in the West Indies and the Spanish Main

1936-03           Dorothy McKay                       Apartment neighbors’ dogs see each other and react, one blithe, one angry as man restrains him, as the woman and man open their doors to pick up the Sunday peper

1936-04           Barbara Shermund                 Cruise passengers in an exotic port are throwing coins overboard to see the natives dive for them, but a matronly woman, entranced by the sight of the nearly naked men, is pulling out a five dollar bill

1936-05           Ned Hilton

1936-06           P. Barlow                                Long line of men are getting their diplomas at the graduation ceremony, but one late-comer is still putting on his gown over his jersey as he runs toward the dais

1936-07           Gregory d’Alessio                   Two men and a woman on a small sailboat desperately stretching out hooks for a bucket which has apparently fallen overboard

1936-08           Dorothy McKay                       Trainer struggles to hold fidgety horse while woman about to get on continues to put on her lipstick

1936-09           Ned Hilton                              Woman playing tennis with another woman is startled to see a photographer standing at the net, directly in the path of her ball, taking her picture

1936-10           George T. Eggleston               Rich woman in chauffeured convertible is wearing a political button for Alf Landon, while here driver and assistant are wearing buttons for FDR

1936-11           P. Barlow                                Two ambulance drivers having a nice rest, reading the newspapers while waiting outside a football stadium in case there’s an injury




1906-12-08     C. H. Sprague                         Yule log ablaze in an art nouveau fireplace

1908-06-27     Alphonse Mucha

1908-10-03     Dan Smith                              Man wearing champion’s laurel wreath on head, mounted on flying horse

1909-12-11     Harry Stoner                          Woman, metaphorical Fate or some such, sitting astride North and Central America and preparing to mark a band with a pen

1910-06-11     George Hood

1911-03-25     Frederick Lincoln Stoddard

1914-11-07     George Wharton Edwards

1916-09-09     Charles C. Curran                   “September Breeze” – Woman in the country holds her hat on as the wind blows

1916-08-26                                                   Woman driving roadster stops to look at pottery being sold by Indian women at roadside

1917-03-10     Charles M. Russel                   “Wild Horse Hunters” – cowboys in rocky territory trying to lasso a wild horse

1917-03-17     E. E. Walton                           “America at work – steel mills, Pittsburgh, Pa.” – aerial view of mills, smokestacks, clouds of steam and smoke

1917-06-16     L. A. Shafer                            “An american destroyer surprises a U-Boat”

1917-08-04     Vincent Synck                        “Setting up the ‘donkey-back wireless’ outfit” – American Army wireless signal corps

1917-10-13     R. Farrington Elwell                “Bringing up the guns” – artillerymen on and around the horses hauling up the guns

1918-03-09     Frank X. Leyendecker

1918-05-11     Henry F. Wireman

1918-05-25     William Van Dresser

1918-06-01     Julia Redding Kelly

1918-06-08     Gilbert Gaul

1918-06-22     L. A. Shafer

1918-06-29     Alolph Treidler

1918-07-06     Harry Grant Dart

1918-07-13     Vincent Lynch

1918-07-20     Harry Grant Dart

1918-07-27     R. Farrington Elwell

1918-08-03     Gerrit A. Beneker                    “Speed Up” the construction of ships for the war effort

1918-08-10     Joseph Cummings Chase

1918-08-17     Norman Rockwell                    Boy opens his jacket to show his collection of World War I buttons and medals

1918-08-24     Harry Grant Dart                    American fighter planes are “The American Cavalry of the Air”

1918-09-14     Harry Grant Dart

Q1918-09-18   A. Beneker                             “A bit of Cape Cod” – small house between the shore and the country lane

1918-10-05     L. A. Shafer

1918-10-12     Harry Grant Dart

1918-10-19     Dan Smith

1918-10-26     L. A. Shafer

1918-11-09     Norman Rockwell                    Old Army guy, hands on shoulders of young Army and Navy men, says “Keep them smiling!”

1918-11-30     Orville Houghton Peets

1918-12-07     R. Farrington Elwell                “Transporting artillery mules in the Alps” – mule, in sling with many ropes, being lowered from high cliff to rocky spot below

1918-12-14     Norman Rockwell

1919-02-08     Norman Rockwell

1919-03-01     Norman Rockwell

1919-04-19     Norman Rockwell

1919-05-24     J. F. Kernan                            Veterans

1919-06-14     Norman Rockwell

1919-07-26     Norman Rockwell

1919-09-06     Norman Rockwell                    Mother ties sullen boy’s tie while his sister is all cute and happy, as they head off for the first day of school

1919-09-20     Norman Rockwell                    View of a whole family at movie theater, smiling “When the Literary Digest TOPICS OF THE DAY is flashed on the screen”

1919-09-27     Arthur Becher                         Old West Outlaw riding to escape from a posse

1919-11-22     Norman Rockwell                    Woman carrying huge roast turkey on a platter, for “Thanksgiving”

1920-01-17     Norman Rockwell
1920-07-03     Norman Rockwell                    Boy and girl walking home from school, carrying books, smiling because “Vacation” has started

1920-11-20     Norman Rockwell

1920-12-20     Norman Rockwell

1921-01-29     Norman Rockwell                    “A mother’s love” – mother tucking two baby children into bed

1921-02-26     Norman Rockwell                    Husband looking at bills to pay, while wife looks over his shoulder, on “The first of the month”

1921-04-30     Norman Rockwell                    Elderly shoemaker scratches his head contemplating how to make a shoe for little girl’s doll

1921-06-18     Sidney Reisenberg                 Coxswain urging on his shell rowing team in a race.

1921-06-25     Norman Rockwell                    “Memories” of an elderly woman sitting in attic, reading old love letters and looking at portrait of her husband as a young man

1921-07-02                                                   Boys jumping into the pond at "The Old Swimming hole"

1921-07-23     Sidney Reisenberg                 Man discussing repairs to his car with the mechanic outside a garage that just has a new sign over the old one that proclaimed it a blacksmith shop. Hope the blacksmith is up on the latest technology.

1921-07-30     Norman Rockwell                    Man sitting on a pier, fishing rod in his hand, while his dog sleeps beside him – “Gone fishin’”

1921-09-03     Frank Russell Green               “Silvery Night”

1921-09-10     J. F. Kernan

1921-09-17     Sidney Reisenberg

1921-10-01     Ronald Anderson

1921-10-08                                                   The

1921-10-15     Sidney Reisenberg

1921-10-22     Norman Rockwell

1921-10-29     Joseph C. Chase                     Marshal Foch

1921-11-05     ___ Beneker                          Sailors in a rowboat on the water

1921-11-12     Sidney Reisenberg

1921-11-19     J. F. Kernan

1921-11-26     Norman Rockwell

1921-12-24     Norman Rockwell                    Father sitting down with his boy and girl, telling them “The story of Christmas”

1922-03-25     Norman Rockwell

1922-04-01     J. F. Kernan

1922-07-08     ___ Burns                              Rockland Light – leaning lighthouse on the Hudson

1922-08-19     Murray P. Bewley

1922-09-23     Norman Rockwell

1922-12-02     Norman Rockwell                    Old guy rigging up a model sailing ship, red parrot on his shoulder – “For a good boy”

1922-12-09     E. M. Jackson                         Boy happily anticipating that he’ll get a dog for Christmas

1922-12-16                                                   “Winter Sunset” – snowy woods, with stream covered with ice

1922-12-30     Anthony van Dyck                  “Charles I of England” – contemporary portrait; from The Louvre

1923-02-10     E. M. Jackson

1923-03-10     H. C. Murphy, Jr.                    “Homeward” – man leading horse along canal towpath at the end of the day

1923-03-17     Marion Boyd Allen                  “Morning – boy seated on his windowsill, feeding pigeons coming in the open window

1923-05-05     James J. Shannon                  “Fairy tales” – mother reading to her two young girls

1923-05-19     Jean Baptiste Camille Corot    “A lane through the trees”

1923-11-17     Norman Rockwell                    “Dreams in the antique shop” – Woman polishing teakettle sits among the old treasures, and imagines

1923-12-22     Norman Rockwell

1924-11-29     Luigi Chialiva                         “Fine Weather” --detail—girls herding turkeys; one adjusting flowers in another’s hair

1924-12-20     A. W. Merchant                      “Florida Moonlight” over water between palms

1924-12-27     ___ Gianpietrino

1925-12-05     Charles Robert Patterson        “Old Ironsides” – the historic warship pictured under full sail

1925-12-19     Benjamin C. Brown                 “Wildflowers of southern California” – view down a mountain meadow with distant peaks

1926-03-06     ___ Burns                              “The pilot boat ‘New York’” – tugboat hitting the waves

1926-04-17     Irving R. Wiles                        Woman painting a picture on an easel – “The Student”

1926-05-01     Michiel van Musscher             “The Concert” – man playing cello (double-bass?) for woman

1926-05-22     Ernest Meissonier                   “Detail of Friedland, 1807” – Napoleonic Wars era cavalry off on a mission

1926-06-12     Elizabeth Nourse                    “Mother and Children” – Mother feeding her infant child while young girl eats in background

1926-06-19     William M. Paxton                   “The Housemaid” – woman with feather duster cleaning table stops to read a letter

1926-10-02     Marion Boyd Allen                  “Roses and Autumn Leaves” – still life

1926-11-06     Charles W. Hawthorne            “The Fish and the Man” – old man proudly shows the very large fish he caught

1927-01-01     Louis Betts                             “Day Dreams” – young girl with doll looks dreamily out at the reader

1927-01-29     Leonardo da Vinci                   Mona Lisa

1927-02-05     Wilson Irvine                          “The Broken Wall” – country fieldstone drywall, in the snow, showing broken gap in wall

1927-02-12     Douglas Volk                          Abraham Lincoln, seated – “With malice toward none”

1927-03-12     Leonebel Jacobs                     “A Lady of Quality in China” – Chinese woman in colorful local costume

1927-06-18     Kenneth Frazier                      “Juanita” – seated woman in red and yellow

1927-07-02     Richard Caton Woodville         “The Cavalier’s Return” – wife introduces small child to seventeenth century cavalier, finally back at home

1928-10-20     Julius Rolshoven

1929-06-29     Edward Dufner                       “Golden Days” – children playing ring-around-the-rosey with a woman watching over them

1930-01-11     J. G. L. Ferriss                        “The First Sermon Ashore”

1930-03-22     Louis Betts                             “Boy with Orange”

1930-11-01     Mary Gray                              Still life of “Fruit” in a metal bowl and on a metal plate

1930-11-08     Florence Young                      “Sicilian Village” scene

1930-12-06     Frederick Bosley                     “Peggy Reading to Elizabeth”

1931-04-20     Alfredo Helsby                        “On the River Maule in Chile” – rainbow touches down on a large building on the beach

1931-11-07     J. L. G. Ferris                          “The return of the Mayflower, 1621” – Woman waving to approaching ship, while exhausted man sits by her

1932-01-23     Agnes Potter van Ryn             “Meditation” – Woman sitting, reading a book

1932-03-05     M. J. Burns                             “French Coast Fishing Boat”

1932-03-12     J. L. G. Ferris                          “News from Mount Vernon, 1796” – man reading a letter to (is it George Washington?) and two women, with black servant or slave in background (setting is in town – Alexandria VA?)

1932-04-16     Stanley Woodward                 “The Call of the Spring” brings a fisherman out to try his luck in the creek

1932-05-28     R. Novelli                                “Poppy Time” – Red poppies, and blue irises, in a country field

1932-06-11     E. Beauman                           “Uninvited guests”

1932-10-01     R. E. Leppert                          Herbert Hoover, portrait of

1932-12-10     Robert Henri                           Young girl, portrait of; “Happy Youngster”

1933-04-08     Nicolai Fechin                         “A Taos Indian girl”

1933-05-27     Morgan Dennis                       Two Scottie dogs, “Jack and Jill”

1933-12-30     Lucile Patterson Marsh

1936-09-26                                                   Cutout work of paper yacht heading off down the river from cutout Washington DC skyline

1936-10-31     ___ Wiggin                            Cutout work of paper Uncle Sam juggling balls cut from news stories about current politics



1916-09-16     Perry Emerson Thompson

1916-09-30     Perry Emerson Thompson

1918-08-17                                                   Indian Chief in full headdress

1918-12-13     Emerson Thompson                Indians traveling with horse and drag



1937-12           Victor Tchetchet                     Marlene Dietrich and Melvyn Douglas



1935-02-23     Modest Stein                          Man and woman in evening dress about to kiss

1937-05-08     Modest Stein                          Man and woman in evening dress, man holds woman in his arms to kiss



1926-08-01     Katharine R. Wireman



1907-04           Walter Tittle                           Woman in red and white stripes carrying an apronful of flowers

1907-07           Walter Tittle

1907-08           Walter Tittle                           Woman sitting outside on the edge of hammock, fan in hand, reading a book

1907-09           Walter Tittle                           Woman at the deck rail of a cruise ship, wearing sailing inspired clothing and carrying binoculars

1907-10           Walter Tittle                           Woman in heavy overcoat, holding a pennant “McC” who may represent enthusiastic sports supporters, or not

1907-12           Walter Tittle                           Woman in red coat, and hat with large ostrich plume, carrying presents and Christmas tree

1908-01           Edward Wastow                     Woman in formal white, with pink hat with gray ostrich plume

1910-03           John M. Burke

1910-12           Carter Housh

1911-01           Paul Stahr

1911-03           A. D. Rahn

1911-09           Ralph ___

1911-11           C. Warde Traver

1912-08           The Kinneys

1912-09           Alfred Everitt Orr                    Woman sitting on a folding deck chair, wearing coat with blanket over her legs (if she’s on a boat, it’s not shown)

1912-12           G. A. Harker

1913-01           George T. Tobin                      Boy and girl playing in the falling snow

1913-02           C. Warde Traver                     Woman in purplish pink, who has been reading from a pamphlet or manuscript, looks bemusedly toward her left

1913-05           C. Warde Traver                     Woman in pink holding two tiny little chicks or ducklings

1913-10           Ruth Eastman

1914-01           Frederick Alexander Duncan

1914-02           Carter Housh

1914-04           Ruth Eastman                        Man and woman walking down sidewalk; woman peers over to look at a hat in a store window but man huffily pulls her arm to drag her away

1914-07           Lucille Patterson

1914-08           Gene Pressler

1914-09           Carter Housh

1914-10           Ruth Eastman

1914-11           Haskell Coffin

1915-05           Mary A. Hays

1915-06           Lucile Patterson

1915-07           Ruth Eastman

1915-10           Anita Parkhurst

1915-11           Ruth Eastman

1915-12           Olga F. Heese

1916-01           Ruth Eastman

1916-02           Gene Pressler

1916-03           Neysa McMein

1916-04           Ruth Eastman

1916-05           Lucile Patterson

1916-07           Frederick Duncan

1916-08           ___ Housh

1916-11           Philip Boileau

1916-12           Anita Parkhurst

1917-01           Philip Boileau

1917-05           Dan Smith                              Mother holds up baby and smiles, while baby yawns or opens up to yell

1917-07           Neysa McMein

1917-09           Ruth Eastman

1917-11           Julia Daniels                           Girl in khaki looks at live turkey

1917-12           Guy Hoff                                American soldier embraces his wife and baby, and knows he will fight “for them”

1918-02           Julia Daniels

1918-03           Anita Parkhurst                      Baby sitting in a chair, wearing a bib, waving a spoon around

1918-04           Willy Pogany                          Cupid showering woman with thousand of pink petals from a flowering tree

1919-08           ___ Bevans

1918-09           Neysa McMein

1918-12           Katharine R. Wireman

1919-07           ___ Michaelson

1920-12           Torre Bevans

1921-02           ___ Bevarus                          Little girl points finger at wall….

1921-04           Guy Hoff

1921-12           Frederick Duncan

1922-01           Howard Chandler Christy

1922-03           C. E. Chambers

1922-04           Gene Pressler

1922-05           Howard Chandler Christy

1922-06           Guy Hoff

1922-07           Neysa McMein

1922-08           ___ Higby                              Woman wearing blue scarf over hair; we see only her head, mirrored in water

1922-10           Neysa McMein

1923-02           C. E. Chambers                      Woman in green. Light brown/blonde hair

1923-03           Neysa McMein                        Mary Pickford

1923-04           Neysa McMein                        Winifred Lenihan

1923-05           Neysa McMein                        Mrs. Lidig Hoyt

1923-06           Neysa McMein                        Ethel Barrymore

1923-07           Neysa McMein                        Alice Joyce

1923-08           Neysa McMein                        Mrs. Biddle Duke

1923-09           Neysa McMein                        Irene Castle

1923-10           Neysa McMein                        Madge Kennedy

1923-11           Neysa McMein                        Norma Talmadge

1923-12           Neysa McMein                        Christine Norman

1924-01           Neysa McMein                        The Italian-American girl

1924-06           Neysa McMein                        The Indian-American girl [Native American]

1924-09           Neysa McMein                        The Chinese-American girl

1925-10           Neysa McMein

1926-02           Neysa McMein                        Helen of Troy, facing away from reader but looking back over her left shoulder

1926-03           Neysa McMein                        George Sand

1926-04           Neysa McMein                        Jane Welsh Carlyle

1926-08           Neysa McMein                        Woman with giant pink bow across the back of her head, seen from the face front

1926-11           Neysa McMein

1927-03           Neysa McMein                        Woman with red hair, in red with fur trim

1927-05           Neysa McMein

1927-08           Neysa McMein                        Becky Sharp [“Famous Heroines of Fiction”]

1927-09           Neysa McMein                        Jane Eyre [“Famous Heroines of Fiction”]

1927-10           Neysa McMein                        Lorna Doone [“Famous Heroines of Fiction”]

1928-01           Neysa McMein

1928-06           Neysa McMein                        Woman on the beach in floppy red hat, watches red spider crab crawl the back of her hand

1928-09           Neysa McMein

1929-04           Neysa McMein

1930-03           Neysa McMein

1931-01           Neysa McMein                        Woman in green, sitting on a cushion

1931-03           Neysa McMein                        Woman in red, with black fur muff

1931-06           Neysa McMein                        Woman in yellow and white, probably seated, facing the reader

1931-07           Neysa McMein                        Woman in blue/white/red box pattern dress, holding fishing rod

1931-08           Neysa McMein                        Woman in blue scarf and blue hat with red flowers

1931-11           Neysa McMein

1932-05           Neysa McMein

1933-05           Neysa McMein

1933-12           Neysa McMein                       

1934-10           Neysa McMein                        Woman in red sitting, against purple-gray background

1935-06           Neysa McMein                        Sitting woman, wearing striped multicolored top

1935-07           Neysa McMein

1935-08           Neysa McMein                        Standing woman in white dress with blue floral pattern

1935-09           Neysa McMein                        Woman’s head in wide blue frame; she’s wearing hat with red flowers

1937-05           Neysa McMein                        Amelia Earhart

1937-06           Neysa McMein



1896-03                                                        Graphic design with small drawing of Abraham Lincoln

1896-06                                                        Graphic design with small drawing of Rudyard Kipling

1896-08           C. L. Hinton

1897-02                                                        George Washington

1898-02           Corwin Knapp Linson

1898-05           Kenneth H. Miller                    Woman in classical dress, middle panel of triptych, perhaps representing abundant flowers of May

1898-12           Louise Cox                             Woman holding baby up on her left shoulder; flowers in border and frame

1899-02           Kenyon Cox                           Liberty crowning Spanish American War veteran with laurel leaves

1900-02           Frank V. Dumond                   Three medieval women singing and playing the violin; framed by lake scenes in triptych columns

1900-08           Louis Loeb

1901-02           Kenyon Cox

1901-09           Arthur Hoeber

1902-04           Lucius Hitchcock                    Woman with long, flowing hair

1902-09           Will H. Low

1902-10           Will H. Low                             Woman archer in classical dress in a mountain forest (triptych framed)

1903-02           Will H. Low

1903-03           Will H. Low                             Woman in red cape, flowing in the wind (triptych framed)

1903-08           H. Van Buren Magonigle

1905-04           Blendon Campbell

1905-07                                                        John D. Rockefeller [Photograph]

1908-01           Frank X. Leyendecker

1908-04           Hugo Ballin

1910-02           Frank X. Leyendecker

1911-02           ___ Scheinler                         William J. Burns [Photograph]

1912-01           Charles Dana Gibson

1912-02           F. Graham Cootes

1912-08           Charles Dana Gibson

1912-10           A. B. Wenzell                          Woman in dress, shoulders bare, head and shoulders view

1912-11           Charles Dana Gibson             

1912-12           Charles Dana Gibson

1913-02           Charles Dana Gibson

1913-03           Charles Dana Gibson              Woman in purple with strands of bluish pearls

1913-04           Charles Dana Gibson              Woman with bare shoulders, yellowish gown

1913-05           Charles Dana Gibson

1913-07           Charles Dana Gibson

1913-08           Charles Dana Gibson

1914-01           Clarence F. Underwood

1914-03           Clarence F. Underwood

1915-03           Clarence F. Underwood

1916-05           Clarence F. Underwood          Woman peeking around and through curtains, holding her domino mask in her hand

1916-12           Neysa McMein

1918-04           Neysa McMein                        American Navy sailor

1920-08           Neysa McMein                       

1920-10           Neysa McMein

1922-06           Thomas Lawrence                   Miss Baring [Photograph of a painting by him]



1899-01           W. Granville Smith

1899-02           W. Granville Smith

1899-03           W. Granville Smith

1899-05           W. Granville Smith                 Woman holding a bundle of flowering branches, standing in a field among flowering trees

1900-04           W. Granville Smith                 Two women driving early automobile in the country

1902-10           F. X. Chamberlain

1903-01           Frank Parker

1903-02           H. W. Tomlinson

1903-03           Hamilton King

1904-01           Henry Hutt

1904-04           Paul Helleu

1904-08           Blendon Campbell

1909-02           Charles A. Winter

1912-09           Howard Giles

1914-07           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Profile of woman in blue hat with pink roses, facing right; green background

1914-12           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Portrait of a lady, looking over her left shoulder at the reader; oval frame on cover

1915-02           Penrhyn Stanlaws

1916-02           Willy Pogany                          Columbia, representing America, sleeps, holding leash over American eagle, unprepared for war

1917-03           Haskell Coffin

1917-04           Haskell Coffin

1917-05           Haskell Coffin

1917-06           Haskell Coffin                         Young woman with diploma and bouquet of roses

1917-09           Haskell Coffin                         Woman holding two black and white puppies

1917-10           Haskell Coffin                         Woman standing near and showing you orange and red autumn leaves

1918-02           Edna L. Crompton                  Woman ambulance driver, showing determination as she goes forth

1919-01           Rolf Armstrong                       Woman’s face, front view (compare sheet music for “Dear Heart” -1916)

1920-10           Haskell Coffin

1920-11           Haskell Coffin

1921-04           Haskell Coffin

1923-02+03    Haskell Coffin

1923-06           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Gladys Walton, portrait, sitting chin on folded arms



1932-09           Norman Saunders                  Fighter aircraft has machine gunner sitting in an open framework below the cockpit

1933-01           Norman Saunders                  Motorcycle with two outrigger skates stays balanced for use in ice racing, and pulling along a skater holding a rope

1933-09           Norman Saunders                  Futuristic artillery spotter sits in a mechanized chair on top of a telescoping tower, which lifts him up in the air to get a better view of how their artillery fire is doing in the battle

1934-01                                                        Futuristic Tank Battleship is a heavily armored hydrofoil battleship that also has tracks that presumably can operate on land if the hydrofoils are retracted

1936-06                                                        Motorcycle makes 300 MPH using two spherical wheels and aerodynamic streamlining



1903-03           Isabel Carter

1906-01           Gregson C. Crosby                 Doilie design

1907-01           Gregson C. Crosby                 Doilie design

1907-03           M. L. Tanner                           Woman with white muff, with translucent scarf fluttering widely in the wind

1907-04           E. Ridgway                             Woman in white bridal dress, with white flowers

1907-05           E. Ridgway                             Woman in white dress putting flowers in a vase

1907-12           V. E. Bird                                Woman holding (electric?) candle, holly branch decorations

1908-01           Nana French Bickford             Old woman sitting in a rocking chair, and sewing

1908-02           Nana French Bickford             Two girls doing Valentine crafts, inside a Valentine heart frame

1908-03           D. H. Johnson

1908-04                                                        Woman in bridal dress and train, holding flowers

1908-05           C. Fehon

1908-10           O. T. Jackman                        Woman in dark suit, with large dark hat with ostrich plumes; tree branches with leaves in background

1908-11           O. T. Jackman

1909-01           ___ Kirkpatrick

1909-03           Charlotte Weber-Ditzler          Standing woman, with black hat, and holding white fur stole

1909-06           A. P. Button

1909-08           Theodore Oscar Jackman        Oriental woman embroidering a design on a frame

1909-09           Margaret Fitzhugh Browne     Woman in red, sewing; inset of earlier woman with spinning wheel

1909-10           C. Warde Traver

1910-01           G. Harlow

1910-02           O. T. Jackman

1910-03           H. D. King                              Woman in blue looking down toward her left at potted plant with large white flowers

1910-06           J. Rodes                                European (Dutch?) woman looks out window at sailboat on the water

1910-09                                                        Middle eastern woman sewing

1910-12           ___ Sweet

1911-09           G. Patrick Nelson                    Woman embroidering blue flowers on a round form

1912-03           William M. Paxton                   Painting “The Housemaid” by Paxton

1913-01           Philip Lyford

1913-02           Henry Wadsworth Moore

1913-04           ___ Sweet                             Tapestry weaver, 9th century

1913-08           ___ Sweet

1913-12           A. R. Thayer

1914-02           Sally Cross                             Old woman examines some lacework, probably done by the young girl looking at it with her

1914-08           Katharine R. Wireman

1914-12           Neysa McMein                        Woman wearing hat with two large red feather plumes

1915-02                                                        Old woman spins while young child reads a book

1915-03           E. M. W.                                 Dutch woman sewing lace

1915-04           George Staub

1915-06           Harold Cue

1915-09           Gene Pressler

1915-10           G. H. Mitchell

1915-11           Will Hammell

1915-12           ___ Crisp

1916-01           John Edwin Jackson

1916-02           Katharine R. Wireman

1916-04           ___ Crisp                               Woman in black holding umbrella up over herself and another woman in flowing red cape; very striking design

1916-05           Chase Emerson                      “Trouble Ahead”

1916-06           Z. P. Nokolaki

1916-07           Harold Cue

1916-08           ___ Brown

1916-09           Neysa McMein

1916-10                                                        Two women in car, one driving

1916-11           ___ Towne

1917-01           ___ Tyng

1917-02           Harold Cue                             Old woman in rocker talking and sewing up a huge crazy quilt while young woman sits on floor at her feet listening

1917-07           Maud Towsey Fangel              Sugary sweet little girl in pink, eating cake and a big helping of pink ice cream

1917-10           L. G. Hemsteger

1917-12           Henry F. Wireman

1918-01           ___ Jacobs

1918-02           Edna L. Crompton

1918-03           Z. P. Nikolaki                          Red-haired woman looking at herself and her earring in the mirror

1918-04           Eleanor Weeden                     Very young child holds watering can almost as big, watering flowers

1918-05           Ronald Anderson

1918-06           Margaret Browne                    Young woman in white looks out the window at children playing croquet in yard in front of large white house

1918-07           Bert Sharkey

1918-08           J. D. Gleason                          Three young girls sitting in the edge of the water on a beach, holding onto a rope

1918-09           Ronald Anderson                    Three girls going off to school, carrying straploads of books

1918-10           Edwin F. Bayha                     

1918-12           R. Bull                                    Nurse in white holds up Christmas pudding, so wounded American soldier Alf Porter, lying in bed in hospital in France, can see it

1919-02           Edwin F. Bayha

1919-03           Sam Brown

1919-04           Chase Emerson                      Farm girl

1919-07           Francis Miller

1919-08           Frank H. Desch

1919-09           Harold Brett

1919-11           Arthur M. Boos                       White-haired woman in black and white, with black lace mantilla

1919-12           Reginald F. Bolles

1920-01           Katharine R. Wireman

1920-02           Sam Brown

1920-03           Frank H. Desch

1920-04           ___ Montfort

1920-05           G. F. Gray

1920-07           Pearl L. Hill

1920-08                                                        Girl in nurse outfit looks bashful, boy on gate is smirking

1920-10           M. E. Musselman

1920-12           Blanche K. Brink

1921-01           Starr Gephart

1921-02           J. Knowles Hare                      Woman in high fur collar

1921-03           Reginald F. Bolles                   Smiling woman, right arm cocked and ready to throw snowballs at you

1921-06           G. W. Lawlor                           Woman in pink, wearing yellow sun hat

1921-07           M. E. Musselman

1921-08           Frank H. Desch

1921-09           Annie Benson Muller

1921-10           Roy Pomeroy                          Woman in low-cut blue dress pushing curtain aside to look at you
1921-12           Reginald F. Bolles                   Santa Claus writing in book, distracted by beautiful young woman with a request

1922-01           Helen F. Lyon                         Baby in warm clothes, looking out at reader; on blue background

1922-02           Marguerite Davis                    Woman carrying skis in snowy country

1922-03           Katharine R. Wireman

1922-04           Eugenie M. Wireman              Girl holding two large potted flowers

1922-05           Annie Benson Muller               Baby playing with balls of yarn taken from a sewing basket

1922-06           Frank H. Desch

1922-07           J. Knowles Hare                      Woman holding up Japanese lantern

1922-08           Clara Miller Burd                     Three children playing at the seashore

1922-09           E. Donaldson

1922-11           J. S. Eland                              Woman in brown suit with very large feathery headdress, with autumn leaves décor on walls

1923-02           Frederick Duncan

1923-03           John Shelton Eland                Woman playing unusual small banjo (??)

1923-04           James Calvert Smith               Woman holding red umbrella sideways in light rain sprinkle

1923-05           J. Knowles Hare                      Woman in white fur and dark hat facing forward

1923-06           Frederick Duncan

1923-08           Robert Krieghoff [?]               Baby boy holding small dog

1923-10           Edna L. Crompton

1923-11           Annie Benson Muller               Baby’s face, framed in a dish decorated with fruits and leaves on rim

1924-02           Arthur Moscon                        Woman in blue, with red scarf and brown hat, carrying ice skates near a frozen pond

1924-03           James Calvert Smith

1924-04           Annie Benson Muller               Girl holding yellow and white flowers

1924-06           ___ Ortlip

1924-07           Reginald F. Bolles

1924-08           Annie Benson Muller

1924-09           Annie Benson Muller               Girl “Helping Mother” cook is tasting spoon out of the pan

1924-10           Annie Benson Muller               Infant scribbling inside a book from the bookshelf

1924-11           ___ Duncan                           Woman in white fur holding large bouquet of yellow flowers

1924-12           Ronald Anderson                    Woman in Santa Claus suit has just taken off Santa mask

1925-01           Marland Stone                        Priscilla, herself, from left with face to reader to wish you a happy new year

1925-03           John Holmgren

1925-05                                                        Woman gardener, with hoe and hand tools, ready to go to work

1925-06           Haskell Coffin

1925-08           J. Knowles Hare                      Woman in blue and white facing reader

1925-10           Pearl L. Hill                             Woman in blue and white, with golf clubs

1926-01           Annie Benson Muller               Happy baby in winter clothing looks at reader over snow-covered branch

1926-02           J. Knowles Hare                      Red-headed woman in purple holding white cat as she lies up against pillows

1926-03           Charles Allan Winter               Brunette woman in gray with green shawl looks pensively at the reader

1926-05           Charles A. MacLellan              Woman in red seated, with black cat in lap; cat not happy about the dog staring at it

1926-06           M. E. Musselman

1926-07           Arthur L. Moscon                    Woman in blue swimsuit and red turban

1926-09           Olga Lawson Rines                 Woman in multicolored top

1926-10           Charles A. MacLellan              Woman in blue holding branches with orange and yellow autumn leaves

1926-11           Bradshaw Crandell                 Woman in dark cape and white-trimmed Dutch hat holding tray filled with various fruits

1927-01           Edward Volkman                    Woman skier in red and white smiles at the reader

1927-02           Arthur L. Moscon                    Woman in yellow holding up rattle for baby in pink lying in bed

1927-05           Charles MacLellan

1927-07           Arthur L. Moscon

1927-11           Gaft Gayner [illegible]            Woman in blue with red hat and fox-fur neckpiece

1927-12           Annie Benson Muller               Portrait of a baby, framed in a dish with Christmas holly berry pattern on rim

1928-01           Harold Cue                             Woman wearing earphones: the special 1928 Radio issue

1928-02           Earl Christy

1928-03           Haskell Coffin

1928-08           George Brehm                        Children playing: the cowboy has lassoed the Indian, who is yelling about it

1928-09           Bradshaw Crandell                 Young woman with colorful, almost gypsy, casual clothes

1929-01           Charlotte Becker                    Baby sitting on pillow, holding prize cup for “Baby Show First Prize”

1929-02           Haskell Coffin                         Woman’s head is coming out of a red flower or group of red maple leaves

1929-03           M. E. Musselman

1929-04           Annie Benson Muller               Small child sitting with three rabbits, holding one on its lap

1929-05           J. Knowles Hare

1929-06           Haskell Coffin                         Brunette woman’s head on crossed red ribbons, abstract for the contents of the issue

1929-08           ___ Ocenasek

1929-09                                                        Mirror image of blonde woman, looking out, on left and right haves of the cover page

1929-11                                                        Woman serving Thanksgiving turkey to enthusiastic boy and girl

1929-12           Annie Benson Muller               Mother and infant, with star in background; possibly Mary and Jesus, but very northern Euro faces

1930-01           J. Erbit                                   Woman demonstrating the flame pattern she has just added to the shade for an electric lamp

1930-03           Andrew Loomis

1930-05           Eleanor Campbell

1930-06           M. E. Musselman



1930-07           Earl Christy                            Madeleine Carroll

1931-01                                                        Elissa Landi

1931-09                                                        Nancy Carroll

1931-11                                                        Elissa Landi

1932-01                                                        Carole Lombard

1933-08                                                        Ruby Keeler

1933-10                                                        Joan Crawford

1935-03           Earl Christy                            Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

1935-07                                                        Shirley Temple

1936-10           Earl Christy                            Jeanette MacDonald

1937-10           Earl Christy                            Myrna Loy and William Powell

1938-05                                                        Carole Lombard

1938-07                                                        Simone Simon

1939-05           Earl Christy                            Ginger Rogers

1940-03           Earl Christy                            Deanna Durbin

1940-05           Earl Christy                            Barbara Stanwyck

1941-12                                                        Linda Darnell

1942-05                                                        Ann Sheridan

1942-09                                                        Olivia de Havilland

1943-03                                                        Rita Hayworth [Photograph]

1943-05                                                        Lana Turner

1943-09                                                        Deanna Durbin [Photograph]

1944-05                                                        Deanna Durbin [Photograph]

1946-10                                                        Tyrone Power [Photograph]

1947-04                                                        Shirley Temple [Photograph]

1947-05           Nikolas Murray                       Ingrid Bergman [Photograph]



1920-05           Charles MacLellan

1921-02           ___ Hamilton

1921-08           Helen Smith

1921-09                                                        Jackie Coogan

1921-10           T. Victor Hall




1914-11                                                        Alice Joyce

1915-02                                                        Ethel Clayton

1915-06                                                        Mary Pickford [Photograph]

1915-07                                                        Charles Chaplin

1916-02                                                        Fay Tincher

1916-06           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Ruth Roland

1916-07                                                        Carlyle Blackwell

1916-08                                                        Mary Pickford

1916-10           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Theda Bara

1916-11           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Kathlyn Williams

1916-12           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Cleo Madison

1917-01           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         June Caprice

1917-03           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Violet Mersereau

1917-04           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Fay Tincher

1917-05           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Anita Stewart

1917-06           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         William S. Hart

1917-07           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Pauline Frederick

1917-08           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Myrtle Stedman

1917-09           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Harold Lockwood

1917-11           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Marguerite Clark

1917-12           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Mae Marsh

1918-01           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Pearl White

1918-02           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Mary McAlister, from a photograph

1918-05           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Dorothy Bernard

1918-06           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Corinne Griffith

1918-07                                                        Alla Nazimova

1918-09           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Lillian Gish

1918-12           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Shirley Mason

1919-05           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Gladys Leslie

1919-08           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Mary Pickford

1920-02           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Tony Moreno

1920-04+05    Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Lillian Gish

1920-07           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Hope Hampton

1920-08           Leo Sielke, Jr.

1920-10           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Mildred Harris Chaplin

1921-03           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Ruth Roland

1921-08           ___ Eggleston                       Priscilla Dean

1921-09           ___ Eggleston                       Douglas Fairbanks

1922-02                                                        Rudolph Valentino

1922-03           ___ Flohri                              Mary Pickford

1922-05           ___ Flohri                              Gloria Swanson

1922-07                                                        Harold Lloyd

1922-08           Ann Brockman                        Claire Windson

1923-01           Ann Brockman                        Jackie Coogan

1923-02           Ann Brockman                        Norma Talmadge

1923-04           O. Greiner                              Lillian Gish

1923-06           Hal Phyfe                               Pauline Starke

1923-07           Hal Phyfe                               Dorothy Gish

1923-08           Hal Phyfe                               Bebe Daniels

1923-11           Hal Phyfe                               Gloria Swanson

1923-12           Hal Phyfe

1924-01           Hal Phyfe                               Nita Naldi

1924-02           Albert Vargas                         Leatrice Joy

1924-04                                                        William S. Hart

1924-06           Albert Vargas                         Mary Pickford

1924-09           Albert Vargas                         Mary and Doug

1924-10           Albert Vargas                         Richard Dix

1924-11           Albert Vargas                         Alice Terry

1925-02           Marland Stone                        Lillian Gish

1925-03           ___ Paddock                          Ben Lyon

1925-04           ___ Paddock                          Pola Negri

1925-07                                                        Esther Ralston and Mary Brian

1925-08           Marland Stone                        Corinne Griffith

1925-10           Marland Stone

1926-01           Marland Stone                        Dorothy Devore

1926-03           Marland Stone                        Leatrice Joy

1926-09           ___ Flohri                              Rudolph Valentino

1927-07           Marland Stone                        Gloria Lloyd

1927-09           Marland Stone                        Betty Bronson

1927-12           Marland Stone                        Greta Garbo

1928-02           Marland Stone                        Lois Moran

1928-04           Marland Stone                        Esther Ralston

1928-10           Marland Stone                        Dorothy Devore

1928-11           Marland Stone                        Madge Bellamy

1929-03           Marland Stone                        Lina Basquette

1931-07           Marland Stone                        Ruth Chatterton

1931-09           Marland Stone                        Joan Crawford

1930-01           Marland Stone                        Laura LaPlante

1930-02           Marland Stone                        Norma Shearer

1930-08           Marland Stone                        Catherine Dale Owen

1930-09           Marland Stone                        Clara Bow

1931-01           Marland Stone                        Lois Moran

1931-06           Marland Stone                        Laura La Plante

1931-07           Marland Stone                        Ruth Chatterton

1931-11           Marland Stone                        Carole Lombard

1932-01                                                        Greta Garbo

1932-03           Marland Stone                        Joan Bennett

1932-06           Marland Stone                        Jeanette MacDonald

1932-09           Marland Stone                        Joan Crawford

1935-07           Morr Kusnet                           Jean Harlow

1937-07           Zoe Mozert                             Marlene Dietrich

1938-03           Zoe Mozert                             Myrna Loy

1938-04                                                        Loretta Young

1940-11                                                        Loretta Young

1941-01                                                        Priscilla Lane

1941-06                                                        Robert Taylor

1942-09                                                        Veronica Lake

1943-05                                                        Ann Sheridan

1943-08                                                        Dolores Moran

1943-10                                                        Betty Grable and Harry James [Photograph]

1944-08                                                        Ginger Rogers [Photograph]

1946-02                                                        Gregory Peck

1948-07                                                        June Haver

1948-09                                                        Loretta Young



1927-09           Don Reed                               Sally O’Neil

1928-10           Don Reed                               Louise Brooks

1931-05           Marland Stone                        Maureen O’Sullivan



1914-06           Z. P. Nikolaki

1917-09           Howard Chandler Christy

1917-10           Sidney Riesenberg

1920-12           Ruth Eastman

1921-01           Ruth Eastman

1921-02           Ruth Eastman

1921-06           Ruth Eastman

1921-07           Ruth Eastman

1921-10           Ruth Eastman

1921-11           Howard Chandler Christy

1921-12           Howard Chandler Christy

1922-06           Howard Chandler Christy

1923-03           Howard Chandler Christy

1923-06           Howard Chandler Christy

1923-07           Howard Chandler Christy

1924-02           Howard Chandler Christy

1924-03           Howard Chandler Christy

1924-04           Howard Chandler Christy

1931-03           Robert Robinson                     Salesman pitching 100 shares of stock, but it’s Friday the thirteenth and a black cat is crossing by the window

1931-06           Robert Robinson                     Canada/US border police inspecting gear of bums or (possibly fishermen returning)

1935-12           Robert Robinson                     Automobile salesman trying to convince Santa Claus to try his new 100-mile-per-hour Comet auto

1937-02           Robert Robinson

1937-04           Robert Robinson

1940-01           Robert Robinson                     Man flips coin to decide whether to take his car to the repair shop or the junk yard

1940-05           Robert Robinson

1940-12           Robert Robinson

1947-01           Robert Robinson                     Salesman pulls man back to look at appliances, but what he really wants is to look at the new car




1913-05-01     ___ Gries

1943-08           Bo Brown                               Uncle Sam, Stalin, and John Bull fishing for Axis leaders from an amphibious vehicle



1922-06           William Harnden Foster

1936-05           ___ Verier

1936-06           C. Hjalmar Emerson

1936-07           Samuel Hanks Bryant

1936-10           Lester Fagans

1936-12           G. H. Mitchell

1940-02           Samuel Hanks Bryant

1940-08           Charles F. Chapman

1941-11           Meredith A. Scott



1917-02           ___ Thomas



1932-02           Marland Stone                        Madge Evans

1932-03           Marland Stone                        Lilian Bond

1932-09           Marland Stone                        Jean Harlow

1934-12           Marland Stone                        Jean Parker

1935-04           Marland Stone                        Kay Francis

1936-08                                                        Ginger Rogers

1937-01                                                        Madeleine Carroll



1947-12           Carlyle Blackwell                    Ingrid Bergman [Photograph]

1948-01           Robert Coburn                        Rita Hayworth [Photograph]



1938-09                                                        Maureen O’Sullivan

1938-11                                                        Deanna Durbin

1939-07                                                        Alice Faye [Photograph]

1939-11                                                        Priscilla Lane [Photograph]

1941-05                                                        Tyrone Power and Annabella his wife [Photograph]

1943-04                                                        Paulette Goddard [Photograph]

1943-11                                                        Deanna Durbin [Photograph]

1945-04                                                        Ingrid Bergman [Photograph]

1946-11                                                         Van Johnson [Photograph]

1948-09                                                         Gregory Peck [Photograph]



1932-01                                                        Madge Evans

1932-03                                                        Constance Bennett

1932-08                                                        Kay Francis

1934-02                                                        Ruby Keeler

1934-05           Mila Blaine                             Irene Dunne, standing in front of a oval mirror

1934-07           Alice Mozert                           Marlene Dietrich

1934-09           Alice Mozert                           Barbara Stanwyck

1934-12           Alice Mozert                           Shirley Temple

1935-10                                                         Shirley Temple [Photograph]

1935-11                                                        Claudette Colbert

1935-12                                                        Jeanette MacDonald

1936-01                                                        Jean Harlow [Photograph]

1936-04                                                        Kay Francis [Photograph]

1936-10                                                         Bette Davis [Photograph]

1936-11                                                        Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy [Photograph]

1936-12                                                        Claudette Colbert [Photograph]

1937-02                                                         Shirley Temple [Photograph]

1937-04                                                         Joan Crawford [Photograph]

1938-02                                                         Shirley Temple [Photograph]

1938-08                                                        Tyrone Power and Norma Shearer [Photograph]

1939-01                                                        Deanna Durbin [Photograph]

1939-03                                                        Norma Shearer [Photograph]

1939-07           Paul Duval                             Ginger Rogers [Photograph]



1931-10           ___ Greiner                           Peggy Shannon

1942-10                                                        Jinx Falkenburg [Photograph]

1944-12                                                        Ella Raines [Photograph]

1945-02                                                        Betty Hutton [Photograph]

1945-04                                                        Greer Garson [Photograph]

1945-08                                                        Maureen O’Hara [Photograph]

1945-12                                                        Lana Turner [Photograph]

1946-03                                                        June Haver [Photograph]

1947-03                                                        Linda Darnell [Photograph]

1947-09                                                        Roy Rogers [Photograph]

1947-10                                                        Shirley Temple [Photograph]

1948-01                                                        Rita Hayworth [Photograph]



1944-03                                                        Lana Turner [Photograph]

1945-03                                                        Betty Grable [Photograph]

1945-11                                                        Gene Tierney [Photograph]

1947-01                                                        Ingrid Bergman [Photograph]

1947-02                                                        Frank Sinatra

1947-07                                                        Joan Caulfield [Photograph]

1947-08                                                        Elizabeth Taylor [Photograph]



1940-09                                                        Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney

1941-01                                                        Henry Fonda and Linda Darnell

1945-06                                                        Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn [Photograph]

1945-11                                                        Hedy Lamarr and Robert Walker

1947-05                                                        Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray [Photograph]

1947-11                                                        Katharine Hepburn and Paul Henreid [Photograph]

1947-12                                                        Tyrone Power and Joan Blondell [Photograph]

1948-07                                                        Bing Crosby and Joan Fontaine [Photograph]

1948-09                                                        Linda Darnell and Cornel Wilde [Photograph]

1949-02                                                        Robert Taylor and Ava Gardner [Photograph]

1949-04                                                        Jane Wyman [Photograph]

1949-10                                                        Ingrid Bergman [Photograph]




1899-07           E. N. Blue                               Jockey on racehorse, face-on and thundering right out of the page at the reader

1900-06           George Wright                       Man and woman at railing of cruise ship, waving to people on the shore

1902-01           George Wright

1906-02           F. X. Chamberlain                   Woman sitting and reading a book; leaning to her right to catch the light from a table lamp

1910-09           Charles M. Relyea                   Elegant young woman seated at outdoor bistro table, feeding (sugar) to horse that has poked its head over a low banister fence



1906-12           F. S. Manning                         Woman with red-brown hair, portrait

1907-06           W. G. Upham                          Woman college graduate in academic robes, with symbolic owl, scroll, and garden

1907-07           W. H. Upham                          Man and woman shaking hands in an elaborate garden: “Old Home Week”

1907-08           M. V. Aleshire                         Horseman and diverse immigrant Canadians going onwards to the left: “The Triumphs of the Canadian West”

1907-09           William H. Upham                   Woman in fancy dress and hat of ante-bellum South



1911-12           Edward G. Waskow



1923-06           William Foster                        Couple are camping, auto under a tent, and she is making flapjacks and coffee over a campfire (the table is set for four….)

1923-09           Anton Otto Fischer                 Boy out hunting sees a bear, and thinks “Wisht I was home”

1924-05           William Foster                        “The Lazy Cuss” fishes underneath the shade of a tree while another man moves his boat using his outboard

1925-04           William Foster                        Fisherman stares in shock as his catch goes right through the bottom of his netting

1925-07           William Foster                        Two boys pond-fishing in a skiff, their lines entangled under the bottom of the boat, and one doesn’t yet know it

1924-10           William Foster                        “Steady, Boy” says the hunter as he climbs over the fence to where his dog is on point and looking to its right

1925-05           William Foster                        Two fishermen are sitting in their boat, eating lunch, when a big fish jumps up after a lure on the resting rod and line, deciding it’s time for him to be “Grabbing a Bite” too

1925-11                                                        “Disturbed Reflections” as a hunter, canoeing in a lake, picks up his rifle when he sees a deer on the shore take flight

1925-12           Walter W. Hemenway             Two hunting dogs in full cry, racing over a snow-covered field in pursuit of something

1928-04           Walter W. Hemenway             Otter has grabbed a fish from a stream, and the fisherman in background didn’t get it

1929-02           William H. Foster                    Man and boy spreading winter feed for the wild birds under an evergreen shrub, so they can hunt them later

1929-11           Philip B. Parsons

1930-02           Philip B. Parsons

1930-03           Philip B. Parsons

1930-04           Philip B. Parsons

1930-06           Philip B. Parsons

1930-09           Philip B. Parsons

1931-01           Philip B. Parsons                     Old man in bed in midwinter dreams of the days when he would go hunting with dog and gun

1931-02           William H. Foster                    No money? Trap food for the dinner table on the “Wilderness Bread Line”

1931-03           William H. Foster                    Man painting name and logo on his new canoe, “The Spring Model”

1931-04           William H. Foster                    Fisherman trying to hide behind a rock to catch the last fish in the lake, because “Them City Fellers Cleaned ‘Em All Out”

1931-05           Abbott Cheever                      Two men fishing in a canoe at sunset, one of them standing up to reel in a fish he’s got on the line

1931-06           Philip B. Parsons                     Puzzled guide being asked by a clueless city youth if his mountain of luggage and gear is sufficient

1931-07           Philip B. Parsons                     Man with rifle, on watch on horseback, leading covered wagon across the plains – “Famous woodsmen of other days”

1931-08           William H. Foster                    Indian spear-fishing from a canoe on a lake among the reeds: “Many moons ago”

1932-04                                                        Old guy in fishing vest and hat, with rod, reel, and creel standing ready to cast

1932-07           William H. Foster                    Two dogs heads against a shock of grain and a blue-gray circle

1932-08           William H. Foster                    Man paddling canoe across lake, with tall evergreens and setting or rising sun in background

1932-09           William H. Foster                    Dog has caught or retrieved a fowl and presents it to the reader; fall foliage in background

1932-11           William H. Foster                    White-bearded hunter blows small horn (call, lure) to attract his prey

1932-12           William H. Foster                    Hunter carrying rabbit, his gun, and a bundle of holly home for Christmas, snow-covered evergreens in the background

1933-12           Philip B. Parsons

1934-01           Philip B. Parsons

1934-03           Philip B. Parsons

1934-04           Philip B. Parsons

1934-05           Philip B. Parsons

1934-10           Philip B. Parsons

1935-11           Philip B. Parsons

1935-12           Philip B. Parsons

1936-01           Philip B. Parsons

1936-02           Philip B. Parsons

1936-03           Philip B. Parsons

1936-04           Philip B. Parsons

1936-09           Philip B. Parsons

1937-08           Jacob Bates Abbot                  Fisherman, camping by the side of a lake, is sitting on a log and working on his tackle

1937-09           Howard Proctor                       Irish Setter head

1937-11           Jacob Bates Abbot                  Large buck standing on a small point at the shore of a lake

1938-01           Harry Livingston                     Fox in the foreground, running away from hunter and dog in the background

1939-09           Gordon E. Nichols                   Three unhappy fisherman in tent camp, cooking the one tiny fish they caught

1940-04           Gordon E. Nichols                   Skeet shooting champion Patricia Laursen with her shotgun, standing in front of a skeet shooting field

1940-05           Philip B. Parsons

1940-06           Philip B. Parsons

1940-08           Ted Francis                            Two men fishing in a small rowboat on a lake at dawn

1941-03           Philip B. Parsons




1926-01           R. Bruce Horsfall                     Songbirds searching for food through snow on a brick sidewalk

1926-04           R. Bruce Horsfall                     Robin perched on a budding branch

1926-08           R. Bruce Horsfall                     Daffodills against a slice of the sky

1926-09           R. Bruce Horsfall                     Mountain lion on a large branch of an evergreen tree

1927-12                                                        Cardinal bird on evergreen branch

1928-09           ___ Emerson

1928-11           George Rheinbold                   Wild turkeys, roosting on a branch

1931-01                                                        Penguin on coast, with other penguins background

1932-11           R. Bruce Horsfall

1932-12           Benson B. Moore                    Pelicans perched on branches as the sun sets over a tropical wetland

1933-06           Jex                                         West African birds with elaborate head feather brushes

1933-07           Nelson Grofe                          Crab swimming through the inky blackness of deep water

1933-08                                                        Green butterfly perched on branches of pink flowers [Photograph]

1933-09           Jean W. Petite                        Birds picking and gathering from clusters of bright red berries

1933-10           Nelson Grofe                          Praying mantis climbing through bush with leaves changing color and small clusters of purple berries

1934-02           Creston F. Baumgartner         Large lizard climbs along the skeleton of a dead saguaro cactus in a southwestern desert.



1918-06                                                        Woman in pink carrying tennis racket

1918-11                                                        A woman wearing a crocheted lace collar [Photograph]

1924-05           Annie Benson Muller

1924-10           Helen Grant

1925-09           Helen Grant

1925-10           Olga Heese Bogart                 Girl reaching up to pull a leaf off a tree

1927-04           Helen Grant Paris                   Two children playing at the edge of a small pond in a park

1928-08           William Grotz                          Child on the beach, standing at the edge of the water and dipping one foot in

1928-12           Alice Beach Winter                 Boy pulls aside curtain to look at Christmas tree and the presents from Santa

1929-02           Alice Beach Winter                 Two girls having tea on a small table with an embroidered tablecloth

1929-04           Mary Sherwood Wright Jones Girl stitching a design on an embroidery circle

1929-05           Mary Sherwood Wright Jones Maid throw up her hands in despair as baby upends a basket full of little bits of stuff

1929-07           Reginald P. Ward                    Ancient Greek woman sewing on the shores of the Agean sea

1929-08           Reginald P. Ward                    Woman in medieval costume working on embroidered picture of a saint in the woods   

1930-04           John Edwin Jackson

1930-08           John Edwin Jackson               Philippine woman embroidering cloth on a frame

1931-10           Georgina Brown Harbeson

1932-02           Georgina Brown Harbeson

1932-04           Georgina Brown Harbeson

1933-02           Georgina Brown Harbeson      Nineteenth-century couple, man pushing sled with seated woman, in snowy woods; embroidery-like

1933-03                                                        Complex embroidery pattern image with flowers, birds, and insects

1933-06                                                        Sampler-like embroidery of flowers in a garden

1933-07           Georgina Brown Harbeson      Sacajawea pointing West, on a background of a map outline of North America (embroidered)

1933-08           ___ Eggleston                       Modern woman at the beach, under a very colorful parasol (painting)

1933-09                                                        Rectangular patterns (what name?)

1933-10           Georgina Brown Harbeson      Minnehaha with bow and arrow, against background of tepees in the woods (embroidered)

1933-11           E. K.                                       Jungle animals of all kinds

1933-12           Georgina Brown Harbeson      Girl with her doll, framed in a wreath surrounded by all kinds of toys (embroidered)

1934-01           Maud Tousey Fangel              Baby girl in pink

1934-03           Georgina Brown Harbeson      Shepherd in the woods with sheep in the rain; over to the right the sun is shining (embroidered)

1934-04           Maud Tousey Fangel              Baby’s face, in blue, with hat

1934-05           Reginald P. Ward                    Maiden in village of thatched houses, spinning on her spinning wheel

1934-06           John Edwin Jackson               Woman in lace headcovering; looks like the harbor of Venice, Italy in the background

1934-07           Georgina Brown Harbeson      Embroidered undersea scene with fish, seahorse, seaweed

1934-08           John Edwin Jackson               Peasant woman in embroidered blouse and red headscarf

1934-09           John Edwin Jackson               Woman weaving a tapestry or display picture; Norwegian flag hangs on wall

1934-11           Reginald P. Ward                    Woman in Regency dress showing young girl how to embroider sampler

1935-03           Ralph Pallen Coleman



1930-03           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Janet Gaynor

1930-04           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Bebe Daniels

1930-07           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Lila Lee

1930-10           Panrhyn Stanlaws                  Loretta Young

1931-02           Jules Erbit                              Marion Davies

1932-02           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Joan Bennett

1932-08           McClelland Barclay                 Sidney Fox

1932-09           McClelland Barclay                 Ruth Chatterton

1932-10           McClelland Barclay                 Kay Francis

1933-02           McClelland Barclay                 Constance Bennett

1933-08           Edward L. Chase                    Janet Gaynor

1933-09           Clark Agnew                           Myrna Loy

1933-10           Clark Agnew                           Ginger Rogers

1934-05                                                        Margaret Sullivan

1934-09           Clark Moore                            Ann Harding

1934-12           Dan Osher                             Greta Garbo

1935-04           Gene Rex                               Miriam Hopkins

1935-09           Helen Liedloff                         Katharine Hepburn



1896-12           Harrison Grey Fiske



1900-11           F. Lowenheim                         Woman smiling as she carries in a steaming roast turkey



1924-02           Charles Livingston Bull

1926-03           Richard Fayerweather Babcock      Indian brave putting the geese he’s shot into his canoe as other geese fly in the distance

1926-07           Osborne Mayer                       Fish

1928-11           John Held, Jr.

1929-06           Oliver Dennett Grover



1940-05           Philip B. Parsons

1940-10           Philip B. Parsons

1940-11           Philip B. Parsons

1940-12           Philip B. Parsons

1941-11           Philip B. Parsons



1934-04           G. Tyng                                  Indian chief leads his tribe on a charge on the warpath

1934-05           G. Tyng                                  Man parachutes out of his flaming airplane

1934-06                                                        Man desperately poles his raft through the rapids, with two dogs, his guns and provisions. Illustrating: "June Ice, an Alaskan adventure"

1935-04           Charles Hargens                     Pirate captain watches, guarding with his pistol, as a seaman digs a hole in a sandy beach to bury a chest: "Captain Starkweather's Snuffbox"

1935-07                                                        Two circus workers, with gun and pitchfork, try to figure out how to protect themselves from an escaped tiger in "Circus Snares"

1936-07           Jacob Bates Abbott                 Eagle flies high in sky above a formation of American fighter planes

1936-11           H. L. V. Parkhurst                   Young man in football uniform and helmet hefts a football as if he’s about to throw it

1937-03           Jacob Bates Abbott                 Cougar rears up to fight off two attacking dogs, high in the mountains

1937-04           H. L. V. Parkhurst                   Pilot and woman passenger seem troubled as they fly low over Alaskan mountains and valleys: “The Gold Gulch Flight”

1937-09           P. Trotter                                White man and Indian under attack by circling band of Indians, shooting back; the Indian barricaded behind his dead horse: “White Man, Keep Out / Adventure in the Everglades”

1937-10           H. L. V. Parkhurst                   Three football players rushing out at the reader, the one in the middle about to place-kick the football: “Fumbles / Football Thrills and a Surprise”

1937-11           Jacob Bates Abbott                 Bull moose steps into a shallow lake, at sunset in the North Woods, frightening off geese, who take to flight: “Some Bull / a North Woods Surprise”

1938-02           H. L. V. Parkhurst                   Basketball player gets set to throw the ball, while two defender’s arms reach out to block him: “Record-Breaker / A Sizzling Basketball Story”

1938-10           H. L. V. Parkhurst                   Football coaches plan their strategy for the new season, with charts and rosters and a giant image of one player: “Football Strategy Contest” and “Six-Man Football” and “Gridiron Song”

1939-02                                                        Two boys, exploring in an old castle, find treasures and artifacts, but a glowing “ghost” of a cavalier is about to threaten them with his rapier: “Ghost Guards Gold”

1939-03           G. Tyng                                  Fireman, balanced precariously on the end of an emergency ladder, struggles to get a rescue rope around an unconscious man, high up in a tall building that is in flames



1925-01           Howard L. Hastings                Bull elk, with full rack, standing proud and at attention in a snowy mountain meadow

1925-02           Osborne Mayer                       Mountain at bay; he’s killed one of the hunting dog pack, but the rest have him backed against the snowy mountains, and the hunter with the gun is climbing up onto the ledge

1926-01           Osborne Mayer

1926-06           Osborne Mayer

1926-07           Osborne Mayer                      

1938-03           J. F. Kernan                            Two geezers by the pot-bellied stove, one of them showing how he shot down the biggest durn ….

1938-10           William Harnden Foster          Hunter in Fall field checks bore of shotgun before reloading

1943-12           Ralph Crosby Smith                Mama bear and cubs stand on watch behind tree as oblivious hunters carry a deer toward them, across a stream on a log

1944-11           Clinton Brown                        Hunter comes out of his tent with rifle ready, confronting bear who is after the deer he shot and hung up from a tree

1945-01           J. F. Kernan                            Duck hunter in the woods tries to wake up his sleeping buddy as ducks go flying off into the sunset

1945-03           Bob Kuhn                               Hunter out in a snowy field struggles to light his pipe



1939-02                           Edwin Bolenbaugh                 Mountain lion climbing up onto rock to stare at you

1940-02           Edwin Bolenbaugh                 Man, with several fish caugh ice-fishing through a small hole in the lake ice, looks over his shoulder to see a huge moose walking at the lake edge



1912-07           Maxfield Parrish                     Three ancient trees stand tall with valley and hills beyond



1909-04-24     F. C. Gordon



1926-05           ___ Campbell

1926-06           ___ Campbell

1926-08           J. M. Foster

1926-09           ___ Wechsler

1926-10           Harlan Crandall

1926-11           Everett Walsh



1906-04           C. Hayes Sprague                   Automobile racing cars, coming right out at you

1909-07           Maynard Dixon                       Eagle coming right in for a landing on a mountain ridgetop

1909-08           Maynard Dixon                       Mexican cowboys riding fast in a bunch

1909-09           ___ Morris                             Native Americans, maybe Inuit, paddling a sea-going canoe look over their shoulders and see a huge galleon coming up over the waves

1909-10           ___ Perse [?]                         Surveyor, with transit and tripod, climbing up a tall fir tree to get a look out over the land [Homeseeker’s Number]

1909-11           Sidney H. Reisenberg             Central American native gentleman, sitting under a solar umbrella with parrots in cages and one sitting on a perch hanging from the splines

1909-12                                                         Tall trees, like Douglas Fir, seen against the setting sun [colorized photograph]

1911-03           L. N. Pease                             Indian teaching wolf to sit up and beg



1911-12           Maginel Wright Enright



1899-01                                                        Man and woman talking as they walk away from a frozen pond where they've been ice skating

1899-02                                                         Postman hands a special letter to a woman who has been waiting in the open window for it to arrive

1899-04                                                        Angel at Jesus's tomb says dramatically "He is Risen" to Mary and others who have come to take away his body

1899-08                                                        Man and woman in a rowboat in a placid pond on a summer's day; the woman leans over to pick the flower from a lily pad

1899-10                                                        Woman standing among flowering bushes, picking flowers (printed in pink and green)

1900-02                                                        Woman sitting by a window, reading a letter, has fallen asleep (printed in brown and green)

1902-10                                                        Woman harvesting fruit from a tree; triptych with red flower borders (printed in red and green)

1903-01                                                        Woman pulling child on a sled, along a snowy country road

1903-10                                                        Girl behind farm boy, holding hands over his eyes, among the haystacks

1907-07                                                        Woman’s face, tousled hair, in lozenge over red flowers (printed in red and green)

1909-09           Anna Milo Upjohn                  

1910-03           C. Warde Traver                     Standing woman in red dress, hat, and cape looking at herself in hand mirror; fur muffs on nearby chair

1910-09           Alice Beach Winter                 Mother arranging her boy’s bowtie, as he is about to go off to school

1910-10           Isabel Whitney

1911-10           Katharine R. Wireman

1917-04           ___ Bulkeley

1917-10           C. H. Taffs                              Woman in yellow holding bunch of yellow and orange flowers

1917-12           Conrad Dickel                        Baby playing with alphabet blocks which also have animal pictures on them

1918-02           Leonebel Jacobs                     Woman in plum, with large black wrap and large black hat with large black feather on it

1918-04           A. G. Learned                         Woman holding small rectangular basket of flowers

1918-11           Leonebel Jacobs

1919-02           Leonebel Jacobs

1919-04           Leonebel Jacobs                     Woman wearing coat and carrying umbrella, looking up into the sky to see the weather

1919-05           Leonebel Jacobs                     Woman in pink with large straw hat stands in front of a flowering tree, gazing distractedly into the distance and clutching a letter to her heart

1919-08           M. E. Musselman                    Woman swimming, in bathing suit with white-polka-dotted red bandanna on her head

1919-09           J. Knowles Hare

1919-10           Pearl Hill                                 Woman in blue gown with pink gauzy wrap and black hat

1919-11                                                        Woman in warm black coat, and gray hat with red ribbon twist

1920-02           J. Knowles Hare                      Woman in red hat and thin black veil

1920-03           ___ Bukleley                          Girl with mushroom cap and her hands in a large fabric muff

1921-03           Earl Christy                            Young mother holding up her young child to show the reader

1921-05           Leonebel Jacobs

1921-07           Francis Tipton Hunter             Little child climbing on the big of a big dog where they’ve been wading in the water

1921-08           E. E. Butler                             Three girls on a single swing, one standing, all grinning

1921-09           Earl Christy                            Woman in orange holding an apple and cradling four more her in her left arm

1922-03           Earl Christy                            Woman smiling as she reads a letter

1922-08           C. W. Anderson                      Smiling blond woman with tennis racket

1922-12           Earl Christy

1923-01           Earl Christy

1923-03           Earl Christy                            Woman playing four-stringed instrument, looking over her shoulder back at you

1923-04           Earl Christy

1923-06           Walter De Maris                      Girl happily holding sea shell to her ear, listening to the waves

1923-07           Ross Sieber                            Boy with radio lets dog listen

1923-08           Earl Christy

1923-09           Earl Christy

1923-10           Ruth Eastman

1923-11           ___ Frances

1923-12           Ruth Eastman

1924-02           Walter Maya

1924-03           Earl Christy

1924-04           ___ Frances

1924-05           Edith F. Butler

1924-06           Ruth Eastman                        Woman in purple cutting red roses off a vast climbing plant

1924-07           Walter Maya                           Girls playing with a beach ball in the waves and surf; overhead, a hummingbird flies by

1924-08           Ruth Eastman

1924-09           Frances Tipton Hunter

1924-10           ___ Davis                              Black and white puppies playing with a colorful bunch of fallen autumn leaves

1924-11           Louise Clasper Rumley            Line of halloween children in great costumes

1924-12           Anne Cooper

1925-02           Louise Clasper Rumley            Children who have been sledding warming themselves by a small bonfire, while other children are still sledding

1925-03           Anne Cooper                          Babies, all kinds (but all white), in different parts of their day doing different things

1925-04           Arthur Mason [Moscon?]        Girl blowing soap bubbles with a pipe

1925-05           Anne Cooper                          Girl planting flower seeds in her garden, pushing away hen that wants to eat the seeds

1925-06           A. A. Allen                              American redstart bird feeding a baby by putting food down its throat [Photograph]

1925-07           Walter De Maris

1925-08           Louise Clasper Rumley

1925-09           P. D. Johnson                         Two boys grooming dog to get it ready for the dog show

1926-05           Roy Best                                Girl about to reach into a goldfish bowl on a stand, while her cat watches in anticipation

1926-06           Earl Christy

1926-07           Anne Cooper                          Boy waving a sparkler around for the Fourth of July; box of sparklers on the ground

1926-08           ___ Davis

1926-09           Priscilla Pointer                       Naked baby boys sitting on giant pastel colored balloons, or else little fairyland babies on floating bubbles

1926-11           Priscilla Pointer                       Children running through the woods, chasing after the colorful autumn leaves falling from the trees

1926-12                                                         Girl standing on a stool holding her doll, with other Christmas presents like a pull duck, an animal book, a ball, and blocks sit on the floor; her dog grins at her

1927-01           Louise Clasper Rumley            Children having a snowball fight in a very snowy place

1927-02           C. J. Monro

1927-03           Harrison Cady

1927-04           Augusta Meday

1927-05           Earl Christy

1927-06           James Calvert Smith               Girl wearing a lace sheet “train” and veil, carrying a bunch of flowers, playing at being at a wedding

1927-08           Francis Tipton Hunter             Boy carries little girl on piggyback through the waves and surf where they’re bathing

1927-10           Harrison Cady

1927-12           S. Wendell Campbell               Christmas carolers

1928-02           Harrison Cady                        Peter Rabbit and bunny kids with toys, sledding downhill

1928-06           Susan Beatrice Pearse            Little girl pulling on small purple flowers while a blue butterfly flies nearby

1928-07           E. L. Beckles                           Cat looks at bee which is flying around a vase full of Icelandic poppies

1928-08           Julian B. Mansfield                 Small child sitting on a bed in his house, looking at a butterfly that has flown in the open window

1928-09           Sarah de Frehn

1928-11           Paul Martin                             Boy and dog watch happily as Grandma bastes the turkey she’s roasting for Thanksgiving



1917-05           Norman Rockwell                    Boy turns out his pockets, but has no money to pay the candy store owner for the lollipop his girlfriend is staring at gleefully

1918-05           Katharine R. Wireman

1919-03           Katharine R. Wireman

1919-06           Katharine R. Wireman

1920-03           Katharine R. Wireman

1920-04           Katharine R. Wireman

1922-05           Katharine R. Wireman

1922-07           Katharine R. Wireman

1923-02           William D. Eaton

1923-06           Angus Mac Donall                  Iceman delivering; little black boy catching dripping water in his mouth

1924-06           Walter Beach Humphrey         Woman riding on a white horse

1924-07           Alan Foster                             Child playing at the beach, about to overturn a crab with a little shovel

1924-08           ___ Eggleston

1928-10           John Newton Howitt

1930-08           Emmett Watson



1917-10           Neysa McMein                        Alice Joyce

1919-01           Haskell Coffin

1919-02           Haskell Coffin

1919-04           Haskell Coffin                         Marjorie Rambeau

1920-02           Rolf Armstrong

1920-05           Rolf Armstrong                       Clara Kimball Young

1920-09           Rolf Armstrong

1920-11           Rolf Armstrong                       Anna Q Nillson   

1920-12           Rolf Armstrong                       Anita Stewart

1921-04           Rolf Armstrong

1921-05           Rolf Armstrong

1921-06           Rolf Armstrong                       June Caprice

1921-09           Rolf Armstrong

1921-11           Rolf Armstrong                       Marion Davies

1922-03           Rolf Armstrong                       Olga Petrova

1922-05           J. Knowles Hare

1923-03           J. Knowles Hare                      Claire Windsor

1923-04           Tempest Inman                      Barbara LaMarr

1923-05           J. Knowles Hare                      Lois Wilson

1923-06           J. Knowles Hare                      May McAvoy

1923-08           J. Knowles Hare                      Marion Davies

1923-09           J. Knowles Hare                      Eleanor Boardman

1923-10           Rolf Armstrong                       Alla Nazimova

1923-11           J. Knowles Hare                      May Allison

1923-12           J. Knowles Hare                      Constance Talmadge

1924-01           Hal Phyfe                               Barbara LaMarr

1924-02           J. Knowles Hare                      Corinne Griffith

1924-07           Hal Phyfe

1924-08           Tempest Inman                      Betty Compson

1925-05           Tempest Inman                      Norma Shearer

1925-08           Charles Sheldon                     Dorothy Gish

1926-06           Livingston Geer                      Lois Moran

1926-09           Carl Van Buskirk                     Marion Davies

1927-03           Carl Van Buskirk                     Arlette Marchal

1927-09           Charles Sheldon                     May Allison

1927-10           Charles Sheldon                     Dolores Costello

1927-12           Charles Sheldon                     Joan Crawford

1928-04           Charles Sheldon                     Esther Williams

1928-09           Charles Sheldon                     Gloria Swanson

1929-07           Earl Christy                            Bessie Love

1929-11           Earl Christy                            Janet Gaynor

1930-07           Earl Christy                            Jeanette MacDonald

1931-02           Earl Christy                            Dorothy Mackaill

1931-05           Earl Christy                            Marlene Dietrich

1931-09           Earl Christy                            Barbara Stanwyck

1932-02           Earl Christy                            Mary Astor

1932-10           Earl Christy                            Irene Dunne

1934-04           Earl Christy                            Katharine Hepburn

1935-06                                                        Irene Dunne

1935-08           Victor Tchetchet                     Kay Frances

1935-09           Victor Tchetchet                     Ann Harding

1935-11           Victor Tchetchet                     Carole Lombard

1936-08           James Montgomery Flagg       Bette Davis

1936-09           James Montgomery Flagg       Katharine Hepburn

1936-10           James Montgomery Flagg       Norma Shearer

1936-11           James Montgomery Flagg       Carole Lombard

1937-02           James Montgomery Flagg       Joan Crawford

1937-04                                                        Ginger Rogers

1938-02                                                        Ginger Rogers

1938-03                                                        Sonja Henie

1941-02           Paul Hesse                             Bette Davis [Photograph]

1941-09           Paul Hesse                             Olivia de Haviland [Photograph]

1941-12           Paul Hesse                             Lana Turner [Photograph]     

1943-08           Paul Hesse                             Janet Blair [Photograph]

1944-01           Paul Hesse                             Deanna Durbin [Photograph]

1946-07           Paul Hesse                             Esther Williams [Photograph]

1946-08           Paul Hesse                             June Allyson [Photograph]

1946-12                                                        Tyrone Power [Photograph]

1947-05           Paul Hesse                             June Allyson [Photograph]

1947-08                                                        Lana Turner [Photograph]

1947-10           Paul Hesse                             Olivia de Haviland [Photograph]

1948-07           Paul Hesse                             Esther Williams [Photograph]

1949-01           Paul Hesse                             Esther Williams [Photograph]

1949-05           Paul Hesse                             Jane Wyman [Photograph]

1949-06                                                        June Allyson [Photograph]

1949-08                                                        Shirley Temple [Photograph]

1949-12                                                        Ingrid Bergman [Photograph]



1912-03           Clinton Brown                        Man doing arm exercises on pulley weights

1912-04           Mayo Bunker                          Man holding paddle, woman back to back with him measuring how much taller he is than she is

1912-05           L. F. Dorn                               Portrait of Bernarr MacFadden, finger hanging onto a rope

1912-07           Clinton Brown                        Man brushing his hair

1912-08           Mayo Bunker                          Man showing woman how to move her arms to swim

1912-10           Leon Sutherland Beer             Woman toweling her back after some physical effort

1912-11           Mayo Bunker                          Man and woman faced off, arguing

1913-02           Leon Sutherland Beer             Woman brushing her shoulder

1913-03           Will Hammell                          Sitting man doing abdominal crunches, feet tucked under a bedstead; the room is full of exercise equipment; outside the window it is Winter

1913-04           Clinton Brown                        Stoneworker in ancient dress kilt carving an inscription on a large piece of marble

1913-05           ___ Schwankovsky                Woman and man practicing martial arts (e.g. jui-jitsu) on a grass tennis court

1913-07           Mayo Bunker                          Man and woman in early twentieth century swimming suits, sitting on a pier with their legs in the water.

1913-08           Will Hammell                          Discus thrower in classical Greek dress (except for nude athletes, of course), in classical Greek theater

1913-10           Clinton Brown                        Man holding small hammer, apparently just having finished fabricating a metal shield which reads, "Manhood's Greatest Shield / A Strong Mind in a Strong Body”

1914-01           N. Richard Roehm [?]             Woman with blushing cheeks looking at her face in the mirror

1914-02           Clinton Brown                        Man exercising his arms with small hand weights

1914-03           William Von Dresser [?]          Woman holding her fingers against her side, as in pain or to measure body fat

1914-04           Clinton Brown                        Classical style statue of ancient Roman or Greek standing holding his spear, and showing off all his body musculature

1914-05           [unsigned]                             Pictures of Japanese woman in kimono, European woman in peasant costume, and American woman in evening dress

1914-06           L. F. Dorn                               Man bathing, cleaning his skin with special mittens

1914-09           L. F. Dorn                               Cover story on Bathing and Morality; cover is a classical Greeko-Roman athlete

1918-02                                                        Theodore Roosevelt [Photograph]

1918-06           Clinton Brown                        Navy gunners loading a shipboard cannon

1919-07                                                        Ted Shawn

1920-02           Armand Moreda

1920-03           G. Williamson                         Betty Kaye of Coshocton Ohio in classical dress

1920-04           ___ Wallinger                        General Leonard Wood (after a photograph)

1920-09           Jay W. Weaver                       Side view profile, chest and head, of a strong and healthy guy

1920-10           Jay W. Weaver

1924-01           Leo Sielke, Jr.                         Woman skiing downhill

1925-03           Jay W. Weaver                       Woman hiker waves from the top of a rocky mound

1925-08           Jay W. Weaver                       Woman runner going over a hurdle

1925-09           Jay W. Weaver

1926-01           Jay W. Weaver

1926-02           Jay W. Weaver

1926-07           Jay W. Weaver

1926-11           Jay W. Weaver                       Woman kicking her right leg very high

1926-12           Jay W. Weaver

1927-01           Jay W. Weaver                       Woman in red coat and shorts in the snow, throwing snowballs in a snowball fight

1927-08           Jay w. Weaver                        Boy and girl at the beach, standing in the shallows, each carrying a small wooden shovel or paddle

1927-09           Bradshaw Crandell

1928-04           Jean Oldham

1928-05           Nickolas Murray                      Bernarr MacFadden, from a photograph

1928-06           Nickolas Murray

1928-07           Jean Oldham                          Woman hauling rope on a small sailboat

1928-11           Haskell Coffin

1928-12           Haskell Coffin

1929-01           Frederick Duncan

1929-02           Haskell Coffin

1929-03           E. Irving Valentine

1929-04           Haskell Coffin

1929-06           Warde Traver

1929-07           Haskell Coffin

1929-08           Frederick Duncan

1929-10           Haskell Coffin

1929-11           Haskell Coffin

1929-12           Warde Traver                         Woman in low-cut dress, holding and possibly nursing an infant

1930-02           T. Currie-Bell

1930-03           T. Currie-Bell

1930-04           T. Currie-Bell

1930-05           Carl Pfeufer

1930-09           Jules Cannert

1930-11           Jules Cannert

1931-01           R. F. Schabelitz

1931-02           R. F. Schabelitz

1931-03           R. F. Schabelitz

1931-05           R. F. Schabelitz

1931-06           Bradshaw Crandell

1931-12           Bradshaw Crandell

1932-01           Bradshaw Crandell                 Woman in yellow happily throwing snowballs

1933-01           John Newton Howitt

1933-04           Tony Sansone

1933-07           Allan A. Reiter

1933-09           Walter Beach Humphrey

1933-10           E. F. Bauman

1933-12           Hubbell Reed McBride

1934-05           Hubbell Reed McBride

1934-07           John Drew

1934-11           R.C. Kauffmann                      Woman basketball player

1935-07           Victor Tchetchet                     Woman high diver

1935-09           Victor Tchetchet

1936-02           A. R. McCowen

1936-12           Victor Tchetchet

1937-01           Victor Tchetchet

1937-02           Victor Tchetchet                     Portrait of Arline Judge, of 20th-Century Fox, in semi-profile

1937-03           Triangle [Photographers]        Photograph of Pauline Pryor

1937-05           Victor Tchetchet                     Woman in single-piece bathing suit, sitting; side view

1937-09           Arthur McCowen

1938-01           A. R. McCowen

1939-05                                                        Joan Blondell

1939-06           A. R. McCowen

1940-07           A. R. McCowen

1940-09           A. R. McCowen

1941-04           A. R. McCowen

1941-06           A. R. McCowen



1911-06           Maurice Miller                         June bride

1911-11           Earl Chandler Christy             Woman about to toss a basketball

1912-11           Edmund Frederic                    Woman in red, sad (or just distant) expression on her face, sitting in front of a small box, reading through old love letters

1913-02           Hans Pellar                             Woman in fancy dress (perhaps Mardi Gras) costume and domino mask

1913-05           Harrison Fisher                       Woman looking at herself in a hand mirror as she applies face powder

1913-07           Harrison Fisher

1914-04           G. G. Drayton                         Frightened boy running away after hatcheting open a large egg to find a small Easter Bunny in it; startled girl and other bunnies watching

1914-05           Philip Boileau                          Woman in white holding baby up on her right shoulder

1916-02           Rolf Armstrong                       Woman’s head and shoulders, facing front

1916-03           John R. Neill                           Rabbits playing music in a band

1916-06           Penrhyn Stanlaws                  Woman in summer dress and sunbonnet, holding club and standing on the golf course

1916-07           Henry F. Wireman                  Baby playing with balloon, which is tied to its toe to keep it from floating off

1916-09           Walter Tittle                           Faces of five women with different hair styles and colors

1918-10           Charles Twelvetrees               Very fat little boy eating three donuts, while standing in front of a poster saying “Eat Less Wheat” for the war effort

1921-06           Earl Christy                            Young woman looking at the reader, with a slightly off-the-shoulder sly eye, and also looking up at a bug drawn to look like it’s a real one crawling across the paper

1921-07           Charles Twelvetrees               Very young girl picking petals off a huge flower, “He loves me, he loves me not”

1921-08           Charles Twelvetrees               Boy at bat, ready for the ball to come across, batting left-handed

1921-09           Guy Hoff                                Young kid, huge red floppy hat, crying – “The Kid”

1921-10           Charles Twelvetrees               Very young boy trying to hit a golf ball, hands way down on the handle of the club

1921-11           Haskell Coffin                         Modern young 1921 woman, bare-shouldered (head and shoulders)

1921-12           Charles Twelvetrees               Christmas stocking, filled with two puppies, hanging between two wreaths

1922-01           Bessie Pease Guttmann          Young child in blue-green snowsuit

1922-02           Gerald Leake                          Woman in fur neckpiece holding onto her hat, which is red with green leaf cutouts sewn on

1922-04           Earl Christy                            Woman holding big bunch of pink roses against her left shoulder

1922-05           Earl Christy                            Spanish woman in floral print with jade earrings

1922-12           Nell Hatt                                 Two children kissing under the mistletoe

1923-01           Nell Hatt

1923-02           Hans Schmidt                         Solid blue parrot and red and blue parrot on nearby perches talking to each other

1923-03           Earl Christy

1923-04           C. H. Twelvetrees

1923-05           Tade Styka                             Woman’s hands holding up small dog

1923-06           Nell Hatt                                 Boy whispering something to his dog

1923-07           Rolf Armstrong                       Woman’s face in green hat, with large red rose and dark green bow, against light green background

1923-09           Dorothy Caruso                      Peacock on top of a wall, next to an urn with a palm tree growing out of it

1923-10           Earl Christy                            Woman in red, with dark fur, having black hear with a Spanish comb in it

1923-11           Earl Christy                            Woman with pearls and vast green-and-blue feather boa around neck

1923-12           Georg Friederich                    Red and blue parrot, wings outspread, sitting on a brass ringstand

1924-01           Nell Hatt

1924-02           Earl Christy

1924-03           Andrew Loomis                       Young woman or girl in white fluffy stuff, on a black and blue striped background

1924-06           Earl Christy

1924-08           George Friederich

1924-11           George Friederich

1924-12           S. Gulbransen

1925-01           Earl Christy

1925-02           Frederick Duncan                   Woman wearing pearls and yellow head-scarf (in 1920’s style around head)

1925-04           Earl Christy

1925-06           Nell Hott                                 Boy hugging brown dog

1925-11           Earl Christy                            Woman looking back over her shoulder at the reader

1926-08           Rolf Armstrong

1926-09           Rolf Armstrong

1926-11           Earl Christy                            Platinum blonde woman with green-gold rose

1927-02           Earl Christy                            Woman wearing large red beret; head shot

1927-04           Nell Hott                                 Baby looking at its image in a hand mirror

1927-05           Edna Crompton                      Woman, looking back over shoulder at reader; head

1927-08           Edna Crompton

1927-10           McClelland Barclay                 Woman, facing front, in red cap and blouse

1927-11           Earl Christy                            Woman in green feather boa, facing front, head

1928-01           McClelland Barclay                 Woman in green dress, facing left, at party

1928-03           McClelland Barclay                 Woman in yellow, holding fox terrier

1928-04           McClelland Barclay                 Woman facing left, red hat, floral dress, fur neckpiece

1928-05           McClelland Barclay

1928-06           McClelland Barclay

1928-11           McClelland Barclay

1928-12           McClelland Barclay                 Girl standing in front of a Christmas tree, holding a doll

1929-03           McClelland Barclay

1930-06           McClelland Barclay                 Woman wearing bridal veil and holding a lily

1930-09           McClelland Barclay                 Man and woman in a speedboat, barreling out of the cover at the left

1931-03           McClelland Barclay

1931-04           McClelland Barclay                 Woman in green, red umbrella, hand out catching rain

1931-05           McClelland Barclay                 Woman’s profile, looking right, on red background

1931-07           McClelland Barclay                 Woman in peach and yellow, big peach hat, on yacht

1931-08           McClelland Barclay                 Woman playing golf

1931-09           McClelland Barclay                 Woman in dude (gaucho?) dress, riding horse in western rocks

1931-10           McClelland Barclay

1931-11           McClelland Barclay                 Woman in blue, head and shoulders, wearing round hat with small blue feather, against red background

1931-12           McClelland Barclay                 Woman with red hair in blue, against yellow background

1932-01           McClelland Barclay                 Man and woman about to kiss on New Year’s Eve

1932-02           McClelland Barclay                 Woman seated, wearing green dress, hat, and shawl

1932-03           McClelland Barclay                 Woman drinking tea or coffee from a green cup

1932-04           McClelland Barclay                 Woman in gray-green, with fur stole, and French bulldog

1932-05           McClelland Barclay                 Woman gardener, large red hat

1932-06           McClelland Barclay                 Woman in brown, seated, looking left

1932-07           McClelland Barclay                 Woman swimmer testing the water at the edge

1932-08           McClelland Barclay                 Woman paddling canoe toward left

1932-09           McClelland Barclay                 Woman in red, sitting on suitcase, with golf clubs

1932-10           McClelland Barclay                 Woman in dark purple, standing in wind, with Russian wolfhound

1932-11           McClelland Barclay                 Woman, seated, puzzling over how to make pumpkin pie

1932-12           McClelland Barclay                 Woman in yellow, with man in formal dress

1933-01           McClelland Barclay                 Baby pulls page off calendar, to reveal the 1933 calendar

1933-03           McClelland Barclay                 Woman skating

1933-04           McClelland Barclay                 Woman (schoolteacher) writing in chalk down at the bottom of a huge blackboard

1933-05           Lucile Patterson Marsh           Little girl sitting, drinking from a play tea set

1933-06           Clark Agnew

1933-07           McClelland Barclay

1933-08           Norman Mingo                        Woman seated, talking to man, big moon rising

1933-09           McClelland Barclay                 Woman standing on front deck of yacht

1933-11           Robert Susan                         Dog watches over small puppy in wooden box, with shipping label on it

Q1934-01        Robert Susan

1934-01           Lucile Patterson Marsh

1934-06           Maud Towsey Fangel

1934-08           Hayden Hayden                     Woman in red swimsuit, sitting on the beach and looking up directly at the reader

1934-10           Nell Holt                                 Child hold up small dog on lap, and staring eyes face to face

1934-11           Hayden Hayden                     Smartly dressed man and woman out for a night at the Theatre

1935-02           Harold N. Anderson

1936-01           Anton Bruehl                          Little girl in bed, sleeping [Photograph]

1936-02           Anton Bruehl                          Little boy and girl sitting in front of fireplace, seen from inside the fireplace [Photograph]

1936-04           Anton Bruehl                          Girl planting seeds in her garden rows [Photograph]

1936-12           Anton Bruehl                          Boys’ Choir singing [Photograph]

1937-02           Anton Bruehl                          Girl sewing clothes for her doll [Photograph]

1937-07                                                        A boy floating happily in a life preserver [Photograph]

1938-01           Anton Bruehl                          Girl looking at clock [Photograph]

1938-04           Anton Bruehl                          Boy and girl playing checkers [Photograph]

1938-05           Anton Bruehl                          Boy looking through window glass at bird’s nest with eggs, sitting on window sill [Photograph]



1927-09           Modest Stein                          Joan Crawford

1929-01           Modest Stein                          Anita Page

1929-10           Modest Stein                          Renée Adorée

1931-09           Modest Stein                          Myrna Loy

1932-06           Modest Stein                          Sydney Fox

1935-08           Dan Osher                             Carole Lombard

1935-09           Millard Hopper                        Alice Faye

1936-04           Tatiana Fall                            Jean Harlow

1936-12                                                        Jeanette Macdonald

1937-02           Corinne Malvern                     Kay Frances

1937-03           Marland Stone                        Irene Dunne

1937-07           Simone Simon                        Tania Fall

1937-12           Dan Osher                             Bette Davis

1939-10           Gene Kornman                       Alice Faye [Photograph]

1939-11                                                        Ginger Rogers [Photograph]

1940-01           ___ Erbit-Varady                    Bette Davis

1940-09                                                        Linda Darnell [Photograph]

1940-12                                                        Martha Scott [Photograph]



1932-09+10    Raymond baker



1905-02           ___ Hering                             Woman bursts out of curtained area, startling European explorers and their Arab guide -- illustrating H. Rider Haggard's "Ayesha; or, The Return of 'She'" which begins in this issue

1916-05-07     Charles A. MacLellan

1920-11-20     Lawrence Herndon                 Two duck hunters in small boat on a lake, setting out decoys among the reeds

1921-01-20     Robert Robinson                     Man pouring boiling water from his teakettle into the radiator of his car; it’s winter

1922-10-20     Robert Robinson                     Woman running for Sheriff, nailing posters on a wall while current Sheriff scratches his head in wonderment

1923-10-20     ___ Lowenheim                      Man with shotgun sitting in the reeds, ready to shoot at ducks when they leave the water

1924-03-20     Robert Robinson                     Skiier is reaching for the sky; must have just come off a skijump

1925-02-20     Remington Schuyler               Inuit or Eskimo sewing covering over the runners on his sled, while sled dogs watch

1926-07-20     Jackson Mulford                     Boss of highway or building construction team emphatically points out something on the blueprints to an employee

1927-06-20     Jerome Rozen                         Two men fighting while a woman looks on; man in white shirt has just landed a roundhouse right on the jaw of the man in the brown shirt

1927-07-02     Charles Lassell                       Cowboy on horseback in the western range, surveying his herd of cattle

1927-10-08     Jerome Rozen                         Man on horseback shooting down at man at his left and behind

1929-04-07     Paul Stahr                              Logger poling logs down the rapids in a river

1929-08-20     Walter Beach Humphrey         Lifeguard on his tower, on beach in front of a mission style beach boardwalk

1929-07-20     Stockton Mulford                    Jockey urges his horse on in a race, coming out at the reader

1930-02-07     Clark Fay                               Skiier coming down ramp, just lifting off into the wild blue, front view

1930-02-20     John Coughlin                        Steam locomotive racing toward left edge, forcing its way through snow and blowing it away from the tracks




1920-10           Norman Rockwell                    Man scratching his head as he tries to figure out if a mechanical perpetual motion machine can work

1923-10                                                        Dirigible with US markings

1924-07           Brad Ernst Prokofiev               Man repairing fan; he’s sweating, needs it fixed

1924-11                                                        Parachutist steps backward of plane wing

1925-11           Frank Murch                           Construction worker at top of skyscraper

1926-01           Remington Schuyler               Sled with wings takes off down hill 

1926-04           Remington Schuyler               Film shooting from end of windmill blade

1937-02           Edgar Franklin Wittmack        Firefighting tank truck and spray

1938-08           Edgar Franklin Wittmack



1935-06                                                        Grace Moore

1935-07                                                        Alice Faye

1936-04                                                        Jane Froman



1923-10                                                        Man walks and his “Electric Dog” follows him, to the amazement of a woman and the amusement of a boy



1881-11-02     Bernhard Gillam                     President Arthur and numerous other bigwigs in caricature, “Dilemma”

1881-11-09                                                   Boss McLaughlin “Gone to meet John Kelly” in Hell

1881-11-16     “D. K.”                                   American invention for blowing up bosses: the Free Ballot

1882-04-05     Bernhard Gillam                     “Another restorer of antiquities”

1890-02-26     J. Keppler                               Republican political secrets are known; the cat’s “Out of the Bag at Last”

1891-02-18     J. Keppler                               “Reciprocity”—Man concerned bull is going to squeeze through gap in fence and come at him

1891-05-27     C. J. Taylor                             “Everything goes” – three men making a Deal

1892-08-10     F. M. Hutchins                        “A Pitiful Appeal”

1892-10-05     William Allen Rogers               “The Perrenial ‘Protection Game’”

1892-11-16     J. Keppler, Jr.                         “Purifying Politics”

1892-11-23     J. Keppler, Jr.                         “This Is No Crow!”

1893-01-18     Louis Dalrymple                      “Another ‘Me, Too’”

1893-02-08     J. Keppler                               “The End”

1893-02-22     J. Keppler,  Jr.

1893-03-01     Louis Dalrymple

1893-03-08     J. Keppler

1893-03-22     Louis Dalrymple                      Politician as one-man band: “He’s getting worse and worse”

1893-04-26     J. Keppler, Jr.                         “Objectionable enterprise”

1893-05-03     Louis Dalrymple                      “Boss” Sheehan’s trained monkey, the Governor of New York, signs a home rule bill

1893-05-17     ___ Ehrhart                           “No doubt about the final choice”

1893-06-07     Louis Dalrymple                      “The decline of chivalry”

1894-10-03     Louis Dalrymple                      Policeman squeezing people down in a huge hand-screw press

1894-12-19     Louis Dalrymple

1894-12-26     J. Keppler

1895-01-09     Louis Dalrymple                      “I’ll take care of you, Grandma”      

1895-01-16     Louis Dalrymple

1895-01-23     F. Opper

1895-01-30     John S. Pughe

1895-02-20     F. Opper                                 Man in armor and man in fancy clothes are “Called out again” for more applause on the stage

1895-04-10     Louis Dalrymple                      “in the pantheon of the Sun” – man in office chair talking to dwarfish self-important guy

1895-05-08     C. J. Taylor                             Man ringing large bronze bell – “Sounding the tocsin”

1895-06-26     J. S. Pughe                             “Just what might have been expected” – one politician suns himself in a beach cottage while the waves of the “Business Revival” threaten to wash away another politician

1895-07-10     Samuel D. Ehrhart                  “American Rocks” are moneybags holding up decaying European castles                            

1896-03-25     J. S. Pughe                             “Bad for business” –the Daily Brawler street brass band plays out of tune

1896-05-20     Louis Dalrymple                      Man and woman on bicycles, “The Biggest People on the Road” cause chaos there

1896-05-27     J. Keppler                               Farmer and businessman struggle for control of a Napoleonic figure on a hobbyhorse: “They Both Claim Him”

1898-10-19     Louis Dalrymple                      America cutting pigtail off Chinese (immigrant?) as “The Pigtail Has Got To Go”

1898-11-16     Louis Dalrymple                      “After the battle”

1898-12-21     J. Keppler                               “A good cause”

1900-12-09     Frank Nankivell                      Preacher (missionary) looks disparagingly at Chinese

1911-08-30                                                   Man and woman swimming, man whispering into her ear “A stage whisper”

1913-04-30     W. E. Hillis                              Woman watering flowerbox containing heads of lovers, “Her Johnny-jump-ups” (done in the Coles Phillips “fade-away” style, or a parody of it)

1915-01-02     Rolf Armstrong                       Man driving car stares stolidly ahead while his sweetie leans her head on his shoulder; he’s thinking “Safety First”

1918-06                                                        Returned soldier and girlfriend embrace: “The heart of Iris”



1898-04           Archie Gunn



1935-07-27                                                   Ethel Merman

1935-08-31                                                   Kathleen Wilson

1935-11-16                                                   Helen Hayes

1936-05-30                                                   Gladys Swarthout

1936-08-09                                                   Eddie Cantor

1936-12-05     Charles E. Rubino                   Gracie Allen