ALL-STORY Magazine Profile

ALL-STORY was one of the earliest pulp magazines, with its first issue coming out in January, 1905. You can click here to go directly to the gallery of cover images. Monthly until 1914, in March of that year it went weekly, and stayed more-or-less at that frequency until it was combined into ARGOSY in the middle of 1920. In May of 1914 it absorbed CAVALIER (begun 1908), a similar Munsey title at that time also published every week. (For that matter, CAVALIER had absorbed THE SCRAP BOOK, yet another early Munsey title, in 1912.)

ALL-STORY, as implied by its name, published a wide variety of stories. Among its most famous (and most expensive to collect) issues are those with the first Mars and Tarzan stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs. If you would like to be the one to tell us just what kinds of stories it published, send us e-mail. There are some full issues online at the Internet Archive.

There is a visual checklist of ALL-STORY issues, including many we do not yet have here, on Phil Stephensen-Payne's magazine website. And don't miss ufikus1965's collection of ALL-STORY covers on Flickr.

We would like to thank Hartmuth Freihoff for his excellent work in restoring these first issues, from inadequate photographs to something very close to their original brilliance.


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