RADIO-CRAFT was aimed at the professional in the radio field. This is sometimes clear from the covers, but sometimes hard to tell; there was always a lot of enthusiastic tech-geekery present in the demographics of both publications. The first issue of RADIO-CRAFT was published in 1929; by late 1943 it had finally dropped the hyphen from the title. In 1948 the title changed to RADIO-ELECTRONICS. It seems to have published under that title until 1992, changing at that point to ELECTRONICS NOW and surviving until 1999.

All the early covers were paintings or drawings printed in full color (except in the depths of the Depression, 1933-4, when they were printed in two colors), until they changed from drawings to black-and-white photographs in 1939. From that point on they ran photographs, sometimes with color duotoning, until changing to color photographs in 1944. After 1944 the covers were always color photographs.