One of Orange Judd's agricultural magazines, it served the farm community of America for many years, beginning in 1842. A website with that name still exists, and carries on the modern versions of those services. Along the way the magazine spun off a foundation. A summary writeup at the Internet Archive says ""Designed to improve the farmer, the planter, and the gardener. Vols. 12-53 called also new series nos. 27-571. Publication suspended, 1852-Aug. 1853. Supplements accompany some issues. The AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST has absorbed more than thirty agricultural journals, including GENESSEE FARMER, AMERICAN FARMER'S MAGAZINE, CONNECTICUT HOMESTEAD, FARM JOURNAL, PROGRESSIVE FARMER, and others. THE ORANGE JUDD FARMER and NEW ENGLAND HOMESTEAD were purchased by the Orange Judd Co., who published them as editions of the AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST, which then came out in Central, Western, Southern, Middle, and Eastern States editions beginning Sept. 1894. You can find many bound volumes, scanned by Google and others, online at the Archive.