A place where they take care of you. Most of these ads promise complete recovery from anything you could care to name, and display pictures of large and comfortable buildings.
  • Bemis Sanitarium -1896A 1664 visits Bemis Sanitarium -1896A
  • Bemis Sanitarium -1900A 1455 visits Bemis Sanitarium -1900A
  • Berkshire Hills Sanatorium -1911A 1786 visits Berkshire Hills Sanatorium -1911A
  • Berkshire Hills Sanitorium -1901A 2855 visits Berkshire Hills Sanitorium -1901A
  • Castle Strongfort -1911A 1994 visits Castle Strongfort -1911A
  • Cedarcroft Sanatarium -1911A 2200 visits Cedarcroft Sanatarium -1911A
  • Doctor J. L. Stephens Sanitorium -1906A 1529 visits Doctor J. L. Stephens Sanitorium -1906A
  • Keeley Cure -1911A 3236 visits Keeley Cure -1911A
  • Thornton and Minor Clinic -1939A 80 visits Thornton and Minor Clinic -1939A