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White House Coffee -1910A

White House Coffee -1910A.jpg Westcott Motor Cars -1912AThumbnailsWestcott Motor Cars -1912AThumbnailsWestcott Motor Cars -1912AThumbnailsWestcott Motor Cars -1912AThumbnailsWestcott Motor Cars -1912AThumbnails

A little ad that tells a graphic strip story. First panel a line drawing of a mountain vacation spot. Second panel is the automobile-driving city guy asking an Uncle Hiram rural storekeeper for coffee, as explained in the text panel next. For a good reliable coffee, even up here in the sticks, write Dwinnell-Wright Co. Published in the September, 1910 issue of GOOD HOUSEKEEPING.

Source: Mariangela Buch

Restoration by: Mariangela Buch