Witchkloth Polishing Cloth -1896A.jpg Vano Cleaner -1941AThumbnailsVano Cleaner -1941AThumbnailsVano Cleaner -1941AThumbnailsVano Cleaner -1941AThumbnailsVano Cleaner -1941AThumbnails
No lame back, no aching arms, if you use "Witchkloth" the magic polisher to clean your silver, metal, and glassware. Even the lady of the house herself can do it. Wonder what the secret was? Made by the Asbury-Paine Mfg. Co., of Wayne Junction, Philadelphia, and a search on that company will turn up many more ads in old magazines, but they don't seem to be around after 1897. Published in the August, 1896 issue of the LADIES' HOME JOURNAL.


Source: Mariangela Buch

Restoration by: Mariangela Buch