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Collier's 1930-04-19

Collier_s 1930-04-19.jpg ThumbnailsVogue -1920'sAThumbnailsVogue -1920'sAThumbnailsVogue -1920'sAThumbnailsVogue -1920'sA

Woman running the Check Room at a high-class club has a table of top silk hats and canes, and pauses to look at herself in her compact mirror to see just how she looks in a top hat. Content: Items by Georges Clemenceau, Ring Lardner, Nina Wilcox Putnam, Sax Rohmer, George Creel, and Wallace Irwin.

Artist: E. M. Jackson

Source: eBay seller daysoffuturepast, who also sells printed materials from her personal website.

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