Special Thanks To...

Tom Harris, collector/seller, on eBay as tabasco_life, has sent us a bunch of beautiful scans of rare issues of LIFE, the Humor magazine.

Print collector and art seller Jess, at daysoffuturepast, who also sells printed materials from her personal website, has sent us hundreds of excellent scans that we're restoring and presenting as fast as we can.

Jim Haack, who sells on eBay as powerangers, has sent us a very large number of his magazine cover photos to use on the website.

Charles Perrien has scanned, and restored, numerous magazine covers and ad pages for the website.

Dave Wills, who sells on eBay as dwills1000, and has an eBay storefront "Dave's Odds and Ends".

Electric automobile enthusiast Galen Handy, who sent us a bunch of vintage advertisements.

Photographer PopKulture, who is a fan of vintage magazine covers and offered us the use of his Flickr sets.

Cellar Stories Bookstore, in Providence, Rhode Island, has a good selection of vintage magazines, and were kind enough to let us photograph anything we wanted to photograph for the website.

Joe Lovece, on eBay at hoohahcomics and on his website, is sending us photos of rare pulps.

Lynn Keuhl, of Berkshire Books in Concord, CA, lent us a big carton of 30's and 40's movie magazines, which we scanned and you will see.

American Illustration Archives, who have an eBay store, and also sell at auction as illustration-archives, are providing us with images from their stock.

eBay seller Adoasis, who also have their own website.

Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition collector Erik P. Smith

Dr. Hans Schantz, of The Q-Track Corporation (www.q-track.com), for a scan of the February 1930 issue of RADIO-CRAFT.

Sandra Hardesty, for an excellent scan of a 1905 DELINEATOR.

eBay seller denise-ie also sells labels as thelabelman.com, is another person supplying us with many fascinating product advertisements from vintage magazines.

eBay seller more-vintage-ads, who is supplying us with vintage advertisements for the new Ads Division of the MagazineArt.org site. We also want to reiterate our thanks to ebay sellers askmatzen and millcliff, who are similarly supplying us with ads.

Clare Grana, for a rare issue of PHYSICAL CULTURE from the 1910's.

Steve Kirch, who has sent us a large number of scans of interesting and unusual covers.

Brad Hardy, who sent us a high-resolution scan of a rare issue of TELEVISION NEWS from 1931.

Michael Holley has sent us a number of high-resolution scans of radio and electronics magazines.

Sustainability consultant Scott Allison, who sent us a eighteen photographs of 1901-2 issues of the early humor magazines JUDGE and PUCK.

Liesbeth Hehemann, of the Netherlands, who sent us some rare American women's magazine cover images.

Pulp collector and dealer Rob Preston has provided many photographs, and access to his stock.

Sara Novak, who sent us excellent digital photographs of some rare women's magazines from the turn of the 20th century.

Art Dealer Robert Lewis, who patiently held up his newly acquired 1920's McCALL'S MAGAZINE issues as we photographed them.

Beau Collier, who scans whole magazines for archival purposes, and is sending us restored cover scans of the issues as he does them.

John Squires for the beautiful scans of SUNDAY MAGAZINE, the syndicated Sunday supplement of the early 20th century.

David Vaughn, for a very rare issue of MODERN ELECTRICS.

Bill Krummet, also known as MagazineFan, who is sending vast numbers of cover images from his collection.

Steve Davis, technical magazine collector, who has been scanning a large number of early tech magazines for us.

John LaRue, who has photographed dozens of rare pulps that his Grandfather collected 1918-1950. We refer to this as the John Datson LaRue Collection.

Pulp collector Ufikus, for hundreds of scans from his collection and other collections.

Magazine and illustration collector and artist Wes Vogler, for scanning magazines from his collection.

Doug Allewell, magazine and image collector and proprietor of the DougInBC illustrators' tribute site, is sending us images scanned and collected.

Collector and bibliographer Steve Lamazow has sent us a wonderful bunch of extremely rare and delightful cover images, mostly from the 19th and very early 20th centuries. He promises more to come.

Bev Owens at The Paper Trail has scanned several vintage covers for us, and looks forward to providing many more. Bev says she's been dealing in ephemera since 1997, owns and operates two internet shops, and manages an antique mall in Carmel, IN. She's also had some of her articles about ephemera published in two popular West Coast monthly publications.

Artist Patricia Davis, who lent us a number of magazines from her research archive, happily admits to having been influenced deeply by the work of the great illustrators of the golden age of the magazines.

The Lochmanns at Lebo Junction Vintage Collectibles sent us photographs of more than three dozen issues of FILM FUN, 1928-1934. They're all online now!

The gang at 2NeatMagazines, for scanning their collection of original LIFE (the humor magazine) covers for us.

Amanda Donovan, who sells on eBay as maq67harpo, sent us the photos from ten issues of THE LADIES' WORLD, and says they have about 200 more magazines to send.

Grenville Abernethy, who sells on eBay as banjoflier, and has an eBay store as model aviation magazines, specializes in aviation, models, and vintage mechanics and science magazines, has given us the use of hundreds of scans of technical and aviation magazines from his stock.

Hartmuth Freihoff, who has retouched, repaired, and cleaned up all of the pictorial cover scans for the rare pulp UNCANNY TALES, a science-fiction/fantasy title in the Pulp Fiction Division. Hartmuth has gone on to other pulps, including our new Sections for ARGOSY and ALL-STORY, and some Crime and Detective titles you'll be seeing shortly.

Mariangela Buch, who has scanned hundreds and hundreds of covers and ads for us.

Curtis Schmidek, for scanning RADIO-CRAFT issues for us.

Thanks to eBay seller bakertownecollectables for providing a number of images of AMERICAN WOMAN.

Doug Ellis, who has supplied many rare cover images; he's the author of Uncovered: The Hidden Art Of The Girlie Pulp and one of the organizers of the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention.

John Locke, collector and bibliographer, who has helped us with several rare magazine issues.

Chris Malins, who scanned his five extremely rare issues of the Adventure ROMANCE pulp for the website.

A person who wishes to remain anonymous, a fan of the Gernsback magazines, who sent us a scan of the one missing issue of SCIENCE AND INVENTION. We immediately uploaded it to give us a full run of this important title.

Peter Leeflang, of the Leeflang Archives, who also is an eBay seller asLeeflang Magazines, for permission to use his artist listings on our artist page and his eBay sales listings photographs for our images.

Steven T. Miller, magazine collector and compiler, (with Bill Contento) of the Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Weird Fiction Magazine Index (1890-2004), for his scans of the early ADVENTURE and other pulp issues.

Dave Reynolds, of Dave's American Comics (on eBay as seller pacomics), who has sent us a big batch of nice scans of some rare early-1930's Hersey crime and murder pulps and some even rarer issues of BLACK MASK.

Ed Hulse, publisher of BLOOD AND THUNDER, for an excellent and very rare early issue of ADVENTURE.

Betty Biad, for a dozen photographs of early issues of ETUDE, THE MUSIC MAGAZINE

Tom and Ann at "Pages Past," who sell on eBay as pagesrevisited

Jeff Kaylin, who scanned dozens of magazines for us and put them on a CD and mailed them to us. The first of the bounty was our new section of WOMAN'S HOME COMPANION, with some amazing covers. Now he's done it again, with fifteen issues of AMERICAN WOMAN. Jeff created and maintains a site devoted to American author Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.

Barbara Daniel, who provided us with an rather unusual late image from ETUDE. Now she's gone off and chased down additional ETUDE covers for us, from some eBay dealers. Way to go, Barbara!

Prof. Jack Raglin, author of articles and an upcoming book on artist Enoch Bolles, who sent us a CD with 29 superb scans of Bolles covers for FILM FUN magazine. We used those scans to kick off our new Category: Movies, TV, and Radio.

Julie Bronson for a beautiful 1916 issue of ADVENTURE.

JerrySQ4, another French collector, particularly of Coca Cola ephemera, has sent us three nice scans of DELINEATOR and GOOD HOUSEKEEPING.

Sebastian Canevet, a French collector of THE STRAND, sent us some images and has offered to scan additional issues for us.

Many thanks to Bob Correll for scanning his rare early issues of the pulp magazine ADVENTURE for us.

Thanks to Rich Doty for sharing his John Held, Jr. collection. You'll find them in the section for "LIFE, the humor magazine."

Betty Spaulding, of Chatanooga TN, who donated to our webhosting fund, and who says, "Magazines...old ones...I have some...I collect them...I ADORE them."

Jody Green, who sent us scans of three rare old issues of McCALL'S MAGAZINE.

Nona's of Alexandria, who sells vintage jewelry through her online shop, sent us more than 30 photographs of rare early issues of MODERN PRISCILLA.

Richard Bredahl, who sells magazine ads and covers on eBay as "grandfatherslegacy" and has an eBay store "Good Times Remembered Vintage Ads" for them, who is scanning many covers from his stock for us to use.

Brita Barlow for sending us a large number of cover images from GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, especially those by Jesse Wilcox Smith.

Tom Knighton, who sent us a $25 donation (we'll use it pay some of our hosting bills!), and who we think of as a poster child for the global export of American businesses. Thanks, Tom!

Stephen Melachrinos, W3HF, who collects and sells radio magazines and books, and who scanned several very rare volumes for us.

John Martin, who created and maintains the Ellis Parker Butler web site. Butler is famous for Pigs is Pigs.

Karen of San Jose (KL) for a beautiful 1905 issue of HARPER'S BAZAR.

David L. LaFave sent us photos of twenty early issues of McCALL'S MAGAZINE.

Antique dealer Vicky Cirner, who let us scan and photograph dozens of issues from her extensive stock of vintage magazines at Antiques Colony, 1881 W. San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95128; (408) 293-9844. She also has a section at Midway Antiques, 6128 San Juan Ave., Citrus Heights (near Sacramento) CA 95610; (916) 726-7177.

Mark Forer, award-winning advertising art director and illustration collector, who says he "was influenced at an early age by the magic of cinema, television, and the printed page." Mark scanned for us a large number of John Held, Jr., LIFE [the humor magazine 1883-1936] covers from his personal collection.

Lloyd Schubert, of Schubert's Auction Services, who scanned a very large number of magazine covers we'd never seen, just for us (Lloyd also sells on eBay)

Thanks to Dave Hunter, of Kingston, Ontaria, Canada, who scanned and sent us more than two dozen 1928-1931 issues of RADIO NEWS

Dave and Gail Bartholomy, eBay sellers, for photographs of the whole second year (1914-15) of ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER

Rob Godwin, for a rare and missing issue of ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER

Trust Fund Treasures: antique dealers, eBay sellers, and all-around great people

Guy Gordon, for helping us out with Gernsback technical magazine cover images, and information on the publishing history of the titles

Doug Ellis, for providing copies of SCIENCE AND INVENTION for us to photograph, as well as a huge number of other magazines in categories we're still working on

George Belden, who sells magazines on eBay as tripnavvy (again); this time he sent us a CD-ROM containing all the cover images of all of the magazines he has ever sold on eBay. Thousands of them. Thank you, George!

Denny Lien, for providing the magazines for our complete run of cover images of the Canadian pulp UNCANNY TALES

Sharon Marek, who scanned many magazines for us, including half of the issues of FRUIT, GARDEN AND HOME.

Frank Robinson, author of the science fiction section of Art of the Imagination, and Pulp Culture: The Art of Fiction Magazines; and many fine works of fiction. Frank let us scan and photograph outstanding rarities from his personal collection.

George Belden, who sells magazines on eBay as tripnavvy, sent us the complete file of magazine cover images he had scanned for his sales pages.

Bill Slater, Bryan Barrett, and Rob Edgerton sell pulps and other old magazines; they graciously allowed us to photograph numerous magazine covers displayed for sale at the recent World Science Fiction Convention dealers' room. Ditto Doug Ellis at the 2002 World Fantasy Convention.

Bandit let us photograph the Terry Carr pulp collection while it was in transit.

Thank you all!


 — Michael Ward, Director, MagazineArt.org


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