Lots of people have helped us by scanning or photographing magazines, or letting us use source material from their own work for other purposes (eBay listings, tribute sites about other subjects).

On this page we want to recognize some people who have gone far beyond the ordinary in helping.

Charles Perrien has scanned hundreds of covers and ads, and does the image restorations on them himself.

Jess, on eBay as seller daysoffuturepast, who also sells printed materials from her personal website, has sent us hundreds and hundreds of scans of covers from her personal collection.

Dave Wills, who sells on eBay as dwills1000, and has an eBay storefront "Dave's Odds and Ends", has sent us hundreds of movie magazine cover images.

Steve Kirch, on eBay as book1, has scanned nearly two thousand SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN covers, as well as supplying us with a large number of other magazine cover and advertising images. He's the creator of a great website about SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN in the past.

Magazine collector Steve Davis has scanned dozens of covers from his own collection, and pointed us toward online sources as well.

Nancy Gluck, who edits the SilverSeason web pages, sent us a nice donation to keep the servers humming.

Dan Gessler at subscription seller DiscountMags.com donated money to keep us online. Check out his list of available titles.

Mark Wiard, of 2NeatMagazines, sent us a CDR with seventy early issues of LIFE (the humor magazine) that they scanned just for us.

Jeff Kaylin has sent us dozens and dozens of vintage magazine cover scans, using his double-sized scanner that can do a 1909 LADIES HOME JOURNAL cover in a single pass. Jeff doesn't limit his good works to just this: he runs the Mary E. Wilkins Freeman website, complete with digital texts and scanned graphics from her magazine appearances. In his spare time Jeff compiles the story contents from these issues and submits them to the FictionMags Index.

Mariangela Buch has scanned hundreds of vintage magazines and sent us the scans of their covers and interesting ads. Mariangela uses prints of vintage magazine covers as an embedded artwork on boxes and containers she hand-crafts and sells at art and antique fairs. Here's a picture showing a couple of them; click on it to go to a thumbnail page showing some more (and click on the thumbnail for larger views). Write her [ mmabuch1 at-sign aol.com ] to learn more.

George Belden, who sells magazines on eBay as tripnavvy, has three times sent us a CD-ROM containing all the cover images of all of the magazines he has ever sold on eBay up to that date. The latest, received 26 January 2007, has Thousands and Thousands of them. Thank you, George!

Hartmuth Freihoff has volunteered to help with the Photoshop work for this site. So far, he has retouched, repaired, and cleaned up all of the pictorial cover scans for the rare pulp UNCANNY TALES, a science-fiction/fantasy title in the Pulp Fiction Division. Hartmuth has gone on to other pulps, including our Sections for ARGOSY and ALL-STORY, and some Crime and Detective titles you'll be seeing shortly.

Mark Forer, award-winning advertising art director and illustration collector, says he "was influenced at an early age by the magic of cinema, television, and the printed page." Mark has been scanning for us a large number of John Held, Jr., LIFE [the humor magazine 1883-1936] covers from his personal collection. This is called spreading the word about a favorite artist.

Steven T. Miller, magazine collector and compiler, (with Bill Contento) of the Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Weird Fiction Magazine Index (1890-2004), has provided us dozens of scans of the early ADVENTURE pulp issues, and other rare pulps. More ae coming.

Prof. Jack Raglin, author of articles and an upcoming book on artist Enoch Bolles, sent us a CD with 29 superb scans of Bolles covers for FILM FUN magazine. We used those scans to kick off our new Category: Movies, TV, and Radio.

Lloyd Schubert, of Schubert's Auction Services, scanned a very large number of magazine covers, just for us. Lloyd also sells on eBay

Frank Robinson is the author of Pulp Culture: The Art of Fiction Magazines and the science fiction section of Art of the Imagination. Frank is a well-known writer of fiction in a number of fields. He invited us for a visit to set up and scan outstanding rarities from his incredible personal collection of rare pulps; click the image here to see Frank, with Just a Few of them.

Frank and Just a Few

Update history: latest update 14 March 2010; originally created 24 December 2006.